best Chef Knife Bags

Presumably, we all feel uncomfortable working with different knives in a new home or restaurant kitchen.

No matter the level of your hands-on cooking skills, a knife not used to is quite difficult to handle and maneuver during meal preparation.

And one fact is that a knife is a much-needed culinary essential.

Whether you are a professional chef, culinary student, or a homemade chef, a knife can’t miss in your kit.

The journey to making a palatable wholesome meal barely is successful without the use of a knife; and not just any regular knife but the right knife.

Most important is a knife you love, perhaps, because of the ease in use. 

Let’s have this witty thought for a while.

As a professional chef, you are, you need to travel to another restaurant or an organized camping event.

That’s your line of occupation, and just like in any other profession, you ought to carry your tools with you. Knives cannot be an exception.

So, how safe are you going to transport your knives?

Which is the most efficient means of carrying them to your designated destination?

Most efficient in the sense of preserving a clean razor-sharp knife without dulling them. 

Well, it can’t be draining if you spend some minutes on this short read. 

Save yourself the heck of having to make a wise choice from the many knife bag brands in the marketplace.

10 best Chef Knife Bags

Here is a curated list of the ten best Chef knife bags for you! Take your sweet time, relish this insightful review. Everything lies in your hands!

Bon, voyage!


#1    Ergo chef gear 5-pocket chef’s knife bag

Top Features

  • Two  zippered compartments
  • Five elastic pockets to hold the culinary tools in place
  • Heavy nylon/polyester material for high durability
  • A carrier handle for easy portability
  • Name tag area 
  • A bag size of 19” long X  5.5” wide when closed and 19”( L) X 11” (W) when open

Ergo chef gear knife bag displays a jaw dropping appearance with great functionality, case-like design, and massive storage capacity that cuts above most standard Chef knife bags in the marketplace. 

Whether it’s its interior or exterior, everything fascinates to the level of making you grin, having got something worth every coin spent. 

First things first, Ergo comes in black color with a red stripe on the outside and a white logo named chef gear which breaks the monotony of black.

It’s crafted from nylon/polyester fabric with much adherence to durability purported to last you long.


Ergo Chef Gear 5-Pocket Padded Chef's Knife Roll Bag
Ergo Chef


Not a bag that you buy today and the next day its torn, No! It’s built with remarkable good quality into consideration.

This stylish yet simple bag has two zippered compartments.

And these zippers are sturdy and strong to keep your knives and other culinary items inside secure and intact without falling out of the bag.  

More to say, someone in ownership of the Ergo Chef bag is at a great advantage owing to its magnificent big size.

Precisely, it measures 19” long by 5.5” wide when closed and 19” long by 11” wide when open. Here, it’s crystal clear the bag widens on opening.

It also features five elasticized pockets that allow for stretching to a preferable size. Therefore it can carry several culinary tools safely and conveniently.

This classy knife bag boasts a carrier handle that creates easy portability to whichever place of destination. Besides, there is a name tag area on its back.

Overall, its a reliable, budget-friendly asset to not only a professional chef but also the tyro at the beginner level. Its ease of use renders it a good fit for storing your knives while on transit.

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#2   Noble home & chef knife roll bag


Top Features

  • 14 slots; adequate space for storage
  • Adjustable shoulder straps and a carry-on handle
  • Two Canvas cover flaps
  • Sturdy metal zippers
  • Tough polyester construction
  • Name tag/ business card holder

If you are on the lookout for a knife roll bag that is versatile but dependable, Noble Home &  Chef should be your next investment. 

Designed with high-end construction, it is woven from 600 Denver canvas material that barely gets ripped easily

The manufacturer meticulously checked on durability to offer you a knife bag that serves you year in year out of daily use.

Noble home & chef knife roll bag

Looking at its carrying capacity, Noble knife carrier fits a vast assortment of knives of up to 18” length.

With 10 knife slots, It holds up to 15 knives of varying sizes besides a large pouch purposely for your scissors, meat cleaver, and any other big tool. The interior has ample space.

It does not end at that; there are additional four slots to carry your utensils like tasting spoons.

