Best Sharpening Steel Rod 2018 - Honing Rod for Knife

The most sharpening steels don't sharpen knives. The primary job of a sharpening steel is to hone a sharpener knife blade, though particular cuts or fashion are able to do minor sharpening.

However, best honing steel is that do sharpen knives shouldn’t be used in place of the above sharpeners.

The four most common cuts are regular, diamond, combination and ceramic.

The various between cuts are rather minimal and choosing between them mainly depends on whether you need to have the features of sharpening along with how much you're willing to spend.

It is also recommended that you use sharpening steels with an adjustable knife brand because manufacturers specifically design their steels to hone their knives.

8 Best Sharpening Steel of 2020 – In a Nutshell


Product Name

Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod

Green Elephant Ceramic Honing Steel

Wüsthof - 10 Knife Sharpening Steel with Loop

Wusthof Sharpening Steel

WINCO Sharpening Steel

WINCO Sharpening Steel

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels TWIN 9-Inch Sharpening Steel

J.A. Henckels Poly Sharpening Steel

Messermeister 10 Ceramic Rod Sharpening Steel - Knife & Blade Sharpener

Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener

Professional Knife Steel Magnetized for Safety. Our Honing Rod

Noble magnetized professional honing rod

Chefast Honing Steel 10-Inch Sharpener Rod

Chefs Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Set

TITAN FORGE - Honing Rod -Steel

TITAN FORGE - Honing Rod

Here’s my pick of the top 8 Knife sharpening Rod with reviews:

#1  Green Elephant Ceramic Honing Rod

Hands down, the best honing rod available on the market. With it’s fine grit #1500 Green Elephant Honing rod is excellent to keep your knives at peak razor sharpness.

Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod

Want to get your knives as sharp as they were on the day 1?​

​Look no further, this sharpening rod does not only realign the rolled edge, it also sharpens it by removing very small amounts of steel which will keep the edge sharp longer. (You are able to see the tiny black stripes on the white ceramic after the honing session.)

​Why is this rod the best honing rod on the market?

  • Unique Shock Absorbing feature

Have you ever dropped your ceramic rod accidentally? Did it shatter? I bet it did, since ceramic is a very brittle material. Luckily Green Elephants honing rod has a magic formula inside that prevents the drop damage which results to whopping survival rate of 80%, when dropped from 3 feet.

It also means that the rod has slightly bigger diameter than its regular counterparts.

  • ​10.45 Inches:

Just about the perfect length to cover all the knife types in your kitchen

Green Elephant Knife Sharpening Rod,Durable Ceramic Honing Steel
  • Rockwell hardness between 75-80

If you have really hard Japanese knives, then the regular steel will not have an effect on them, but this one is just the right tool for it. Having a rockwell hardness of 75-80, it will work wonders on all the steel knives out there.​

  • Lightweight and Ergonomic handle

If you’re afraid that the long steels will be heavy and not very comfortable to use, then choose this ceramic rod. It will be easy to find the correct angle to use this rod since it is lightweight and has a very comfortable handle.

#2     Wusthof  Sharpening  Steel

You really got to deal with knives and that is the reason why you need a good tool to maintain the evenness, smoothness and sharpness, of course, Wusthof 10-Inch Sharpening steel will help you attain the same and maintain indeed.

Wüsthof - 10 Knife Sharpening Steel with Loop

Going for such a sharpening tool will not be a bad idea but will be a good investment to your kitchen.It comes with a 10-inch sharpening steel which goes on working for you sharpness. the magnetic steel attracts the metal fibers.

10-Inch sharpening steel attracts the metal fibers to provide you the best sharpness. The sharpening tool is slip resistant with its plastic handle that will comfortably fit in the hand.

By the way, you are also getting a loop on the hand for hanging. lastly, it is very easy to clean it you just need to use a damp cloth after each sharpening session.

#3     WINCO Sharpening Steel

Winco sharpening steel is helping hand to the kitchen lovers and is a friend to the professional chefs. It is easy to use sustain and maintain also. Consequently, it provides the best out of sharpening your knife.

Their range of knife and sharpening product are actually targeted at skilled chefs and restaurateurs that mean the general quality of their output is terribly high.


This 12-inch sharpening blade is actually something to be used for your knives. The stainless still measures 5’’. It comes with a plastic handle with a hanging loop. And it is actually easy to use and clean indeed. You can just use a soft damp cloth for cleaning. It is an ideal kitchen partner indeed.

 #4    J.A. Henckels Poly Sharpening Steel

J.A Henkels 9-Inch poly sharpening steel will help your knives to sustain more. It is indeed a worth it tool that actually looks like a screwdriver. it is designed for the perfect maintenance of your regular sharpening of your knives. It provides the better result so that you can reach the optimum level.

