best sushi knife review

I’ve seen people struggling to pick the right, sharp enough knife for sushi or sashimi dishes.

Even many of them think like this- ‘Why on earth should I buy an eye-wateringly expensive sushi knife when I can get the job done with any sharp knife?’.


Don’t get me wrong but I don’t have a one-word answer to the question. But if you ever think like this, just get to know that making a dish as delicate as sushi with perfection isn’t a matter of words.


No matter whose shoes you’re in right now, as you’ve landed on this page, we believe that this piece on the ‘best sushi knife’ would be a great guideline for you. We also included a useful buying guide with an FAQ section in the end so you can leave here without a single confusion.


Ready to jump in? Let’s do it!


What Are The Different Types of Sushi Knives?

Before we delve into the best sushi knives available on the market, let’s ponder a more fundamental question- how many types of sushi knives are there, and which type should you go for?

Yanagiba knife

Yanagiba knives are mostly known for slicing boneless fish fillets for different sushi and sashimi dishes. However, you can also use them to fillet or skin small to medium-sized fish.


As the key material of the knife is hard high carbon steel, it’s prone to damage or rust. So, yes, this knife requires high maintenance and care. Try to slice the fish in a single solid motion while dealing with the Yanagida knife, pull it toward you instead of pushing away.


This type is used to peel and cut garnishes and vegetables. When it’s about slicing or chopping the vegetables, Usuba is the boss. Since it’s a single-bevel knife, here’s a gentle reminder in case you’re left-handed- go for the left-handed version.


Here’s the best type of sushi knife if you’re looking for heavy-duty tasks such as cutting through bones. Saying fair and square, it will be needless to have a Deba knife if you don’t prepare the whole fish yourself.

Nakiri Knife

The straight blade of a Nakiri knife allows you to cut hard-skinned products like squash and pumpkins more precisely. This knife is double-edged but equivalent to Usaba knives that are basically single-edged.

15 Best Sushi Knives

And, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag! Here’s what you’ve been waiting for.

1. Yoshihiro Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi

Yoshihiro Shiroko Kasumi Yanagi Best Sushi Knife

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We are staying with the popular Japanese brand Yoshihiro Shikoro for the very first sushi knife on our list. Why are we saying that Yanagida is the best among all? You’ll get to know in a minute.


Professional chefs choose this one if they’re intended to invest a considerably high budget on a sushi knife. Also, it suits almost all kinds of home cooks.

Blade Construction and Design

The knife is 10.5” long which you’ll find just right and powerful to slice and prepare thin and raw fish for sashimi and sushi. The best Japanese sushi knife, the Yoshihiro sushi knife, is easy to use and suitable for getting things done in a fast manner.


White steel #2 is used for the blade construction and the blend of iron provides the maximum edge retention. The HRC (Hardness Rockwall) 62-63 makes it extremely sharp.


The combination of a flat grind, a concave grind, and a flat rim of the knife makes it sure that you can slice fish effortlessly without losing the original flavor of every food.

Overview Including Handle Comfort

Magnolia wood or Rosewood is used for the D-shaped handle that fits any hand size. And, there’s a Saya (a wooden sheath) that protects the knife and makes it easier to store.


To make the most advantage of the knife, use only water whetstones to carry out any sharpening process. Hand washing is recommended after every usage especially after dealing with any acidic ingredient.


  • Premium white blade combined with HRC 62-63 provides mighty sharpness
  • Additional protective wooden sheath offers long-term preservation
  • Ease of use for the lightweight
  • Ergonomic D-shaped handle ensures comfort


  • Maybe expensive for beginners


2. Yoshihiro Hongasumi Yanagi

Yoshihiro Hongasumi Yanagi Best Sushi Knifes

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The number two position is held by Yoshihiro Hongasumi White Steel sushi knife. So, this recommendation is again about the best Japanese knife set.


Blade Construction and Design

Starting with high-quality carbon steel, that’s an exceptionally short blade. It looks elegant and performs well. If you want something for a professional kitchen, this will deliver precise results.