Though, do not expect the bag to come with a knife set as it’s not included.

Whether you are trekking a long or short distance, this bag is easy to carry via the adjustable shoulder strap or the carry-on handle.

In case the shoulder strap is not in use, note that it’s removable. 

On its outside, it has a slot for your name tag to distinguish your bag from other chefs’ knife bags.

You could also slip in your business cards for potential referrals as the cooking pro you are. 

The unique knife roll bag owns two strong canvas flaps to provide optimal protection for the knives or the bag contents in general.

And the supplementary features that are significant too are its strong zippers and the adjustable interior straps that hold the knives in place.

Pack your knives, zip up, and roll up the bag, and you are ready for the camp grilling event!

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#3   Messermeister 5-pocket heavy-duty knife bag

Top Features

  • Padded knife bag
  • Grade YKK coiled zippers
  • 600-denier durable nylon fabric
  • Five elasticized pockets
  • Size when closed: 19.5″L x 5.25″W x 1″D

You can never go wrong with this beautiful Messermeister knife bag.

It’s not all about its attractive eye-catching look but there is more to it. Rest assured, it’s an above-average knife bag.

This padded knife roll comes with five elastic reinforced pockets on the inside that are large enough to accommodate knives of up to 18″ length.

Expect no dulling, no damages to the knives since it keeps them safe and securely intact.


Messermeister 5-Pocket Heavy Duty Nylon Padded Knife Roll, Luggage Grade and Water Resistant, Black


Being a professional chef or a home chef, your knives require high maintenance for a perfect delivery in cutting, chopping, slicing, or carving. 

Checking on its construction and durability, it meets your set expectation.

It is manufactured out of strong and high quality heavy-duty 600-denier nylon.

Messermeister strictly looks into high performance, great precision, and a bag with long-lasting usage.

 In addition, it’s YKK zippers are strong too to never break while zipping the bag.

The zippers hold the inside contents closed in and well-stored when you are on the move.

You will never face a situation whereby the zipper uncontrollably opens and your items spilled out.  It gives you the privacy you deserve; not one that evokes unexpected embarrassing moments.

If a purchased Messermeister knife bag shows any defects or there is something about it that’s below standard, you are free to ask for a refund from the respective manufacturer.

This merits it to be a product from a trustworthy company.

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#4   EVERPRIDE chef knife bag

Top Features

  • 600D polyester fabric
  • Three large zippered compartments
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Comfortable carry handle

The everpride chef knife bag with three compartments suits you as an excellent choice for your traveling and cooking needs combined.

Depending on your taste or range of affordability, you can take it home feeling much satisfied and elated. Why say so?


EVERPRIDE Chef Knife Bag Holds 20 Knives PLUS Large Zipper


This kind of knife bag boasts a big adequate size that holds 20 knives and extra culinary tools like forks or spoons; which is enabled by the three zippered compartments with pockets.

It’s big to effectively fit a knife of up to 20.5″. These compartments protect the knives well enough to reserve their sharpness and keeps them undamaged.

The bag’s material is none other than 600D polyester fabric blended with extra PVC packing.

It’s highly sturdy and resistant to wear and tear.

Undoubtedly, it can serve you for several years while in the same state and condition, still new and strong.

What’s more, this protective knife carrier features an adjustable removable shoulder strap for carrying the bag onto the shoulder comfortably and safely.

Supplementing the shoulder strap is a carry-on handle to hold in your hands when on transit.

Satisfaction should be a priority regardless of the amount of money you spend on any knife bag.

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#5   Noble Home& Chef 8-slot knife bag

Top Features

  • Easy to hold carrier handle or shoulder strap
  • 8 big-sized slots
  • 600 denier polyester canvas construction
  • Name tag back slot
  • Extra heavy-duty canvas flaps
  • An additional zippered pouch

As the name suggests, Noble Home &Chef 8-slot knife roll offers a decent and reliable means of carrying or storing your kitchen utensils.

With this in possession, you are fully equipped and your knives amongst other culinary tools are securely protected.

