Whittling knife

Since the time of cavemen, whittling has been around. This could be the idea that brought technology through the wood-shaping, which in turn made people figure out sharp ends.

The sharp ends, in turn, steered people to imagine crafting carts, cooking items, hunting tools, food gathering, etc.

Becoming a good whittler encompasses not only passion and commitment, but also knowing the right tools for the art.

Apart from wood, a knife is crucial for successful whittling. You cannot succeed here without a knife. However, this art needs not just a knife, but one that is designed for the purpose.

The problem most people face, especially today is finding the Best Whittling Knife for Everything. Technology has brought about diversified items that are not original but can trick you into thinking they are.

We recognize this pain, and hence we have come up with reviews to educate you and provide the best alternatives and advice so that your work will simply remain to choose. Read this piece till the end.

Top 10 Whittling Knife List

#1.   BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4s

Top Features

  • Designed solely for wood carving
  • High carbon steel blade
  • Comes with a leather sheath
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Perfect gift

From the BeaverCraft Store, this item measures 3.2 ounces or 8 inches approximately. For those like specification; its sole purpose is green woodworking, whittling, woodworking, and carving. This characteristic is an assurance that it is designed perfectly for this work.

The blade is of high-quality carbon steel, which is toughened further. It measures approximately 3.15 inches.


BeaverCraft Sloyd Knife C4s 3.14" Wood Carving Sloyd Knife with Leather Sheath for Whittling and Roughing for Beginners and Profi Durable High Carbon Steel - Spoon Carving Tools Thin Wood Working


What is more, the brand highlights that it sharpens the wood carving tools during the manufacturing process so that the user can use it upon delivery: Online buyers have proved this as true, through reviews.

Also, this item comes with its leather sheath. If you are a fan of shopping, you know that the items such as chargers, casings, and batteries, etc, which come with the main product, are the only originals. Here, you are well sorted with a sheath.

The grip is comfortable to use. It is made with hardwood oak and processed with natural linseed oil.

Are you looking for a gift to surprise a whittler or a loved one who does wood carving? Search no more, because this knife is the perfect gift choice for both the starters and experienced

Pros                                                                                                                                                       Cons

Most consumers have stated their contentment with the product as a great knife. One person complained that the oak handle will discolor your hands after some hours of utilization.
The quality is good to effectively serve you for a long. Few consumers stated that it dulled fast after use.

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#2.    BeaverCraft S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit

Top Features

  • Good Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use

Manufactured by Beaver Craft, this knife is made of a high carbon steel blade that weighs 3.15 inches. However, you should take good care of it to avoid corrosion.

Its weight is comfortable to use, as well as to carry. If you walk some miles to practice whittling and carving, this knife will not fatigue or pressure you.


BeaverCraft S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit - Wood Carving Tools Set - Chip Carving Knife Kit - Whittling Knife Set Whittling Tools Wood Carving Wood for Beginners (Chip Carving Knife Kit)


For the utilization, you do not have to train because it is easy to use. The handle is secure, and generally, you will experience comfort during its use. Nevertheless, if you are a beginner, purchase gloves to keep your fingers secure from cuts.

Pros Cons
Online reviews have shown that the handles are well made to provide comfort. Two purchasers complained that the knife was not sharp out of the box.

However, one said that it became sharp and maintained this after the sharpening.

A buyer said that the item is so good, and added that knives made in Ukraine (this is one) are great.

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#3.   Opinel No.O8 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife (2540089)

Top Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable and original
  • Reasonable size and sturdy handle

This knife is manufactured by the Opinel store. If you love the environment, and you are mindful of the future generations, you the harm in deforestation.

As an environmentalist and a whittler, you will purchase this knife with no guilt because: Firstly, 95% of the wood used by Opinel is sourced in sustainably managed forests in Europe.

Secondly, it obtains abandoned wood shavings and takes them to a French factory, and what is more, throughout the manufacturing process, the waste materials are recycled: This brand is mindful of nature.


Opinel No.08 Carbon Steel Folding Pocket Knife with Beechwood Handle, Brown (2540089)


The blade is made from carbon steel which is extremely hard to give you exceptional cuts, resist wear, and ease the sharpening.

Some consumers have highlighted that it has remained original over the years, unlike most items compromised in quality today, this one is not.

The size matches its purpose as a pocket knife. The blade is 3.23 inches, and the overall weight is 1.6 oz. Easy to use, durably made with Beech wood handle.

