When you go out camping, you will definitely have to eat something. Needless to say, you have to take a balanced diet that is also highly nutritious. Considering that your time at the camp is generally squeezed, you will have to choose recipes which are easier and faster to cook.

Many recipes do abound. However, not all may give you the degree of satisfaction you need. That is why it is imperative that you invest your time in seeking the right recipe. This, you can only do if you receive the right guidance.

We have looked and found some five hot recipes for your consideration. In our discussions hereunder, we shall look into what each has to offer to you. As we do so, we shall consider how to make each recipe, the kinds of ingredients you have to make do with, and the best times when you might have to take the food.

Listed and briefly explained below are some of the top five recipes which are easier to prepare. Kindly note that these recipes are exclusively targeted at the North American campers. They may not really hold for other regions. It is hence in your best interest to find some recipes that are relevant to your own region.


  • Turkey Tacos

Turkey is a great source of protein. It is consumed mainly by American families and campers. You should hence consider incorporating this meal in your outdoor plans. The meal proper comprises Turkey that is accompanied by the tacos.

It is heavily adorned with numerous condiments like oregano, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, and chili powder, among others. This meal is suited for camping and outdoors because it takes a paltry 3-5 minutes to prepare.

If taken indoors, you need some reliable RV flooring for necessary support. Why? Because you are more likely to slumber. It is so delicious that you will generally find yourself heavy and asleep after consuming it to the latter.


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  • Tortilla Crisps

Tortilla Crisps are snacks which are mainly suited for breakfasts and relaxed afternoons. They are derived from corn tortillas. To prepare them, you have to cut them into wedges and then fry them in some hot oil. If you so wish, you may even bake them too!

Unlike many other kinds of chips and snacks, these crisps are low in trans fats. Take care though that you do not incorporate too much salt in the recipe. This might be detrimental to your own health later on.

By far the best time to take this recipe is when temperatures dip. That is because it has a distinctively warming effect. In the course of its breakdown, it emits higher fat levels which trigger your body to generate some warmth.


  • Lemon Pepper Salmon with Zucchini

Salmon fish is a great source of white meat and animal protein. Consider preparing it for your outdoor camping more so if you intend to go out for an extended duration of time. The meal entails cooking salmon and then adorning it with pepper, lemon, and Zucchini squash.

The exact method of preparation is up to you to determine. You may deep-fry, roast, smoke, or even cook it as a stew. While preparing it through stewing or deep frying take care that you use not too much salt.

Though you are free to choose the method of cooking of your liking, we ask that you stew it under normal circumstances. Stewing uses less fat and is also easier to make digest. The last thing you would want to do is choke or predispose yourself to the risks of constipation.


  • Hard-boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are great sources of protein. This combined with the faster cooking of the recipe makes it a good one to consider for your camping. Making these boiled eggs is pretty simple. Just take chicken, duck or ostrich egg and dip in the water.

Then place the pan on a heat source and boil. Take care though that you do not over boil. This may damage the interior contents of the egg altogether.


By far the best time to take the boiled eggs is during your breakfast early in the morning. Under some exceptional circumstances, you may opt to do in the evening after waking up from your siesta.


  • Pancakes

Lastly comes the pancakes. These are flat cakes which are typically thin and round. They are mainly made of wheat flour, water, and sugar. To make it, add these ingredients in a bowl. You may introduce the egg yolk and butter too if you so wish.

Stir thoroughly. Then pour the contents on a hot cooking pan that is placed atop the source of heat. After the bottom is thoroughly cooked, turn the other side to let it cook too!

Pancakes are great snacks that are better consumed in the morning as part of breakfast. Be sure to accompany it with some hot tea as this is the one that is more likely to taste better.




Obviously, the recipes we have dwelt on above are not all that may be of help. It is certainly in your best interest to dig deeper into the other possible solutions. A good recipe for camping has to be light, less complicated and quicker to prepare.

Also, the recipes have to be balanced and scientifically nutritious indeed. You may use the ones we have discussed above as a launching pad of identifying the other possible candidates.

If you are a career camper, we suggest that you take a course or some training in matters of cooking. It is impossible to do a good job for a prolonged duration of time without such a strong background.

Want some further guidance? Feel free. We are able to help you narrow down to your own choice of menu. We have assisted many get started in the past. We shall surely do the same to you also. All the best as you make the first step in setting out for your camping!

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