The single-bevel blade is 11.8” long and the stainless steel measures 62-63 on the HRC scale. Here’s again a protective sheath is found on the knife that’s easy to sharpen. Thus you don’t have to put so much pressure to cut through fish.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

This premium quality kitchen knife is equipped with an exquisite Rosewood to handle having a double bolster that delivers a well-balanced feeling for seamless operation and easy maneuverability.


You’ll also receive a great lacquered magnolia knife shift that adds to the authentic Japanese design aesthetics of the knife and helps to protect when not in use.  Moreover, the D-shaped handle is lightweight and ergonomically welds to the hand for seamless use.


  • 62-62 Hardness Rockwell Scale
  • Available in three sizes
  • Simple and elegant design
  • Lightweight and well-balanced construction
  • Oil and rust eraser makes it easy to maintain


  • The blade doesn’t have the smoothest texture


3. Keemake Sushi Knife

Keemake Sushi Knife

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In case you were wondering about what the best sushi knife under $100 is, your wait is over. Keemake is absolutely a profitable investment for anyone to improve their skills in making sushi.


Blade Construction and Design

This 10.5-inches sushi knife is sharp, thick, and right-handed (a knife for a lefty is also available) slicing knife to divide fillet big and small raw fish as well as cut beautiful sashimi flakes.


The high carbon VG10 steel at HRC 57 is a cutting core that ensures an ultra sharpness.


On the top, stainless steel coating provides incredible wear and tear protection and stain resistance. The blade is 4.3 mm thick and 12-15 single-beveled with a non-stick sanding treated strip at the right side.


The sharpness, the durability, and everything are just perfect unless you’re going to use the knife 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. In such a case, you should go more on the expensive side.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

It comes with the traditional D-shaped handle that’s made of Rosewood log and hand-polished to be perfectly sleek with a stainless steel cap cover at the bottom for good anti-slip, long durability, and better balance.


The blade and hilt are assembled with the G10 handle and the spine is completely smooth. Overall, this is a great value.


  • An ideal choice for beginner sushi/sashimi makers
  • Light-weight and user-friendly
  • A multi-functional tool for a wide range of purposes
  • Beautiful packaging at a reasonable price


  • No protective sheath provided


4. Shun Dual Yanagiba Knife

Shun Dual Yanagiba Sushi Knife

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Maybe we are going to talk about the most stunning sushi knife you can ever find. If you don’t stop me, I will literally be fanboying about how beautiful this professional knife is but hey, there are other amazing features it offers. Let’s see what they are.


Blade Construction and Design

As always, shun cutlery delivers the most efficient output of everything you want in a kitchen knife. They are well-balanced, sturdy, and sharp. The 10.5-inches blade is 71 layers of quality stainless steel.


People sometimes complain about how heavy the Shun Dual knife is.


Well, the truth is you can‘t expect the flexibility in the knife-like other options but it never feels too heavy to do chores. Just because the blade is thick, it gives the knife rigidity and heft to glide through cuts with ease and grace.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

The sky-high price of the knife makes sure that you get the desired quality and worth of every penny you spend on it. A genuine hardwood called PakkaWood is used to make the handle.


This hardwood is infused with resin that makes the handle durable and water-resistant. And, the best part for people who don’t have enough kitchens is, it’s easier to clean and maintain than other options on our list.


  • Offers exceptional, professional-grade cuts
  • High durable and water-resistant handle
  • Thicker blade provides rigidity
  • Comes with a protective sheath
  • Low-maintenance and easy to use


  • Not beginner-friendly


5. Yoshihiro Knife Shitan 3p Set

Yoshihiro Knife Shitan 3p Set

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Do you want a complete set of essential sushi knives? If you’re nodding, Yoshihiro 3p Set would be the best option. Here you’ll have a Yanagi, an Usuba, and a Deba knife packed together.


Blade Construction and Design

All the knives are single-beveled. The blade material here is Shiroko high-Carbon steel with HRC 62-63 so you can guess how sharp the blades are.


However, it’s a set for non-professional uses to be honest. You can effortlessly cut meats, fish, and vegetables in a single, clean stroke. Still, we felt the cuts on the meat were a bit tough to get straight but when we were done, we got some thin, nice, and straight cuts.