Pros Cons
Contains a Virobloc ring for safe blade opening and closing. Susceptible to rust, if not cleaned, wiped, and well stored after use.
Its make remains uncompromised over the years. Its locking mechanism and other metal parts require greasing

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#4.    Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife, M-106-1630

Top Features

  • Smooth handle
  • Comes with a sheath
  • Stays sharp

Made by Morakniv, in Sweden, this item weighs 58g. The blade is 0.08 inches thick and 3.2 inches long. The overall length is 7.4 inches.

The handle is oiled birch to grant you a smooth grip which protects your hands from blisters resulting from friction.


Morakniv Wood Carving 106 Knife with Laminated Steel Blade, 3.2-Inch, M-106-1630


Worried by where to store your knife? This one comes with a sheath to not just offer a storage alternative, but to also protect it from scraps and other conditions which may compromise its quality.

Most consumers have highlighted that it rarely gets dull. No sharpening may weaken the blade, shortening the usability time. This saves the sharpening fee.


Pros Cons
Can be used for self-defense, even from dangerous animals, like serpents. Some buyers complained that the blades rusted on arrival.
The majority of consumers have said that it is worth the price. Requires immediate hand-washing and drying after use.

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#5.    Flexcut Whittlin’ Jack (JKN88)

Top Features

  • Multiple colors
  • Carbon steel blade
  • Unique handle
  • Comes with a case

From the Flexcut brand, this item is 0.29 pounds. Grab it in the color of your choice. If you are choosy on appearances, here you will choose the color you love; unlike most knives which are solely black.


Flexcut Whittlin' Jack, with 1-1/2 inch Detail Knife and 2 inch Roughing Knife, 3 oz, Walnut Inlay Handle, (JKN88)
Flexcut Whittlin


The blade is strong, thanks to the carbon steel. Moreover, the material is safe to utilize and causes little or no harm to the environment.

The handle is uniquely crafted. You may love it upon the first gaze. It is also comfortable to grip and use.

Additionally, this knife comes with a case to secure it as well as you; the user, especially when carrying it.

Pros Cons
Razor-sharp cutting edge. Complaints of danger in opening and closing among previous buyers.
Ergonomic handle. It is sold by a third party. However, it is Amazon that provides discounts.

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#6.   Flexcut Cutting Knife, Ash Handle, Blade Bevel Length (KN12)

Top Features

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Razor-sharp
  • Great knife, great value

The manufacturer is Flexcut. This knife, made in the USA, is 2.4 ounces. The handle is safe and comfortable to use, with no muscle strains or blisters on your hands.

The blade is carbon steel. Its sharpness guarantees effectiveness. A blunt blade exposes the user to blisters caused by pressure; this one will take care of your hands.


Flexcut Cutting Knife, High Carbon Steel Blade, Ash Handle, 1-1/4 inch Blade Bevel Length (KN12)


Consumers have reviewed this knife as great, and worth the money. According to them, it leaves smooth marks. They recommend it as a great knife to anyone starting whittling

Pros Cons
Polished, razor-sharp blade, out of the box. One buyer found a fault in the knife’s inability to hold an edge.
The handle’s comfort is highlighted, even after prolonged use.

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#7.   Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 164

Top Features


Available for both left and right-hander

Right handle


From the Morakniv store, this knife is 170mm lengthwise with a weight of 57g. The blade is 55mm long and 2mm thick.

If you are not just a whittler, but an outdoor person generally, this knife may be a great fit since it is usable in hiking and camping too.


Morakniv Wood Carving Hook Knife 164


Left-handed people suffer a lot when finding items they can comfortably use. This knife is mindful because it is available for both the left and the right-handed.

The handle is oiled birch wood type; it provides a good balance to offer comfort to the user. Oiling makes it more smooth and minimizes friction which may harm the user’s hands.

The blade’s steel is stainless to combat rust and promote hygiene along with added durability, edge performance, and sharpness.

Pros Cons
Right weight and balance. May be hard to sharpen due to the curved blade.
Comes with a sheath for added safety. The user should be very careful to avoid hurts.

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#8.   Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro, with Roughing Knife,  Cherry Inlay Pistol Grip (JKN95)

Top Features

  • Comfortable for the hands
  • Carbon steel
  • Beautifully designed
  • Sharp on arrival

From the Flexcut brand, this 5.6 ounces knife has a silver coloring, with a unique handle that is comfortable for your hands. The hilt is not limited to the time you spend on the tool.

The steel is very sturdy carbon; whittling or wood carving requires a strong knife that can hardly break, therefore it is a nice fit.


Flexcut Tri-Jack Pro, with Roughing Knife, Detail Knife and Mini-Cutting Knife, Aluminum and Cherry Inlay Pistol Grip, (JKN95)


If you love things that contain impeccable styles, this knife is for you. The design is incredible.

