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If you’re considering sliding shower doors to upgrade your bathroom and make it look more modern and contemporary, then you should know all about this kind of shower door so you can make a confident decision. That’s exactly what this article is for, so let’s get started!

Types of Shower Doors:

It doesn’t hurt to know what kind of shower doors are available out there, so let’s review them.

1. Bypass shower door:

 This kind of shower door is a sliding door and it works the same as a patio door. Two sliding glass panels roll on tracks and they use the space efficiently.


2.  Hinged or fixed shower door:

 Hinged or fixed shower doors open by swinging in one direction, just like a regular door. This is a common option.


3.  Pivot shower door:

 This is a swinging door with a pivot hinge that makes it open in either direction.


FAB Glasses


4.  Bath screen shower door: 

This kind of door is also known as bi-fold doors or tri-fold doors, and they’re made by several panels of glass. They work like folding bi-fold closet doors and they make efficient use of space.


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5.  Neo-angle shower door: 

The neo-angle shower door consists of two smaller side panels that run perpendicular to two side walls and the door is right in the center.


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6.  Steam shower door:

 A steam shower door is designed to contain steam and to do this, the glass panels extend from floor to ceiling. This kind of door often has built-in movable panels that can be used as vents.


Sliding Shower Doors: Why Is It a Great Bathroom Upgrade Idea

There are many reasons to make a great update for your bathroom. First, this kind of shower door takes up less space because it doesn’t need to swing in or out like fixed doors.

Second, sliding shower doors are a lot easier to operate, which makes it great for children, elderly and people with special needs. What’s more, they are closed securely to prevent water from escaping, which is a common annoyance.


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Third, they can completely change the face of your bathroom, making it look a lot more modern and elegant. If you want to make an upgrade but you can’t redo the whole bathroom, going for this kind of shower door will make a huge difference.

Upgrading and going for a sliding shower door will increase the value of your home as well. So, if you plan to resell it in the future, choosing this kind of shower door is the right decision.

Another great thing about sliding shower doors is how versatile they are. There are many different models available and they can be adapted to any style of bath or shower you may have at home. Plus, this kind of shower doors will look amazing in any space!


Sliding Shower Doors vs. Fixed Shower Doors

They are the kind that moves from side to side thanks to the use of tracks. This kind of shower door is perfect for small bathrooms as they make efficient use of space. Their aesthetic is also pleasant and very versatile, so it can adapt to any style of bathroom you may have at home. They’re super functional, easy to open, efficient when it comes to keeping water inside the shower, and overall very practical.

The only drawback for sliding shower doors is that the tracks can be hard to clean and the access space can be limited, depending on the size of your shower.

Now, fixed or hinged shower doors are very different. They’re the standard design and they swing open. Among the advantages we have that they’re easy to clean, they offer a greater access space, and they can look quite good. However, fixed shower doors are not meant for small bathrooms as they open outward, meaning they need a lot of space. And they’re not as efficient at keeping water from spilling out of the shower.


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If you can’t decide among these two different types of shower doors, it’s important that you weigh the pros and cons of each to make the best decision. In our opinion, It’s the best upgrade you can make, especially if you’re working with a small space.


Sliding Shower Door Maintenance Tips

Maintenance is key. You don’t ever want your shower doors to look dirty, so here are a few tips and tricks to help you maintain your shower doors. The first thing you should do is make sure your glass panels have a coating to protect it from the exposure to water and soap. This coating will keep your shower doors clean for longer!

If your shower door installers give you a squeegee, you should make good use of it every single day to prevent any build-up of residue from everyday use. If they don’t provide one, be sure to get one for yourself because squeegees will actually help you keep your sliding shower door clean and beautiful.


When it’s time to clean your sliding shower doors, soap doesn’t always do the trick. That’s why you should mix one-part white vinegar and three parts water and pour it into a spray bottle so you can use it to clean your shower doors. This homemade, inexpensive, and environmentally-friendly solution will help you make your shower doors shine.

Of course, you can always use commercial cleaners instead. Just make sure they’re meant for glass so you are left with a squeaky-clean shower door!


Final Words

They are the right upgrade to make not only because it’s an inexpensive yet powerful change, but also because it will add value to your property, make your bathroom look better, and allow you to use the space you have a lot more efficiently. This type of shower door is the right option for many reasons, so don’t hesitate to make the change!

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