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A good meal will give you the energy to tackle anything in your college schedule. You can work long hours, deliver insightful work, and remain healthy to attend to social events. Healthy does not mean that it takes forever to prepare or requires exotic ingredients. Ordinary meals prepared with a new touch and a little creativity will do. 

Before looking at the best recipes for college students, it helps to understand why you need a good meal. It also does not mean that food bought from the cafeteria is not healthy. Furthermore, following a healthy diet does not translate into consuming unpalatable foods. Your ordinary indulgences will still suffice if you can find the right nutritional, health, and dietary balance. 

Why is a healthy meal important to a college student?

  • To keep you healthy– the food you consume comes with nutritional and dietary benefits to the body. It provides nutrients that will keep your body functions at optimum. For instance, a balanced diet ensures that the body receives all the nutrients and minerals it needs to remain healthy.
  • To Cover Energy Needs– the busy and demanding life of a student requires all the energy you can summon. It takes a healthy diet to provide this energy. The meal will pack enough energy to last the day and meet all your expectations. 
  • Support your academic pursuit- an unhealthy student is a poor performer. When you are full and the body has all the nutrients it needs, you will perform better in class because you can concentrate and grasp whatever is being taught. 

The definition of a healthy meal is not cast in stone. The most important elements of a healthy meal include balanced nutritional composition and the ability to meet your dietary needs. For instance, include enough fruits and vegetables to enhance bowel movement. Alternate the foods so that you can enjoy the benefits that come with a variety of food items from different food groups.

Here are easy recipes for a busy college student that will guarantee good health and support your academic pursuit. 

  • Avocado Toast with Eggs

The meal is perfect for breakfast or when you need a snack to bite in between lessons. Bread is already prepared while an egg takes minutes to cook. The avocado only requires slicing and spreading on the bread. Your meal will be ready in minutes. 


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It is a perfect choice for a busy morning when you need to rush to class yet you require the energy to last till the next break. The meal is easy to handle and will be a perfect choice of a snack to bite during the day. Bread contains all the carbohydrate you require to boost your energy levels in the morning. The protein in the egg will keep you full throughout the day. The avocado is packed with vitamins and healthy fats. This combination is one of the sweetest you will enjoy on a morning or as a snack. 

  • Spaghetti Bolognese 

It is a main course meal that you can take over lunch or in the evening. It is so easy to prepare and will be ready in 30 minutes. Nothing in the preparation requires advanced equipment or skills. It is designed for an ordinary kitchen. It comes with a meat sauce and exciting Italian flavor. The sight of the plate will instantly stir your palette. 


what is spaghetti


You need minced meat or ordinary meat cut into tiny pieces. Fry the meat with ordinary seasoning until it is soft. Add some water to create the thick sauce effect. A few greens or coriander create the best color contrast. Serve the source with spaghetti and enjoy to your fill. 

  • Sloppy Joes

It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and will give you one of the quickest bursts of energy. You can prepare in advance and freeze for future consumption. It is easy to warm and even the children will love it. Sloppy Joe is a sandwich that may also serve as a main meal. 

You need minced meat prepared with your favorite seasoning. Fry the meat but it should not be saucy. Cut your bread or cake into two and stuff the minced meat in the middle. You may add a few steamed vegetables to make the meal more enjoyable. It is easy to warm, delicious and will provide all the energy you need.

  • Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

It is a morale boosting dish for the tough days you are wondering how to write a college paper and get a good grade. You need beef sliced into small portions or minced. Precook it to make it soft and tasty. Use your favorite seasoning to add a unique taste. Mix in a bowl with shredded cabbage and carrots or coleslaw mix. You will be enjoying one of the most tasty meals that is also easy to make and nutritious. It has a generous serving of fiber and protein. 

  • Bowties and Broccoli

Are you looking for an easy meal to prepare? It might take less than ten minutes to have your serving of bowties and broccoli. In fact, it can be described as an emergency meal because of the speed of preparation. Boil a little pasta with parmesan and butter. Add little florets of broccoli to spice your plate. A little pepper will add a new dimension. Your bowl is read and will leave you full. 

  • Burrito Bowls

Burrito bowls are considered as life but they do not have to be fancy. A little rice, beans, and meat is enough to give you a satisfying bowl. Change the texture of your bowl by adding some fancy toppings of greens. 

  • Dragon Noodles

Noodles feel like snacks until you encounter the dragon variety. The sight of heavily built pasta is enough. Boil the noodles and then fry them with your favorite seasoning. A few vegetables or left-over source will help you to create the most beautiful bowl. Peanut butter or lime also makes a perfect addition. 

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Quick, nutritious, and healthy meals for busy college students are abundant. The endless options allow you to meet your nutritional, dietary, and craving needs. These meals are easy and quick to prepare, helping you to return to your normal chores in a snap. 

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