It takes in an assortment of knives that sit in the 8 slots.


Noble Home & Chef


Whether, it’s a paring knife, carving knife, or a bread knife, all fit in this amazing knife bag as long as the knife’s length does not exceed 18 inches.

The additional zippered pouch can carry additional culinary tools.

The extra canvas cover flaps and it’s adjustable straps provide additional protection to your knives.

Just clinch up, roll up the flaps, and fasten the straps. All these together with the zippers ensure the knives are safely held in place.

The whole knife bag set is also inclusive of a carrier handle or an adjustable shoulder strap to carry the bag with much convenience.

Whichever you settle on, no difference as both performs the same functionality.

Its construction in entirety is basically out of a tough 600 denier woven polyester canvas.

That makes this knife bag brand incredibly amazing and ideal for use each passing year. It hardly punctures or tears.

And not forgetting, the back of this knife bag has a slot for placing your name tag to distinguish yours from other chefs’ bags.

You can also place business cards in the same slot.

It’s genuinely a bag for travel that suits any seasonal chef or culinary student to/at their place of work. It’s ever within your grasp.

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#6    Boldric 6-slot Khaki Canvas Knife Bag

Top Features

  • Hook and loop inner straps
  • Natural cotton canvas material
  • A brown leather trim
  • 6 slots for knives and other utensils
  • Roll-up type of knife bag
  • Dimension when open: 21.5″ (L) X 19″ (W)

If you are a culinary student in dire need of a super-stylish knife bag for your essential tools, the Boldric Khaki Canvas knife bag ideally is a perfect fit. 

This knife bag under $100 works to provide substantial protection to your knives and cutlery keeping them in good condition for the next use.

It carries knives of up to 15.5 inches aided by the six pockets on the inside of the bag.

Boldric Khaki Canvas 6 Slot Knife Bag

The hook and loop interior strap and the exterior strap safeguards the knives in one position to prevent unwanted defects wherever you go.  

Unlike most knife bags, this specific knife bag is a roll-up kind of bag that has no zippers.

All you need to do is roll up and clamp with the exterior strap. Easy to manage and maintain, right?

Made from natural cotton canvas accented with brown leather trim, it’s a guarantee Boldric knife bag provides longevity and great functionality in use. 

It’s dimensions when open are 21.5 inches long by 19 inches with an overall length of 17 inches. 

Something more fascinating, this bag requires little care.

To clean, just wipe only and you have a sparkling clean bag. Quite easy and simply done because it’s material is waterproof.

Say no to cheap flimsy bags that yank in a short time from the day of purchase. Buy this invaluable knife bag as an investment not as an expense even though it’s six-slotted.

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#7    EVERPRIDE 12-slot knife bag

Top Features

  • 12 knife slots
  • Padded knife bag
  • Extra slots for additional culinary items.
  • 600D polyester fabric with PVC backing
  • Convenient carry handle/ shoulder strap

Great looks should be accompanied by exceptional serviceability and usability. And Everpride 12-slot knife bag conforms to these impressive qualities.

Falsehoods aside, this bag is precisely durable and remarkably tough; the fact that it is made from a 600D polyester fabric with PVC backing as an add-on to prevent your tools from dropping out of the bag. It’s a top-class kind of bag.


Chef Knife Roll Bag Stores 10 Knives


Further, it is well-designed with 12 slots to hold ten knives and necessary accessories like scissors and peelers, plus three small pockets for spoons.

Evidently, it’s slightly huge with an adequate storage room.

It also comes with knife-edge guards to protect the knife blades from getting blunt or rusty. However, the bag, in general, is water-resistant and padded for extra safety. 

With the carry handle and the adjustable fancy shoulder strap, you got nothing to worry about how you will carry the bag along the way.

Everpride manufacturer deemed convenience jointly with quality important to address your knife travel bag needs.

A cooking enthusiast or a professional chef or an aspiring culinary student will love every minute spent using this knife bag.

It’s very accessible and reliable for camping, work, or school cooking getaways. Certainly, a knife bag that’s value for your hard-earned money.

