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Modern microwave ovens have spurred many delicious beginnings.

For couples or newlyweds who are embarking on a long, exciting journey marked by loads of adventures and many warm, nourishing meals together, starting a life together with all the support & help they can get makes living even more inspiring.

Having modern gadgets and helpers that offer great ease and convenience and also fit well in their snug homes make perfect sense.

The good thing is that most apartments or condominium units offer couples nowadays clean, uncluttered design. Modern kitchen designs come with the best-recommended furnishings and gadgets to uphold a streamlined look.

What couples usually do is maximize space – even the most awkward corners, smart homeowners realize, can be put to good use. They strive to eliminate clutter, and throw out anything beyond repair, or turn out to be unwanted furniture.

One kitchen equipment that has evolved in countless ways to emerge as a must-have appliance
must-have appliance, especially for young couples on the go, is the microwave oven.

There are actually a number of good options nowadays suited for small families, honeymooners//newlyweds, and single working professionals who opt for convenient features and overall reliability.

You can take a look at the best picks in appliance stores, or check out names of the microwaves on Amazon, where you will obtain invaluable feedback from consumers abut brands & models they’ve tried.

There are many compact models suited for today’s contemporary homes. There are couples who desire a microwave oven that they expect to last them way until they’ve developed into a bigger family. One must-see option is the Panasonic NN-SD697S 1.2 cu.ft. 1300W.

This easy-to-use sleek stainless-steel kitchen wonder offers the convenience of touch sensors. There is even a neat pop-out dial with popcorn key.

Microwave ovens & the convenience factor

Slick looking ovens may be nice to look at but may end up creating problems necessitating frequent repairs.

Not so with some of the best brands in the market. Convenience and reliability are actually what set apart the top brands in microwave ovens today.

The harried homemaker, restaurant owner, or corporate users need only conduct a thorough search on the internet and read microwave oven consumer reviews, including top names of the microwaves on Amazon, to get the heads-up on which ones can offer lasting convenience.

Some of the brands featured among the best-selling names online which have elicited good customer reviews/feedback are Sharp, Panasonic, Emerson, and Frigidaire, to name some.

Rated in certain consumer sites as the “Best Convection Microwave Oven,” the Sharp R-305KS is a stylish and fast option in the medium size range that can perform well.

Also, quite a steal is the Panasonic NN-H965BF, a luxurious 2.2-cubic-ft. option It runs on high wattage and has a huge capacity, cooking sensors, a menu action screen in different languages, and other features that guarantee even cooking of your favorite foods.


microwave ovens


If convenience is your primary consideration, check out also the Emerson MW8997B. The 900-watt microwave oven with less than one cubic foot capacity has basic components like a removable turntable made of glass and touchpad control panel.

Several single-touch settings allow cooking a variety of foods ranging from popcorn and pizza to vegetables. quipped with 900 watts of power and a 0.9-cubic-foot cooking space.

Also a worthy option is a brand name synonymous with quality kitchen equipment, Frigidaire’s 1.5 cubic ft.-FMV156DS over-the-range microwave oven which runs on 950 watts and packs a lot of features with more than 10 power levels, several automatic functions(for reheating, defrosting & cooking), child safety lock feature) and a 20-pad touch control mechanism.

Must-have, must-check features before buying a microwave oven

Taking your pick from among the many different styles and brands of microwave ovens in the marketplace can be a perplexing exercise.

However, with some basic information like your present and future needs as well as a general understanding of features to look for, you are in for a worthy investment. It is always a good idea to read microwave oven reviews and consumer guides before making the purchase.

An important consideration before buying a microwave oven is the capacity offered by a certain model. This depends, of course, on the number of people who will be using the appliance on a frequent basis.

A basic compact model may suffice for a solo condominium dweller or couple, while a model with greater internal capacity will come in handy for big families who usually entertain guests. Features a nonstick interior so you can easily keep your microwave clean from the inside as if left unclean it may spoil your food.

Most microwave oven users I know lament the fact that after just a few uses, their microwave ovens conk out on them, necessitating repairs, but conking out again.

A reliable model is thus an important consideration. Most microwave oven reviews featured in magazines or posted on the internet cite popular brands synonymous with quality, and in most instances, that should count for something.


microwave ovens


Aside from the usual parts like pre-programmable keypads to set the cooking time for certain foods (whether it’s seafood or meat, etc.), among the special features that certain models of microwave ovens incorporate are controllable power levels that allow the user to control heat, fast cooking option, a convection feature for baking and roasting, and moisture sensor with auto shutoff function.

Choosing a model that not only looks good and suits your needs and shows much promise of performing well can be a breeze once you’ve studied the many different features through those comprehensive microwave oven reviews.

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