Best Knife Set Under 100 of 2018 - Buying Guide

Every knife is created equal, right? Well, not exactly! All of them are not good enough to be your ultimate companion in the kitchen. Only a few selected knives can act as an all-rounder in your kitchen.

We all know that knife is the very first tool you may probably reach for whenever you enter your kitchen. From peeling to paring, slicing to grooving, cutting to chopping, a knife is needed in everywhere.

That’s why there is a cold war between the knife manufacturers to provide the best knife with a limited budget.

They are always trying to provide the best knives which may meet all of the kitchen requirements in one go.

There are thousands of types of knives in the knife industry. To be honest, all of them aren’t needed in a typical kitchen. Most of the typical cook needs only three basic types of knives.

They are chef’s knife, paring knife and the serrated bread knives too. So, the knife manufacturers are providing all of these required knives in a set.

A quality knife set isn’t something to decorate your countertop. It is a must-have tool for everyone who wants to cook. However, the knife and knife set is not same.

A knife set has a far more positive impact on kitchen productivity. If you own few old dull knives in your kitchen, then it is high time to say goodbye to them. You must have to invest few in a new knife set.

A quality knife set can do all of your time-consuming job easier than before. Most importantly it will transform the whole food preparation and cooking process of yours.

With the help of few quality knives, your cooking process will be much more enjoyable, easier, smoother and quicker too. Now you may have decided to buy a quality knife set.

Top 6 Best Knife Block Set Under $100 - Comparison Chart:


Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Set

Cuisinart Artiste Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Elston Knife Set

Farberware assorted knife block set

Master Maison knife block set

McCook MC21 knife block set









Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Fusion Forged Knife Set
Cuisinart C77SS-17P 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel
Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set
Master Maison knife block set
McCook MC21 knife block set

Product Dimensions









Block Material



Natural Wood



Hard Wood









But What Is A Good Knife Block Set?

Yeah, that’s a million dollar question. Most of the people do not know how to find out a good knife set for them. This article is a pathfinder for these confused people with a tight budget.

In this article, we have listed top six knives set under $100. You will get a quick comparison table of these six kitchen knife set along with detailed product review.

So, why are you waiting! Just scroll down and order the best knife block set you need in your kitchen!

Finding The Best Knife Block Set for Your Kitchen:

The current knife market has been saturated with tons of knife sets. Though all of them aren’t good enough, there also exists a huge number of quality knife sets.

So, it becomes a harder choice for the buyers to choose the right one. However, you must have to select one of the best kitchen knife set which can serve you for years.

But if you do not research properly, you may lead to a cheap knife set. It will result in nothing but lots of hassle and frustration. However, the researching is not an easy process.

A successful research requires lots of time and energy. It is not possible for everyone to invest this amount of time to research on kitchen knife set. There is nothing to worry because we have already done it for you!

We have researched hundreds of different knife set to find out the best one. On our research, we have mainly considered their price and the quality.

Our main target was to find out the best deal within $100. We hope that this budget is quite enough to make a great deal with a quality knife set.

After considering the price, performance, quality and other important facts, we have selected top six best knife set under $100. Here goes the details review about our items under $100. Let's check this out –

1.    Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Fusion Forged Knife Block Set

The Chicago cutlery fusion forged 18-piece knife block set is a combination of quality, performance, usefulness, and sophistication in one product.

Its ultimate performance within a limited budget is the main reason to select it as the first choice. This knife set is extremely useful for every modern kitchen.

Instead of buying an individual knife for every use, you can save a lot with this knife set. This set comes with 18 pieces of knives.

The blade of these knives is made from shiny stainless steel and they are completely rust resistant. These blades are incredibly sharp too.

Its black comfort grip is very handy and durable enough for our everyday uses.

Key Features of Chicago Cutlery 18-Piece Fusion Forged Knife Set:

Let's take a look at the key features of Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set at a glance –

  •  Professional High Carbon Stainless Steel Forged Blades:

The blades of Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set are made entirely of high carbon stainless steel and they are completely forged. It ensures a non-stick surface for everyday cutting.

