Best Canned Chilli

There are so many people that may not find chilies in their cup of tea. Again canned foods are not that popular really to many. We all prefer having a meal made to our likeness and want.

However, you may find yourself in a situation that the only thing you can have is canned foods. They are ready and good to go yet very healthy.

What may be surprising to many is the presence of canned chili. In this article, we shall look in depth at the available best canned chili in the market.

Consequently, we shall help you have a clue on the things you ought to look out for while shopping. So, for the Chili lovers, let us get informed!

How to Use Canned Chili?

One thing you will love about this versatile food is that you don't have to be a chef in order to prepare it. The most simple and easiest way is just to eat it straight from the can, especially when the time is running out for you.

However, you can choose to mix it with other food that it goes well with for an improved taste. For instance, you can mix with baked potatoes and shredded cheese.

Lastly, you may prefer to use it as a dip for tortilla chip, more so when inviting your family members or friends.

Best Canned Chili Reviews – Top Rated in 2020

For starters, it might be very hard, especially when looking for the right kind of healthiest canned chili. Well, this canned chili review focuses on every detail you are looking for.

#1     Amy's Organic Canned Chili

Homestyle With Beans (Pack of 6)

Amy’s is a family-owned business that produces purely organic and healthy chili free from any harmful chemical, also the ingredients here are not genetically modified.

Instead, it is made up of natural beans and vegetables providing a basis for a good source of fiber and protein.

Additionally, it is rich in other nutrients such as vitamin A and C, minerals such as sodium, calcium, and iron.

The product has a sweet and yummy taste with a great thickness and a little bit spice.In fact, it really blends well with rice and meat if you consider mixing with other dishes.

Again it is featherweight, well packed in a can that you can even carry it as your packed lunch while traveling, hiking or even at your workplace.Consequently, it’s USDA certified and approved fit and safe for human consumption.

Also, to note down army's chili is gluten free, corn free, lactose-free and dairy free to give you that thick and delicious flavor of a Mexican style stock.Importantly, it's less spicy with less heat ideal for children and those who might be having stomach ulcers prohibiting them from too much spices.


  • Purely organic made and do not contain any GMO ingredients.
  • Made up of well-cooked beans having the great and yummy taste• You can choose to warm it again if opened.
  • Has been certified by USDA
  • Free from gluten.


  • Some have reported it to be watery when opened.
  • Less spicy hence not ideal for those who love spicy food.

#2    Campbell's Chunky Canned Chili with Beans

Amy's Kitchen Organic Spicy Chili Low Sodium (Pack of 12) - Pack Of 12

If you are looking for a canned chili with special taste that is spicy, thick and hot, then the Campbell is your ideal choice.

Apart from vegetables and meat, the Campbell’s chunky canned chilli can also be mixed with kidney beans that bring about that special delicious taste.Furthermore, it's versatile and you can consume straight from the can.

Ideally, you can also pack it with you anywhere you want to go whether traveling, in school, hiking or when you do not feel like cooking.

They are a good substitution fast food that are unhealthy in most cases. Importantly, it is rich in nutrients such as sodium, calcium, iron and vitamin A, and a great source of protein, providing a well-balanced diet.

Besides, it helps you beat hunger down, especially when you want to re-energize and have little time to prepare food with its spicy kidney beans, seasoned ham and beef with green and red pepper to make it even hotter.

Further, you can choose to mix it with other dishes due to its yummy taste, or just take it as it is like that. Due to the high pepper content making it hot, it might not be ideal for feeding children who are not used to pepper.


  • Has a special delicious taste.
  • Comes with the right amount of vegetables, seasoned beef.
  • You can still warm it again even when it has been opened.
  • It’s spicy and hot.
  • Versatile can be carried anywhere.


  • Sometimes comes in a watery form without its ideal thickness.
  • It lacks vitamin C in it and too hot.

#3      Skyline Canned Chili

Skyline Chili 8 Cans - 15 oz

One thing about skyline canned chili is that it has great uniqueness from the other canned chili. Its taste will greatly depend on how you see it.

It has almost all the ingredients in it such as cornstarch, tomato sauce, paprika, salt, spices, onion, garlic, beef, and yeast.

