Knife Oil Secrets and The Best Knife Oil Of 2020

Whether you are a long time knife user or a short time user, there are few things you must know if you want your favorite knife to last long and keep sharp.

Before I get to the knife oil part here are a few things you must avoid doing with your knife:

  • Cleaning and putting the knife in a dishwasher
  • Not sharpening the knife
  • Leaving the knife soaking
  • Burning or putting the knife on fire
  • Not oiling the knife
  • Not cleaning the knife after using
  • Using the knife on stones, glass, or any hard surface
  • Using low-quality sheath
  • Using the knife as hammer or screwdriver


>>>  3 important things about your knife, you must remember:  <<<

  1. A knife can last a lifetime if properly used and maintained.
  2. There is no such thing as a self-sharpening knife.
  3. High-quality knives will get rusted if not used and oiled properly.


There are mainly two types of steels that are used to forge knives. One is stainless steel and the other is high carbon steel. Knives made of good quality stainless steel normally will get rust. But they are not as durable or sharp as the high carbon knives. High carbon knives remain sharper for a longer period of time. They are durable and long-lasting.

There is a misconception among knife users that any oil can be used in the knife. People also think all types of knife oil does the same job. But the truth is there are multiple types and variants of knife oil.  Sharpening oil is not the same as anti-rust oil. And there are many variants and grades of these oils.


    1.   Yoshihiro Tsubaki Japanese Knife Oil  (100% Natural + Food Grade)

It’s all-natural and food grade. This environment-friendly knife oil is arguably the best option against rust and discoloration. The product even includes a rust eraser that worked really well in our test.

Only a few drops are enough to cover the entire knife due to its viscosity. It contains 3.4 Ounce of Tsubaki oil that will easily last 6 months to a year in regular use. It was specially made to accompany knives made with high carbon steel.

So, you can rest at ease once you apply it to the knife. No more worries about getting rust. Camellia seed oil is the main ingredient of this oil.


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2.       KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife oil (100% Natural + Food Grade)

This Japanese made knife oil is one of the best knife oils that money can buy. Japanese companies never compromise on quality. You can safely apply KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife oil on your knife and use the same knife on fruits without any worry.

Its bottle comes in multiple sizes, the largest one includes a spray mechanism for easily applying the oil onto the knife. It is made from pure camellia seed oil.

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3.       Citadel Black Natural knife Oil (100% Natural + Food Grade)

If you are looking for a non-japanese and odorless knife oil then Citadel Black Natural knife Oil is the best choice. It was made from a mix of camellia oil and natural mineral oil. It is also a food grade knife oil.

It has one specialty over  100% pure camellia seed oil. This particular oil performs equally in both stainless steel and high carbon steel. Its low viscosity allows it to spread throughout the knife faster and doesn’t attract dirt, unlike high viscosity natural oils.


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Here are some most commonly asked questions about knife oil:


Q:Why should I use natural or food-grade knife oil?

A:Most people use their knives for various tasks and using them on fruits is most common. If the knife oil is not natural it could get toxic after mixing with the fruit while cutting.

Q:How to oil knives?

A:Put a few drops of oil on the surface of the knife blade. Then spread it evenly throughout the knife using a small piece of cloth or brush. You can even use cheap or used toothbrushes.

Q:How often should I use knife oil?

A:It’s okay if you use your expensive knife oil once every few weeks but our recommendation is to use it after it gets wet. You should clean it with a dry cloth and then apply it. One drop should be enough for the blade.

Q:Can I use the same oil on wooden knife handles?

A:Yes, if the oil is natural you can safely use the oil on your wooden knife handle.

Q:Is food grade knife oil good for consumption?

A:Well, even though our suggested oils are safe and nontoxic we would suggest refraining from consuming knife oil deliberately.


Final Thoughts:

For most people keeping a knife is a hobby. Though it has its usefulness, it is not a mandatory tool for everyone. People tend to use the same knife for a long time. It becomes a part of those who always carry it.

So, even though the high maintenance is not always necessary, it will ensure the longevity of the knife.