Commercial espresso machines are essential equipment that will keep you ahead of competition among other coffee makers.

But to stay ahead of the game, you will need an espresso machine that is efficient and capable of performing optimally under a certain pressure of the working environment.

That is why your machine should have two key factors and these are speed and capacity. The two factors need to be significantly higher compared to your competitors’ machines if at all you want to emerge the most reliable coffee maker.

When it comes to doing serious business, there should be no compromise on essential features.

And that is where your knowledge of an ideal espresso machine should start when choosing the right machine for your business. Here is a compilation of the best commercial espresso machines for your small coffee shops.


A Review of the five best Espresso Machines for your Small Coffee Shops



  #1.   Breville the Barista Express Espresso Machine, BES870XL





Breville Barista Express is a solid commercial Espresso machine that is designed primarily for small coffee shops. The machine comes in red, black or stainless steel with a 15-bar Italian pump for maximum output.

With this kind of machine, you will not have a problem controlling the volume of its contents thanks to the inclusion of precision dosing and volumetric controls.

Apart from that, Breville Barista Express has a 67 oz water reservoir to save you time and energy that you would have used to refill it.

And for better extraction, the machine gives you an option of starting off with low pressure, gradually increasing to the maximum as you go along.

The whole device measures 13.2″x12.5″x15.8″ and it includes accessories like the dose trimming tool, removable drip tray, pound bean hopper, and stainless steel milk jug, single and the dual-wall filter baskets, conical burr grinder and water filter holder & filter.



  •  It contains everything you need including the grinder
  •  Comes in three color options to match your coffee shop aesthetic
  •  It informs you when it is time to have it cleaned
  •  An adjustable steam wand
  •  Designed to be placed on the counter when not in use
  •  It has reprogrammable shot volumes
  •  Manual override option



  •  Need to refill the water reservoir
  •  Though a good coffee machine, it remains a good gamble for use in business.



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#2.   Nuova Simonelli Appia II Espresso Machine MAPPIA5VOL02ND001  



Nuova Simonelli Appia II

If you are looking for a perfect and best commercial espresso machine for your small coffee shop, look no farther than Appia II. With a capacity of about 30 and 100 shots an hour, this great machine will never disappoint you whatsoever.

As a matter of fact, its brand name, Nuova Simonelli has been in use for more than seven decades and Appia II stands out as the most reliable as well as a popular model.

On various occasions, this machine has been praised by most of the coffeemakers for its unique, stunning and ergonomic design.

If you are a seasoned barista you will actually love using it given that it will assist you to pull shots across the day without any mechanical issues.

For its weight, well, you will need your colleague to help you lift it since it weighs a staggering 160lbs. Definitely, you will not dare flex your muscles on this one.

When it comes to its mode of operation, Appia employs its unique pre-infused cutting-edge technology to enhance the shots.

The machine is quite perfect and efficient, meaning that it completes the shots at the right.

In addition to that, the machine gives you two choices which are semi-automatic and volumetric. Hopefully, you will take your time to settle for a red, black or a white machine to match your coffee shop interior designs.



  •  Capable of handling a growing and successful coffee shop with ease
  •  Comes with a lot of options
  •  Modern look complete with a sleek chrome finish
  •  Ergonomic design
  •  Easy to clean



  •  The machine is a bit costly
  •  More research is needed to determine the best model for you



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#3.    La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi S1-II Red



La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi S1-II Red


Have you ever heard of a common saying, “looks don’t matter”? If you haven’t, then La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi S1-II Red will make you have a clear picture of what that old-age adage means.

In other words, these machines look dull from its outward appearance, but its performance is on another level. Even though it looks dull, this is a perfect commercial espresso machine for your small coffee shop.

Due to its tiny size, you can place it at a coffee corner in your restaurant if at all you are in need of a small machine to serve your customers with something a little bit authentic yet enticing.

In fact, the machine will help you to do well up to 20 shots per hour which are ideal for serving a handful of customers in your restaurant. Apart from that, it has a 1250W heating element with a dual boiler which enables it to recover more quickly.

