KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener

Do you want to use a small size knife sharpener which is easy for grip? If your answer is Yes, then you will have to select a nice looking sharpener.

The name of the knife sharpener is KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 stage knife sharpener which can fulfill your basic requirements.

This Amazing sharpener has the ability to quickly sharpen your dull and unused kitchen knives easily.

It can be used for the maintenance of the knives for regular household use.

This most dependable knife sharpener is made of high quality of durable elements which has a variety of colors.

Specifications and features of KitchenIQ 50009 knife sharpener

  • The length of this sharpener is 7 inches.
  • The height of this is 1.7 inches.
  • Total weight of this sharpener is 1.6 ounces.
  • This sharpener has Coarse Sharpening slots.
  • There are fine ceramic rods which is very efficient for polishing and finishing the edge of the knives.
  • This famous sharpener is designed in USA.
  • The width of the KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 stage is 3.4 inches.

Performance of this sharpener

This famous knife sharpener is useful for kitchen. There is a V grip in the bottom of the sharpener. This v shape grip is used for edge or counter. The soft grip handle of this sharpener gives you the ultimate comfort. Most of the small knife sharpeners in the market can’t provide you the safety, but this sharpener gives you a nice safety because it has many safety features.

Why we shall use this sharpener?

People have many choices nowadays. Most of the people want to buy a nice sharpener for kitchen. This item is a nice product which is fit for their kitchen. Now it is a question, why they will buy this knife sharpener? There are many reasons for using this knife sharpener. These are given below:

  • Small in size

This famous knife sharpener is small in size. This item is easily fitted in your kitchen. You don’t need to use huge space for this. You can put this on the drawer of the kitchen.

  • Good results

This sharpener sharpens your dull knives. It can finish and polish the edge of the knife with few pulls. Read Why dull knife is dangerous

  • Works smarter

A smart knife sharpener is ideal for our household use. People are not interested to go their knives dull, then this knife sharpener can easily fulfill their requirements. It has the ability to do maintenance with its ceramics. These ceramics are used for polishing and sharpening the knives.

  • Having Edge Grips

The edge grip of this knife sharpener is a unique feature of this sharpener. It helps to control the sharpener so that we can perform our task easily.

  • Unique design

This knife sharpener is manufactured by the format of American standards. The unique design of this sharpener makes it extra ordinary.

  • Durable elements

This famous sharpener is made of stainless steel which has soft touch accents.

  • Having finger guards

There is a nice finger guards in this. This amazing safety feature ensures that it would not cut your finger during the period of service.



Pros of the KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2

  • This sharpener uses two stagesof sharpening methods.
  • The size of this sharpener is small but very efficient.
  • This item can easily sharpenyour damaged knives with few pulls of the buttons.
  • There is a V-grip bottomin this.
  • This sharpener gives proper sharpeningfor every time.
  • This knife sharpener is very effective for straight edge blades.
  • It is easy to use.
  • This sharpener is an affordable product.
  • It is a great sharpener for inexpensive blades.

Cons of this knife sharpener

  • This knife sharpener is not suitable for all types of high-end knives.
  • This sharpener can’t create huge angles for your knives.

Final Verdict

It is true that there are many knife sharpeners in the market. Among them some are expensive and some of them are less expensive, but this sharpener is very economical compared with others.

All potential customers are satisfied to use this in their kitchen because it has many attractive features. Some of them recommended for their relatives and friends. You can make a great faith on it. Now it is the high time to think about it.


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  1. Easy to both use and sharpening. Perfect for for my kitchen and outdoor for limited use. But not for use bulk sharpening.

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