This high carbon stainless steel with the tapered edge is perfect for any kind of cutting, chipping, slicing etc. It also allows the blade to work efficiently in the high humidity levels.

This high carbon stainless steel is also for long time use. These knives are not affected by the natural climate. So, you can easily use them for a longer period of time just by reshaping them properly.

  •  Exclusive Taper Grind Edges:

The whole knife set has taper grind edges. This edge allows the user to cut their veggies and other ingredients safely and precisely.

This blade with the sharp edge is perfect for different cutting tasks like slicing, chopping, cutting etc. To produce a consistent piece of vegetables or cheeses, this knife set is a great deal.

Its taper grind edges are also easier for sharpening the blades again and again. However, the sharpening doesn’t cost you anything.

This Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set comes with a long and easy to use stainless steel sharpening rod.

You can use this knife as long as you want just by sharpening properly and repeatedly. So, the lifetime of this knife set somehow depends on you.

Clean this knife set properly and they will serve you as long as you want.

  •  Non-Slip And Well-Cushioned Handles:

This kitchen knife set comes with ergonomically designed comfortable handles. This handle is one of the main reasons behind using this knife effectively and efficiently.

Even after using this knife set for a long time, it will never cause any bruise on your hand. This handle is constructed of durable plastic with the firm grip.

This grip will provide extra facility to you while cutting or chopping foods in the kitchen. Further, you do not need to clean it with various cleaning agents.

They will never fade or chip. There is an angled bolster included with the handle. It helps to keep your finger at a safe distance from the blade. So, you are completely safe while cutting your kitchen ingredients.

This is definitely a very good thing to consider, isn’t it?

  •  Variety of Knives In A Single Place:

This knife set is a collection of almost every required knife of your kitchen. It comes with 18 different knives along with a sharpening rod.

You can use each of them for the particular use. You will get a 7 inches santoku knife, 5 inches partoku knife, 7.75 inches chef knife, 3 inches peeling knife, 7.75 inches bread knife, 8 inches slicer, 5 inches utility, 3.25 inches parer and 8 inches sharpening steel.

You can use this sharpening rod when your blades become dull. Its plastic made the black colored handle is very easy to grip and efficient to work.

This knife set will easily co-operate with the other utensils in your kitchen. This knife set is a completely an eye-catchy block with perfect usability.

  • Sharpening Rod:

Sharpening is always a big deal for every knife users. Most of the knives need to sharpen very frequently. So, a good knife sharpener is mandatory for every kitchen.

To buy a quality sharpening rod, you must have to spend few bucks. However, there is a special way to get a nice sharpening rod! Well, don’t be that much dramatic!

The fact is you will get a beautiful sharpening rod with the Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set. You can also use this sharpener to sharpen your existing knives too. Isn’t it a great deal?

  •  Sharpness and Strength:

This Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set is simply superb in sense of sharpness and builds quality. These knives are very easy to control and comfortable to use.

The taper grind edge remains very sharp even after long time using. However, if you dullness, a few moment sharpening with the sharpening steel will be enough to get back the previous glory of your knives.

Let's talk about the strength. We all know that the stronger knives are quite heavier than the normal ones. But the manufacturers will surprise you with its weight for sure.

This product is only 13.55 pounds. This weight is really surprising for a sturdier knife set like this Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set.

  • Pinewood Block:

This Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set comes in a pine wood block. This woodblock keeps this knife safe and organized. This block will also help to keep your kids safe and secure from the sharpen knives.

Pros & Cons of Chicago cutlery 18-piece fusion forged knife set:

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • Professional performance even for heavy use.
  •  Exclusive Taper Grind technology.
  • Blades are constructed out of high-carbon stainless steel.
  • Lasting quality with no rust or stains.
  • Non-slip comfortable grip handles.
  • Comes in a pine wood block.
  • The angled bolster.
  • No shears included.
  • Knives don’t line up properly.

