Whether you are a long time knife user or a short time user, there are few things you must know if you want your favorite knife to last long and keep sharp.

Before I get to the knife oil part here are a few things you must avoid doing with your knife:

  • Cleaning and putting the knife in a dishwasher.
  • Not sharpening the knife.
  • Leaving the knife soaking.
  • Burning or putting the knife on fire.
  • Not oiling the knife.
  • Not cleaning the knife after using.
  • Using the knife on stones, glass, or any hard surface.
  • Using low-quality sheath.
  • Using the knife as hammer or screwdriver.


>>>  3 important things about your knife, you must remember:  <<<

  1. A knife can last a lifetime if properly used and maintained.

  2. There is no such thing as a self-sharpening knife.

  3. High-quality knives will get rusted if not used and oiled properly.

There are mainly two types of steels that are used to forge knives. One is stainless steel and the other is high carbon steel. Knives made of good quality stainless steel normally will get rust. But they are not as durable or sharp as the high carbon knives. High carbon knives remain sharper for a longer period of time. They are durable and long-lasting.

There is a misconception among knife users that any oil can be used in the knife. People also think all types of knife oil does the same job. But the truth is there are multiple types and variants of knife oil.  Sharpening oil is not the same as anti-rust oil. And there are many variants and grades of these oils.


    #1.   Yoshihiro Tsubaki Japanese Knife Oil  (100% Natural + Food Grade)

Yoshihiro tsubaki japanese knife oil, a product of the natural camellia seed oil, is the real deal when it comes to care and maintenance of kitchen knives. In fact, it’s ranked a top choice by most knife oil users. 

It’s also an economical brand of knife oil since it comes with an accompanying cloth and a rust eraser for best and smooth application on the knife. The  Sabitori rust eraser is a trusted inclusion and works greatly as confirmed by our own tests. 

If you didn’t know, yoshihiro tsubaki knife oil is all-natural and food grade. This environment-friendly knife oil is arguably the best option against rust, corrosion and discoloration.

 In preventing rust and corrosion, it lengthens the lifespan of your knife and gives it a lasting sheen and luster.



Only a few drops are enough to cover the entire knife due to its viscosity. It contains 3.4 Ounces of Tsubaki oil that will easily last 6 months to a year in regular use. The bottle is squeezable and therefore it’s capable of dispensing the oil in small drops which minimizes unnecessary wastage.

This knife oil is adequately viscous to sit on the knife blade which makes it easier to spread evenly using the cloth.

It was specially made to be employed on knives made with high carbon steel; more so the japanese knives. However, it works on any kitchen knife and has no limitation in use. 

So, you can rest at ease once you apply it to the knife. No more worries about getting rust. No more displeasing discolorations! Keep your knife sparkling clean all day!


  • Highly viscous.
  • Food-grade oil.
  • Comes in a squeezable bottle that makes applying easy.
  •  Easy to dispense and apply on the knife blade.
  • Package inclusive of a cloth and a rubber.
  • Great Value for money.


  • The rust eraser is a bit small.

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#2.       KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife oil (100% Natural + Food Grade)

This Japanese made knife oil is one of the best knife oils that money can buy. Japanese companies never compromise on quality and performance in a bid to provide full satisfaction to their distinguished customers. 

You can safely apply KUROBARA Tsubaki Japanese Knife oil on your knife and use the same knife on fruits without any worry. It is a health-friendly care option for your knives owing to the fact that it is made from camellia seed oil.  And you do not have to use it cautiously around your kids and family. Freedom in its use, right? 


The bottle of this trusted knife oil brand comes in two sizes: 3.5 oz. bottle and 8.6 oz. bottle. The larger bottle is fitted with a spray nozzle mechanism for a quicker and convenient application process of the oil onto the knife. The small one has a dropper fitting that dispenses the oil in the form of drops which is a smart idea to prevent wasteful oil spills.

However, the oil is most suitable for japanese knives. Conversely, it fits any other knife in the kitchen. It’s a versatile knife oil in the marketplace. And it does not clean the knife blade section only but the entire knife as well including the screws and grips.

It’s the best preventive tool against rust and corrosion. This way, it makes the knife more durable. More beautiful and lasts longer.  Persons allergic to strong scents are not neglected as this knife oil is odorless. 