Consequently, it is more like a sauce and goes well with pasta or when using it as a dip for a corn chip.

Moreover, it is rich in sodium, with less nutritive value in vitamins A and C, and also minerals such as calcium and iron.

Despite this, it is worth buying because it adds a unique taste to your food, also versatile in its use.

It is not a must that you stay in Cincinnati for you to enjoy the good taste of skyline canned chili, you can have it wherever you wish.

Since it is ready-made, apart from mixing with other foods, you can also enjoy it straight from its pack. It is less hot making it ideal for those who don’t like pepper.


  • Can be reheated even after opening it.
  • Goes well with pasta and can also be used as a dip for corn chip.
  • Has a unique taste from other canned chilies.
  • Made from a variety of ingredients.
  • It’s spicy, ideal for those who love spicy food.


  • Has less nutritional value especially vitamins and minerals.
  • Comes with less amount of meat.

#4      Hormel Chili No Beans

Hormel Chili with Beans Microwave Cup 7.38 Oz (Pack of 6)

The best thing about Hormel is that it can be fully packed in a small, versatile container that is easy to open for quick meals particularly that moment when you just feel like having a quick eat.

There aren't beans made from a delicious, well-boiled recipe with a mouth-watering blend of savory chili like Hormel chili.

Additionally, you can carry it with you at the workplace, in school and even while traveling. Consequently, it contains concentrated crushed tomatoes, beans, beef and onions.

A further advantage is that it has its own pepper taste made from jalapeno pepper. Importantly, it is rich in protein and also good in energy and sodium.

Furthermore, they are packed in an appealing container that is easy to open and reheat for a couple of minutes. Although it has sodium in it, it doesn’t taste that spicy and salty.

The content is thick, and can be used as a dip for tortilla chip or simply mix it with other food such as baked potatoes.This will make your food delicious and finger leaking. What makes Hormel's among the number one chili is that it’s free from artificial ingredients and preservatives and also comes with can coatings that don't contain BPA.


  • Contains neither artificial ingredients nor preservatives.
  • Can be warmed even after opening it.
  • Good source of protein.
  • Has a can whose coatings lack BPA.
  • It’s a versatile canned chili.


  • Packed with lots of vegetables with a small amount of meat.
  • At some points, it too salty.

#5      Trader Joe's Beef Chili with Beans

Trader Joe's 99% Fat Free Beef Chili with Beans (Pack of 3)

Sometimes, it is ideal to go for something less spicy to accommodate a number of different people.

Having this jalapeno pepper will leave the roof of your mouth lingering with that awesome less spicy taste you might be looking for.

And also if you are looking for a different brand of chili with a different kind of flavor, then you might want to try Trader Joe's beef chili with beans.

What makes it stand out is what it contains.The canned chili contains; dehydrated onions, jalapeno peppers, and additionally natural flavorings, paprika, dehydrated bell peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, butter flavor, sugar, beans, water, beef, tomatoes.

These bring about the savory blend of ingredients.Talking about nutrition, it is a good source of protein and fiber, but always be keen while checking at the nutritive values.

Interestingly you may choose how you want to use it, depending on your style whether mixing it with other food such as rice or consuming like that.

But, ideally, it is best if mixed with other dishes to bring that tantalizing sweetness and aroma from its various spicy ingredients. Besides, it is so versatile that you can carry it with you even at your workplaces.

Again, it can be stored in a refrigerator to be consumed later without going bad before the expiry date. Moreover, you can even reheat it after opening it.


  • Good source of protein and fiber.
  • Can be reheated.
  • It’s versatile.
  • Can be mixed with other dishes.
  • Hot made from bell and jalapeno pepper.


  • Less spicy, especially for those who love spicy food.
  • Has pepper making it hot, not ideal for those who don’t like pepper.

#6      Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili With Beans

Homestyle With Beans (Pack of 6)

Whenever it comes to the production of healthiest canned chili, Texans are known to be among the best.

They are not only good at what they do, but also always meet their customers taste and preference.Wolf Brand Homestyle Chili with Beans for instance is just another exception from them since it's a genuine chili with an authentic savor.

