Best Santoku Knife

Whether you’re a professional chef or love to cook, you can’t pass quality time without a dedicated and reliable knife. Although many types of knives are available on the market, the Japanese Santoku piece has recently gained a lot of popularity.

Three words can describe this hot item: slicing, mincing, and dicing. However, not all people have a decent idea about this tool and how to find the best Santoku knife.

To minimize your hassles, we’ve got into in-depth market research and found some top-of-the-line Santoku knives to make your cooking job easier. With this superior tool, you’ll feel the magic in your hands that we can guarantee!

Let’s dive into it!


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10 Best Santoku Knife Reviews

Choosing dedicated Santoku Knives requires you consider some essential features such as sharpness, solid construction, cutting actions, and slicing ability. The followings are some top-notch Santoku Knives.


1. Misen Santoku Knife

Misen Santoku Knife

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This 7.5 Inch Japanese Style Kitchen tool, is masterfully engineered. It’s a simple and one of the best Japanese-made santoku knives, which can be an excellent replacement for all other knives. 

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • High-quality Material

The first reason why we like this tool is its extreme durability. Misen used AICHI AUS-10 steel to craft this unit. 

It’s rust-resistant. You don’t need to sharpen it more often. Many users compared it with professional knives due to its 2x carbon content.

Hence, a perfect level of durability and sharpness is ensured for an extended period. The kitchen tool is a long-term investment.


  • Versatile Cutting

Another reason we like this knife is its high versatility and functionality. It’s compact, so movements will be more effortless. 

Since the kitchen tool comes with a lightweight design, chopping and slicing anything appears easygoing. Its strong blades make everything a breeze. You don’t have to hurdle much. 


  • Sloped Bolster Shape

Another notable feature of this sharper tool is its unique sloped bolster shape. This provides a sufficient and risk-free “pinch grip” to cut everything comfortably with better control. 


Moreover, this piece has a 15-degree angle design to help you cut precisely and smoothly. It’ll be an ideal option for anyone who needs an excellent knife for everyday use. 


  • High Maintenance

This amazing blade will make sure to chop anything you want to make your food. It’s easy to maintain and lasts for longer than you think. The knife is less likely to be rusty even if you use it for quite some time!

Make sure to sharpen it from time to time and keep it clean and dry!



  • Comes with a finished and cool appearance 
  • Lightweight design for quick cutting and chopping
  • Made from premium and durable AICHI AUS-10 steel 
  • Perfect for heavy and all-purpose use everyday
  • 15-degree angle design for better grip and smooth cutting


  • Need to be careful due to the highly sharp design

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2. Wusthof 1040131317 Classic Santoku Knife

 Wusthof Classic Santoku Knife

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Apart from dedicated cutting ability, some people give a significant preference to a tool design. If you’re also in that category, you may want to check out this classic Santoku piece.

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Triple Riveted Handle

It’s the ideal knife for anyone, whether they’re professional chefs or home cooks. The 5.5-inch blade kitchen tool comes with triple-riveted handles for better functionality in cutting and chopping.

Moreover, the unit is a full tang tool, meaning weight is equally distributed. Thus, you don’t feel too heavy in a particular area. Cutting denser foods takes less force since the handle is relatively heavy. 


  • 20% More Sharp

Wusthof used high-carbon stainless steel to craft this kitchen tool. Plus, Precision Edge Technology makes the knife 20% sharper than the old model.

Cutting tough items will be hassle-free and straightforward since it’s a versatile piece, perfect for chopping, mincing, slicing, and dicing


  • Simple Keeping

You can literally keep this knife in the dishwasher with the dishes after you wash them. No worries about discoloration, rust, and breakage. You can keep it simple in one corner of your cabin and take it out when you want to make some food!


  • Full Bolster Design

The unit features a full bolster design, preventing direct contact while cutting or chopping food items. Though full use of the tool is slightly compromised, you’re protecting your hands from accidental cuts. 


  • Prolonged Sharpness

Furthermore, the classic Santoku knife is equipped with the latest avant-garde technology to ensure excellent sharpness for a long time. Maintaining its sharpness will be easygoing. 