The Deba knife here’s probably the heaviest among all the three but it goes straight through meat and veggies.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

The set of Yoshihiro is made in a small-scale production in Japan. All three knives are equipped with Wa-style handcrafted handles which are D-shaped and made of Rosewood.


The handles make the knives more comfortable to use and the material makes them last years after years. Also, it’s lightweight and ends up in a blade-forward balance that lets the knife tip toward the cutting surface and provides more efficient processing.


  • High-carbon steel, razor-sharp blade
  • Lightweight and Wa-style handle for ease of use
  • Ergonomic, D-shaped grip
  • Single-bevel edge
  • The wooden protective sheath is provided


  • All the knives of the set require whetstone sharpening


6. Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi Sushi Knife

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While showing the best uses of Yoshihiro, why would we skip one of the best sushi knife brands, Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi? We wouldn’t do that! Let’s see why this is one of the great options.


Blade Construction and Design

Alloy steel is used as the blade material in the knife. It’s a single-edged blade of 10.5 inches in length and the HRC is 63-64. The great offer of this elegant thin blade is that you can slice through ingredients in uninterrupted strokes with the preservation of its integrity and freshness.


The sword tip of the blade helps balance the knife weight and it’s suggested for chefs who love a Yanagi but have a quite smaller working space.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

The handle material is Ebony and there’s also a protective lacquered wooden sheath named Saya. While working with the knife, you’ll feel like you’re holding something hand-forged and sharpened, not just ground-out by machines.


Overall, the handle length and shape allow you for a variety of grip positions. However, it may feel a bit heavier because not only is the blade wider but also the spine is a bit thicker.


  • One of the sharpest sushi knives
  • 63-64 HRC
  • The protective sheath is provided
  • An ideal choice for professionals


  • Carbon steel can oxidize without proper maintenance


7. Yoshihiro SVG-10 Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro SVG-10 Sushi Knife

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Another amazing product by Yoshihiro is the SVG-10 sushi knife which comes as a package of numerous useful features.


Blade Construction and Design

VG-10 stainless steel is the blade material of this elegant-looking knife. It’s single-edged, HRC 62-63, and comes with Saya protective sheath.


The beautifully mirror-finished knife has a higher grade of fit as well as a quality finish than other competitors.


Superior sharpness and edge retention are offered by the hard steel of the VG-10. Also, it comes with softer surrounding steel that offers high durability. The assembled Urasuki and Shinogi let the blade cut foods with minimal damage to the cells and minimal spoiling of the taste and texture.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

This knife is handcrafted with the traditional Japanese Wa-style and the Octagonal handle is lightweight enough which offers ease of use. The ergonomic handle welds to the hand for seamless use.


However, the knife requires enough care and maintenance. Make sure you don’t use it on objects like frozen foods, nutshells, and bones. Hand wash is highly recommended after each use.


  • Stain-resistant
  • The protective sheath is included
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Has a comfortable and lightweight handle


  • Hand wash only


8. Dalstrong Phantom Series 9.5″ Yanagiba Knife

Dalstrong Phantom Series 9.5" Yanagiba Knife

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Don’t judge the position of this astounding product on our list! This one is my personal favorite knife for hundreds of reasons, most of them mentioned below.


Blade Construction and Design

The overall design and construction might be a little different compared to other standard knives, but it would be an ideal option for sushi preparation. It’s 9.5-inches long having a special blade shape.


A piece of ice-tempered, high carbon AUS-8 steel is used for the blade design which gives it a mighty sharpness. Moreover, the knife comes in an ergonomic bolster shape as well as a hand-polished sine that gives high durability and safety.


The blade is corrosion-resistant and a perfect piece to slice fish effortlessly for sushi and sashimi preparation.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

Dalstrong is equipped with a D-shaped handle that’s made of Black Spanish Pakkawood. Its great fitment lets any hand size be comfortable with the knife.


Also, there’s a protective sheath so you can store the knife with ultimate blade protection.


However, for the construction, this product is much suitable for right-hand users. Overall, it’s so lightweight and nimble. And, this is the best budget sushi knife, yet it doesn’t rust quickly or possess any significant disadvantage which is great.