Do not wait any longer, place your order now! You won’t believe it when you see your knives spotless and smooth-surfaced

The bottle of this trusted knife oil brand comes in two sizes: 3.5 oz. bottle and 8.6 oz. bottle. The larger bottle is fitted with a spray nozzle mechanism for a quicker and convenient application process of the oil onto the knife. The small one has a dropper fitting that dispenses the oil in the form of drops which is a smart idea to prevent wasteful oil spills.

However, the oil is most suitable for japanese knives. Conversely, it fits any other knife in the kitchen. It’s a versatile knife oil in the marketplace. And it does not clean the knife blade section only but the entire knife as well including the screws and grips.

It’s the best preventive tool against rust and corrosion. This way, it makes the knife more durable. More beautiful and lasts longer.  Persons allergic to strong scents are not neglected as this knife oil is odorless. 

Do not wait any longer, place your order now! You won’t believe it when you see your knives spotless and smooth-surfaced.


  • Comes in two different sizes.
  • Odorless knife oil.
  • Does not dry up.
  • Easy to apply with either a spray nozzle or dropper.
  • Works for all types of knives.
  • Safe for use: not a health hazar.



  • Slightly pricey.

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#3.       Citadel Black Natural knife Oil (100% Natural + Food Grade)

If you are looking for a non-japanese and odorless knife oil, then Citadel Black Natural knife Oil best fits your requirements of a knife oil. And there is more to it! 

It is made in the US from a mix of camellia oil and natural white mineral oil. It’s a food grade type of knife oil which means you can use it on knives you use to prepare food with.

It has one specialty over 100% pure  cold-pressed camellia seed oil. This particular oil performs equally in both stainless steel and high carbon steel in averting rust and heavy wear in good time.

Its low viscosity allows it to spread throughout the knife faster and doesn’t attract dirt, unlike high viscosity natural oils. Further, it does not solidify in the bottle.



The pipette-style dropper of the citadel black knife oil makes it easy to apply on the knife blade. First step to take before applying the oil, clean the knife with warm water and mild soap or detergent, then ensure it is completely dried with a piece of cloth. 

Just one to two drops are enough to lubricate your kitchen knife on both sides. It’s advisable to reapply once in a week to get the best out of it. 

What’s more, it owns no scent and should be a preferable choice for persons who despise scents. 


  • It’s scentless and non-drying
  • Low viscosity; spreads evenly on the knife
  • Fit for both stainless steel and high carbon steel
  • Easy to lubricate
  • Non-solidifying formula


  • Not the best there is on market stores

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#4.    3-In-One 8 oz. Multi-purpose Oil

For over 125 years, the 3-in-one knife oil brand supersedes most of its competitors with trusted delivery and knife maintenance qualities. It’s reputable, flawless and versatile ever since it set out its foot in the marketplace. 

It offers perfect penetration into rust, cleans and maintains the pristine condition of your classic knife to serve you for decades. And it’s a multi-purpose knife which works ideally well on also  moving parts such as hinges, bolts and wheels.

With a drip sprout and a squeezable bottle, you are guaranteed of an easy-to-apply oil and in a single drop, your knife is thoroughly oiled to fulfilment. This is a go-to knife oil of all times if you want a money-saving budget-friendly  alternative. 


3-IN-ONE - 10038 Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ

It is available in either a 3 oz. bottle and a 8 oz. bottle. Moreover, it has a fill-level indicator strip that indicates when the level of the oil in the bottle is getting lower.. So it’s easy to know early enough if you are running out of the knife oil. 

However, it is unsafe for food prepping.  It’s silicone made with a little bit of PTFE material. And therefore. It should not be ingested at all costs or left on a knife surface for extended periods of time. It is quite harmful to your health.

It’s an old school lubricant but still a viable choice to get your oiling job done, and done in an exemplary way.


  • Easy to use
  • A bottle easy to squeeze
  • Budget-friendly lubricant
  • Comes with an indicator that shows the oil running out
  • A complimentary drip sprout for easy dispensing


  • Unsafe for your health

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#5.    Thirteen Chefs knife Honing Oil 

Knife maintenance is made easy and simple with this powerful knife oil. The thirteen chefs knife oil is available in a  value pack 12 ounces bottle. 

This quantity is sufficient for regular and constant use on a variety of tools aside knives, especially metal-like ones for instance axes and meat grinders. The dispensing caps allows dispensing the oil in drops to avoid splattering. 

