All-Clad plans are rather famous for the shining and glinting impression as well as the smooth surface which is hard to maintain if you just don’t care about its regular cleaning.

I will present you with the easy tips and steps to clean your much-needed kitchen essential, the All-Clad stainless steel pan with no to little effort. For sure, I know, you are lazy but let’s save this precious pan from death.

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5 Steps to Clean All Clad Stainless Steel Pans quickly?

Step 1: Rinse away the leftover in the pan first

After the fresh cooking in your All-Clad stainless steel pan, the first thing you need to do is to rinse it well under the sink through a sharp splash of water. This way, half of the oil or grease will go away, leaving behind the major mess to pay attention to.


Step 2: Add some water and place it on the stovetop

Fill the pan with some water and put it on the medium flame until it starts boiling. This quick boiling will soften the hardened oil crust and ingredients so they can be wiped out easily. 


Step 3: Remove the pan after a boilover 

After a boil over or two (you can wait until two boil overs depending upon the condition of the pan), turn off the flame and take the pan to the sink.


Step 4: Take the pan to the sink

Now the actual process starts so if you feel the water in the pan is too much for you to put your hands in the hot water and do the cleaning or rubbing, throw some of the water.


Step 5: Take a soft scrubber and scrub in a circular motion

Now take a soft but not extra soft dish scrubber (the usual one in our households of green color called Scotch Brite), put some stainless steel cleaner powder plus the liquid dish soap and start scrubbing round and around consistently. Scrub a little hard on the thick spots until the residue begins leaving the surface.


Step 6: Rinse it well and dry

Depending upon the apparent condition of the surface, it will be cleaned to new either in a single or roughly two tries and then you can rinse it thoroughly followed by quick-drying with a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth. It’s that easy.


Other famous tried and tested ways to clean All-Clad Stainless Steel Pans


1-    Water and baking soda mixture 

This is probably the most-trusted method to get rid of stubborn grease and burnt food leftovers. All you gotta do is to make a puree-type paste of baking soda with the water, apply it generously on the surface of the pan, and leave it on for as long as you want. Baking soda will not only soften the cooked-on mess but will also work on eliminating the unwanted stains. Afterward, you can use warm water to scrub off the paste and then rinse it using good dish soap. Though if you don’t have the time to leave the paste on and wait to use the pan again, you can boil the baking soda instead. Just add some baking soda in 2 cups of water inside the pan and bring it to boil several times. Scrub it later gently and religiously using a scouring pad and the dish soap.


2-    Invest in Bon Ami or Bar Keepers Friend

If you unconsciously believe that you cannot remove the hard crust on the surface of your pan on your own and through the home remedies, you are allowed to invest in high-end utensil cleaning products trusted by consumers around the globe. Both Bon Ami and Bar Keepers Friend are the cookware cleaning agents that come with a set of instructions on how to use.

Though these products also somehow work the same way as nature’s gift called Baking Soda does but these are just an expensive version of that same process.


What to avoid to prevent the deterioration of your All-Clad pans?


Steel wool scrubbers:

Using steel wool scrubbers on a regular basis to clean your stainless steel cookware is considered a toxic trait in case of your utensil maintenance routine. The relatively hard steel wools in the scrubber leave tiny scratches on the surface over a period that reduces the shelf life of the stainless steel cookware because the texture is completely ruined.


Oven cleaner:

So if it is found in the market for oven cleaning, why on earth would you like to try it on your All-Clad stainless steel pan? Forget this idea even if some sensible friend or relative has suggested you because it does more harm than good. An oven cleaner is a concentration of different damaging chemicals that is not safe to use on a surface you use to cook food, yes the after results are massive. However, keep your oven cleaner to soften the grease of oven grates and grills, not the pan surface.



Another famous stupid tip followed in cleaning stainless steel pans is the use of bleach which is equally harmful to you as it is to your cookware. The bleach residue does not easily go away once it makes its way deep down in the roots of the surface which means you will be taking it in through the cooked food you eat. Also, the bleach is too strong that causes pits on the surface which is directly proportional to the ill performance and bad health of your precious All-Clad stainless steel pan and other cookware.


Tip: If your All-Clad pan is too hot, avoid putting it under cold water right away. Instead, wait for it to get to room temperature and then use the cold water to rinse or wash it.




So, all the above-mentioned tips and little resistance from the cooking sprays, overheating, and severe rubbing can save your All-Clad stainless steel pan, making it last longer than the promised span.

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