  • Robust and comfortable handles feature durable rivets and no joints
  • Takes less force to cut heavy foods
  • Precision Edge Technology makes the knife 20% sharper
  • Full bolster design to ensure no direct contact with hand
  • Maintains the sharpness level for a prolonged time


  • Can’t utilize full use of knife due to full bolster design

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3. Imarku Santoku Knife

Imarku Santoku Knife

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If you’re in the market for a highly balanced and smooth tool, you can’t overlook this ultra-sharp best affordable santoku knife, which has a hand-polished edge of up to 15-18 degrees per side with an amazing 8inches professional work blade.

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Ultra-Sharp Edge

Imarku crated this knife from German high-carbon stainless steel, known as a superior material. Plus, the unit doesn’t get prone to rust, corrosion, and discoloration. Its ultra-sharp edge makes cutting humble tomatoes so easy. 

On the Rockwell scale, this super-strong piece has a 60-61 rating – only a high-end knife can achieve it. Plus, It has more brittle, so sharpening the unit will take less time while retaining the sharpness for an extended period. 


  • Anti-Stick Design

The kitchen gear comes with an anti-stick design, meaning foods won’t stick to the body while cutting. Hence, it doesn’t compromise the knife’s cutting ability.


  • Sharp Edge Point

This professional kitchen tool features a super-sharp edge, and each side has 15-18 degrees of hand-polished edge. This makes it a better option than many chef knives. 


  • 2.3mm Thickness

Unlike many professional knives, it comes with a 2.3mm thickness. It’s highly thick and powerful, so you don’t need to exert as much force as you do for other thin blades. Simple pressure will do the job. 


  • Versatile Maintenance

Its shorter blade gives you excellent flexibility and accuracy to cut various items such as vegetables, large roasts, etc. Cutting different things in the kitchen won’t be an issue from now on. Just keep the tool neat and clean and it’ll work like magic!


  • Ergonomic Handle

The Pakkawood handle also provides a secure and comfortable grip. Working for a long time won’t even pinch your hand.



  • Razor-sharp edge for smooth and fast cutting
  • Takes less time to sharpen than others
  • Anti-stick design to prevent food sticking issues
  • 2.3mm thickness to cut the toughest items smoothly with low force
  • Shorter blade for better accuracy and flexibility


  • No knife protector is included
  • Pakkawood handle feels too heavy initially

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4. Wusthof 4182 Santoku Knife

Wusthof Santoku Knife

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If you’re looking for a kitchen tool to inspire you to cook and prepare every day, you can utilize this option to Filete fish, cut and potatoes, julienned basil, and swiss chard.

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Granton-Style Blade

The Santoku tool comes with a Granton-style 8 inches blade, preventing food residues from sticking to the piece edge. Achieving faster and easy motion will be hassle-free since it doesn’t offer high drag. 


  • Quality Material

The unit is made of high-carbon stainless steel polyoxymethylene, ensuring long-lasting durability. It’s 100% recyclable. This type of material gives it a shiny appearance too. 

On the contrary, Wusthof uses alloy steels to make its blade, which has decent wear resistance and high toughness.


  • Battle Sharp

The knife is incredibly sharp. Slicing any soft or hard items won’t be a complicated task. If you’re looking for a reliable Santoku tool for your delicate work, this unit can be your best friend. Big chopping appears more effortless too.


  • Multiple Size Options

The kitchen tool is available in 2 sizes: 5 inches and 7 inches. Based on your preferences, you can select one. Moreover, engraving your name or any text is also possible. 

  • Easy Usage

Everyone wants a knife that can be easily kept in their kitchen and with the Wusthof santoku knife, you’ll totally get that. Great performance, easy cutting, and simple maintenance are the reason why people love this one!



  • Comes with a Granton-style blade for no sticking issue
  • 10-degree angle to effortlessly cut, julienne, and slice
  • High-grade stainless steel polyoxymethylene for enhanced lifespan
  • Battle sharp edge for smooth and quick cutting
  • Two sizing options for versatile cutting selections


  • The price is a little bit high

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5. Mac Knife MSK-65

Mac Knife MSK Santoku Knife

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Cutting delicate items like mushrooms and tomatoes requires a decent knife to ensure smooth cutting without sticking issues. When it comes to this, the tool performs incredibly.

