Best Serrated Knife

Baked some fresh bread and confused about whether to shred it with your hands or use the regular knife or Serrated Knife Well, don’t do that because all the toiling of your baking will be all over with this one step, and you wouldn’t want that, right?

Instead, grab the best-serrated knife and cut your oven-baked bread or any pastry smoothly and serve it to your near and dear ones in good shape. Also, here’re some knives with which you can cut, peel or chop fruits and veggies too!

Our top list of some excellent knives with the highest quality, including some pieces of advice about what to look for before purchasing them, will work great, we believe!

With that being said, let’s jump into some cutting sensations!


What Should a Serrated Knife Be Used For?

Serrated knives are for food with a hard exterior but a soft interior. It works like a saw as the teeth of the tool have serration, and they’re tough enough to cut the crusty bread evenly. They’re also used for cutting – 

  • Cherry tomatoes/vegetables
  • Layer cake
  • Pineapple (mostly for peeling)
  • Ice-cream sandwiches
  • Frozen desserts
  • Large sandwiches


1 min Quick Review

Let’s give you a quick overview of our top best-serrated knife!

To get the overall best experience, go for Mercer Culinary. It has every feature, including the best quality blade, and handles all you want in a knife!

Some of us prefer low-budget knives, and there’s no issue with that. Orblue will serve you with exact attributes in a pocket-friendly range.

If you need the best-serrated knife for vegetables, fruits, and many more, get this one as it can do multipurpose things together!

We all love premium tools, and if it’s something from Zelite, the outcome will be wonderful note that it’s made with high-end German steel (one of the best steels so far).

Ever thought of using a bread knife that’s been out on the market for over 200+ years? Shun Classic is exactly like that with aesthetic and vintage quality features!

The main purpose of serrated knives is their performance. With a great stainless steel blade, this one will cut your bakeries in one go!

For those who love to travel, here’s your chance to grab this mini serrated knife with you wherever you go. It comes with a blade guard too!

With a sloped bolster design, Misen will provide you with the best cut ever. It’s made with AICHI steel for superior sharpness too.

A durable knife can be your bestie for a long time. This one will help you with various cuts with extreme durability for years.

With a wide blade and low maintenance, Tojiro ensures a heavy-duty performance in each cut.

For the professional outcome, choose this serrated knife without any doubt. It does multitasking too!

If you’re passionate about fishing, this one’s perfect for you. It’s built by experts with the finest blade to cut the bones and skin of the fish effortlessly.

This one serves the most muscular vibe to your kitchen. Dalstrong comes with a military-grade handle and a 3step method for cutting, which will surely be great for any professional cook.

Lightweight knives are best for holding for a long time. Plus, Mac has an admirable wood handle for a good grip.


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In a Hurry? Here’s Our WINNER!

If you’re short on time to read the whole article, here you go with our winner from the 15 serrated knives.

It’s Mercer Culinary Millennia

The reason why we choose it to be on the top is because of its extreme durability with its ergonomic handle and razor-sharp blade. You can literally cut anything whatever you throw at it, and it’ll be in a good state for a longer period!


Best Serrated Knife Reviews

Here we gathered some top-notch serrated knives that’ll give you a sawlike experience. Choose one from them, depending on your choice!


1. Mercer Culinary Millennia Black HandleMercer Culinary M23210 Millennia 10-Inch Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

The top pick of our list will definitely be going to be your favorite for its innovative design and highly defined quality. People loved it so much that it still held its power in the market for so long!


Reasons We Like It:

  • High-End Quality

Before getting a knife, you have to look for its quality for sure. Mercer Culinary’s blade is specially made with Japanese steel which is worldwide famous for its amazing cutting trait. No matter if you’re trying to cut bread or any kind of pastry, this one will serve the best.


  • Ergonomic Handle

The handle is one of the essential things, as you’ll have to hold it for a certain period. This knife is designed with a combination of Santoprene and Polypropylene for both comfort and durability. Amazing, don’t you think?


  • Slip Resistant

You’ll be glad to know that this 10inch Mercer knife is entirely slip-resistant. By providing finger guards, you can be sure of the safest cut ever. The textured finger points will also ensure the strongest grip, so no worries about any unwanted risks at all.


  • Easy Maintenance

Coming to the maintenance part, it’s super easy, actually. You can handwash it whenever you need, and it won’t get stained after some use due to the high-carbon material. Thus guarantee for a longer time.

However, try not to wash it in your dishwasher!


