Best Sharpening Stone 2018 - Best WheetStone for Knife 2018

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  1. Which type of stone should we buy, Monique?

    1. Diamond stone is the best because no need to use water and oil. Thanks Tomy for staying with us.

  2. I bought an electric knife sharpener. Am I right, Monique?

    1. If you are a regular guy not an expert, then you are right. Buying a sharpening stone is better, though it need to experience and time.

  3. What about the electric and manual knife sharpening systems? Are they worse than stone, Monique?

  4. Hi, Monique. I am at present getting some gold kitano knifes but the blade that i purchased its 62:65 HRC and i recently understood that the stone that i get it’s intended for 64:69 HRC steel. However the staff suggested that stone for me. So is it alright for me to honing my blade with that or is it unsafe that it may broke my blade?

    1. Hi, Dina. You can use Essential Oil Stone type sharpener. For that DMT WM8EF-WB 8-Inch Duo Sharp or Smith’s 50008 8-Inch Diamond Tri-Hone will be the best. You can also use honing steel for more use.

      Thank you.

  5. Lita Watson says:

    When using the King Two Sided Sharpening Stone. I see that the 1,000/6,000 combination of grit is not ideal for sharpening very dull cutting tools. So, we have to know which types of grits are ideal for our knives.


  6. Kelty skey says:

    Thank you Monique for giving us information about sharpening stone. This’ll helps us to get better stone for our knives. But here grits are so important. But I know your selected top 5 stones are suitable for all. Thanks again.

  7. heelspalace says:

    Hello, Monique. I’m using a Chef Knife so which grit will be perfect for my knife? I also use a sashimi knife too. Please suggest me which grit will be perfect for both chef and sashimi knife? By the way, thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Walternit says:

    Hi, Monique. Thanks for sharing with us this type of informative article.

    I think King two-sided sharpening stone is really a great product. It has that ability to sharpen quickly and the health of blade stays very good for a long time. I don’t know what is the reason for it to be in the second place. I think it deserves the first place for sure.

  9. Hey, Monique. I have a question.

    One thinks I don’t really understand why people get so fascinated about the diamond stone. I personally believe that traditional oil stone is far better performer for smooth sharpening experience. I hope more and more people will understand the value of it.

  10. JosephEffor says:

    A great post indeed, Monique. I’ve got a very good idea about sharpening stones. I have one question though. Can you tell me which one will be more long lasting? two-sided or rotating one?

    1. Hi, Joseph. Thank you for your comment.

      There is no connection between the sturdiness and design. both designs are strong enough so you can go with any one.

  11. Thanks for your post, Monique. But I need to know about the cleaning of the stones. Is it really needed to clean or do staff like that? If so is there any suggestions for that from you? What’s your opinion? Let me know.

    1. Hi, Audrey. Thanks for asking. You don’t need to worry about the cleaning of the stones. It doesn’t need to clean. You can use dry brushes over it to remove the dust from it.

  12. Hi, Monique. Well, I must say it is really a great post. Before reading this one I was very used to electric sharpening system but now I am feeling that manual one is very much interesting. I am gonna try one of these sharpening stones.

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