Non-stainless steel and carbon steel knives such as most japanese knives are known to face rust attacks. Therefore this is the most recommended knife oil suitable to alleviate these knives from rust and corrosion that’s likely to render them dilapidated. This natural oil safeguards your knife well from such defects.


Thirteen Chefs Knife and Honing Oil 12oz
Thirteen Chefs

If unaware, it is made with certified food grade ingredients which makes it safe to use on knives and kitchen equipment for food prepping. At no point will you experience food contamination or health issues.

It doubles as honing oil too to apply on sharpening stones which prevents swarf from clogging the pores from the stone for an easy-to-do cleaning of the stone. It enhances ease in sharpening. 

Before applying the thirteen chefs oil, ensure the knife is clean and thoroughly dried. Apply a few drops evenly using a soft cloth and store for future use.



  • Doubles as both a knife oil and a honing oil
  • Preserves the look of your knife blade
  • Food safe: non-toxic knife oil 
  • Has no odor
  • Has variety of uses
  • Zero allergens content


  • It’s more of a knife oil

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#6.    Kershaw knife oil

Looking for a knife oil engineered to give the best results on your knife? A knife oil that preserves the sharpness of your newly-acquired knife?

Then kershaw knife oil is the most precise fit.  It does work to maintain the effortless operations by knives. And it does not work discriminatively on specific knives but any in your kitchen you feel need some lubrication. Rust is never good, it’s the enemy of all knives and should be prevented and the kershaw knife oil aids in doing so.

It-’s so powerful that just one drop of the oil is enough for application to the knife or metallic moving parts indoors or outdoors.it has a sub micron technology that penetrates the metallic pores for perfect conditioning of the  knife. It  fixes the moving parts evenly for smooth operations.

Upon squeezing the bottle, the oil gets out through the bottle drop dispenser and sits on the knife blade, joints, pivots or the surface to be lubricated. An oiled knife is kept protected while in storage. 


Kershaw Knife Oil (0.4 fl oz)
Kershaw Knife

Kept in a bottle, it’s easy to store the oil in any accessible place. It could be in your toolbox, car, backpack, briefcase or on your kitchen shelves. And good thing, it lasts long and never gums up. 

Its specially formulated to be non-toxic, safe and reliable to keep your knife original and new. Your knives remain razor-sharp and very effective for several rounds of use. 

Prevention is better than eradicating corrosion or rust. Take caution by having this knife oil in possession.


  • Features an easy-to-store bottle
  • Works for all types of knives
  • It’s long lasting
  • Never solidifies or gum up
  • Easy to dispense onto the surface of application
  • Preserves sheen and sharpness in your knives


  • There are more affordable alternatives

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#7.     Norton Abrasives sharpening stone oil 

Norton abrasives sharpening stone oil presents the high-range standards of quality. Try it today to experience its extraordinary performance unmatched by low-quality oils.

It’s quite a significant component in the sharpening of knives and any other sharp tools. After honing your knife, there is a high chance metal chips are left behind which clog the pores of the sharpening stone rendering it quite inefficient. 

The most suitable solution is to apply this Norton sharpening stone oil onto the stone surface to dislodge and remove the metal chips and any particles from the store to keep it naturally abrasive and ready for the next sharpening process.

You can as well, apply it right before sharpening commences to act as a barrier between the metal chips and the sharpening stone to prevent clogging and inefficiencies when honing your knife. This is a better idea.

 Norton Abrasives - St. Gobain Sharpening Stone and Honing Oil, 4-1/2 oz
Norton Abrasives

It’s a highly refined mineral oil that meets the US pharmacopeia standards for mineral oil purity.  You are, therefore, certain of its quality and safety in use. It’s eco-friendly and appropriate for use in whichever environmental conditions even at home or your workplace.

And it’s food grade and good for use on food preparation surfaces.  It’s safe to use around your family and kids also. 

It comes in a 4.5 oz. can with a snug-fitting lid that stores the oil tighty inside. And it fits in the Norton sharpening systems  for easy mobility.


  • High quality standards
  • Food grade mineral oil
  • Safe for use near kids and your family
  • Eco-friending honing oil
  • Convenient application on surfaces
  • Useable anywhere both indoors and outdoors




  • The can size too small for the price

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#8.     Norton Abrasives St Gobain XB5 Sharpening Stone Oil

Without any second thoughts, it is true to say that Norton abrasives XB5 sharpening stone oil is the remarkable remedy to keep your sharpening stone clean, protected and well-maintained.