  • Quality blade construction with ice-tempered technology
  • Enhanced hardness because of cooling by nitrogen
  • Incredible sharpness for hand polish
  • Cheap in price
  • Offers best slicing tasks with the full tang design


  • Doesn’t offer versatility
  • Not useful for left-handed users


9. KYOKU Samurai Series – 10.5″ Yanagiba Knife

KYOKU Samurai Series - 10.5" Yanagiba Knife

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Are you a home chef and want to upgrade your tools and improve your presentation results? If your answer is affirmative, Kyoku is letting you do so.


Blade Construction and Design

This knife is made from super-hard Japanese steel. The 10.5-inches blade of the knife is in the right sharp to slice through large cuts of meats and the whole fish filets you would like to deal with.


It’s a single-bevel knife with a razor-sharp edge that delivers perfectly clean cuts and offers you a professional-looking result. So, in case, you were in search of a specialized blade that’s designed for use with filleting fish, go for this one.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

For an authentic sushi knife design, it comes with a wooden handle that’s ergonomically designed for a comfortable and secure grip. The wood used for the manufacture is beautifully grained and highly durable.


Also, there’s a partial tang that makes sure of a lighter handle for perfect blade balance. Above all, you’ll get a knife that does mincing, slicing, dicing, and almost every essential sushi component in an easier and quicker way.


  • Single-bevel edge
  • Japanese steel blade with 10.5” of length
  • Hard Wenge wood handle
  • Offers lifetime warranty


  • Japanese steel tends to chip


10. Dalstrong Shadow Black Series 10.5″ Yanagiba Knife

Dalstrong Shadow Black Series 10.5" Yanagiba Knife

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Another stylish and sleek knife is from Dalstrong Shadow Black Series. It’s also, as always, another great addition of Dalstrong, packed with the essential and bonus features you look for in a sushi knife.


Blade Construction and Design

The high-carbon steel, the razor-shaped blade has 58+ HRC. It performs as powerful as its beauty is. Experts hand-finished the sharp scalpel-like edge with the traditional 3-step Honbazuke method.


The blade has a non-reflective coating with improved robustness and corrosion resistance. Also, it’s full tang for enhanced durability.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

The f-117 Stealth Fighter was the inspiration for the unique handle geometry of the Dalstrong shadow black series. It snugs ideally into your palm no matter what your hand size is.


Moreover, the military-grade G10 handle is almost impervious to moisture, heat, and cold. Regardless of the grip style you use, the handle gives you a firm grasp. Overall, it’s slightly longer than traditional chef knives, has enough depth and curve for vegetables and cooked meats, and comes at a reasonable price.


  • Thanks to the black titanium-nitride coating that provides it a futuristic look
  • Ergonomic handle shape makes it easy to operate
  • Hand sharpened to 15° per side
  • Offers high versatility compared to other Yanagiba knives


  • Requires a bit of extra care


11. Imarku 10 inch Sushi Knife

Imarku 10 inch Sushi Knife

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Imarku has always been admired as a manufacturer of premium-grade knives for years. Now, we are going to review one of the perfect slicing sushi knives out there.


Blade Construction and Design

This 10-inches sharp sushi knife is manufactured with high-carbon stainless steel with 56-58 HRC. With this hardness, you can expect to get 80-100 sharpness. And, the extremely sharp edge is handcrafted at 12-15° per side.


The blade is single-bevel and the mighty sharpness of the knife allows you to slice sashimi and sushi into thin slices without so much effort. It’s easy and fast to clean but don’t wash it in the dishwasher, only handwash is recommended.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

You’ll be happy to hold the ergonomic Pakkawood handle which is single-edged and provides a perfect grip with great balance. The handle is water-resistant, stable, and offers optimal performance.


But it doesn’t come with a protective sheath and it’s not a cup of tea for left-handed users which may or may not be problematic for you.


Long story short, this product is a perfect choice for semi-professional uses.


  • An incredibly sharp blade that’s handcrafted at 12-15° on each side
  • The best cheap sushi knife for beginners
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Water-resistant and super stable handle


  • No protective sheath is included
  • Not for left-handed users


12. FAMCÜTE 8 Inch Sushi Knife

FAMCÜTE 8 Inch Sushi Knife

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In case, you’re in search of the best sushi knife under $50, consider picking this one. Why? Let’s see what it has to offer you!