  • Confirms good grip for cutting
  • Last longer for the top-tier steel
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Slip and stain resistant
  • Has maximum durability
  • The packaging should be updated


2. Orblue Serrated Bread KnifeOrblue Serrated Bread Knife with Upgraded Stainless Steel Razor Sharp Wavy Edge Width

This one is for people who love to have an even cut of their freshly baked bread, pastries, bagels or cakes. And guess what? It comes at a budget-friendly price tag!

Reasons We Like It:

  • Sleek Design

Orblue serrated knife is made with one-piece stainless steel. It confirms the knife’s longevity as no wood, plastic, or screws are added here. Forget about buying a new knife for a great deal of time.


  • Great Handle

The handle (5 inches) of this knife is designed carefully as it’s the most crucial thing to grab onto while cutting something. You’ll get a good grip here thus to cut your bakeries comfortably.


  • Ultra Sharp

Sharp blades are the key to cutting anything perfectly without any trouble, and this fantastic knife isn’t less than that. 

The ultra-sharp edge of the blade (8 inches) will cut the toughest pieces of bread so effortlessly and smoothly that’ll give your goosebumps for real! It’s easy to maintain too.


  • Safe and Secure

Besides, the serrated knife has a rubber guard in the handle part. Cut your preferred items without any hassle.

  • Super durable in the long run
  • The ergonomic handle gives a good grip
  • Can be used for every bakery item
  • The blade is super sharp with the perfect length
  • A rubber guard is added for safety
  • Some complaints about the teeth of the knife


3. Victorinox Blac 3.25 Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife

Victorinox 6.7633 Blac 3.25 Inch Swiss Classic Paring Knife with Serrated Edge

Victorinox is a renowned brand when it comes to multipurpose cutting. It has a Swiss classic handle for extra grip, which makes it more reliable. Hence you’ll get tons of amazing features once you get this!


Reasons We Like It:

  • Short Yet Sharp Blade

Most people love to have shorter blades for enhanced accuracy, and this one is just that. It’ll give you the utmost precision with precise control along with the utmost cutting accuracy. 

So, if you think your cutting skill needs a little bit of control, get this best-serrated knife right away.


  • Multipurpose Work

Not only for cutting bread but also for garnishing, peeling, mincing, dicing, and slicing can be done by this. An impressive feature with the easy maintenance of all the cookouts there needs!


  • Serrated Edge

Coming to the edge, you can slice your favorite fruits or veggies delicately as you like them. Without squashing the food, the smooth cut will give you the ultimate satisfaction we can guarantee.


  • Swiss Classic Handle

The most attractive part of Victorinox is the Swiss classic handle part. It’s inspired by the Fibrox Pro line that’ll surely provide you with a good grip and easy handling. Even if the knife is wet, you can hold it and cut the food effortlessly.


  • Gives a smooth cut every time
  • Can be used for multipurpose cut
  • Short but sharp blade
  • Has a swiss classic handle for excellent grip
  • Comfortable and reliable to use
  • Can be a little expensive for some


4. Zelite Infinity Serrated Utility Knife

Zelite Infinity Serrated Utility Knife 6 Inch

Are you a person who likes premium stuff? Then Zelite deserves a close look. It offers a curvy blade for easy cutting with the most comfortable handle system – a total win!


Reasons We Like It:

  • Multipurpose Knife

This 6inch knife is actually great for cutting with precision. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to cut any vegetable or fruit or even if it’s for cutting your favorite sandwich or bread, and the cuts will be delicate each time. Go for it.


  • High-End German Steel

Zelite is made with quality German high-carbon stainless steel. It’ll keep the knife supportive for a prolonged time, and it won’t get rusty and stained anywhere soon.


  • Low Maintenance

Keeping this knife good will be such an effortless task. All you have to do is keep it dry and store it with your other spoons and forks. Make sure to sharpen the blade from time to time. That’s it!


  • Sharp Blade

If the blade is sharp, it’ll undoubtedly make your work easier. Zelite makes sure you get the buttery experience, even if it’s the toughest or beast-like exterior of food.

The blade is curvy too, with fine serration, which is a praiseworthy feature, we love!


  • Safe and Comfortable

With the ergonomic handle part, your grip will be super good. The perfect balance will come with superior control, so you’ll meet no risk!


