Do you stay away from coffee for the fear of caffeine? What if we told you that there was more to this than you probably knew about?

Actually, caffeine is not something to be afraid of. It’s a simple stimulant that can have a positive effect on a person’s nervous system.

While this is a generally true assertion, we also understand that the human body system can respond differently to different amounts of this stimulant.

Your focus should therefore not be on total abstinence but on finding the right amount that suits your system.

Your fear or abstinence from taking coffee may therefore be the result of having been fed wrong or incomplete information.

This is because while the coffee bean contains an enormous amount of caffeine, the roasting style of method used in its production is a major determinant of what amount of caffeine will be left and so can be used to drastically reduce this content.

As a result, the roasting method used in producing options like the French roast and dark roasted coffee reduces the caffeine content to a safe amount.

So, such options ensure that those who take them have limited access to this component that is in contention.

As a matter of fact, many notable health practitioners and workers are in the habit of drinking a cup or two of this beverage because of the enormous benefits it guarantees.

If you need facts to back up this claim, you can check here.

In this article, we will discuss the dark roasted coffee variants that are available.

Our goal is that after reading through the information that will be shared herein, you will be better equipped to identify which best suits you and then go for it with all assurance.

Types of Dark Roast Coffee Available

Judging from the taste, variance in processing, look and feel, location of popularity, as well as several other factors, below are the various kinds of dark roast coffee available:

French Roast

This type looks almost burnt with a dark and chocolate color. In terms of taste, it has a bit of sweetness that is citrusy and berry-like.

The production process involves a temperature of about 474 degrees Fahrenheit. This level of heat makes sure the bean is cracked open for the second time.

As a result, concerns about high level of caffeine are reduced because of the intensity of the heat and its effects on the bean.

Vienna Roast

This variance as with a few others has milder effects on the stomach. So, people who need something without a lot of punch can make do with this. For more on this subject, you can visit.

This type of dark roasted option does not make use of as much heat as the French option. It is formed when the bean is cracked open the second time and not more than that.

To achieve this, a temperature of no more than 465 degrees Fahrenheit is used.

As a result, it is one of the most subtle and lightest options available. The production process results in the beverage losing its original taste.

This is however replaced by a unique resultant aroma that is strong and a color that is quite dark.

Many coffee enthusiasts love this variant, especially for its unique taste. The taste is triggered by the bean oil that resurfaces; making the beverage sweet.

Italian Roast

If you think the French variant is strong, then you will have a rethink when you have a cup or two of this. The heat used in roasting the bean is approximately 486 degrees Fahrenheit. As a result, this variant takes more time to get prepared.

The effect that this extended roasting process has on the end product is a taste that can be described as bitter.

As a result, unless you love that bitter flavour, we strongly advise that you make use of cream when having this variant. In terms of looks, this variant has a feel that is thin and an exterior that is shiny.


This variant is subjected to the most extreme heat during production. After being exposed to these high temperatures, the end product that emerges comes with a bitter, smoky, as well as burnt flavor.

That said, what it appears to lack in taste it more than makes up in its effect on the body. This is the option that many people who need to stay alert opt for.


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It does deliver an impressive caffeinated kick that promotes alertness in a lot of people.

Note however that this effect may not be the same for everyone as for some, it may have a different effect. One of these unwanted effects may include restlessness.

Just as was advised with the Italian roast variant, we suggest you make use of cream to make up for the bitter taste of this dark roasted option. This again will be an issue of personal preference.


Although not as strong as the espresso variant, it does have a very strong taste. This informs why using cream alongside this coffee variant is common practice.

Though all of the above are great options, it however is imperative that you know how to pick out dark roast coffee so you can always ensure you are choosing that one that is best suited for you.

Wrap Up

The most evident difference that can be pointed at when comparing all of these variants is the amount of heat used during the roasting process. Like we stated at the beginning of this article, this influences how much caffeine the coffee will have, the taste, feel, look, and several other factors.

This is why we have discussed the variants and hope that the information will guide you aright when making a choice.

If you are a caffeine junky, you know which to go for to achieve the ultimate hit and if you have an adverse reaction to caffeine, you also know which to choose to ensure you can enjoy a brew of coffee without becoming a nervous wreck.

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