EDC Knife

EDC (every day carry) knife is now known to almost everyone. Its major uses include hiking, hunting, fishing, camping, etc.
As you carry other items on daily basis, this is a tool you should consider adding since it is necessary for not just fun, but also security purposes. Its overall lightweight and ease of concealing make it the perfect knife to carry every day.
Nevertheless, there are a lot of different EDC knives in the market, therefore, which is the best? Continue reading this article to get conversed with the Best EDC Knife Above $100.
Have a look at the types below:

#1.    Benchmade – Freek 560BK-1,  G10 Handle

Highlighted Features:

  • High Quality.
  • Perfect design.
  • Usability.
  • Versatility.

Designed by Bench-made, you have the opportunity to select your preferred color, between black and grey. A blade is a very vital part of any knife because it is what is required to perform the tasks. This one is 9.14 cm long and 2.896mm thick.
Grab this stainless-steel blade and quit corrosion experiences that compromise effectiveness.




Thanks to the balance which is perfect to grant the finest edge and the thick 0.62 inches G10 handle, which guarantees comfort-ability to give you the best experience.
Are you a left-hander who gets frustrated due to a lack of considerations? The manufacturer of this tool got you covered because you will use this knife easily with no limitations on your left hand.

Easy to use for everyone determined and motivated, with the one-handed opening which eases the utilization and grip, and an added pocket clip for convenience
What is more, the design of the cutting edge and the tool, in general, makes it multipurpose; you have some savings left.


The blade is easy to sharpen, and yet keeps a sharp edge for a long.
Its beauty is motivating to frequently use it.


Springs may fall with frequent opening and closing.
Some customers have said that its screws are vulnerable to falling off.

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#2.     Benchmade – North Fork 15031-1 Knife

Highlighted Features

  • Rust- free.
  • Properly-designed.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Small, but effective.

Manufactured by Benchmade, this knife is a folding knife that is best suited for hunting. It measures 96.67g overall.
Are you tired of discouragements which result from corrosion on your treasured tools, this knife counteracts rust: Thanks to the stainless-steel blade.


Benchmade - North Fork 15031-1 Knife, Drop-Point Blade, Made in The USA

The design is remarkable, it will satisfy your needs and appearance too, or who would want an ugly tool? It has your esteem even amid friends. It is not only comfortable to use but also to carry. Thanks to the lightness that the overall knife possesses; a 2.97-inch blade lengthwise with a thickness of 0.114 inches.

6.97 blade when opened and 3.90 inches closed. The G10 handle is 13.46 mm thick.  Overall, this tool is small and this is a plus according to its outdoor purposes; hunting as the core, survival, rescue, etc.

Its strength is not compromised by its light weightiness.
Easy to flip out.

It may require sharpening, according to your sharpness preference.
It only comes in one color (black).

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#3.     Benchmade – Freek 560SBK-1, G10 Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Right design
  • Multi-purpose
  • Quality
  • Easy to use and carry

This tool, manufactured by Benchmade is well designed to fit outdoor purposes. Its lengthy handle, measuring 15.75mm thick grants you a good and comfortable grip.
If you hate or cannot afford a knife set, this knife is for you since it is flexible.
Do you regard hygiene? Here, the blade is stainless steel to guarantee cleanliness alongside avoiding corrosion.


Benchmade - Freek 560SBK-1, Drop-Point Blade, Serrated Edge, Coated Finish, Black/Grey G10 Handle, Made in the USA

As an EDC, the features make this tool easy to carry every day: It contains an easily reachable pocket clip. Furthermore, added comfort-ability during utilization, whether you are a left or a right-hander.


Requires good care, for instance; immediate cleaning after use to maintain its original value.
Comfortable grip to safeguard against blisters.


Very sharp, can cause cuts if not cautiously used.
Requires good care, for instance; immediate cleaning after use to maintain its original value.

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#4.     CRKT Provoke Karambit 2.4 in Black Blade Aluminum Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Uniquely designed
  • Lanyard hole
  • Easy to use
  • Durable

This knife is made available by the Columbia River Knife & Tool manufacturer. Its design is very distinct from the previous items.

Firstly, the blade is short with 2.41 inches lengthwise, and it forms a curvature towards the pointing end. The thickness is 0.209 inches. For deep cuts, it is necessary.
Secondly, the handle is long, lightweight plus strong.


CRKT Provoke Karambit 2.4 in Black Blade Aluminum Handle


At its end, there is a beautifully crafted lanyard hole to give you a good grip plus prevent slips. For the exploitation, the user and design are all that the knife requires performing.

The combination of a good grip blade with a lanyard hole is an assurance of worth. The durability is incredible. You can make deep cuts, and the knife will remain strong with no bending or breakage.

Easy and fast to open.
The grip is perfect for the hands.
A unique tool, with exceptional features.

You may require to hone
The clip is not appropriate in thick pockets.

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#5.     Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife; S30V – G-10 Handle

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel.
  • Convenient.
  • All-purpose.
  • Sturdy.