2.   Cuisinart C77SS-17P 17-Piece Cutlery Knife Block Set

Cuisinart is one of the best household accessories manufacturers. This brand is mostly famous for the blenders, ovens, microwaves and knife sets.

Cuisinart 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set


Today we are going to review Cuisinart 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set. This knife set is simply amazing for every kitchen. Let's check the details review of this product –

You can perform all of your kitchen jobs more efficiently. These knives blades are made of sturdy stainless steel. We all know that this stainless steel is very resistant to rust.

We will check details about this in the feature section. After the blade, you will definitely check the handle. Don’t worry. We have already done it.

The handles are very comfortable to grip. This medium size handle will fit with almost every hand size. It is really a big thing to consider.

Key Features of Cuisinart 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel:

Let's take a look at the key features of Cuisinart 17-piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set at a glance –

Stainless Steel Blades:

Each blade of this amazing knife set comes with stainless steel blades. From icy temperature of Alaska to sunlight of Florida, these blades are highly efficient to work at every temperature.

These blades are resistant to rust, corrosion and discoloration. Further, the stainless steel blades are very efficient to do all kind of cutting, chopping and slicing.

The cleaning of these blades is also easier. You do not need any kind of chemical ingredients to clean those blades. These knives are always should be hand washed.

You may also put your knives in the dishwasher. There will be no problem at all. This Cuisinart 17-piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set is completely okay with this.

  • Handle:

The uniquely designed handle is perfect to control the knife with a little effort. You can enjoy both strength and control while working with these knives.

The handles of these knives are made of steel. So, you may think that these knives will be slippery. But, it is not slippery at all.

Cutting onion using santoku Knife

The manufacturer company makes the design very unique that provides ultimate efficiency to you. The handles are quite fatty in the middle. It helps you to grip the knives properly. It also helps to fit the knives properly with our palm.

  • Durability:

The manufacturer company makes this knife set as sturdier as possible. You can handle all of your cutting, chopping and slicing related task very efficiently with this Cuisinart 17-piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set.

Further, they also considered the weight too. This knife set is only 7.8 pounds in weight. With this little weight, this knife set becomes one of the most lightweight knife sets on Amazon.

  • Design:

The manufacturer company makes this knife set very unique in design. This knife set comes with stainless steel color. Further, the color is very bright and eye-catchy.

This knife set looks simply gorgeous with this color combination. Along with the color combination, the design is also gorgeous. Its handle is very comfortable to grip.

The handle of each knife contains angled bolster. It is a very good thing for every knife user. It keeps us safe from any unwanted accident while cutting veggies or meats.

  • Portability:

Knives are one of the essential tools while camping outside. But, it is hard to travel with the different individual knife with us. So, a good knife set will be a perfect solution for the traveler or camping lovers.

However, you will get numbers of knife set on online or any retailer shop that is good for camping. But, there is always some products which are perfect.

For example, you may find a perfect knife set but they may be quite heavy. We all know that weight is a very basic thing to consider while we are going to any campfire or traveling.

So, we have to check something lightweight but effective. For the people like this, the manufacturer company makes this knife set as lightweight as possible.

This knife set is only 7.8 pounds. This small weight makes this knife set perfect for any kind of traveling or camping. If you are planning for the upcoming summer vacation, don’t forget to keep this Cuisinart 17-piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set in your backpack!

  • 17 piece knife in a single place:

Knives are the secret of cooking for most of the famous chefs. A professional chef prefers individual knife for every job. But, for the normal citizen like us, a knife set will be a very wise decision.

Every knife set contains almost every required knife that we use in our everyday life. For example, the Cuisinart 17 piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set comes with 17 basic knives.

If you buy this knife set, you do not need to buy any knife for your daily cooking. This knife set includes an 8 inches chef knife, 8 inches slicing knife, 3.5 inches paring knife, 2.75 inches birds peak paring knife, 5.5 inches santoku knife, 5.5 inches serrated utility knife and eight 4.5 inch steak knives.

