Want to live a longer and healthier life? Start Drinking tea at least three times a week. A recent study has found, most people who live past 100 years have a common habit. Can you guess what is it? Drinking Tea!

For centuries, scientists and researchers have been trying to find ways to increase lifespan. Why do most people die in their sixties?

Why do some people live past 100? The exact underlying reason for longevity was never found.

But after hundreds of observations, researchers found few things common between those who live longer. And drinking tea is one of those.

In ancient Chinese medicine, tea was considered as the key to a healthy body and longevity. In a few Chinese studies, it was confirmed that green tea keeps their body healthy even at an old age.

Tea has various antioxidants and lives saving chemical compounds.

Ingredients in green tea were found to work at the cellular level to repair damaged cells more efficiently which results in slow down of aging.


What type of tea should be consumed for most benefits and a higher lifespan?
There are more than 987 variants of teas.

And there are also hundreds of popular mixes. A special type of Polyphenols was found in pure green tea which is believed to boost the immune system.

There are also proven benefits of green to as a fat eliminating drink. Green tea also detoxes the body from harmful substances we consume every day.

So if one variant of tea needs to be chosen it would be green tea.

Does tea lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease?
Well, to be honest tea does not prevent heart diseases directly. But many studies link consuming green tea to decrease the possibility of having heart disease.

And it is proven that tea relaxes the body and lowers high blood pressure when consumed. Green tea even helps with insomnia.

It relaxes our nervous system so our body gets refreshed and can fall asleep quickly.

Hot or cold tea?
Tea can be drunk warm or cold. The benefits remain mostly the same. But hot tea is best for your body. Hot tea is a well-known remedy for getting rid of the cold.


Studies on tea
Tea is very famous in Asia. Both China and Japan have run extensive research on its effects on the body.

One of the recent studies was with over 8,000 Chinese people over a period of 7 years. It was found that habitual tea drinkers who at least drink tea thrice a week lived longer and had a healthier body compared to those who were occasional tea drinkers.

But it is to be noted that the study was based on drinking green tea.

A similar result was also found in Japanese studies. But the Japanese studies were over a period of 20 years with 5,000 people. And they found some interesting results.

Along with confirming what the Chinese found the research also shows that the people who drank green tea regularly had 50% fewer chances to ever develop any heart disease and about 20% fewer chances to develop diabetics.


Tea in the military ration
It is said that military technology is at least 50 years ahead of consumer technology. They have advanced medicine and many classified secrets.

It is not possible for laymen like us to know about military secrets and getting benefits from them but there are few things we can learn by observing.

One of those secrets we learned from observing is drinking tea (both green and black).

If you notice, almost all the military ration packets have tea.
Military rations are the most high-quality foods for soldiers for maximum performance, stamina and longevity.

Only the most nutritious and important foods are included there.

If most of the world’s military institutes provide tea in their military ration then there is no doubt that tea has many hidden benefits.



Last Few Words
There is no doubt about the benefits of drinking tea, especially green tea.

But it is yet to be found exactly what ingredients In tea cause such benefit.

But we have to bear it in mind from ancient times to this modern age the benefits of tea were never denied. And no long term health risks were associated with it.

So if we don’t have the habit of drinking tea regularly we can definitely start the habit without any worries.

Tea has many benefits but that does not mean it will solve all the problems associated with our body.

Problems from Recklessly eating high-fat food and not exercising is not going to be solved by only drinking tea.

Tea just one of many variables to a healthy and long life but it is not the only one.

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