  • Low maintenance with a good cut
  • The curvy blade gives a smooth finish
  • Can be used for multipurpose
  • German steel confirms durability
  • Comfortable and safe to use


  • No sheath comes with the package


5. Shun Classic 9” Bread Knife

Shun Classic 9” Bread Knife with VG-MAX Steel Serrated Edge and Ebony PakkaWood Handle

Have you ever thought of getting a serrated knife with a touch of ancient blade styles? We know most of you’re fond of old vintage things, and Shun Classic is just like that. The durability that comes from PakkaWood is the cherry on the top!


Reasons We Like It:

  • Wide Knife

This 9-inch knife is definitely a beast when it comes to smooth and effortless cuts for various bread and pastries. It’s not like other bread knives which can smash the interior. This one ensures your cuts are neat and clean without any shreds!


  • VG-Max Steel

Made with VG-Max steel which is mostly carbon combined with cobalt is a great thing to consider. It’s the one-of-a-like piece you’ll ever come by.

The carbon part of the blade will provide utmost durability, cobalt adds strength, and chromium makes sure to prevent any corrosion. How thoughtful and innovative is that!


  • D-Shaped Handle

The handle is the most prominent part of any knife, and you already know that. This one offers an outstanding D-shaped handle part, which will give a good grip for cutting.

Note that it’s handcrafted in Japan. You’d surely love, and count on the Japanese handcrafting technology, right? 


  • Water-Resistant

The water resistance makes it a low-maintenance knife as it doesn’t require much care. No matter where you put it, just keep it dry, and that’s all. It’ll last for a decade without a doubt!


  • Wide knife with good cutting edge
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Confirms great durability
  • The handle is beautifully designed for grip
  • Comfortable cutting various things
  • Expensive for the things they offer


6. Imarku German High Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Slicing Knife

read Knife, imarku German High Carbon Stainless Steel Professional Grade Bread Slicing Knife, 10-Inch Serrated Edge Cake Knife

Another great serrated knife imported from Germany is Imarku. The anti-corrosion performance and serrated edge made it more popular with users!

Reasons We Like It:

  • Ergonomic Wood Handle

Let’s agree on a statement that wooden handles are one of the best when it concerns a better grip. You’ll feel all the comfort and supportive vibe just right after holding the knife. Try it!


  • Serrated Design

The edge of this knife is serrated, which confirms independence to enhance your cutting ability. Imarku is mechanically tested and provides you with the best cutting experience with bread, cakes, pastries, and whatnot!


  • Sleek stainless Steel

This 10inch knife is surely huge that ensures durability. The stainless steel is layered with a high carbon – imported from Germany – ensuring no rust or dirt buildups. You can imagine how excellent the performance would be.


  • Elegant and Beautiful

You can gift this knife to your near and dear ones. Look, Imarku comes with fine flannel wrapped thus to avoid any type of risks. Hence, you can send this over to your parents, siblings, or friends as a useful present.

Besides, it’s low maintenance and super easy to clean!


  • The edge is super serrated
  • Wide knife with extreme durability
  • Beautiful and elegant to gift anyone
  • Wooden handle for better grip
  • Safe and secure to use
  • The edge is pointy and sharp so needs extra care to store


7. ZYLISS Serrated Paring Knife

ZYLISS Serrated Paring Knife

If you’re a travel freak and want to carry all your essential things with you in case you need them, go through ZYLISS paring knife. It’s the best-serrated knife for tomatoes, potatoes, kiwis, and any type of bakery. Let’s see how!


Reasons We Like It

  • Multipurpose Cut

No matter what type of cut you need or what type of veggie or fruit you want to cut, this one right here will give you the best proficiency. The slicing and cutting part with Zyliss will be super leveled and fresh once you use it.


  • Carbon Stainless Steel

For long-lasting usage, you need to have a knife that’s made of high-carbon steel because this way, your knife will last longer.

Plus, you can easily re-sharpen the edge whenever you feel like it.


  • Ergonomic Handle

Ever thought of having a knife with an amazing handle and an outstanding grip that also has rubber in it? Well, Zyliss has it for your convenience, control, and precision!


  • Safety Blade Guard

The blade guard will protect your knife from everything while you’re traveling or out there camping. It’s also 3-¾ inches, so it’s easy to store anywhere. 

Furthermore, the low maintenance will let you take it everywhere you go!


  • Great for cutting all-purpose things
  • Small and travel-friendly
  • Comes with a blade guard system
  • Amazing handle with a comfy grip
  • Lasts for a long time
  • The sheath can be dangerous sometimes


8. Misen Serrated Bread Knife

Misen Serrated Bread Knife

Gentle and quick cut is a must with the knife, and Misen will guarantee that. It has a unique design and premium steel to last longer in your kitchen!