The 8 inches chef knife is perfect for slicing and mincing veggies. The 5.5 inches santoku one is good for dicing and the 5.5" serrated utility knife is good for cutting bread.

For the small cutting job, there is a 3.5 inches paring knife too. SO, it doesn’t matter whatever your requirement is, you will definitely get a solution in this knife set.

Further, this knife set also has a nice looking scissors in the box. Most of the knife set on the market do not include scissors on their list. But, Cuisinart did it. This is really something to appreciate.

  • Sharpness:

This knife set comes with the high professional stainless steel blade. These blades are very sharp naturally. So, you can be completely tension free about the sharpness.

However, few users may want to know about the life cycle about this sharpness. We just want to inform them, “Keep calm and check the ultimate sharpness!” Though this line sounds dramatic, it’s true.

This knife set is very sharp. You can feel it just when you will start to use it. Even these knives do not get dull easily. You can use them for a long time without any sharpening.

However, when you feel that these knives need to sharpen, you do not need to buy an additional knife sharpening steel. This knife set contains an 8 inch long quality knife sharpener steel itself.

After all, we just want to inform you that this knife will be completely a great choice in terms of sharpness.

  • Sharpening Steel:

A dull knife is more than enough to destroy your cooking experience. So, every professional and non-professional chef tries to keep their knives too much sharpening.

But, it doesn’t matter how careful you are. Your knife will lose its sharpness day by day for sure. Maybe you are thinking how to overcome this problem? Right? Okay, the solution is very simple.

Use a perfect knife sharpener and you will not face this dullness problem. If you buy individual knives for every individual task, then you also have to buy a sharpening steel.

However, it is a very time-consuming process. You can save your time by buying a good knife set like Cuisinart 17-piece artiste collection cutlery knife block set.

You will get an additional sharpening rod with this. This sharpening steel is 8 inches in length. You can sharpen almost every knife with this sharpening steel. This sharpening steel can sharpen your knife just like a new one within a very short time.

​Pros and Cons of Cuisinart 17-Piece Artiste Collection Cutlery Knife Block Set, Stainless Steel –

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • Made from superior stainless steel.
  • Uniquely designed comfortable handle.
  • Sharpening Steel included.
  • Wood made stylish box.
  • Dishwasher safe knives.
  • You may face some difficulties while keeping this knife set under a small drawer.

3.   Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set

Finding an appropriate kitchen knife is essential for every kitchen. Every day we have to cook different types of foods for our family. This food preparation task is not a simple chore.



It is quite difficult if we don’t use proper tools. For example, if we want to peel the vegetables with a bread or steak knife, it will be quite embarrassing and dangerous too.

That’s why you will need almost every basic knives in your kitchen. However, choosing different knives for the different task is not an easy process.

Even it will kill lots of your valuable time. So the knife manufacturer companies are offering different knife set for their users. These knife sets are the combination of all of the basic knives that we use in our everyday life.

For this efficiency, most of the general customer is being attracted to these knife sets easily. You will get different kitchen knife set with the different price range.

In this article, we are informing you top six best knives set under $100. Among top six products, our last one is Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set. Let us inform you of details about this amazing Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set.

Key features of Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set:

Let's take a look at the key features of Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Knife Block Set at a glance –

  • High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blades:

This high carbon stainless steel blade feature is one of the main reasons to keep these six knife sets apart from the other ordinary knife set.

The high carbon stainless steel is nothing but a metal alloy. It contains slightly more carbon than average steel. The amount of carbon can be from 0.6% to 1%. This extra amount of carbon has a better benefit than the traditional stainless steel.

This additional carbon adds some extra strength to a knife. It helps the knife to cut almost any kind of foods without causing any hassle.

The stainless steel with this high ratio is used in almost 85% of all steel made products that we use in our everyday lives in America.

This Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc knife block set also with this high carbon stainless steel. So, you can easily use these knives to cut almost anything in your kitchen.

From the vegetables to meat bones, these high carbon stainless steel made blades are perfect in everywhere. However, you have to clean this blade properly after using.

It is also recommended to make this knife dried before returning this to the box.

  • Chicago Cutlery Elston Knife Construction:

The Chicago Cutlery Elston knife set is a collection of very solid looks knives. These knives are one of the best-designed knives I have ever seen.

With the best design, these knives come with high carbon solid stainless steel blade too. The blade extends all the way through the handle. There are highly secured rivets on the edge of the blade.

The manufacturer company includes specially designed poly grips on the handles to make the knives safe and secure. So, there is almost no chance of slippery.

However, make sure that your hand is completely dry while using knives in your kitchen. This specially designed handle also provides ultimate control over the handle.

The high carbon stainless steel with poly grip combination makes this knife set perfect for every user. You can cut any kind of food such as veggies, meats, cheese or bread by applying very less pressure.

Only a little amount of force is required to cut the products efficiently.

  • 16 piece knife in a set:

This Chicago Cutlery Elston knife set comes with 16 pieces of knives. It contains an 8 inches chef knife, two each 4-3/4 inches utility knives, 6-3/4 inches bread knives, 3-1/4 inches parers and eight 4-1/2 inch steak knives in the box.

It also contains shears, a sharpening stone and a wood block. Each knife is perfect and provides ultimate sharpness for precise cutting.

  • Taper Grind edge technology:

This knife set comes with exclusive 25 degrees of taper grind edge technology. This taper grind edge technology provides optimum sharpness for cutting different kitchen ingredients precisely. It also makes the knives easier to re-sharpen.

​Pros & Cons Of Chicago Cutlery Elston 16pc Block Set:

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • High carbon stainless steel made blades.
  • 16 different knives in a single set.
  • 25 degrees of taper grind edge technology.
  • Hand washing (recommended).
  • Few customer complains that few knives affected by rust within few months.

4.   Farberware 22-piece assorted knife block set

If you need a new knife collection that serves you right for meal preparations, the Farberware knife set is one to go for any hour any minute.

Farberware 22-piece assorted knife block set

It does not matter whether you are a tyro or a highly skilled chef. You will enjoy every cooking experience.

In fact, this is a value pack that keeps your kitchen with the adequacy of knives in a variety. All your kitchen needs ranging from chopping to slicing, cutting to dicing, are catered for by the assorted set.

Assorted in the sense that the 22 piece includes six 4.5” steak knives, 5.5” serrated utility knife, 3.5” paring knife, 5” santoku, 8” chef knife, 8” bread knife, and a 4” utility knife.

And more satisfactory, the knife set also features three spatulas, five measuring spoons, an all-purpose kitchen shear, and a wood storage block.

Though of greater concern are the knives. Faberware knife set boasts value, quality, exceptional performance, and durability, all in one.

A knife should never offer a decorative purpose only, but should also be effective and useful in preparing a sweet delicacy.The knives’ handles are designed to be non-slip with a safe grip and control.

Further, they are triple-riveted and thick enough to fit well in either of the hands. Its light-weightedness provides for ease in moving the knife back and forth.

The knife is one you can use for long durations without feeling fatigued.Additionally, the blades are super sharp. They come already sharpened, and the sharpness maintains throughout its use.

Farberware knives never require sharpening and suits even a college student setting up a kitchen for the first time.

Cleaning is easy as it only needs warm water and a mild detergent. Make sure to rinse and dry properly.

Up to this point, it’s worth to say Farberware is an impeccably amazing knife out there.

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • Light-weighted knives for easy maneuverability.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Superior quality and performance With Great value.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting.
  • Works exceptionally well on all food types.
    • Rusts if not adequately dried

5.    Master Maison 19-piece premium knife block set

An impressive set of knives that accounts for the culinary quality, low costs, and high precision in use. An excellent fit for that professional chef at work every day.