It features a generous quantity of 16 ounces which serves long enough unlike most of its competitors. Better said, it is the economical way to save time and money before the next possible purchase. 

You do not need to keep hunting for specifically the best sharpening oil in the stores when there is this sharpening oil by St. Gobain. You will not receive the disappointments you saw in your previous sharpening oils. This is the perfect solution above and beyond to good care of your sharpening stone.

Certified to be fully pharmacopoeia grade, it’s food grade. It can be used on sharpening stones in your kitchen and it will not cause food contamination if it gets in contact with the food. It is safe for  kitchen use. 


Norton Abrasives - St. Gobain XB5 (61463687770)
Norton Abrasives

Most importantly, it’s good to know that it’s a highly refined mineral oil. So, it can be used generally as a lubricant in all lubricating jobs.  And it never sticks or gum up on your sharpening stone.

On the sharpening stone, it bonds with the metal chips during sharpening  preventing them from clogging the pores of the stone. As a result, your sharpening stone is extra efficient, undamaged with retained abrasive power. Simply, this Norton oil optimizes the functioning of sharpening stones. 



  • Large quantity of 16 ounces
  • Made a highly refined oil
  • Safe for kitchen use
  • It’s versatile, can be generally a lubricant
  • It’s non-stick and non-gummy
  • Great quality and performance


  • Quite expensive for a sharpening stone oil

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#9.    Smith’s 4 oz. Honing Solution

Smith’s US-made honing solution is the right formula specifically formulated to work on diamond or Arkansas stones. It does it best on these stones but can be used on any other sharpening stones.

Honing your knife using a sharpening stone is not a hefty task if only this non-petroleum based oil is applied on the sharpening stone. It lubricates and keeps the fine grit dislodged from the sharpening stone for easy honing. All you achieve is a sharply-honed knife that keeps you smiles when preparing your most favorite recipes. 

And it has an easier cleanup process than water or oil.  It also has low viscosity and flows like any fluid on the applied surface which makes it easier to spread evenly using a strip of cloth. 

The honing formula is infused with rust and corrosion inhibitors and cleaning agents. Your knife is still safe and free from rust upon using the smith’s honing solution. The sharpening stone is also kept protected to sharpen far much better than before. It works greatly and efficiently. 


 Smith's HON1-4oz Honing Solution, White Smith's HON1-4oz Honing Solution, White
Smith’s HON1

It comes in 4 ounces sufficient for use in honing several knives without getting depleted fast. It’s a recommended product by most chef users. Check around and you’ll find that this sharpening stone oil  will meet all your desired demands of a sharpening stone oil.

Sharpening your knife feels incomplete in the absence of this vintage oil. You deserve to have one. It’s the game changer in your honing tasks.


  • A non-petroleum based honing solution
  • Easy to apply; spreads easily
  • Has an easy cleanup process
  • It’s a rust and corrosion inhibitor
  • Lacks the strong petroleum smell
  • Cheap and affordable 


  • Comes in a small bottle

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#10.    Lansky Nathan’s Natural Sharpening Oil

Lansky nathan’s natural sharpening oil is made fit for use on lansky’s sharpeners and arkansas bench stones and sharpening systems. Though it may work on other stones except the diamond sharpening stones. 

It is not suitable for diamond sharpeners because it is a petroleum-based formula. It’s appropriate to clean the diamond sharpeners with warm water to dislodge the stuck shavings out and dry with a rag prior to storage.

How is this sharpening oil applied? Well, it’s as easy as ABC. Simply dispense a few drops of the oil on the surface of the stone and spread evenly with a piece of cloth. Just that and you are done.

It cleans the pores and removes the metal chips clogging the pores before sharpening is done. And easily clean the whole stone completely by wiping the oil embedded with the chips off the stone after sharpening ends. 


 Lansky Nathan's Natural Honing Oil
Lansky Nathan’s

It’s a low-viscous honing solution and lightly flows over the applied surface. This makes it more convenient to apply. No stressful moments in using this sophisticated  sharpening oil.

It should, however, be kept out of reach of children for safety reasons. It contains some toxic chemicals which may be harmful and not environmental-friendly as confirmed by the state of California. 

Therefore, as opposed to most sharpening oils, it’s not safe for use in the kitchen in places of food prepping. Your health is your first concern and this review takes that in consideration to keep you posted.