It is delightful and trust me, it is love at first taste when you get to have it for the first time and you won’t even waste time preparing it.

Correspondingly, when it comes to its nutrition value, it still stands among the best chilies. It’s nutrition components include; proteins, vitamin A and C together with minerals such as; calcium and a high percentage of sodium to bring out that unique taste in it.

It also has some amount of magnesium.Furthermore, the ingredient that make it mouth-watering is tomatoes. There are also onions, beef and green pepper to increase the heat while beans add taste to it.

Also, you can mix with other food such as rice and pasta, apart from taking it straight from the can. Additionally, it is versatile since you can use it even while traveling or when at workplace. For those who love warm food, still, it can be reheated even after opening it.


  • Has even a mix of meat and vegetables.
  • Has an authentic taste with it.
  • It is highly nutritious.
  • Even after opening, can still be reheated.
  • Versatile, either mixed with other dishes or consumed alone.


  • Beans used are regular ones rather than the kidney beans with distinctive taste.
  • Can sometimes come out watery and less thick.

#7     Joan of Arc Beans, Spicy Chili (Pack of 12)

Quick Overview:

Brand: Joan of Arc

Name of the Flavour: Spicy Chili

Size: 15 ounces (Pack of 12) (Pack of 12)

Dimensions of the Package: 12.5 x 9.5 x 5 inches; 13.5 pounds



A good fit for those who want high-quality beans, which are rich in fiber as well as protein to
make food sweet and nutritious.
With the JOAN of ARC beans, your simple meal is turned into something incredible. 
Furthermore, any high-quality bean is a nutritionally fit choice for your family; you can rely
on these beans to maintain the savory taste and firm texture of your sauces, chili, salads, and
To save the day, this pack contains Kidney Beans, Spicy Chili Beans, and Pinto Beans as the
main ingredients.
When it comes to food preparation, JOAN of ARC beans have many uses; they can serve as a
delicious main meal, an appetizer, or even a side dish. 
Their amazing taste, texture, and ability to transform a dish renders them kitchen heros!
They are an excellent complement and enhancement for any meal.
They can also substitute meat.


  • Excellent beans and flavour.
  • Affordable: They are not expensive.
  • Highly nutritious.


  • May vary from similar products purchased elsewhere.
  • Can sometimes come in dented cans.

#8.    Stagg Silverado Beef Chili with Beans

Quick Overview:

Brand: Stagg

Dimensions of the package: 14.6 x 8.3 x 7.6"

Flavor: Beans with Silverado Chili

Weight: 92 oz

Stagg Silverado Beef Chili with Beans, 15 Ounce (

Stagg Silverado

Sometimes, it is draining to use distinguished food ingredients, especially when time is limited.

One major highlight about this product is that it is filled with all the classic chili flavors you can love.

Loaded with juicy meat, plump beans, red-ripe tomatoes, green and red peppers, and a general unique mixture of spices.

Stagg Chili is easy to open, and overally a great complement that ought to be in your kitchen’s cabinet.

Troubled with the winter chills? This dish is a great source of warmth.

Furthermore, it is the perfect topping for hot dogs, sliders, etc.


  • Incredible taste.
  • Per serving, there are 16 grams of protein.
  • Available in every chili season.
  • 100% Natural; no artificial ingredients


  • It may be watery, and hence not suitable for some chili lovers who prefer the thickness.

#9     Armour Star Chili With Beans

Quick Overview:

Brand: Armour

Dimensions of the package: 12.52 x 8.86 x 4.37 inches,

Flavor: Chili with Beans 15 Oz

Weight: 12.06 Pounds

Armour Star Chili With Beans

Armour Star

For all of your meal and snack opportunities, Armour Star provides a wide variety of easy-to-make solutions. 

The Armour Star Chili with beans contains a great flavor. Boost your appetite by topping it on your hot dog, rice, etc.

Moreover, it is easy to prepare through heating on top of the stove or in the microwave for at least 10 minutes. 

If you love picnics, or outdoor activities, these cans of chili are perfect.


  • Quick, easy meal with great taste.
  • Usable in outdoor activities.
  • Easy to prepare even in the microwave, or on the stovetop.