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels TWIN 9-Inch Sharpening Steel

The product is very lightweight and easy to comes with a flared handle having a Tapered edge. The product measures (15 x 4.2 x 1.5) inches that weigh 5.6 ounces. It has a hanging hole having a 9-inch steel.

It has Ergonomic, easy-to-grip polypropylene handle and will ensure you the fine edges of your knives. It is easy to use and does a great job honing knives.

 #5    Messermeister Sharpening Ceramic Rod

Actually ceramic never runs out and is never a bad choice. The bluntness of knives actually harasses. The ultimate solution that you can ever try is to use the Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, 12-Inch is a sharpening tool providing the basic sharpening needs.

Messermeister 10 Ceramic Rod Sharpening Steel - Knife & Blade Sharpener

This 12-inch sharpening rod is made of 1200-grit industrial strength ceramic combined with a honing or alignment steel and is good for preventative maintenance of your knife’s edge.

The hard ceramic has a slight abrasive characteristic that serves you a perfect finishing of edge.

The grip is totally secured as it comes with a soft-grip handle and it is definitely of 100 percent messermeister quality.

#6      Noble Home & Chef – magnetized professional honing rod

Sharpening or honing can be risky if you do not have a strong hand. The knife can slip, or the honing rod can slip. Either way, there is a possibility of an accident if you are not attentive enough.

To reduce the possibility of having an accident this Noble Home & Chef honing rod comes with a magnetized body. It will keep the knife and rod together while sharpening.

Professional Knife Steel Magnetized for Safety. Our Honing Rod

It's magnetized body will also collect metal particles that would otherwise fall. It helps from accidentally inhaling those particles. This rustproof sharpening rod is built to last for years.

It instantly gives a premium feel when you hold it in your hand. Unlike most honing rods, it is dishwasher safe. So, you can throw it in your dishwasher without any worries.

It comes with 2 sizes. 10 inches and 12 inches. So, you can throw it in your dishwasher without any worries.

#7      Chefs Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Set

If you want an all in one sharpening kit then Chefast Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Set can be your best choice. It has a sturdy and high-quality build.

Its high carbon content makes it rock solid and immune to rusting. It is also plated with industry grade chromium to prevent any corrosion. The problem with sharpening is it eats away too much steel but this product doesn’t do that.

Chefast Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Set-Combo Kit of 10-Inch Sharpener Rod

It has microscopic edges that help the knife to sharpen faster without the worry of losing steel content.Its 10-inch length will suffice for any type of knife available for consumer use.

It even includes a premium quality cleaning cloth. On the first touch, you will understand this piece of cloth is different than any other. It was made specially to be used on the surface of the honing rod.

After you clean it every time using the specialized cloth the rod will become good as new. And there is more, We know you might want to carry your honing rod.

But most products don’t come with a carrying bag and those who do include a very low-quality bag. But this one did not cut any corner to maximize their profitability.

The carrying cloth they give is really high quality. At first, most will think its made of real leather but only at closer inspection, it can be determined to be synthetic leather. So, the quality is pretty high.

                              8#         TITAN FORGE - Honing Rod

Want something that professionals use? Go for TITAN FORGE - Honing Rod.

It is certified by NSF. Its performance is unparalleled. Unlike other consumer-grade honing rods it takes some skills to use it. But once you get the gist of it, there is no other who can compete with this piece of rod.

TITAN FORGE - Honing Rod - 12 inch Steel

You may think it's just a piece of rod what more? My friend, you are wrong. The time and effort that went into engineering this type of thing are unimaginable. It was made with a very high content of carbon and chromium to avoid corrosion and rusting.

Another reason why carbon is used is to make it rock solid and hard. But putting too much carbon has its own problems so finding just the right amount of chromium and carbon was no easy task. Unlike other rods, it was not made with default values of needed elements.

It went through a real experiment just to determine the amount of content for each material to put to make it the best. Its high-quality handle sticks to your hand like a magnet. Your hand will not hurt no matter how strong your grip is and for how long you use it.

The National Sanitation Foundation gave its prestigious certification to it after a thorough examination. It has such high quality it even rivals its swiss alternatives in terms of quality.

Which Are the Principal Specific Outcomes Have Got Inside Sharpening Steels?

Everyone knows with regard to sharpening a knife, we should require any kind of sharpening system. And with this existing grow older, sharpening steels system would be a lot well-liked method in between other systems.

What exactly may be the primary unique results possess within sharpening steels? Let us observe…!!!

Framework: Sharpening steels is probably the actual most favored knife sharpeners on the planet. The actual lengthy ceramic supports tend to be squeezed into the bottom.​

​Sharpness: The kitchen knives tend to be attracted via this from various perspectives to get the actual nick in the rotor blades.

It must be really good within honing from proper perspectives or else, the actual sides find yourself obtaining deformed. After using it, I must say it works amazing.

