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  2. Ileen Barswell says:

    Hi, Monique. Thanks for sharing with us such kind of helpful reviews. Monique, as you already use slicing brisket knife, then how do you cut against the grain? Did you face any problem with that? Another question is, May I use chef knife for cutting meat?

  3. Bernadette Cortes says:

    Is it good to use electric knife for cutting brisket? Doesn’t it mash the grain of the brisket? I want to use it for saving my time.

    1. Hi, Bernadette.

      Electric one requires little bit expertise over the machine. So if you are new you will face a little bit of problems after it is very easy to do that and there is no chance to mash the meat.

  4. Reginald Hillman says:

    What is the best granton edge knife that can be washed easily? As I face problems washing my current one. It doesn’t get cleaned enough in short time.

    1. Hi, Reginald.
      Actually, there is no special kind of product like that. What you can do is to be a little bit careful while cleaning the brisket knife.

  5. From various resources on the internet I got to learn that Longer knife is a better option to cut big sized meat piece. unfortunately, I find it pretty inflexible grabbing the longer knife. That’s why I am not sure which one is the perfect choice for me. Can anyone suggest me anything?

    1. Hi, Julian. You can try Dexter 13463. It is small in size and can create much pressure due to its polypropylene.

  6. Laurence Dunaway says:

    I am a little bit confused with stainless steel and polypropylene steel. Which kind of blade is better for longevity?

    1. Hi, Laurence. Thank you for your comment.

      You see nowadays both kinds of metal are built considering its longevity. So you can choose any of the types. But if you insist me I would say polypropylene steel with slight margin ahead.

  7. According to this article two of them are not dishwasher safe. Is there any knife from the list which is dishwasher safe?

    1. Hi, Cialis. Thanks for your comment.

      Actually, brisket knife is not a dishwasher safe kind of product. It is meant to be washed manually for the betterment of the blades.

  8. Eilat Shumen says:

    well I use my knife for cutting wide variety of things from meat to vegetables. I would like to know which One is the best suited for me to complete all my jobs by using single knife?

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