Since it is made out of petroleum, it has some odor which may affect allergic persons to smell. But then it’s not a heavy odor and is manageable. 




  • Light oil and flows easily for easy application
  • Unclogs the sharpening stone’s pores very well
  • Simple to use
  • Keeps the sharpening stones clean and protected
  • Cost-friendly honing solution
  • Comes well-sealed in 4 oz. bottle


  • Toxic and unsafe for use in the kitchen
  • Unsuitable for diamond sharpeners

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 #11.    W. R. Case and Son 910 Honing oil

This superb oil  does not just excel at enhancing the efficiency of your sharpening stone but keeps the knife blade pristine, razor sharp and in good condition. 

It’s a US product and comes in 3 oz. plastic bottle which is light and portable to carry with you any hour any minute to your sharpening joint. It’s not only light in weight but also light in viscosity and flows smoothly on your sharpening stone and sinks into the stone to remove the metal debris in the pores.

Aside from removing the metal debris, it removes all the other types of dirt for a super clean sharpening stone.  It also makes the knife blade glide over the sharpening stone with ease for an effortless sharpening. 

It’s perfectly designed for use with sharpening stones in resharpening your knives. Apply small drops which is enough for the stone in order for the oil to last for a longer time. 


 W. R. Case & Son 910 Honing Oil
W. R. Case & Son

It’s a mineral oil and food grade. Therefore, it is safe to have in your kitchen.  You will love and enjoy using it when sharpening because it fits right for the purpose. 

And it features convenient packaging. It is wrapped securely well and safeguarded against messy leaks and punctures so that the honing oil reaches in your hands in good shape. 


  • Comes well-packaged
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Removes all the dirt from your sharpening stone
  • Food safe
  • Easy to apply on the stone


  • The quantity small for the advertised prices

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#12.    Knife Pivot Lube Oil 

As the name suggests, this lube oil is specifically made for pivot and locking mechanisms in the modern folding knives especially the pocket knives. 

Knife pivot lube oil is a high-quality synthetic lubricant in-built with rust and corrosion inhibitors.

  It is among the oil products with specifically pivot protection in consideration.  It keeps all the dirt, grit and any particles in suspension without forming agglomerates which cause friction thus averting wear, tear, galling and pitting

It is formulated to penetrate the deepest parts of a knife including the low tolerance, metal-on-metal, metal-on-ceramic interfaces. More so, it’s the all-time protection to the bearings, detents, blades and races. Many lubricants on sale cannot work as good as this lubricant does.

It performs best on buttery bronze washer pivot and fall-shut locks hence optimizing the working of the knives. It boosts the durability of the folding knives to last longer and improves the action of these knives. 

 KPL Knife Pivot Lube Knife Oil

Applying it is very easy and it comes in a 0.6 ounce small bottle which you can take with you anywhere. 

Another advantage of having this pivot lube oil is that it does not gum up staying cleaner and effective. It makes opening and closing the knives much easier . 

Summing up everything, it offers exceptional lubricity, high suspension capacity and a unique film-strength to keep your knife lubricated. It’s the best of the best you can use with a lightning-fast deployment and fall-shut smooth action. 

Don’t let your knives be corroded when you can avoid wear in good time with this high-end lubricating formula


  • High lubricating power
  • Has corrosion inhibitors
  • Does not stick or solidify
  • Cleans effectively the knife pivots and the whole knife 
  • Easy application
  • Has a lightning-fast deployment ability


  • Some users find it super-thin; very lowly viscous

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 #13.     Unikitchen premium knife blade oil and honing oil

Unikitchen premium oil is excellent at protecting and safeguarding the sharpness of your knives. It keeps your knife blades ever sharp and sturdy.

What’s sweeter, it is an outstanding honing oil which gives a higher advantage over most knife oils. Being a honing oil, it is used during sharpening whereby it is applied prior to sharpening on the sharpening stone to prevent the metal grit from binding to the stone itself when sharpening. Thus, when cleaned off the stone, it comes out together with the grit resulting in a thoroughly cleaned sharpening stone.

As a knife oil, it obstructs the formation of rust and keeps the knife put and ready for use in the kitchen. It does increase its lifespan. To be precise,  it retains the efficiency of your knife in cutting your veggies and meat with ease.