Blade Construction and Design

Alloy steel is the blade material with an HRC of 60+/-2. The angled edge of the knife holds it for a long time and lets you have a long journey with the knife ahead. You can deal with meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and whatnot with the blades.


But it’s recommended not to use the blade to cut frozen products, for this, you have to go for expensive options that are not vulnerable. Blade length is 21.2 cm which allows you to maximize maneuverability of the cutting edge of the blade.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

The 15.3 cm handle is crafted from Rosewood that’s stable enough and lets you have the full manipulation of the blade. It also allows you a comfortable grip with precise cuts with less wear and tears on your hands.


So, you’ll love it if you were looking for a knife for a pinch grip. But it’s not full tang so unfortunately, chances are, it may come apart now and then.


  • Incredibly sharp
  • An ideal knife for pinch grip
  • Reasonable price
  • Offers versatility
  • Easy to use and maintain


  • If you prefer a lightweight knife, this is not for you
  • Not full tang


13. Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi 11.8” Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Aonamiuchi 11.8'' Sushi Knife

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If you’re ready to spend more than $450 on a sushi knife that will serve you with premium quality with additional features, here’s what you can get.


Blade Construction and Design

First off, carbon steel is the blade material here that comes with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 63-64. It’s again forged with iron which creates beautiful wave patterns.


The highest quality materials and the craftsmanship adds such efficiency and aesthetic gratification anyone looks for in a knife. If you love to use a Yanagi but prefer a heftier knife, the sword tip of the blade will aid you to balance the weight of the knife.


However, if you don’t like a heavy knife having a wider blade and a thicker spine, you probably won’t like this one.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

Yoshihiro has the best knife for sushi rolls, as usual. The handle here is handcrafted with the traditional Wa-style and ergonomically welds to the hand for seamless use. Also, you’ll have a protective sheath to store the knife ensuring proper safety.


However, oxidation may bother you without proper maintenance so be careful about the upkeep of the knife. Try to hand wash only and sharpening should be done with whetstones.


  • Blue steel glows and looks elegant
  • Sharpness on the next level
  • Additional sheath for long-term preservation
  • Ebony handle


  • Not stain-resistant


14. YOUSUNLONG 11-inch Sushi Knife

YOUSUNLONG 11-inch Sushi Knife

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Here’s a beautiful plus useful sushi knife for you if you were looking for something mid-range. Apart from the fair price, it has some other compelling reasons to get picked.


Blade Construction and Design

The blade is hand-sharpened and made of stainless steel that’s clad on both sides by 33-layer steel. This one has a double-bevel edge, in case, that’s your preference. The HRC is around 60. It works perfectly to slice seafood and raw fish into sashimi size.


The high hardness, wear resistance, and 15° blade of the knife make it an ideal choice for professional chefs.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

A hard and durable handle comes which is comfortable for any hand size. The outer layer is covered with environmentally friendly and high-grade Brown and Walnut. What is more interesting is, an additional leather case is included with the product which makes it ready as a perfect gift.


Overall, the thickness of the blade and the quality of the handle, everything worth the price and provide enough comfort to the user.


  • Suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • 15° blade with mighty sharpness
  • Easy to use
  • Additional leather case for long-term preservation
  • A perfect mid-ranged gift


  • Prone to rust quickly


15. Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus-8 Sushi Knife

Yoshihiro Hayate Inox Aus-8 Sushi Knife

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Ending with Yoshihiro as it’s hard to deny the greatness of this renowned brand. As always, there is much to take from the Yoshihiro knife, here’s what it’s offering now.


Blade Construction and Design

It’s also a mid-priced, quality knife for professional and non-professional uses. The excellent blend of razor sharpness and durability is offered by the blade of the knife.


If you can follow proper techniques, this blade will let you slice cleanly and effortlessly through delicate fish protein. The super-hard steel holds a good edge for a long time. However, keep in mind that honing steel isn’t recommended for the knife, only whetstone sharpening is allowed.


