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It is hard to find someone who does not love briskets. They are juicier and spicier than any other type of meat. It has a unique taste to it. Few simple tricks can make your brisket experience much better.

Today we will share some tips and tricks on making your brisket more delicious. We will also answer the most asked questions regarding briskets.


Properly taking care of your brisket knife

Without proper maintenance, you will not get optimal performance from your knife after some time. Most people just throw their brisket knife into the dishwasher after use. Which is very wrong. Here are a few things you should follow:

  • A sheath should be used to cover your beloved knife, it will protect you from unwanted accidents and protect the knife from moisture.
  • Knives should be washed by hand if possible.
  • Do not put knives with a wooden handle into the dishwasher.

Honing rods should be used more frequently than knife sharpeners. If you sharpen your knife with sharpening stones too often, it will keep losing steel chunks from its blade. Which will in result reduce the lifespan of your knife.


Carving Knife Vs Slicing Knife Vs Trimming Knife

Though all “slicing” and “carving” knives are slicing knives in action, there is some difference between them. They have their different purpose. Slicing knives are bendable, more flexible. It helps to make thinner slices. Generally, they are very sharp. They have rounded tips.

Briskets can also be cut by a carving knife. But they are not as flexible as a slicing knife. They have a sharp tip, durable body, and a larger grip. It is understandable for them to be heavy as they were made for craving instead of slicing.

A trimming knife is a completely different type of knife. Slicing and Carving knives are used after the grilling is done. But a trimming knife is used before grilling. It is used to remove or trim the fat. It has a curved blade that helps it to go into places that slicing or carving knives can’t go.

Though slicing and carving knives are interchangeable, you will need a trimming knife if you are a regular. So, we suggest you get a trimming knife when you buy a slicing knife. Trimming knives are generally short in size and much cheaper.


Brisket Slicing Tips

Fat Trimming: It can be done before or after grilling the brisket. A large chunk of fat can ruin the taste of your delicious brisket. Trimming knives will make the work much easier.

Juicier Brisket: If you want your brisket to be juicier, then you must trap the juice within before it gets evaporated. The trick is to wrap it with a large aluminum foil after you are finished with the grilling. Wait an hour or two before removing the wrap. You will see your briskets are much more juicer and tastier than before.

Cutting against the grain: You might have already heard it numerous times to cut the meat against the grain. Cutting against the grain has many benefits. It will make the meat less chewy and soft. It will retain more juice. It will make the meat tender.


Different types of blades for briskets, which one to choose?

Different types of blades have their advantages and disadvantages. Today we will explain about four primary types of blades. It will help you choose which one you need.

Serrated Blade: They can cut through almost anything. They were made for tough cuts. No matter how strong your meat is, a good quality serrated knife will cut through them like butter. We don’t recommend serrated knives for brisket slicing. But you can certainly use it before grilling.

Normal Blade: Normal kitchen knives can be used to slice briskets. If the knife is sharp, it will give a pleasant result. But if the knife is not sharp enough, it will be hard to cut your briskets properly.

Scalloped Blade: If you want the best of both worlds (serrated blade and straight blade), then a scalloped blade is the best way to go. They have microscopic teeth that help them slice through meat like butter.

At first glance, you may not see those sharp teeth but at closer inspection they are visible. You can’t both cut and slice a brisket with this knife.



We have covered all the important info on brisket knives and briskets on this short article. It covers everything you need to know to decide which types of brisket knives you need, how do you cut your brisket, and how to make your brisket juicer and tastier.

It may not sound a lot but following a few simple tricks can make your brisket eating experience much better. Whether you are cooking at your home or outside for BBQ, following our instructions will make your brisket favorite among your friends and family.

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