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#8    Everpride waxed canvas knife roll 

Top Features

  • Easy-to-hold handle and shoulder strap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Made of durable waxed canvas
  • Convenient inner zipper
  • Fits 10 knives
  • 3 small pockets for additional utensils.

This waxed canvas knife bag engineered by Everpride is a stellar performance bag available at an affordable price on Amazon.

It is a skilfully-made carrier crafted from long-lasting waxed canvas.


Chef Knife Roll Bag Holds 10 Knives PLUS Slots


Its unique construction gives it an upper hand over most cynical knife bag brands on sale.

This modish knife bag looks fashionable and of professional-grade.

Heading down to it’s carrying capacity, it can hold up to ten knives with extra three pockets for your additional tools.

The inner zipper gives room for your business cards or recipe books or even your name tag.

When it’s about how to carry this bag, there are two alternatives: the handle or the shoulder strap. It’s either one or the other.

The handle offers much comfort and a balanced grip in the hand.

The shoulder strap can be adjusted to your desired height.

It is placed over the shoulders and the bag steadied till comfort is felt.

Both options are equally good in enabling the portability of your Everpride waxed canvas knife bag.

It’s significantly appropriate for transporting your kitchen utensils to a culinary class, cooking competition, or to your work station. 

Pick this up as the ultimate choice upon intensive exploration. Zero flaws, zero inefficiencies, matches what your knives require.

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#9    Chef Sac Knife sling bag

Top Features

  • Bag-like appearance
  • Fits 21 knives
  • Lightweight canvas and leather fabric
  • A durable zippered pouch for extra kitchen tools
  • Large compartments.
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Double reinforced seams

Chef Sac knife sling bag owns a bag-like appearance that defines its uniqueness and elegance.

This lightweight and convenient knife bag is highly durable. It is made from canvas and natural leather material.


Chef Knife Sling Bag Case | 21+ Pockets
Chef Sac


With the double-stitched seams besides, it endures punctures and cuts for durability and great service.

This is a bag that lasts you for decades. Honestly, it’s a money-saving bag.

Capacity wise, it accommodates an assortment of 21 knives of up to 18″, more so your full culinary set.

The zippered extra pouch puts up extra tools while the large compartments, additional like your knife sharpener, cutting board, phone and it’s the charger or business cards for reference, etc.

Its zippers are the heavy-duty type made sturdy and durable.

Every component of this trendy bag is built with professional standards to meet quality.

The canvas bag is easy to carry owing to the adjustable shoulder strap in place that provides comfort when trekking.

Though you are not limited to one carrying device, you can also hold the bag using the carrier handle.

All aspects of the Chef Sac Knife bag bring class and style to your kitchen. It’s a bag adorned with pleasing aesthetics.

 You can rely on it any day any hour to carry your tools.

Its black tint on the outside ensures nobody gets to know what’s inside. Make your order now!

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#10    Hersent knife roll bag

Top Features

  • Contemporary design
  • Two strong mesh zippers
  • 9- pocket knife roll bag
  • 100% risk- free buy
  • Easy to clean

A chef in an expert kitchen or a culinary trainee on the go should never settle for less with regard to knife travel bags.

Do not splurge your money on substandard knife bags when there exists a user-friendly knife roll bag by Hersent.

That said, its outstanding features prove its an excellent worthwhile selection.


Hersent - Professional-Chefs-Knife-Roll-Case


Hersent knife roll bag is crafted from real oxford material that provides ideal strength to evade unexpected cuts or tears. Besides, it makes the bag easy to clean with just damp wipes.

Having 9 pockets, eight out of the nine fit knives of variable sizes but up to 15.4 inches.

It can also keep other utensils such as your knife sharpener or scissors. The additional one pocket is a bit smaller.

The contemporary design also offers two mesh zippers which when sealed provide safety and protection without anything slipping out.

One is made for the butcher’s knife and the other meant for the other kitchen tools unable to fit in the knife slots.

In a case where you are not pleased with this knife bag after a made purchase, feel free to reach out to the manufacturer to get a replacement or refund.