Manufactured by Zero Tolerance, this folding knife is made from stainless steel to provide maximum performance, hygiene, counteract rust, prevent breakages, etc.
Whether you are left or right-handed, any hand is fit for this tool, without limitations. All that you require are the basic tips for knife usage.
You can use it to hunt, camp, self-defense, or other outdoor actions.


Zero Tolerance 0350TS; Folding Pocket Knife
Zero Tolerance


Its sturdiness is incredible, thanks to the S3OV steel which contains significant carbon and vanadium for fine edging and counteracts abrasion, maintaining its originality.

A safe locking structure, that does not cause accidental blade shutting.
Contains a pocket clip for carrying.

Some consumers state that the pocket clip is vulnerable to falling off.
For longevity, you need to clean immediately after use.

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#6.    KRUDO Knives VICE Folding EDC Knife with Tanto Blade

Highlighted Features

  •  Contains rivets and a lanyard hole
  •  Lengthy blade
  •  Stainless-steel

From the KRUDO knives brand, this knife is characterized by rivets that fasten the grip in place to prevent falling.   Moreover, a lanyard hole present in the handle prevents unexpected falls, which may injure you, or lose your knife if it falls without your knowledge.




The grip’s length alone can assure you comfort-ability because it is adequately long to use without difficulties or fatigue which may cause pressure on your hands.
The blade is 3.5 inches and made of stainless steel to prevent rusting therefore it can serve you long.

Fast and easy to unlock.
Strong, durable quality to last long.
Well, and beautifully constructed.

Not dishwasher safe.
Only usable for adults, children may harm themselves.

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#7.   KRUDO Knives DRASTIK Folding EDC Knife Tactical Pocket Knife with Style

Highlighted Features

  • Double-edged, and Pointed tip.
  • Appears calm, yet tough.
  • Ergonomic, riveted handle.

The KRUDO knives are the manufacturer of this knife which contains a cutting edge, 3.8 inches on either side; you worry not if one gets dull.


KRUDO Knives DRASTIK Folding EDC Knife


The tip is sharp-pointed, making it an appropriate outdoor tool since the pointed end can easily penetrate an animal, or enemy to grant you victory.
Don’t get tricked by its cool looks, when it is exposed to action, it is a no joke.
The grip is ergonomic for comfort, safety and provides a non-fatigued user experience. The rivets add sturdiness; therefore, worry not about the handle falling.


It provides diversified grip performances.
Multipurpose use; hunting, self-defense, camping, etc.

For some, it can be heavy to carry.
Its sharpening requires an experienced or professional person.

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#8.     Personalized Pocket Knife – Set of 6 – w/Clip & Glass Breaker EDC

Highlighted Features

  • Perfect gift
  • Elegant
  • Resourceful
  • Rust-resistant

This knife comes from the Personalized Gift Land. As the name suggests, this is a good gift choice for a father, uncle, friend, groom, or anyone who loves gifts and outdoor activities.
It comes with a box, and what is more, you can request that the user’s name gets labeled on the knife.


Personalized Pocket Knife Engraved for Groomsmen - Set of 6 - Customized Knives w/Clip & Glass Breaker EDC for Groomsman Proposal, Best Man, Dad, Fathers Day
Personalized Gift Land


The design is stylish, if you love fashionable items, you love this one. You can utilize it to accomplish almost all outdoor activities, and indoor ones like opening boxes, it is multi-purpose.

Its blade’s material is stainless steel to combat rust, and keep your knife original for long period.

Worth your cash.
It is clean to avert hygiene issues.

Expensive to some.
Closer attention needed while working with the knife.

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#9.    Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives Tactical EDC Knife, Ki4501A1

Highlighted Features

  • Good edge retention
  • Perfect grip
  • Titanium handle

Manufactured by Mojave outdoor, this knife is 7.93 inches lengthwise. It contains CPM-S35VN steel to provide a strong cutting edging, in addition to withholding a superb edge.
The handle provides the right grip to keep your hands comfortable through the use, therefore, no sore, weary hands.


Kizer Cutlery Folding Pocket Knives Flipper Titanium Handles Tactical EDC Knife, Darrel Ralph Gunhammer Ki4501A1


The hilt is made with titanium; therefore, it is light to help you do the work without muscle exhaustion that comes with heavy handles.
The blade is 8.90cm long to provide deep and smooth cuts.

Perfect weight for the blade and handle.
Stays sharp for a long time.

The grip is vulnerable to scrape.
It may be expensive for some.

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#10.  Personalized Pocket Knife Engraved for Groomsmen – Set of 10

Highlighted Features

  •  Perfect gift
  •  Uniquely designed
  •  Beautiful riveted handle

It comes from the Personalized Gift Land brand. Its blade is 2.9 inches long and 2.8 mm thick, with an overall 4.5 length when closed.
An ideal gift to a loved one, family on their special day like birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.