Reasons We Like It

  • For Various Cut

You must be thinking this serrated knife is only for your bakery cuts, but it’s not true. It’s obviously great for bread cutting, but at the same time, you can easily cut all types of vegetables, fruits, and even meats with the 32 individual serrations.


  • Unique Design

We all fall for design when we go to the market to buy any product, don’t we? Then this will be a bonus point for this knife as well. The sloped bolster shape of this tool is super unique and comfy.

The length will let you control and cut the food at once!


  • Premium Steel

With the sleek design, this one’s made with superior AICHI steel that guarantees extreme sharpness while cutting.

The high carbon content is also available for great durability. Cool, isn’t it?


  • Razor Sharp Edge

On the other hand, Japanese steel will make sure you cut any food at one go as the Razor-sharp blade will make it super easy. Toughness and sharpness together, what a brilliant combination!


  • Unique sloped bolster-shaped knife ensures comfort
  • Premium steel keeps the blade sharper
  • Smoother cut with individual serrations
  • Can be used for cutting multiple things
  • Has lifetime guarantee
  • No NSF rating included


9. Mercer Culinary Millennia Black Handle, 9-Inch

Mercer Culinary Millennia Black Handle

This one is from the same brand we talked about earlier. The reason it took two of our spots is that Mercer is worthy. The only difference between these two is the lengths!

Reasons We Like It

  • Feel the Quality

Mercer Culinary is made of Japanese steel – one of the best-serrated bread knives –  that allows the knife to be your buddy for cutting purposes for a long time. No matter how many times you use this, it’d still be in rocking shape for ages.


  • Great Handle

We all know how Santoprene is good for a comfortable grip. Here it’s no different as Santoprene is used for your assistance, and at the same time, Polypropylene is located in the handle for extreme durability!


  • Safe and Secure

With knives, you always have to be safe. Here, it ensures total safety with textured finger points for utmost slip resistance. ‘No slippage, no accidents, this motto will work best for Mercer Culinary.

Moreover, it has got a good grip and guard!


  • Stain Resistant

As a bonus, you’ll get the stain-resistant feature. The knife is straightforward to maintain; you don’t have to worry about any stains or rust here. Wash it with water as how many times as you want; it’ll be as new forever!


  • Super safe to use at any moment
  • Comfortable handle with good grip
  • Slip and stain resistant for longer
  • Made with superior Japanese steel
  • The blade is extremely sharp
  • Some complaints about the blade being thin


10. Tojiro Bread Slicer

Tojiro Bread Slicer

For those who are trying to get a heavy-duty knife with natural wood handle, your search ends here. Thanks to Tojiro for maintaining the quality and becoming reliable to the users out in the market!

Reasons We Like It

  • Stainless Steel Blade

Steel blades are excellent when it comes to sharpness. No matter what type of bread, cake or pastries you’re trying to cut, the smooth butter finish will always be on the way.


  • Beautiful Wood Handle

Wooden things are always aesthetic. And if it’s an all-natural handle, the grip will be superior indeed. Grab the Tojiro slicer, and it’ll give you proper assistance for sure.


  • Wide Blade

The blade length of this amazing knife is around 9.25inches. Yes, it’s a wide range one that’ll be perfect for your bakery items. The crusty bread will feel buttery smooth once you start cutting it with this knife!


  • Low Maintenance

The maintenance is easy too! Just hand wash it whenever it’s needed with mild detergent or soap. It’ll be a solid one for the long haul without any rust.

However, try to avoid putting this knife in a dishwasher!


  • Aesthetic wooden handle with a good grip
  • Easy to maintain and wash
  • Has a wide blade for any cut
  • A razor-sharp and powerful blade added
  • Has the safe and reliable outcome
  • It’s kind of lightweight so you have to be more careful


11. ZWILLING Pro 5.5” Serrated Prep Knife

ZWILLING Pro Serrated Prep Knife

Want to have a knife that’s sharp but not so aggressive? You can go with Zwilling Serrated Knife. They’re professional, and you can cut everything (obviously food) in one go with a smooth finish and comfortable grip!


Reasons We Like It

  • Multitasking

We all need knives that can multitask in our kitchen. Zwilling is just like that. With a 5.5-inch length of the tool, you can cut, peel and chop your desired fruits, veggies, and even meats anytime.