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Mid-Range Size

Most knives either come at 5 or 7 inches. But this unit features a 6.5 inches size, which is effective in cutting vegetables and meat items smoothly. Since its size isn’t too large, you’ll have a better and more comfortable grip for easy cutting and chopping.


  • Sub-Zero Tempered Steel

The blade is crafted from sub-zero tempered steel, which has excellent durability and toughness. Moreover, it’s not easily prone to stains and rust, even after regular and heavy use.


  • Ergonomic Design

The tool’s blade is indented in an oval pattern above the edge. You can utilize its good edge to complete more than 90% of your kitchen work. It ensures less friction and no sticking problems while working. 

  • Effortless Maintenance

For professional work, you’ve to keep all your kitchen tools together after you use and wash them. This one right here has no issue with it. It’ll be rust-free for a longer time with great performance and sharpness which we can guarantee!


  • Reduced Friction

This kitchen tool won’t cause any friction issues since it’s comfortable to hold for a long time, meaning you’ll have more maneuverability. Due to its light structure, you’re less likely to face fatigue even after using it for several hours continuously. 



  • Spacious handle to provide comfort and better grip
  • Comes with a perfect shape and design for efficient cutting
  • Impressive edge retention to prevent being dulled easily
  • Reduced friction and free from fatigue problems
  • Can handle more than 90% of household kitchen work


  • Appearance could be better

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6. Shun Premier 5.5-Inch Santoku Knife

Shun Premier Santoku Knife

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Hunting down a beautiful yet functional Santoku knife? Instead of a matte finish, this unit has a mirror finish, but again looks are subjective. 

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Dual-Sided Blade

Are you a professional chef? This unit comes with a double-edged design. You can utilize this versatile kitchen tool to cut any items using your right or left hand. Thus, you’ll have more control.


  • Super Steel Blade

This 5.5-inch blade is made from super steel materials to provide commendable strength. It’s highly durable than other blades. Plus, the hand-sharpened, 16-degree, double-bevel blade will provide the best result when preparing food.


  • Professionally Tested Knife with High Maintenance

This tool is tested more than 100 times to ensure its preciseness for smoothly cutting soft and hard items. It’s corrosion-resistant and has improved edge retention. Its hammered blade finish will release some tall foods slightly easier.

But you’ve to make sure to keep it in a dry place and sharpen it often.


  • Pakkawood Handle

This kitchen piece has a PakkaWood handle, perfectly fitting both left and right hands. The tang is synchronized with the handle. 

Plus, its embossed endcap and brass ring make the unit more balanced while helping you to improve your cutting ability. 



  • Comes with a double-edge blade for more versatility
  • Features contoured design to prevent wrist pain and fatigue 
  • Embossed endcap and brass ring make the unit more balanced
  • Passed More than 100 steps to ensure the precise cutting ability
  • PakkaWood handle for comfort and better grip  


  • Blade could be thicker

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7. DALSTRONG Mini Santoku Knife

Check PriceDALSTRONG Mini Santoku Knife

Looking for a mini Santoku knife to rock your vegetables like a pro? This beautiful gear can be a reliable option to consider. 

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Exceptionally Crafted Knife

This Santoku piece has an innovative design since the 3-step Honbazuke method is used to make this kitchen tool. DALSTRONG sharpened and polished it by following a complex process to ensure an incredibly honed 7inch blade.


  • Full Tang

The unit is a full tang tool, meaning it provides improved balance and leverage. This is especially helpful to apply more force without the risk of knife snapping. Most importantly, it allows you to utilize the whole blade of the piece since it has full length. 


  • Higher Hardness Rating

This knife has a 62+ Rockwell hardness rating, which is effective to hold the edge better than lower rating hardness.


  • Great Maintenance

The manufacturer uses premium high-carbon stainless steel layers to make it stain-resistant and reduce the friction of the blade surface. So, its cutting edge won’t show premature wear soon. 