Premium Knife Blade Oil & Honing Oil - 8 Oz

What else could you want best for your set of knives if not this unique brand of oil.  In detail, it acts as a barrier between the knife and the elements causing rust preventing oxidation that produces a dark brown substance which is basically rust.

And it is a US product made with natural food grade ingredients safe for use by any person and in food preparation. It works for any type of knife. However, it’s advisable  for use on high carbon steel blades like mercer, and global.        


  • Functions as both a honing oil and knife oil.
  • A rust inhibitor.
  • Lasts for the long-term use.
  • Protects the knife blades well enough.
  • It’s natural and food-grade.
  •  Made with great quality.


  • Very thin and cannot sit in one section of the blade for long.

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#14.     Victorinox Multitool Oil 

Victorinox multitool oil is a swiss army knife oil formulated for great functioning of your classy kitchen knives; especially the folding knives.

Though made with swiss army knives in mind, it blends with any type of knife specifically to maintain them in good condition. 

If you need the ideal care for knives, then put the victorinox knife oil in inclusion. It has a low viscosity but clings well to your knife during application.

It comes in a small bottle. Regardless of its small size, it stays long before you will have to buy another one. Only two drops are enough applied at joints and screws to keep the knife in good balance.

It prevents corrosion and wear strengthening the knife to a higher durability. It is much more of a protective knife gear. 



Its neutral odor is essentially good for persons who dislike scents and those allergic as well.

Victorinox oil is also food safe. So, it’s safe to use on knives that prepare food. No worries about food contamination or stomach complications. You are free to use it in any environment even in the presence of kids.


  • It’s food safe
  • An anti-aging oil
  • Neutral odor and taste
  • Easy to apply and use
  • Highly durable for long-lasting use
  • A corrosion and wear inhibitor



  • A little expensive for the size
  • Lowly viscous


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#15.    HOPPE’S No. 9 Lubricating Oil

Though ranked as a guncare cleaner, hoppe’s no. 9 oil is a multifaceted type of oil. For more than a century, it has been there over the years as a worldwide trusted brand powered to crack all cleaning hurdles.

Whether it is rust, metal fouling, lead or powder on your knife, none of these are a threat to the lifespan of your knife with the hoppe’s no. 9 lubricating oil in possession. It removes them in a one smooth wipe off your knife. There are no difficulties in its use. 

It boasts a high viscosity, therefore, a super thick formula that stays at one point for long before flowing. This feature makes it spreads easily using a piece of rug which reduces wastage and ensures the whole of the applied oil is put in use.


 HOPPE'S No. 9 Lubricating Oil

The US-made oil lasts for long-term use. It does not harden nor gum up. And surprisingly, it has no expiry date which suggests it does not expire.

The package includes one 14.9 millimeter precision bottle, which is just a couple of drops does the cleaning as expected of it. 

It is oil refined to the best quality. However, it contains some toxic agents which justifies it unfit for use near children recklessly. It’s a product that should be kept away from children always.


  • Has a high viscosity
  • Extra long-lasting
  • Highly versatile
  • Does not expire, does not gum up
  • Renowned quality brand
  • Highly refined oil 


  • Contains toxic chemicals

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Here are some most commonly asked questions about knife oil:


Q:Why should I use natural or food-grade knife oil?

A:Most people use their knives for various tasks and using them on fruits is most common. If the knife oil is not natural it could get toxic after mixing with the fruit while cutting.

Q:How to oil knives?

A:Put a few drops of oil on the surface of the knife blade. Then spread it evenly throughout the knife using a small piece of cloth or brush. You can even use cheap or used toothbrushes.

Q:How often should I use knife oil?

A:It’s okay if you use your expensive knife oil once every few weeks but our recommendation is to use it after it gets wet. You should clean it with a dry cloth and then apply it. One drop should be enough for the blade.

Q:Can I use the same oil on wooden knife handles?

A:Yes, if the oil is natural you can safely use the oil on your wooden knife handle.

Q:Is food grade knife oil good for consumption?

A:Well, even though our suggested oils are safe and nontoxic we would suggest refraining from consuming knife oil deliberately.


Final Thoughts:

For most people keeping a knife is a hobby. Though it has its usefulness, it is not a mandatory tool for everyone. People tend to use the same knife for a long time. It becomes a part of those who always carry it.

So, even though the high maintenance is not always necessary, it will ensure the longevity of the knife.

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