Overview Including Handle Comfort

Featuring rich Rosewood and Ebony fittings, the handle is as attractive as comfortable it is. The octagonal shape makes sure that your hand always has a secure grip regardless of how wild your prep surface may get.


And, the knife is lighter overall but its slightly broad profile works surprisingly amazing on most foods.


However, it also requires some consideration and fineness while maintaining and sharpening the knife. Make sure you follow the right directions to get the most advantage of the product.


  • High-quality steel offers durability
  • A razor-sharp blade is perfect for slicing
  • Full-tang, comfortable handle
  • Stain-resistant


  • Lack of versatility



What to Consider Before Buying a Sushi Knife?

You know some amazing products with all the essential information and that’s great. But still, there are some factors you cannot skip before making the purchase. Let’s see what we’re talking about.

Blade Length and construction

8”-12” is the typical blade length for sushi knives. As you can guess, this length is quite longer than regular knives. Why it matters is because longer knives are easier to make thin slices of fish or meats.


Also, to get the picture-perfect cut of raw fish, you have to make sure that the knife has merciless sharpness. For this, sushi knives come with high-grade metal and you should look for at least 58+ Rockwell Hardness for the desired result.


Along with the high-quality material, look for bonus features like corrosion-, rust-, and stain resistance to make the most of the product.



The fact is, precision is the first thing that matters when it’s about sushi. So, it’s always best to avoid purchasing cheap products that are made with low-quality materials. However, if you’re an amateur in the field who just wants to experiment with stuff, going for a $500 knife isn’t necessary.


Generally, high-carbon stainless steel is considered the best material for sushi knives. This material tends to be corrosion and stain-resistant and ensures a mighty sharp blade edge.


Dual VS Single Bevel

Single-bevel blades are recommended for master chefs because this blade type is sharp at one side and the other side remains flat. So, it needs quite significant proficiency to use the knife.


Still, single-bevel knives allow you to have ultra-thin slicing. In fact, there’s nothing to worry about sticking the food to the blade surface. However, single-bevel knives are suitable for right-handed users only. So, be choosy if you’re left-handed or a beginner.


Comfortable Handle

This part comes when it’s about the ease of usage. You’ll get optimum and flexible experience if the knife is equipped with a comfortable handle. The fitment is crucial for you to give confidence while slicing and cutting with the knife.


While talking about sushi knives, a wooden handle is the most common type.


The D-shaped rounded handle provides the perfect balance. Also, see if the handle material is non-slippery or not, it’s important as well.


Full Tang and Half Tang

We’ve mentioned these two terms several times above in the article. Why these matter is because the full tang blade offers high durability and perfect balance because it comes through the handle.


On the contrary, the half tang type isn’t the most durable or strongest option because of its construction. Yet, the half tang blade is easier to handle because of its lightweight.


Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What kind of knife is best for cutting sushi?

Answer: Among the most common types of sushi knives, the Yanagiba is considered the most efficient knife for cutting sushi.


Question: What is the difference between sushi and a sashimi knife?

Answer: Sashimi knife is specially designed for dealing with raw fish whereas sushi knife cuts other proteins along with vegetables.


Question: How thick should a sushi knife be?

Answer: Generally sushi knives are 1 to 1 ½ inches thick which helps make sure that the slicing gets just right.


Question: Why are sushi knives so expensive?

Answer: There are factors included like the cost of extra labor of welding multiple layers, high-end materials expenditure, and so for those sushi knives come at a high price.


Question: How to sharpen a sushi knife?

Answer: First off, you’ve to take a non-slip type surface and place a whetstone on it. Then, move the blade of the low grit side and move forward and backward of the stone. Put gentle pressure on the knife and remember to start at the tip of the blade.


Final Thoughts on Best Sushi Knifes

Haven’t you got to know about some awe-inspiring products and relevant information here?

Since we tried our best to provide you with a detailed guide on the ‘best sushi knife’, hopefully, you’re saying yes.

It’s not hard to get the right product in your repertoire. All you need to do is to make sure you know what to look for in the products and whether your picked knife offers every necessary feature you need or want. Also, make sure you use, clean, sharpen, and maintain the knife in the right way to enhance its shelf life.


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