You can also keep it in your dishwasher after work and use it for chopping smoothly as it’s literally the average size of any adult hand! Try to keep it dry and clean all the time. And don’t forget to sharpen the blade once in a while!


  • G-10 handle

The unit has a G-10 handle, which is crafted by following a complex process where glass-based epoxy resin is used. It makes the handle extremely durable, water-resistant, and sturdy. Both wet and dry conditions are perfect for controlling the tool.



    • Made via the following 3-step Honbazuke method 
    • Full tang for better coverage, balance, and leverage
    • Special G-10 handle for enhanced durability
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness rating to hold the edge better


  • A little bit heavy due to the full tang design

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8. Shun Classic Blonde 7” Santoku Knife

Shun Classic Blonde Santoku Knife

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Functionality from a Santoku knife is a must regardless of the type of chef you’re. Thankfully, we’ve found a reliable and fully functional tool for any chef. 

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Exceptional Build Quality 

VG-MAX high carbon steel is used to craft this handy kitchen piece. This kind of steel has more carbon content to make first-grade material. 

Don’t take it as typical steel. Shun used two different patterns of welded steel to make the 7inch blade super-strong and more professional.


  • Ergonomic Handle

Made from PakkaWood, this elegant handle has a D-shaped design. It’s comfortable to hold, and you’ll experience little to zero unwanted rotation while working with it. Both left and right-handed people can effortlessly use it.


  • Long Edge

The unit comes with a longer edge to let you cut food items more straightly. Plus, it appears more beneficial when slicing larger food items. 


  • Razor-Sharp Blade

This Santoku tool features a 16-degree razor-sharp edge to cut and slice foods in a better way. Thus, you’ll work quickly yet safely without stressing your wrist. 

Utilizing back-and-forth motion is effortless with this handy knife. The ultra-sharp blade will cut, slice, or mince everything smoothly within seconds. 



  • Made of VG-MAX high carbon steel to ensure the finest quality
  • Longer edge for better straight cutting
  • D-shaped handle for improved grip and less rotation 
  • 16-degree razor-sharp edge for quick and safe cutting


  • Mildly unpleasant odor on the handle

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9. Wusthof Classic IKON Santoku

Wusthof Classic IKON Hollow Edge Santoku

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This piece of kitchen tool is balanced, lightweight, and has a perfectly designed 4.4-inch handle with an 8inches blade to cut various food items smoothly.  

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • Forged knife

This kitchen gear is forged from stainless steel with high-carbon material. It has better blade retention too. 


  • Bolster Handle

This kitchen tool has a bolstered handle, so there’s enough space for the blade and the handle, which works as a strengthening element for the entire tool.


  • 20% Sharper

Wusthof used precision Edge Technology to make the knife 20% sharper than traditional knives. This ensures impressive cutting performance.

Apart from that, the blade will cut food items consistently with its incredibly long edge retention. Hence, no worry about blade sharpness! 


  • 10-degree Cutting Edge

The unit comes with a 10-degree cutting edge. When you want a very smooth cutting action to cut or slice delicate items, this low angle can reliable performance. 


  • Thinner blade

Unlike other knives, this Santoku tool has a thinner blade, which comes with a slimmer profile. This is especially helpful for improved and efficient slicing.


  • High Maintenance

You’ve to look after this knife as it can’t be soaked in water for a long time. Keep it clean, and neat, and sharpen the tool time to time. This way your knife will last longer.



  • Equipped with stainless steel for extra durability and toughness
  • Gives a solid and texture feeling on the handle
  • Impressive cutting performance with 20% more sharpness
  • Slimmer profile blade for better slicing
  • 10-degree cutting edge for better cutting action


  • Needs regular sharpening if used heavily everyday

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10. ZWILLING Professional S Knife

ZWILLING Professional Santoku Knife

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If you’re looking for a phenomenal Chinese Santoku tool, you can’t overlook this unit. Its excellent construction and practical design give you enough reason to own it.