Master Maison 19-piece premium knife block set

Master Maison 19-piece premium knife block set

Master Maison knife set is inclusive of nearly all knife types that bring fulfilling completeness in your kitchen. Namely, they are the chef’s knife, serrated knife, paring knife, santoku knife, bread knife, carving knife, and eight steak knives.

The set has a storage block, cooking scissors, and a knife sharpener in case the knives start getting blunt.Hardly do these knives diminish in sharpness and strength.

They are forged from premium carbon german stainless steel into blades with superior sharpness that surpasses acrylic and ceramic knives.

With a balanced bodyweight, the knife cuts with ease and little human effort.The ergonomic triple-riveted handles never slip off the hands.

They offer a safe grip for thin cutting, slicing, or chopping. Besides, they own high strength and durable enough to last a lifetime.

The beautiful design and black color complement other kitchen appliances like pots, pans, spoons, all in entirety for a pretty kitchen layout.

Needless to worry, cleaning Maison knives takes a short time. It is a simple, handwashing process. You ought to rinse and dry thoroughly to safeguard the sharpness and quality as a whole.

The manufacturer promises an unlimited one year warranty. If damaged or received in bad shape, you are free to ask for a refund. Otherwise, this barely happens.

The knives in this set will never wear out, rust, or get completely blunt.It’s advisable to wash them by hand rather than by a dishwasher.

Dishwashers tend to abrade and spoil the knives. Taking this precaution assures you of the best results when using the master Maison knife set.

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • Affordable prices.
  • Classy, ergonomic design.
  • High durability and strength.
  • The set is inclusive of a knife sharpener too.
  • Barely loses sharpness.
  • Giftable on special occasions like weddings.
    • Not dishwasher safe.
    • Knives are hand wash only.

6.    McCook MC21 15-piece kitchen knife block set

This uniquely-made kitchen set qualifies to be in your wishlist on your shopping spree. All its features are stunning, elegant, and very useful in food-prepping, whether fruits, vegetables, or steak.

McCook MC21 15  Kitchen Knife Sets in Hard Wood Block with Built-in Sharpener

Absolutely an efficient tool to turn you into a cooking pro!This jaw-dropping knife brand portrays an exemplary performance. It outdoes most regular cheap knives not only in quality but greatness in precision and serving all your culinary wants.

Being resistant to rust and stains, McCook knife set is durable and guarantees to be a compatible, long-lasting kitchen appliance.Owning an incredibly remarkable taper grind edge technology, the set of knives is easy to re-sharpen for thin slices and cuttings.

McCook set includes fifteen pieces: six steak knives, a serrated utility knife, a paring knife, a santoku knife, a slicing knife, a chef knife, two pairs of kitchen shears, and a knife block integrated with a sharpener.

The knives possess well-designed handles comfortable and offer a tight grip when preparing high-end dishes.

They require easy care and maintenance.You are recommended to simply wash with detergent and clean water by bare hands. Never wash McCook knives in a dishwasher as it destroys the sharpness and glossiness.

And always remember to dry them after washing in order to attain the best results out of them.Certainly, this is a top-class knife block set.

Something worth to be a part of your kitchen cutlery. A great choice that leaves no regrets after a made purchase!

Things We like

Things Need To Be Improved

  • Crafted from strongly forged german stainless steel.
  • Very comfortable and light in weight.
  • Top-notch performance.
  • Elusive quality and durability.
  • Easy to wash by hands.
  • Great value for your money.
    • Some users report of accumulated rust on the knives.

Final Thought:

You cannot prepare even a single meal without using a knife. That’s why you will need one of the popular knife block set in your kitchen.

Having a great knife block set in your kitchen will definitely help you to prepare foods for your friends and family members with less effort.

Further, if you want to buy individual knives for every individual task, then it will cut plenty of money from your pocket. So, a knife set will be the best solution.

Happy Cooking!

*** price may be subject to change ***​

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