Commercial Dishwashers

With commercial dishwashers, you won’t need to hire people to wash the dishes.

Any restaurant that envisions growth and wishes to save on labor costs needs to have a commercial dishwasher.

With a commercial dishwasher, you can have hundreds of dishes cleaned in just minutes.

This article will discuss the importance of commercial dishwashers.

It will enlist its many benefits and give tips on how to find the best one that matches specific kinds of businesses. After reading, you’d be able to fully determine if you truly need to have a commercial dishwasher.


Commercial Dishwashers


You should spend on a commercial dishwasher if you’re after the following benefits:

  1. Consistent Availability of Dishes – you will lose so much and miss chances for a solid build-up of customer loyalty and business sense of community if you’d always make your customers wait. Having unavailable dishes is one of the reasons why delays in services take place. If you want to effectively avoid such a scenario, you should have a commercial dishwasher that will always ensure that you have ready plates, glasses, and utensils.
  1. Efficiency – a commercial dishwasher will significantly improve your workflow. You will have more kitchen space because you need extra people to work on washing dishes. You will also significantly save on labor cost as you won’t need to pay your staff for hours spent solely washing dishes. You also won’t need to hire dishwashers.
  1. Speed – commercial dishwashers can sanitize hundreds of dishes in just minutes. You can always be sure that you’d always have clean dishes every single time.
  1. Robust Sanitation – commercial dishwashers are carefully engineered to follow sanitation protocols. This is something that manual dishwashing can’t promise. Commercial dishwashers can be set to high temperatures to ensure customer safety and pristinely sanitized dishes at all times. A commercial dishwasher will always ensure that you comply with your state’s sanitation policies and protocols.

But, do you really need a commercial dishwasher?

You need to know that not all restaurants need commercial dishwashers. You can pleasantly run a restaurant for years without even needing one. How to know though if you need one?

Well, it’s very simple.

You only need a commercial dishwasher if the daily traffic in your restaurant is so high that your staff fails to deliver manually cleaned dishes every single time. If the ratio of customer traffic and clean dishware is off, you already need to invest in a commercial dishwasher. Looking for one should be easy as there are many excellent commercial dishwasher suppliers in Perth.

EXPERT TIPS: Take note of the following expert tips if you need a commercial dishwasher for your business.

1. Know your turn rate.

You should devote a month to fully studying your restaurant’s turn rate. You should observe the following and record accordingly:

  • How many times do you clear dishes from tables?
  • How long are your customers seated?
  • Can your restaurant keep up with the demand?

Pro Tip: The following are the typical turn rates of different food establishments:

2. Know the size of your kitchen.

The size of your commercial dishwasher should be compatible with the size and layout of your kitchen. It should be placed effortlessly in an area where it will not obstruct foot traffic and workflow. It must not take up too much space. A medium-sized kitchen will do well with a door-type, conveyor, or under-the-counter commercial dishwasher. All are also compatible with food establishments that only need less than 400 racks per hour.

3. Follow the demand.

You need to go big if you have heavy customer traffic. If you need over 8,000 clean dishes per hour, you should have a flight dishwasher. A flight dishwasher is perfect as it comes with a conveyor that can easily calculate and calibrate its own hourly capacity. You won’t need to set it every single time.

4. Know your dishes.

You should use different commercial dishwashers for particular needs. If you have a bar, you should have a commercial dishwasher that solely cleans glassware. Opt for a glasswasher that seamlessly uses low water pressure in maintaining the pristine state of your glasses.

5. You can opt to buy a second-hand dishwasher.

Commercial dishwashers can last for more than ten years. You can save a lot if you’d consider buying second-hand units. You have to ensure that you know its exact age. You also need to know how long it was actively used. You need to know if it still has good years to it.

6. Check your warranties.

Choose a commercial dishwasher that offers solid warranties. Look for one that offers labor and parts warranties. It’s best to opt for a manufacturer with solid customer support as you will need a lot in setting up and maintaining your commercial dishwasher.

7. You can choose to rent.

Renting is also an option. You can opt to rent commercial dishwashers if you have a limited budget. Renting is significantly cheaper and it won’t require you to spend on maintenance and repairs.

Know Your Needs and Current Capacity

You simply need to know your business needs if you want to truly choose the best commercial dishwasher. Make it a point to fully understand your daily kitchen and operational workflow before purchasing one.

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