What is Santoku knife? It might be a difficult question for most of the Europeans or Americans to answer. The word ‘santoku’ is a Japanese word. It means ‘the three virtues’. These three virtues represent the major uses of santoku.

The santoku knives are the master of chopping, dicing and slicing. Though most of the people considered santoku just as a traditional sushi blade, but it’s not. The santoku knives are the general purpose knife that was originated in Japan in 1920.

Because of its multi uses, it became an essential addition to almost every Japanese kitchen. But nowadays these gorgeous looking knives are used in almost every famous restaurant around the world.

The santoku knives are basically hand-made, stratified and folded. The blade size is about 13 to 20 cm. It contains a flat edge. The blade curves in a particular angle of about 60 degrees. These blades are the most selling blade of Japan.

You can easily distinguish a santoku knife by its unique dimples or hollowed-out grooves on the edge of the blade. These dimples can add air between the ingredients and the blade itself. It makes the cutting jobs easier than other knives.

Cutting onion using santoku Knife

Why are the Santoku Knives Used?

Nowadays you will find the santoku knives from a personal kitchen to any famous restaurants. The main reason behind this huge popularity is the efficiency. Santoku knives are the best fit for a novice user to any professional chef.

Though these knives are considered best for three virtues, they are all-purpose knives. They have a wide range of uses in every kitchen. Let’s discuss few uses of santoku knives.....

Handy for Chopping the Small Ingredients:

Chopping the small ingredients are one of the main headaches for any chef. But, if you own a santoku knife, it becomes easier than you can think ever.

The average size of a santoku knife is 5 to 7 inches. This size is perfect for chopping the veggies, boneless fishes, meats etc. But, if you think that the 5 inches’ knife is also huge, then you can also find the smaller one in the local market.

So, you can easily cut any smaller vegetables or anything else with this small knife.

Slicing Will Be Fun:

How annoying when the sliced veggies are stick with the blade? The santoku knives are here to solve this problem. There are few dimples or hollowed-out grooves in the blade of santoku knife.

A few air sticks on that dimple of the blade while cutting. This air doesn’t allow the sliced veggies to adhere with the blade. Moreover, the thickness of the blade will add few extra advantages for slicing with less effort. Moreover, as the belly is flatter, it becomes easier to push motion for slicing. But be safe from knife if you are an armature user.

Cut the Meats Efficiently:

Meats require a stable and tough knife to being cut. That’s why the blades are one of the major factors for any knife. The blades of santoku knives are made of stainless steel and even ceramics. One can easily cut whole hams, veal legs, lamb legs or any filleting fish using santoku knife.

Cutting Larger Quantities of Ingredients:

This uniquely designed knife uses a slight motion forwardly as the knife descends vertically. This is the best workhorse types knife that you can use for cutting the boneless meats.

Moreover, after cutting meats and bones, every knife will become dull. So, when you are going to sharpen your knife, the santoku knives will be faster. As these knives don’t have a bolster, it helps them to be sharpened easily than other knives.

Moreover, after cutting meats and bones, every knife will become dull. So, when you are going to sharpen your knife, the santoku knives will be faster. As these knives don’t have a bolster, it helps them to be sharpened easily than other knives.

Further, the blade of santoku knives contain one flat side and another side is beveled. That means you just have to sharpen one side of this knife.

Cutting Larger Quantities of Ingredients:

You will find the santoku knives with huge varieties. The mini version of santoku knives which contains 14 cm (5.5 inches) blade, will be perfect for the continual cutting.

We all know that the light knives cause less frazzle while cutting. As you are going to cut a huge amount of veggies, that’s why thickness is another fact to consider.

Users can control the thick knives easily. That’s why the blades of santoku knives are being made straight and thick.

Better for Skinning and Defatting:

Besides cutting the veggies and meats, the santoku knives are also good at skinning and defatting. One side of the blade of santoku is flat and another side is beveled (like a chisel). That’s why you can the flat side to keep your ingredients in the utensils easily. The ultimate thick blade of this knife helps the chefs for the fishes properly and quickly.

To Conclude:

​Santoku knives are the most important and reliable tools for every kitchen. Not only the design of santoku is superb but also the tough and lightweight blade is excellent too.

All of those amazing features makes santoku the best-selling knives in Japan. So, if you are planning to buy a new knife, I will suggest you buy a santoku knife without any hesitation. Good luck!



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