Besides, you can trim and peel potatoes and apples smoothly too!


  • Resilient Handle

The POM handle of this knife is great to hold, and it’s slip resistant too. Forget about any accidents at all. Also, the handle is super durable to make a long run.


  • Stainless Steel Blade

What if the blade of your knife is incredibly sharp, and integrated with high-carbon stainless steel? It’d be the best thing ever to have as this one will make sure you can cut all those food fluently.

In addition, the tip of the blade is serration free, which is a nice thing, and the whole blade provides razor-sharp quality!


  • Lightweight and Balanced

Don’t hesitate about the lightweight feature because it’s still well-balanced despite its weight. You don’t have to be extra careful while cutting anything.


  • Great for cutting bread, fruits, veggies, and many more
  • The blade ensures razor-sharp quality
  • Handle part has got a good grip
  • Ensures well-balanced cut
  • Slip resistance reduces any risk factor
  • Can be too plain and simple


12. Dexter-Russell SG142-8TE-PCP Sofgrip

Dexter-Russell SG142-8TE-PCP Sofgrip

Every fisherman dreams of having a special knife that can easily cut off the skin of the fish and won’t slip away easily. If you’re one of them, Dexter-Russell would be the perfect one for you!


Reasons We Like It

  • Right Flexibility

This 8inch utility knife has real flexibility when it comes to cutting fish. You can easily slice the medium to large size fish with it. The smooth gliding over the bones and easy serration of fish skin will seem like super fun work to perform!


  • Great Durability

Dexter-Russell is designed with the Dexstell, which is one of the best durable steel ever with the combination of American steel and carbon. You can rest assured.


  • Built by the Experts

Maybe you’re thinking about the crafting of this knife now. Well, let’s tell you that this smart tool has been out there in the market for like 200+ years (yes, that’s true). 

They’ve been literally used by people since 1818 so you can think about getting this ancient knife for your kitchen asap!


  • Easy Maintenance

This one got a good grip over the handle part, and you’ll feel comfortable while cutting those fish skins. 

Moreover, it’s super balanced and easy to maintain, so no worries about the longevity of the tool!


  • Build by experts for 200+ years
  • Easy and low maintenance for your convenience
  • Got a balanced grip on the handle part
  • Flexible and easy-to-slice fish bones and skin
  • Super comfy and durable
  • The blade cover should be upgraded


13. DALSTRONG Serrated Bread Knife

DALSTRONG Serrated Bread Knife

A chef’s knife is something he’s recognized with. And if it’s a muscular, effective and aggressive-looking one, how would you feel? It’ll feel great, and we appreciate Dalstrong for providing such a unique bread knife with a great price range!

Reasons We Like It

  • Sleek Design

Firstly, we want to talk about the color and design of this knife. It’s black with titanium nitride coated, making it aesthetically pleasing to hold.

Also, the exceptional craftsmanship is insane, allowing you to have the tag of unique style sense in your workplace.


  • Traditional Method

You’ll be glad to know that Dalstrong has a three-step traditional method for the sharp edges to give you that hand-finished vibe.

Furthermore, nitrogen is used for flexibility and harness to provide you with smoothness in every cut.


  • Razor Sharp Blade

The blade is made of steel with a high carbon material, which will have an extraordinary performance. Plus, the vacuum heat treatment is also added for superior results in cutting and chopping your favorite bakeries.

Note that, a beautiful matching black sheath comes with the package.


  • Military Grade Handle

The knife’s handle is an extreme military-graded G10 handle that’ll help you cut everything that’s cold, hot or moist.

Moreover, the ani slip properties are also here that’ll allow you to reduce any unwanted risks.


  • Maximum Durability

With all the other features, Dalstrong will last for at least a decade without any rust or corrosion, that’s for sure. It requires little to zero maintenance too!


  • Comes with aesthetic black nitride coat with matching sheath
  • It will last for lifelong
  • Military-graded handle for great grip
  • Follows traditional methods for scalpel edge
  • Razor-sharp finish with every cut
  • The customer service team is a little slow


14. Mac Knife Superior Bread Knife

Mac Knife Superior Bread Knife

For our last product, here is a superior bread knife from Mac. You may hear of this brand quite a lot because they’re famous for their lightweight and wood handle-based knives. 

Reasons We Like It

  • Exceptionally Sharp

Well, the bread and roasts of your bakery won’t get shredded after you purchase this for cutting purposes. The blade is super sharp for an enhanced and smooth finish every time!