  • May be expensive to some.

#10    Mary Kitchen Hash Corned Beef

Quick Overview:

Brand: Mary Kitchen hash

Dimensions of the package: 13.54 x 8.31 x 4.69 inches

Size: 14 Ounces, 8 Packs



To awaken the taste buds of your friends and family, serve the Mary Kitchen Hash.

Mary’s Kitchen has been the meat and potato of a healthy breakfast for almost 70 years.

It brings modern households around the table to experience a relaxed weekend breakfast together.

Present in different forms, such as roasted beef, sausage, and corned beef with reduced sodium.

Not sure about your recipe? The manufacture contains a website to help you prepare the best dish.

Besides, you will struggle with conservation no more, all you need is to store in a cool, dry place and observe the given expiration date.


  • For each serving, it contains 17 grams of protein.
  • Ready to serve saves you the cooking time and energy.
  • Easy to make.
  • Several years of good quality and maintained flavor.


  • Comes with small quantities of meat.

#11    Hormel Chili With No Beans

Quick Overview:

Brand: Hormel Chili

Dimensions & Weight: 12.28 x 6.18 x 4.6 inches; 8.57 Pounds

Size: 15 Ounces, 8 Packs

Hormel Chili With No Beans

Hormel Chili

Hormel Chili no beans are made with a savory blend of chili flavors, from a sweet, cool recipe.

Hormel Chili varieties include beans, no beans, hot, turkey, chunky, home-style, vegetarian, chicken, and natural flavors.

 To make your cooking memorable, there are lots of great chili recipes available on the manufacture’s website, ranging from chili dogs with cheese to chili nachoes.

For optimal consistency, taste, and freshness, consume the product within the date printed on the packaging. 

Note that various products of HORMEL Chili contain different ingredients. 

For all the allergy information, check the product labels and nutrition information in the product.  

The flavor can be preserved through storing in a cool, dry spot.


  • Per serving, there are 14 grams of protein.
  • Contains enough meat.
  • No chemical components or added preservatives.
  • Easy to open.


  • Not too spicy.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

There are always some tough decisions when it comes to selection for any buyer. Chili buying is no exception, especially the canned ones. This guide will help you reach a decision and get the healthiest canned chili available in the market.

i. Spices

Always go for canned chili that has your ideal taste and preference, and be keen to read the ingredients labeled on the cans. They will direct you more if the pepper it contains is either mild hot, super-hot, medium hot or hot.

There are various types of pepper that brings a difference in taste, for instance; some people prefer jalapeno pepper since it leaves the roof of their mouth like a burning fire.

Apart from pepper, other ingredients such vinegar being added in some chilies bring a sour tasting. Also, salt content in canned chilies can be used as a spice and affect the overall taste, some will prefer when salty or with less salt.

Canned Chili Pixabay

ii. Thickness

The thickness of your canned chili will mostly vary between various brands. However, as earlier stated, select the brands that suit your preference and taste. After this in mind, you can then consider the type of food you want to mix the chili with.

Some food will require soup that is less thick, while some will be best served with thick soup. Ideally, the thickness is someone’s preference. The most perfect thickness is one which falls in between a chunk of tomato paste or solid beef patty with a stew-like substance.

iii. Types of Canned Chili

You will find quite a number of canned chilies on the market. However, each vary from the other. If you don't know how to really differentiate, it might be hectic for you to choose the ideal canned chili food.

In this review, we pointed out some of the key designs of canned chilies offered by various manufacturers. Depending on you want, this review gives you options to choose from, be it either white chili, chili, con carne or Chili Verde.

iv. Other Vegetables

Everyone anticipates that it is only the common vegetables such as tomatoes and onions that should form the parts of canned chili. Well, even beans can be part of the canned chili. Most canned chilies nowadays are being manufactured with different varieties of beans to bring an authentic taste in them.

In other cases, kidney beans are added by some manufacturers to bring a unique taste making them more delicious but with the same flavor. However, some will use normal beans but still produce canned chilies with an awesome taste.

v. Vegetarian Canned Chili

In the market, this kind of chili is commonly known as chili sin carne, to mean purely made from vegetables. It has gained fame since the rise of vegetarianism (feeding purely on vegetables and not meat), although it is not ideal for those recommended to be on a balanced diet.