Before it is shipped, the dealers sharpen it by hand and test it to ensure it is sharp.


Pros Cons
Usable in camping, carving, hiking, whittling, etc. It is multi-purpose. Some buyers said that it does not for the price.
The design is attractive to the eyes; it can serve as decorative equipment. One review stated that the blade jiggles a bit, and it is unsafe to open and close.

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#9.    Flexcut Folding Multi-Tool for Woodcarving, 6 Blades Included (JKN91)

Top Features

  • Two distinct colors
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Sharp blade
  • Leather pouch

Manufactured by Flexcut, this 7 ounces knife gives you a chance to choose your preferred color between black and brown.

The blade is made of stainless steel; you can hardly experience rust or discoloration on your knife, a guarantee to long efficacy.


Flexcut Right-Handed Carvin' Jack, Folding Multi-Tool for Woodcarving, 4 1/4 inch Closed Length, 6 Blades Included (JKN91)


The cutting edge is sharp out of the box. Save your time as well as the sharpening fee.

Comes with a leather pouch to safeguard the knife against early breakages and losses, alongside securing the user from accidental cuts.

Pros Cons
The blade arrives sharp and maintains its sharpness for long period. Some customers highlighted opening and closing as a challenge.
Its handles are made of wood, and comfortable. Several buyers said that the price is high for the tool.

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#10.  Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade

Top Features

  • Beautiful sheath
  • Unique color
  • Fixed blade

This knife, from the Mora brand, weighs 0.12 kg. It comes with an inbuilt, beautiful sheath that matches the knife’s appearance and color: The tool and the user’s safety are assured.

You would be surprised by the unique military green color which is neither shouting nor dull.  


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel Blade, 4.1-Inch


Unlike most of the whittling knives, this one contains a fixed blade; although the folding one is easily concealable and not dictated by the environment, this fixed type is more strong and large with no moving parts. Besides, it is easier to maintain.

Most consumers have reviewed it as an excellent, brilliant, high-quality, great knife, worth the price.

The blade is 4.1 inches long and 0.1 inches thick. The overall knife’s length is 8.6 inches and 116g weight.

Pros Cons
Resistant to rust. Extra- sharp: Care is necessary during utilization.
It can be used both outdoor and in the kitchen.

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  • What is the best knife for whittling?

This answer depends on the user’s preferences. From the above features, and characteristics, you can discover the best for you.

Reviews, characteristics, costs, and individual preferences should be your guide.

  • Can you use any knife to whittle?

No, because a good whittling knife is one that can fit in your pocket since whittling is outdoor. You cannot use chef knives because carrying them is hard and may be illegal in some areas.

Also, whittling is an art which has specific knives, designed for the same.

  • What knives are good for wood carving?

The ones whose design fit the purpose. For instance, those which you can carry comfortably, strong to last long during and after use, with sharp and sturdy blades, and those that are affordable plus attractive to you as the user.

  • What should I whittle with for beginners?

As a starter, use softwood because it is easy to work with, and gives fine cuts. Then, after you are conversant with the fundamentals, you can graduate to the hardwoods. Patience and determination are vital.

A pocket knife is necessary so that when you come across a wood, you can whittle right away. Always use a sharp knife for ease as you care for your fingers. Purchasing gloves is a good safety idea.

  • At what age should you start whittling?

To be on the safe side, atleast 18 years. This art utilizes knives, some of which may be dangerous to use by young individuals, others have age restrictions, and prohibiting this may get you into trouble.

Furthermore, at this age, you can make the right decisions on what to do with your free time.

  • Is whittling a good hobby?

Yes, because it relaxes your mind after a bad or busy day. Also, through this art, you may discover talents that can become a profession or passion.

  • What is a whittling knife used for?

To produce specific shapes using a block of wood. It is also used to help relax the mind as you whittle.

  • What is the difference between whittling and carving?

Whittling requires only a knife and a piece of wood, while carving requires specific equipment like detail and carving knives, wood rasps, files chisels, etc.

Also, whittling is a relaxing process while in wood carving, the result matters because you should produce an item at the end.


Final Verdict:

In conclusion, read the guide keenly, and carefully choose the best knife that is comfortable and right. As a beginner, choose softwoods with a straight grain first, and an even color since color changes result in added hardness.

Work with small pieces first before graduating to the large ones, and wear gloves to secure your hands and fingers.

 Always ensure that your body parts are away from the edges during whittling, in addition to taking care of your knife to enjoy a long-time service.

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