  • Lightweight and Balanced

The lightweight quality is great for you to take it anywhere you want as it’ll fit in your picnic basket or bag very easily (for cutting bread or pastries, obviously). 

At the same time, you’ll get proper control of the knife and the well-balanced tool will save you from any risky cuts!


  • Wood Handle

Wooden things are amazing to keep as they’re less likely to wear out or get damaged. Mac will be there for you for a long time with amazing durability, and the handle part will definitely give you a good grip.

However, try to handwash it without putting it in any dishwasher.


  • High Carbon Material

Made with carbon and Alloy steel gives it more points for being an amazing knife out in the market. It’s made in Japan, and you already know how exceptional it can be.


  • Provides balanced cut every time without shredding 
  • Made with high-carbon alloy steel 
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Can be traveled anywhere for lightweight
  • Has got a pakka wood handle for a good grip
  • Can get rusty if washed in a dishwasher


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Serrated Knife

Unless you want a dull knife, here are some of the major features you need to consider before buying the best-serrated knife. They include:


Types of serrated Knives

You need to think about what type of serrated knife you want to purchase. There’re multiple ones. Some are used for only bread or bakery stuff again, some are for fruits, veggies, and bread or pastries.

Once you select what type you need for your kitchen, the process will be a lot easier!


  • Effectiveness and Serration

As you’re purchasing a knife (especially a serrated knife), the serration and its effectiveness are essential. Serration will make sure all those crusty bread is cut smoothly and the effectiveness will prove to do the work fast.


  • Material

The serrated knives’ material should be of proper stainless steel, which can last for at least 6-7 years or more. The more excellent the material will be, the more durable your knives will remain!


  • Teeth and teeth Shape

The teeth of a serrated knife are saw-like, which can cut all the crispy bread, pastry, or cake. The shape of the teeth should be pointed and sharp. Some knives’ teeth are located together, and some knives have a distance between teeth.

Buy one depending on your preference!


  • Size

Serrated knives actually have multiple sizes, and we think it totally depends on you. If you’re a traveler or like to hang out for picnics and camping more, go for knives that are 3.5-5 inches long.

And if it’s for professional usage, 6-8 inches or more is good!


  • Grip and Comfort

The handle part should be comfortable enough for your knife as it’s the most important part to hold. There are different designs of handles out there so go for one that gives you a good grip.

Comfort over anything, don’t you agree?


  • Sharpness

For a knife, sharpness is compulsory. Get one that’ll serve you razor-sharp quality with a polished finish. Also, a blade that’s easy to re-sharpen is great!


  • Maintenance

Last but not least, go for a knife that’s easy to maintain. You don’t need a knife that’ll get rusty for washing it and get damaged after a few uses, do you?

Try to read the instructions about the maintenance part and purchase it according to that! 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should a bread knife be serrated?

A bread knife should always be serrated. It should have serrations along with the cutting edge part for the gentle cut. Also, the crispy crust and hard and soft interior of bakery items can be cut with these knives without much friction.

  • Can you use a bread knife to cut tomatoes?

Yes, why not? As bread knives have serrations at the edge, it’ll be easy to slice those tomatoes or potatoes efficiently.

  • Can you sharpen serrated knives?

Of course, you can and you should sharpen them from time to time. The reason behind this is to make them last longer and to keep them undamaged and razor-sharp every time.

  • What can I use instead of a bread knife?

Well, bread knives are usually used to have a pointed cut to your bread and pastries. If you don’t have it, you can break the pieces with your hand. It may not be smooth, but you can still eat it.

However, make sure the bread or pastry you baked is cool enough to use your hands.

  • Can I use a bread knife for the cake?

Obviously, you can do that. As bread knives are long enough, you can easily cut your cake into pieces in one go.



That’s the final stage of our best-serrated knife article. Now you know some of the best tools for cutting your bakery items along with vegetables and fruits. They’re all amazing in their own way and you just have to choose one that fulfills all your requirements (of course the one that attracts you the most)

However, always try to hand wash your serrated knives as they can get damaged if you continuously wash them in the dishwasher.

If you have some more time, let’s recommend one for the overall experience. Purchase Mercer Culinary Millennia to get the highest quality outcome with the ergonomic handle, slip resistance feature, razor-sharp blade and low maintenance. 

Still, you can go for others as each knife will serve you the best!

Good Luck!



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