Thanks to the 100% risk-free buy the manufacturer placed on this bag product.

Hersent knife roll is a top-notch brand, not any close to those mediocre bags sold. An exemplary choice you will never regret spending a few bucks on.

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Crucial tips to consider when buying a knife bag/Buying Guide

What precisely are knife bags/rolls?

Knife bags and rolls are just like any bags but with a specific role of safely transporting knives and your other kitchenware like tasting spoons or scissors.

Designs may differ from the wide range of knife bag brands but the primary similarity is carrying knives.

You do not have to be an expert chef to own a knife bag.

You could also be a personal chef or culinary student. Whichever, a knife bag is a vital component in your line of career or at home.

Practically, knife bags are made from cloth fabrics, the likes of polyester, nylon, or cotton.


And they are designed with skillful craftsmanship to suit the user in terms of durability and convenience. 

Nearly all knife bags construction incorporates compartments, pockets, or simply knife slots that make up a super-spacey type of bag.

Undeniably, carrying capacity is a significant factor in accommodating as many kitchen tools as possible.

Most manufacturers thoughtfully included carrying handles for optimal comfort in carrying the bag before heading out.

And some have a shoulder strap as well, giving you freedom of choice.

Well, all these form the basics of what a knife bag is and its constituents. Now you are in the know.


Why should l buy a knife bag?

You buy a knife bag not only because you want a carrier for your kitchen tools. There is much more to it.

At some point you may not see the importance of obtaining one, the reason being maybe you are a chef based in one restaurant day in day out.

That’s primarily now, we do not know about tomorrow.

It’s smart to be proactive.

If lucky, you may fetch a day’s cooking job at a camping event or even culinary teaching classes and you need to carry your kitchen knives with you.

Whether you like it or not, in such an instance, you will have to get yourself a knife bag.


Hersent Knife bag


So the better, when you have a knife bag timely in possession to avoid unnecessary impulse purchases and to be ever ready.

A knife bag is vital especially in keeping your knives protected and well-secured while on transit.

yourself the hassle of dealing with blunt, mangled, or bent knives, or generally your culinary items. You know how annoying it can get.

Otherwise, if not on the move, you may have it for storage rather than a carrier prolly for a home chef.


What are the perks of using a knife bag? 

First and foremost, a knife bag sincerely is beneficial and gives you superiority over other chefs. With a knife bag, you are good to go.

Yes, nobody restricts you from using an ordinary bag to carry your knives but absolutely this is not a good idea.

Putting your knives altogether in one position puts them at a higher risk of getting less functional. 

And worse, in the disorganized mixed-up state, you can easily injure yourself when removing them out of the bag.

If not hurting yourself, the knives easily puncture your bag. Two undesired expenses that can be prevented by a knife bag 

Conversely, a knife bag offers the best protection with distinct separate compartments or elastic pockets that grip the knives tightly in place.

The same way you place your knives before departure is the same way they will be upon unpacking.

See why we advocate for a knife bag?

You won’t be on the spot for unexpected damages just because of a regular bag or suitcase. Cheaper options sometimes are more expensive.

Ensure you treat yourself with a quality knife bag or roll that will never jeopardize the efficiency of your kitchen utensils.

As a personal or seasonal chef, you deserve the best there is.


Can l wash my knife bag in a washing machine?

When it comes to washing your knife bag, a washing machine is a no-no for most types of knife bags.

You won’t like the outcome especially for a waxed canvas type of knife bag. It may seem the easiest option that doesn’t take up much of your energy but a washing machine may spoil up your knife bag. In fact, it may shorten its lifespan. 



And do not think of dry cleaning as an alternative; our advice for free. The best method is hand washing to preserve the look of your knife bag.

It’s also recommended you meticulously check the user guide label from the manufacturer. Knife bags differ in terms of material construction and consequently, the technique of washing.


What should l look for when buying a knife bag?

There are factors one has to consider before buying a knife bag. Mentioned below are four and could be more. 

However, these are the most important to look for to make a pretty good decision on the best.


  • Size and Carrying capacity

Chef bags come in different sizes with variations in dimensions.

