Best Knife Set Under 100 of 2018 - Buying Guide

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  1. Mario Legendre says:

    Is it really tough to sharpen these knives? And which kind of sharpener will be better for these types of sharpener? Electric or stone one? I will be grateful if you help me out

  2. Kennith Pradhan says:

    Hey, Monique, can you help me out for a simple matter. What is the preferred types of knives set if I want to use those for cutting heavy things.? will the weightier one give me some extra advantage?

  3. Ben Howard says:

    The smooth handle looks very slippery. I am not sure to buy one of them. I really prefer the handle that is not slippery.

  4. Lorenzo Tinch says:

    I have been using Chicago cutlery for a while and it really empowers me while cutting staffs. It feels really good to see that my choice is on the first list. I will definitely buy this item again if it’s old.

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