The fight of being the most useful and versatile kitchen appliance between the pressure cooker and rice cooker has been a subject of debate among consumers for a long time.

While some count their votes for the pressure cooker, some are the staunch supporter of a traditional rice cooker.

We decided to put our expertise on the issue to help you choose between the two through in-depth discussion.

Rice cooker and pressure cooker: They are twins with distinctive features

As we want to find out whether the pressure cooker or the rice cooker is the most suitable option, it is essential to know their similarities and dissimilarities as well.

From a superficial glance, both the kitchen appliances seem pretty much similar. Even their appearance is confusingly identical.

Yes, admittedly, both of them cook rice quickly and keeps it warm for ready to serve. They do it with the help of the stream created by the heat.

And that’s where their similarities end. Rice cooker has minimal options without cooking the rice. Whereas, the pressure cooker, also known as the instant pot, is versatile.

It not only presents you flappy rice but also allows you to steam vegetables, cook many items, and a lot more thing. Pressure cooker seems to get an edge here, and that’s all right!

But we need to go deeper to give a verdict on which one you should choose.

Choosing a pressure cooker: Facts and reality

A pressure cooker, aka instant cooker, is a multi-functional cooker. It has a wide range of performing areas such as a traditional rice cooker, slow cooker, yogurt maker, electric pressure cooker, brewing pan, warming, and steamer pot.

You see, a single pressure cooker is performing the task of almost half a dozen kitchen appliances. Is it amazing? Moreover, a pressure cooker cooks food faster than the rice cooker.

It also has the upper hand since the flavor and aroma of the cooked items remain identical in it.

The pressure cooker has, however, several settings and provides ready to serve food upon your demand, so you need less attention while cooking the favorite meal.

What is a pressure cooker and its types:

The pressure cooker is a cooking vessel that uses steam to prepare food using heat and steam power. It uses water or other liquid to produce steam. It comes in two different types.

1.       Electric pressure cooker

2.       Stovetop pressure cooker.





Amazing features of a pressure cooker:

1.       It is a multi-functional cooking utensil.

2.       The pressure cooker comes with a variety of series and models.

3.       It is a bit costlier in comparison with the rice cooker.

4.       You may cook various items with it.

5.       It cooks exceptionally fast.


Pressure cooker benefits:
  •        The heat and the high-pressure successfully kills the micro-organisms.
  •          If you are a busy person, you would love the way it cooks food fast.
  •          The lids keep the stream within the pot, so the food flavor and aroma remain intact.
  •          Since the pit uses both heat and pressure, it is more energy-efficient than the other cooking          systems.
  •          It is a perfect cooking pot in the high-altitude areas.
  •          It comes with several auto settings to suit your preference.


Pressure cooker disadvantage:
  •     The price is a bit higher than the regular stove cookware.
  •     The sealing ring and gasket need regular cleaning. It might feel tiresome occasionally.
  •      Pressure cookers are much heavier than rice cookers.
  •      If not used and maintained correctly, the pressure cooker is a potentially dangerous kitchen           appliance. 
The rice cooker: Facts and reality

A rice cooker is an incredibly popular cooking appliance. It uses boil and steam to prepare the food. The rice cooker comes along a thermostat and a single cooking bowl. The best rice cookers are, however, can cook some food items as well. The auto-shutoff function makes it extremely safe for users.

Although rice cookers are made to prepare rice, some electric ones can cook a few more items. But that’s very limited. Rice cooker is more prevalent in Asian countries since rice is the primary cereal there.

What is a rice cooker and its types:

A rice cooker, unlike the pressure cooker, is a vessel that combines heating power to prepare rice. It sometimes cooks some items as well, but that’s not mentionable. From a broader perspective, rice cookers are all-electric run, and hence, there are no such types available.

Amazing features of a rice cooker:

1.       Dedicated rice cooking appliance

2.       It is less expensive than the pressure cooker

3.       Some advanced rice cookers have limited multi-functioning ability.

4.       The auto shut off function makes it exceptionally safe.

Rice cooker benefits

·         It enjoys much high rating in terms of safety.

·         User-friendly.

·         Cleaning is comfortable and relaxed.

·         It prepares rice perfectly with the intact texture and aroma.

·         Keeps rice warm and ready to serve.

Rice cooker disadvantages

·         It isn’t ideal for busy people since it prepares rice slowly.

·         Most rice cookers can only cook rice.

·         You can’t cook a beef stew or other flesh items since the steam only reaches the boiling point.




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Now that we know all the pros and cons of both the kitchen appliances, the rest is upon you. Yes, admittedly, both are top-performer when it comes to delivering their assigned work.

If you love eating fresh, flappy and perfectly-cooked rice at your lunch and dinner, you should go with the rice cooker. It is also good at cooking rice for a large family as well.

However, if you love cooking various food items and experimenting, you must choose the multi-functional pressure cooker. It is also best for busy people who needs less time for food preparation and less attention as well.


As we come to the fag end, we put our bet on both the cooking appliances. Honestly speaking, your preference will decide which one you should buy between the pressure cooker and rice cooker.

Both cooking devices have incredible features and are user-friendly. Hence, it is next to impossible to give edge one over another.

Now, we put the ball in your court as we wrap up here.

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