Personalized Pocket Knife Engraved for Groomsmen - Set of 10 - Tactical Assisted Opening Knives w/ Clip EDC for Men, Dad Gifts, Boyfriend, Anniversary,...
Personalized Gift Land


The design is unique, with a unique colored handle. If you dislike a dark color, this is an alternative.
The handle is appealing to the eyes. It is riveted to keep it firmly attached to the place, during, and after use.

You can stare at it again and again; it is very attractive.
Strong to provide long usability.


Its opening and closing are not smooth, additional effort is necessary.
 For some, it is small therefore challenging to use for long.

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#11.    Benchmade – Mini Griptilian 556 Knife

Highlighted Features

  •  Long, comfortable handle.
  •  Sharp blade and tip.
  •  Stainless steel.
  •  Versatile.

From the Benchmade manufacturers, this item measures 2.81 Oz. It consists of a long handle that is purposely designed for comfort, whether you use it for a long or short period, the grip will not disappoint.


Benchmade - Mini Griptilian 556 Knife, Drop-Point Blade, All Around Functionality, Made in The USA


The blade is sharp and smooth, with a pointed end to ease penetration and cutting during use. No more muscle strain. The steel material is stainless to counteract rust and maintain the cleanliness of items. Moreover, it is strong to last long.  Lastly, whether you are a fisher, hunter, or diver, this knife is for you. Its uses are limitless.


The blade is sharp and well centered.
Perfect size for every-day-carry.


To some, it may be expensive to buy.
The color is one; black.

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#12.    CRKT Provoke Earth Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife Clip 4040E

Highlighted Features

  • Stylish blade and hilt
  • Lanyard hole
  • Great performance
  • Corrosion-resistant

While at Newbury Park, California, Joe Caswell designed this knife. Its brand is CRKT, and it is 172.93g overall. The 61.21mm long and 5.31mm thick blade is uniquely serrated, and more pointed towards the tip. The handle is attractively crafted and lengthy for the perfect grip.


CRKT Provoke Earth Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife: Morphing Karambit, D2 Cerakote Blade, Kinematic Pivot Action, Integrated Safety Lock, Low Profile Pocket Clip 4040E


The handle’s end contains a lanyard to provide more support during use; it can rarely fall or cause you accidental harm. The performance is great, thanks to the D2 blade steel which maintains its exceptional edge. The protection is guaranteed with the Cerakote blade. Rusting and corrosion can rarely occur.


Highly durable, with the premium D2 steel It is more of a weapon, may not be usable on other tasks.
Its sturdiness is a plus to durability.


Great edge retention Some consumers state that it arrives tight, therefore, it may require that you loosen screws so that it can work.

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#13.   CRKT Provoke Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife: D2 Blade Steel,  4040V

Highlighted  Features

  • Unique veff-serrated blade.
  • Lanyard hole.
  • Stylish, lengthy handle.

Manufactured by the Columbia River Knife and Tool, this knife measures 16.76g overall, with a 2.41 inches long blade. The blade is unique; it forms a curvature towards the pointed tip and on the other side, and it contains veff serrations.


CRKT Provoke Kinematic EDC Folding Pocket Knife


Your safety is guaranteed by the lanyard hole on the handle which provides an additional grip to keep your hands and the tool intact.  The long handle is stylish; it motivates you to do the work just by placing your eyes on it.

Sharp to ease the work.
Its sturdiness is a plus to durability.


If inexperienced, using it carelessly can cause cuts.
Not dishwasher safe.

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  • What is an EDC knife?

EDC stands for every-day-carry. Phones, watches, and other items you carry daily are all EDCs.
An EDC knife is one you can carry daily; it is designed or used outdoor to perform tasks like hunting, fishing, camping, self-defense, etc.

  • What makes a good EDC knife? What is the best knife steel?

The weight and size, a good EDC knife is lightweight to easily carry, not big because it may be challenging to fit in the pocket. Also, one with a clip or a sheath to store the knife as you move around.

The best steel for this item is stainless because not only is it strong, but it also lasts long especially due to its ability to resist corrosion.

  • What is the best pocket knife for everyday use?

One that you can easily carry-on daily basis without making you fatigued or causing you harm.
Preferably, a folding knife with a clip or a sheath. One that is lightweight and usable where the need arises during outdoor activities.

  • Is it illegal to walk around with a knife?

Yes and no. According to your state, there are particular rules to follow on the use of weapons. This tool is a weapon. Some countries allow it, others only allow it when it is concealed. Other states prohibit carrying them in public, and others completely forbid their selling and purchase. Research your state’s rules to know what it allows and what it prohibits.

Final Thoughts:
This article provides you with a guide to shopping for the right EDC knife. Buy on legit dealers like Amazon, if only, to avoid getting scammed. If you get issues with the item after delivery, contact customer care to help you out.
After the purchase, care for your knife to prolong its efficacy and originality. Remember to adhere to your state’s rules on the buying, use, and carrying of the item to avoid trouble.

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