Reasons Why We Like It:

  • SIGMAFORGE knife

A single piece of solid steel and an exclusive forging technology is used to craft this kitchen tool. Since it’s made of carbon instead of stainless steel and is of a 7-inch blade, it has a higher cutting ability due to its higher hardness.


  • Ice-hardened FRIODUR blade

Well, don’t mislead this tool as a typical one. The kitchen gear has an ice-hardened FRIODUR blade, which is done through a four-step ice-hardening process.

Apart from having exceptional edge retention, the unit is corrosion-resistant. Thus, the sharpness stays protected for a prolonged period. 


  • 10° Edge angle 

This blade side has a10° edge angle for precise and ideal cutting. The manufacturer also named it as a laser-controlled edge for better cutting while having more control. You don’t need much time to get used to it. 


  • Easy Maintenance

The superior blade has everything including easy cut, sharpness and most importantly easy maintenance. You’ve to keep it in a dry place beside your kitchen cabin too without any hassle. It won’t even rust!


  • Ergonomic Handle

Its handle features a polymer three-rivet construction. The middle part of the handle has steel, meaning you’ll have more support for cutting without giving excessive force. 



  • Made with exclusive forging technology for extra toughness and durability
  • Followed a four-step ice-hardening process for high-edge retention
  • A 10° edge angle for efficient cutting
  • Higher cutting ability due to higher hardness
  • Laser-controlled edge to cut smoothly at different angles


  • May need more pressure to cut harder items

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Things to Look for While Buying Santoku Knives

Now that you know about the list of best santoku knives, it’s time to remember some key features that’ll make sure your tool will last for a long time.


  • Handle

The main key while purchasing a knife is to check if the handle has the best grip. The firm and comfortable handle ensure the utmost support while you’re cutting the ingredients.

And, of course, you want a tool that has durability and resistance to slipping which comes along with having a great handle part.


  • Length of Blade

Your hand will be comfortable if the blade size of your knife is long enough. The correct size offers you smooth cutting too and it should also match with the size of your chopping board.

Most often 7-inch blades are thought of as being more standard if you’re a professional chef and deal with bigger and huge food items. But if it’s about cutting smaller quality of food, then go for around 5-6 inches blade!


  • Sharpening

The main purpose of getting a knife is to cut more smoothly. If the sharpening feature isn’t good enough, you won’t get that satisfaction.

Try to find knives made of high-carbon steel. They confirm ideal and secure sharpening for both professional and home cooks.


  • Material

Now come to the material of the knife. Always go for kitchen tools with a stainless steel finish and a great carbon core. They’re usually rust-free with excellent performance and a pocket-friendly price tag.


FAQs About Santoku Knives

  • What is the most appropriate size for Santoku knives?

6 to 8 inches Santoku knives are the best, but it depends on personal requirements and what you want to cut every day.

You can choose the Wusthof 1040131317 Classic Santoku Knife or Imarku Santoku Knife, which we’ve mentioned in our list.


  • What is a Santoku knife used for?

Santoku knives are mainly used for cutting, slicing, and dicing various soft and hard times but not for peeling off any vegetable or fruit. You can’t even cut bread too.


  • Do chefs use Santoku knives?

Yes, various types of chefs use Santoku knives. Many of them use more than one Santoku knife.


  • What is the Rockwell Hardness Scale?

The metal used for the blade has a particular hardness level, known as Rockwell Hardness Scale. Unique technology and machine are used to measure it. 

You can choose DALSTRONG Mini Santoku Knife if you prefer a higher Rockwell Hardness rating.


  • What is the difference between a Santoku knife and a chef knife?

Santoku knives and chef knives are primarily distinguished by their blade sizes. Most Santoku knives are less than 8 inches, while chef knives can be as long as 14 inches. 


Final Thoughts on Best Santoku Knives

When looking for the best Santoku knife, you can’t overlook its cutting ability and sharpness level. Our above-discussed products can easily fulfill your high demand.

If you’re in a hurry or confused to decide on one, we suggest picking Misen Santoku Knife, which can show reliable performance for professional chefs or home cooks. Most importantly it’s great for overall functionality and durability!

But no matter what you choose to form this list, you’ll be satisfied with the outcome we believe!

Good Luck!

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