Consequently, it is not only meant for a specific group of people, but even those who take meat are also free to use it. But before selecting your ideal chili canned meal, always check if it purely made from vegetable if it's your preference.

Moreover, the ingredients used mainly beans contain either corns, crushed beet or mushrooms, depending on your taste.

vi. Meat-added Canned Chilli

If you are a vegetarian, check the label on the can very well to avoid selecting the wrong type of canned chili. On the contrary, there are those who do take meat but have narrowed down either to take white meat or red meat depending on either change of lifestyle or on a diet.

Well, manufacturers will always give you options to choose to achieve the ideal canned chili as part of your diet. In the market, there are chilies with red meat such as beef or goat meat and white meat such as pork or even chicken.

Additionally, you can improve the flavor of your chili up to your preferred taste by use of different spices such as salt, vinegar, garlic, oregano, pepper, chili powder, or cumin. Also note that meat made canned chili should be a savory and delicious rather than a metallic tasting meat.

vii. The Expiry Date of The Canned Chili

If you are not keen enough, you might not see where expiry date has been indicated. In most case written as "for best quality use by". Even though canned chilies have a longer shelf life, still they have an expiry date.

Otherwise, before considering to purchase a canned chili food, always read carefully the codes either on top or at the bottom side of the can to be certain on the expiring date. Expired food might be harmful to your health and often causes food poisoning.

viii. Nutritional Value

Most people always assume this vital part. Canned chili food is not a junk food and when planning to purchase some, always take your time to read the nutritional values it comes with. In fact, despite having a delicious finger-leaking taste, some might be adding less nutrients to your body in terms of their ingredients composition.

However, most canned chilies vary in nutrient composition. Just to mention a few nutrients that you might consider looking for before buying your favorite canned chili, consider; vitamins (A & C), proteins, fiber, energy (in terms of calories) and minerals (magnesium, sodium, calcium, and iron).

ix. Check if it’s certified and free from any harmful chemicals, preservatives, additives, and BPA

From the above reviewed canned chilies, they are mostly free from any harmful preservatives and food additives which might render them unfit for human consumption. Most of these preservatives and additives apart from increasing the shelf life of canned chili, they also improve taste.

Similarly, for you to be sure it’s not harmful to your health always check if it is USDA certified and coatings don't contain BPA. Besides, it’s better to go for canned chili free from any chemicals and genetically modified ingredients such a GMO bean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do canned chilies have expiry dates?

A. The expiry date will vary among manufacturers, but still any canned food has a specific period of time to last before being rendered expired. In most cases, it is written as “for best quality use by.”

Q. Can I refrigerate canned food after opening it?

A. After opening and using canned food, it’s still possible to store it in a refrigerator. However, you will have to transfer it into another container which can be properly closed to avoid loss of flavor and ensuring proper storage.

Q. Can I heat a canned chili using its container after opening it?

A. Yes, it is possible, but not in a microwave. It is only possible if the top isn’t tightly closed but instead, loosely closed with an aluminum foil and placed inside a saucepan containing warm water on top of a cooker.

Q. For how long does canned chili remain nutritional and fit for human consumption after the period of purchase?

A. Canned chilies have a shelf life of about 2 years actually after the period it was manufactured to be termed safe and nutritious. In contrast to this, some can go beyond 2years but their nutrition value will decrease and sudden change of color and even taste will occur.

Q. Can I mix canned food with cooked food?

A. Well, canned food can either be consumed straight from the can or mixed with other food such as rice or mashed potatoes.


In the recent years, many people had always avoided using canned food, due to the bad reputation it had before, such as; not being good health wise. Fortunately, this notion with time is being done away with.

Nowadays, with increased health standards concern, manufacturers have resolved in producing some of the best-canned chilies fit for human consumption, certified and with necessary nutrition requirement.

This review has hopefully guided you to the right kind of chili. Depending on the amount of Chili you take, there is always something for you and your loved ones on the shelves. Go for what is general and suits all of you.

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