Millennials have become notorious for toiling. In the age of hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget the importance of a solid breakfast. What’s more, most people rely on pastries and coffee for morning sustenance, which is the bane of health. It will not hurt if you indulged in a croissant or a pretzel every now and then, but the addictive combo of refined flour and sugar will increase your weight and clog your blood vessels.

When you come down to it, people either forget to ingest anything nutritious beyond the morning coffee, or they simply eat mindlessly whatever comes their way. In the age of food hazards, additives and mass-produced food, what are the best office breakfast ideas to supercharge your morning?

A boiled egg (before some fruit nibbles)

You’ll get mixed messages about eggs. Old notions about them contributing to bad cholesterols still loom large in the wider global community, but the latest studies have confirmed that eating a dozen eggs every week actually raises ‘good’ cholesterol and does not increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

A boiled egg (before some fruit nibbles)
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An egg contains all nutrients necessary for the growth of new life, so it is actually a power-food that, combined with some fresh berry nibbles afterward, can be a true breakfast for champions. Eating two eggs and a hand-full of raspberries will keep you well-stocked until lunch, and you don’t even have to involve any type of bread into the proceedings.

Rye and whey protein (nutritious convenience)

People that want to have a solid breakfast with a high energy value turn to cereals as the cornerstone of their morning diet. Rye is particularly popular these days due to its numerous health benefits, so you can combine it with, for example, chocolate flavored whey protein and mix it up with a bit of water in order to get a surprisingly filling mash.

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New scientific findings about grains keep cropping up because nutrition is a very prolific ground for research. If you want to know which types of cereal fall into the category of the super-nutritious, you should make an extra effort to stay updated. In the age of the internet, you can easily follow a rich selection of blogs. Fighting Report, MindBodyGreen and many other websites serve as reliable sources of information for countless people that are simply trying to improve their quality of life.

Porridge (with chia seeds and fruits)

What used to be known as peasant food is actually an incredibly nutritious meal with one hell of a kick. It is also rich in fibers, which promotes healthy digestion. Combined with fresh fruit cutouts, it is a bona fide supercharging breakfast. The bland taste of pure porridge is actually your greatest asset – it is a blank canvass that can be combined with whatever you can think of, be it sweet or salty.


However, if you’d press us for a nutritious bomb of a recipe, you should try porridge with banana and coconut cubes, plus some berries for a sour kick. Sprinkle a spoonful of chia seeds over it, and wash it down with a glass of lemonade. You won’t even need caffeine after that meal.

Avocado toast (a salty delicatessen dream)

These ideas are getting a bit too sweet, so let’s turn to something on a salty side of things. Avocado is a superfood in and of itself. It is one of those rare examples when both scientists and health gurus wax poetic about a grocery in harmonious unison. If you can get your hands on whole-wheat bread, you can toast two slices and cover them with an avocado much instead of jam.

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Now, this is where the creative part comes in. You can go simple and spill some olive oil over the mush with an added pinch of pepper and salt. You can also boil an egg and cut it up. Place it on the avocado with fresh tomato pieces – it will all settle comfortably into the mash. If you have a pantry full of spices, avocado toast is the office breakfast of your dreams. Just remember to wrap it up well.

Chia pudding (with coconut milk and honey)

This is probably the ultimate superfood office breakfast of 2019. Everyone is raving about chia seeds because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium and they boast anti-inflammatory qualities. The upside of chia pudding is that, if it’s properly prepared, it is easy to carry around. You just need a plastic cup with a top lid.


Chia pudding (with coconut milk and honey).jpg
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Whether you are vegan or not, chia pudding is absolutely delicious if it is prepared on the coconut milk foundation. Soya or almond varieties work as well. What’s more, it takes practically no effort to prepare. Just combine the seeds with the milk of choice and half a spoon of honey. Put it in your refrigerator, let it rest overnight, and voila – the lightest breakfast with the hardest punch!

Greek yogurt (plus anything you can imagine)

Even if you are not a fan of dairy, fermented products are a whole different matter. Greek yogurt regulates blood pressure, keeps your stomach healthy, supports muscle growth and tastes so damn good!

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Much like porridge, it is a nice basis for a salty or sweet breakfast. Since it is typically served cool, it is also quite refreshing. Let your inner foodie-Mozart run wild and fill the plastic bowl with kiwi slices, cherries, strawberries, almonds, and pistachios. Experiment until you discover the exact combination that tickles your gourmet bone and relish in it in front of your colleagues.

Brown rice and veggies (boiled and served cold)

Besides its taste, rice is extremely popular due to how easy it is to cook. Even inexperienced cooks can easily make a bowl of rice the night before work. Within the last few years making rice has become even easier as multi-cookers for rice have increased in popularity. With the press of a button, a multi-cooker can make multiple servings of rice that you can then use for your next work day’s meal.

Not all rice is made equal. Brown rice is renowned for its rich nutritious makeup that contains a lot of minerals, including B vitamins and vitamin C. If you are pressed for time due to some project, you can cook a bowl-full in the evening and throw in a mix of veggies for good measure.

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For example, combines well with broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and your regular peas. You can even purchase several different packs of frozen veggies in the local store and combine according to your whims. It is not only healthy but financially feasible as well since most of the frozen veggie bags have at least three meals in them. Pack it up and put it in the fridge and you can purchase a small pack of your favorite sauce which you can squeeze all over the stewed rice and veggies.  

Breakfast Smoothie

At the end of the day, you can always throw some highly nutritious groceries into the blender and make a healthy smoothie that will fulfill your dietary needs. The trick is to combine fruits and veggies which are already established as ‘strong’ foods.

Breakfast Smoothie
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For example, you can go for a combination of banana, strawberry, pineapple, and yogurt with a tablespoon of flaxseed. On the other hand, you can combine avocado, kiwi, cucumber and chia seeds for a refreshing green breakfast.


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Awful breakfast culture begins with a matter of inconvenience. You either think it is a waste of time to prepare a healthy breakfast or you eat ‘off your feet’ on your way to work, settling for a terrible combo of flour, sugar, and additives to ‘jumpstart’ your brain.

However, you should be thinking about the far-reaching consequences of such behavior. If you want to treat your body like a machine, you should settle for nothing less than the finest ‘fuel’ you can buy. It doesn’t take too much time to prepare the meals above, and all mentioned groceries are fairly easy to find.

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