Knife Angles & Honing

You can’t observe individuals fins, we’re not really referring to ‘bites’ within the knife. The sharpening metal, tougher than the usual knife, eliminates individuals fins or even retracts all of them. Which makes the actual knife crisper/sharper once again.​

Procedure: Each and every knife will get blunter whenever employed for reducing. Really small ‘fins/feather’ tend to be produced about the reducing area from the knife.​

Lastly: The sharpening steel is really very suitable for help to make your own knife that’s dropping it’s sharpness a little crisper. Sharpening steels are actually ideal for the small upkeep of the chef’s knife.Thus, without considering some other choice, you need to use sharpening steels regarding sharpen your knife.​

Sharpening Steel Tips:

Most of the people have a misconception about sharpening steel. They think it will make convert their dull knife into a sharp one.

Nope. It’s completely a wrong idea. If your knife becomes dull, there is nothing to do with a sharpening steel.

So, what a sharpening steel can do? Well, if your knife is enough sharp, then it can make it SUPER SHARP.If a knife is used constantly, it will face a dull edge for sure.

So, before making your tool dull, use sharpening steels to maintain a perfect cutting edge.

However, do not use any electric sharpening tool or a diamond-coated steel to maintain the edge.

These devices may destroy your edge. You may use those for sharpening, but not for maintaining the edges.

To sharpen your knife, place the blade against the tip.

For the best result, keep an angle of about 20 degrees. Pull the knife down across the steel with a little pressure.

Again repeat this action on the opposite side of your blade. Repeat this step about five to ten times. It is very important to maintain the 20-degree angle.

Remember, speedy movement plays no part while using sharpening steel.

So, as you can see the above sharpeners provide the total possible support to the kitchen professional.

If you are already fed up on your knives, then you can just go for then one you like from above. But honing steel isn't the only solution. You can also use whetstone sharpener set for sharpening.  

Sharpening vs Honing:​

There are enough differences between sharpening and honing. But, few people assumed that ‘honing’ is merely a fancy way of saying ‘sharpen’. How embarrassing!

Let’s find out the differences –Sharpening a knife can be performed by shaving off the blade’s metal. This shaving gives a completely new edge to the blade. You need a whetstone to sharpen your blade.

Literally, sharpening is used to remove the flaws of the blade.On the other hand, honing is used to keep the blade straight.

honing steel recap

Whenever you use your knife for cutting, chopping or slicing, it becomes bent down slowly with the interaction of chopping board. The more you use a knife, the more it will be bent down.

And the honing is used to straightens the knife’s blade. Remember, it straightens the blade, does not sharpen it.​

How to Tell If Your Knife Is Sharp:

Testing a knife for sharpness sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? Normally, people don’t bother to check the sharpness of knives.

But it is important to check the sharpness before starting cutting, chopping or slicing anything. Here I have listed three easy steps to find out if your knife is sharp or dull. Let’s check it out.

Paper Test: It is the most popular, easiest, quick and effortless way to find out the sharpness. You will need only an A4 paper for this test. To do this experiment, at first hold your knife using your dominant hand.

Now try to cut the A4 paper with the knife.

Don’t force the knife, use the minimum pressure only.If the knife is unable to cut the paper properly, it means the knife becomes dull. You have to sharpen your knife using a whetstone.

Vegetable Test: Vegetables are another great option to choose the sharpness of your knife. Choose a vegetable such as lime or tomato and try to cut it.

What’s the lesson here? If the knife requires significant pressure, it means your knife becomes dull.

But if you can cut the vegetable effortlessly, then your knife is completely ok and there is nothing to worry about sharpness for now.

Though you can use any vegetable for this test, I will suggest choosing lime or tomato. You will get a better result with this.

Nail Test: This is the most dangerous way to check the sharpness. Let’s discuss how this method works.At first, keep your knife in a sitting thumbnail.

If you can set it correctly, you will see that the knife will be at an angle of 90 degrees.

After this, run your nail with an extremely small amount of pressure. Remember to be EXTRA CAREFUL while doing this experiment.

Otherwise, any accidents could happen. So, what’s the result? If it slid, that means your knife is dull and have to be sharpened properly.

On the contrary, if it remains in place, then your knife is completely ok. Though I dislike this method, it is helpful while you are on hunting, fishing or camping. Moreover, you will get the most accurate result by this method.

Honing Steel Recap:

One of the biggest misconceptions among kitchen tools is between sharpening steel and honing steel. The sharpening and honing steel are totally different.

While a sharpening steel will make your blade sharper, the honing steel will realign the edges of the blade.

The rod used in a honing steel is smeared by ceramic, steel or diamonds. Honing steels are used by lightly placing the edge of your knife against the base of the steel.

For the best result, the blade has to move diagonally and the steel will remain still.

Steps of honing steel


It will be better to maintain 20 degrees angle between the steel and blade. To make your blade long lasting, regular honing is very effective.

The professional chefs recommend doing honing immediately before or after using a knife. It ensures the ultimate durability of your knife.​


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