Make the Best Coffee

If you are a coffee lover, then you must know how many are the ways that you can make it in the best possible way.

Maybe you just like one way of making it or one type of coffee bean like the kona coffee beans, but we will teach you how to make even more types of coffees and still love it to the same extent.  

You will not need to go to some Coffee Dorks and get an expensive coffee for yourself.

You can try the tips and tricks we are going to share with you at home and enjoy it to your fullest. So, get started with us right now and learn how you can add more variety to your daily coffee.

#1 Pour Over

This type of coffee is very easy to make. You just need to have coffee beans. Then you have to grind it but do not make it powder.

You just have to make it like the grains of table salt. After this add some ro water into it and then left for boiling.

When the coffee is enough boiled, you have to take the filter and put on your coffee mug. Then pass the coffee water through it and also rinse with cold water.

After this, you may boil it once again and then serve and enjoy. It is a very simple way to make it but turns out very good in taste.

#2 French Press

The French press coffee is a bit like the pour-over but with some minor difference in making it that completely changes the way it tastes.

Not only the taste, but you can also end up adding in it things that will make it even more different than the pour over the type of coffee. It is less intense and sharp in taste and feels very light on the stomach.

All you need to do is to bring the beans into very fine form.

The grains that you will find in it must be powdered using a French press and at the end add water to boil it to up to 250-degree Fahrenheit temperature, After this take it out and simply serve. You can add milk and sugar to it as you like.


#3 Drip

This coffee is the simplest coffee you can make at home and enjoy every morning. All you need to do is to simply bring your coffee, filter it through filter paper by rinsing with water.

Then put it into your cup and add some more way.

Ten beat it for some time and add milk and sugar to it. It is as simple as that. You can make many cups of it at the time and enjoy it with cookies at any time of the day.

After reading this article, you must be very happy that you have learned some new ways of making it. Now, you must be feeling a craving for having it.

You must try at least one of these and must share the tips with your friends and family so that they may also enjoy it. You have to try it as it is mentioned here or else you will not get the right results.

#4 Mistakes that Can Ruin Your Coffee

Making a delicious cup of coffee is an art. Coffee beans play an important role, so pay attention to smell while buying coffee beans. Coffee beans with foreign, moldy and burnt odor mean the quality is unsatisfactory.

If you are trying to compromise on the quality of coffee beans, you can’t make delicious coffee. Here are some common that should be avoided to make the best coffee.

#5 Saving Money on Coffee

The price of coffee can be a factor to determine its quality. If you need high-quality beans, you can’t save money. Keep it in mind that the cost of a coffee has a direct connection to its taste. Feel free to pick a moderately priced coffee available in specialty stores.

#6 Avoid the Use of Coffee Grinder

Several people prefer it ground coffee instead of investing money in a coffee grinder. Keep it in mind that ground beans can’t give you great flavor because they often spend weeks on shelves of a supermarket.

Ground beans can destroy the taste of your coffee.

Instead of buying ground coffee, you have to invest in a good grinder. Pay attention to the five famous grinding degrees: powdery, espresso, thin, medium, and coarse.

If you prefer a French press, you will need coarse grinding. Medium grinding is good for a typical coffee maker. If you like European coffeepots, you must choose powdery and thin coffee options.


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#7 Varieties of Coffee Beans

Robusta and Arabica are two coffee varieties. Arabica is famous for its delicate taste, but if you need bitter coffee, Robusta is a perfect choice. Robusta has more caffeine than Arabica. Arabica coffee beans are two times more costly than Robusta.




You can identify them by their shape and size.

Robusta beans are round, and Arabica beans are large and oval. Moreover, try to buy high-quality coffee beans without stains or chips.

#8 Wrong Storage of Coffee Beans

If you want to maintain the taste, smell and freshness of coffee beans, you have to protect them from their mortal enemies: heat, light, and air.

While purchasing coffee beans, pay attention to packaging. Choose an airtight container with 3-layers of foil with one valve. This valve is necessary to eject air from the package.

A tin can or glass jar can be a great choice to store coffee beans. Before using a tin can, you have to ensure that it has no rust. Any rusting in the container can give a metallic taste to your coffee beans.

Avoid buying coffee beans in plastic packaging because it is an indication of a low-quality product.

Some coffee beans come in paper packaging; therefore, you should choose an airtight and lightproof jar/container to store coffee.

Keep it in mind that odors and air can ruin your coffee in paper bags.

#9 Focus on 1:10 Rule

Experts always recommend a 1:10 ratio of ingredients. For 10 ml of filtered water, you can take 1 gram of freshly ground coffee.

Keep it in mind that excessive water can ruin the taste of the best coffee.

#10 Pick the Right Cups

If you want to enjoy the taste of your coffee, you have to choose a 200 ml cup with dense sides.

Feel free to serve coffee in an oblong cup to keep your coffee warm for a longer duration. You have to warm up your coffee before serving it to enhance its taste.



#11 Don’t Put in Fridge

Coffee is not suitable to keep in the fridge because it can absorb smells. Coffee can affect the taste of your meals in the refrigerator.  You can’t keep coffee in the fridge even with an airtight jar.

By storing your coffee in the fridge, you will experience a worse change in the flavor and taste of coffee.

After pouring delicious coffee in your cup, you have to drink it immediately. If you completely forgot about your coffee, it will become butter and lose its flavor.

Coffee has several benefits for the human body. You can get antioxidants from each cup of coffee.

Antioxidants are necessary to decrease the risk of gullet cancer. Always remember that extra sugar or milk can ruin the taste of even a fresh cup of coffee. 

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