But one thing to be aware of when choosing La Spaziale Mini-Vivaldi S1-II Red is that it only uses the water reservoir and it is plumbable (in case it comes with a mini moniker).

Despite being a basic coffee machine, just know that it will get the work done pretty well.

Others features that make it a unique commercial espresso machine for your small shop include a double boiler, volumetric dosing, dual pressure gauges, 2.4-liter water reservoir, swiveling stainless steel arm, LED display, adjustable temperature, double basket, plastic tamper, triple basket, cleaning brush, blind basket and double & single sprout portafilters.



  •  It is readily affordable
  •  Easy to operate
  •  Faster turnaround
  •  Automatic refill and regulation of the temperature
  •  Comes with a water softening patch
  •  Light in weight (at 62 lbs.)
  •  Use friendly touchpad



  •  Not enough for more than 50 shots an hour
  •  Basic design with nothing special
  •  It has a water reservoir as opposed to direct water



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     #4. Bezzera Magica Commercial Espresso Machine E61 Brewing Group



Bezzera Magica E61


The Bezzera Magica is a brand name representing a company that initially patented commercial espresso machines as early as the 1900s. Ever since, its machines have undergone a tremendous change with the espresso remaining popular up to date.

So, if you are looking for a model that combines both the classic, time tested elements and up-to-date time-saving features, Bezzera Magica is quite perfect for you. This machine has become popular by featuring an E61 group head.

The E61 group head is always regarded to be the industry’s gold standard.

This is due to the fact that it is capable of heating water by simply circulating it across its complex and the most efficient thermosiphon system.

Unlike other commercial espresso machines for small coffee shops, Bezza Magica allows you to use its joystick-style levers which provide an ergonomic touch making it easy for you to brew consistently. Away from that, its dual boilers will enable you to simultaneously steam the milk and brew espresso.

Despite its smaller size, this model is capable of holding 4 liters of water in the reservoir and further 2 liters in the boiler. Therefore, it is highly recommended for use in the busiest coffee shops on a small-scale basis.

After all, this machine will provide you with excellent coffee as well as a touch of the classic Bezzera glamour.

The machine measures 16.5″x12″x17″ with features like the single & double sprout portafilters, a1-and-2-cup filter baskets, tamper, scoop, group-head cleaning brush-blind filter basket.



  •  With the help of the joystick-like levers, you will be able to consistently make an excellent brew
  •  Dual boilers for steaming milk and heating water
  •  Extremely efficient ( with the aid of E61 group head)
  •  Light in weight ( about 50lbs)
  •  It has a cup warmer
  •  Great design



  •  Very small for a larger business
  •  The need to refill water reservoirs


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   #5.   Jura IMPRESSA Z9 Automatic Coffee Machine





When you think of a commercial espresso machine that is capable of producing a substantial amount of correctly pulled shots per day for your small shop, Jura Impressa Z9 should cross your mind.

This machine is suitable for you if you are running a small restaurant or coffee joint that serves excellent cappuccino to your customer.

Most importantly, this machine does not require you to have the necessary skills that qualify you to being a legit barista given that it is designed to primarily make your work easier.

That is why most of the baristas who are conversant with it have always referred to it as super-automatic Jura Impressa Z9.

The device will definitely do everything for you up to the required standards. On the other hand, it comes with a built-in conical burr grinder as well as a capable steamer for maximum efficiency.



  •  It is an automatic professional machine
  •  Applies initial low pressure for optimal extraction
  •  Comes in various colors to choose from
  •  Adjusts water temperature after every steam to make the brew tasty
  •  Has a smooth but powerful grinder
  •  Simple to operate



  •  The machine is a bit costly
  •  From the customers’ review, the machine is likely to malfunction


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Final Verdict

From this detailed review of the best five commercial espresso machines for a small coffee shop, you can easily settle for one machine that meets your needs. But the truth of the matter is that there is no specific model that can be said to be the best in all situations.

What matters is the choice of a machine that has a specific requirement for your business.

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