The same applies to the carrying capacity. The number of usable compartments differs as well as the number of slots or pockets.

For example, you may find one with 6 knife slots like the boldric sling knife bag and another having 12 slots. 

Depending on how many knives you need to carry, make sure you choose the right size, the right capacity. If you have ten knives, a knife bag with fewer slots cannot fully satisfy the demand.

Therefore, it warrants you to do a thorough check.


  • Design

Just like sizes, knife bags are made with different designs.

You are not limited to the knife roll design as there is also the backpack design. 

The backpack-type of knife bag enables you to carry not only the kitchen tools but also your recipe book, apron, or phone charger/ power bank.

Some also have an adjustable handle only while others have both the handle and a shoulder strap to sling onto your shoulder with style.

Make the right pick in relation to your needs.


  • Material 

This is not of less importance either.  The quality of a knife bag is highly dependent on the material incorporated in the manufacturing process.

Knife bags are in variations of material. They are either made from woven fabric, leather, or synthetic fabrics like polyester or nylon.

Wondering which suits you?

A miscellany of large knives obviously go with very sturdy material and that can only be leather-made knife bags.

Otherwise, take a knife bag of polyester/nylon material if the knives are small-sized and few. You do not want your knife bag overwhelmed by the exceeded weight limit.

  • Price

The price of a knife bag is proportional to design, size, and material. The higher the price, the greater the quality strength.

It’s important to look at this first before anything else is that, you already have a set budget prior to the shopping spree.

You are out of financial danger when you do not overstretch your budget. Spending more than what your budget reads is a wrong move.

There is always something cheaper and good quality-wise.

Then, be aware that a knife bag of leather material tends to be more expensive than the rest. 


How do l maintain my knife bag’s pristine condition? 

All about maintaining your knife bag narrows down to how you should take care of it. Well, it is not a matter of rocket science. It’s as easy as a pie.

Everything needs good maintenance and care to lengthen the service period. More so, to alleviate costly defects that may arise if not cared for properly.

So, Chef knife bags should be given adequate attention similarly.


By Chef Sac

Retaining the original look of your knife bag involves putting into action the right cleaning measures, the right efforts.

You should brush gently the surfaces with mild soap and clean water and that which requires wiping out dirt spots, use a damp piece of cloth. 

Plus, do not be careless when handling a knife bag when you’re packing, on transit, or washing.

You are the main determinant of how long a knife bag is going to serve you. 

Just a single mistake, and your knife bag no longer gleams with newness. Learn to embrace precaution. It saves you a great deal. 


Briefly look at these care and maintenance tips:

  • Do not over-pack the knife bag with more than fittable knives. It loosens the elastic and reinforced seams.
  • Cleaning a knife bag should be done seriously. Make it a monthly routine if possible. Keenly wash the interior inclusive of the slots/pockets.
  • Always adhere to the manufacturer’s instruction label. Failure to do so incurs unnecessary damages.
  •  Keep the knife blades sealed in knife guards only after they are properly cleaned and dried.


Final thoughts 

All that pertains to a complete chef’s set is a knife bag included regardless of whether you are a culinary student, an expert chef, or not.

But more important, is a knife bag of quality and great usability at an affordable price.

No need to squander your money on an expensive knife bag when there is a less costly decent alternative.

The aforementioned top ten picks are neither flawless nor completely perfect.

Each has it’s good and bad though the good outweighs the bad.

Known to all of us, every person has their taste and preference.

To you, it may be the Hersent Knife bag as the most suitable and to another, the Chef Sac knife bag.

 Freedom of choice works equally for everyone. Whichever you pick from the ten, it will serve the purpose.

And our review ensures you take home that knife bag which brings contentment and fulfillment that surpasses low-grade Chef knife bags.

If you are on the hunt for a budget-friendly knife bag with sturdy material construction, able to carry your small knives and other culinary accompaniments, a knife bag you will find at a decent price, then our best choice for you is the Ergo Chef knife bag.

Be wise, pay attention to every detail. And you’ll be over the moon!

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