Pancake Griddle

Pancake is everyone’s favorite, especially when it’s decorated with syrup and butter. Usually, the lighter the pancake, the tastier it is. However, to produce perfectly brown pancakes, you need a very good griddle to cook on.

Unfortunately, finding such pancakes in the market is not always straight-forward given the wide array of products available in the market. Luckily, we are here to make the search a whole lot easier.

Instead of perusing hundreds or thousands of griddles, you can go through our list of the top 9 best pancake griddles in the market at the moment.

To arrive at this list, we had to do a lot of research on the top brands in the market, and after some testing and review of customer testimonies, we were able to finally arrive at what you could call a comprehensive list.

It is difficult to say exactly which griddle is the “best”. All nine are great and would perform well depending on your budget and requirements.

But before we head into all that, let’s see why you even need a pancake griddle in the first place.

Why You Should Buy a Pancake Griddle?

If you are a seasoned chef, then the idea of cooking on a griddle as opposed to using an ordinary pan would probably sound natural to you given the advantages a griddle offers. However, for beginners, this might not be clear.

So in order not to leave anyone out, let’s quickly see why a griddle should be your most preferred choice for baking pancakes as opposed to ordinary pans and skillets.

First of all, griddles are good at spreading heat evenly unlike your regular pans and skillets which are often responsible for your burnt food. If you want to get brown colored pancakes that are consistent and taste delicious, then a griddle is your only option. No joking!

Griddles are super easy to use. If you’ve ever used one before, then you would have probably noticed how flat they are. This makes them extremely simple to flip your pancakes instead of trying to turn them over with another kitchen tool.

Our 13 Best Pancake Griddle in the Market

It’s time to look at the top griddles in the market for the money. Below are some of the best brands available that will not disappoint.

#1          Presto 07046 Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

Presto 07046 Tilt 'n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle

If you plan to do any serious cooking at home, there’s no doubt you will need a good griddle at one point. For the best quality griddles, the Presto brand is one of the brands you can rely upon.

If you need a griddle that represents the best blend of traditional and modern touch, then you will not go wrong with the Presto 07046 Tilt ‘n Drain Big Griddle Cool-Touch Electric Griddle.

Even though this unit features a design that largely points to new generations, it still manages to depict an aesthetic appearance that shows a connection with the old-fashioned form of griddles.

This unit doesn’t only promise to bring radiance to your kitchen space, but also provide the best value for your money. And interestingly, it’s an electric griddle!

Even though the cooking space is not the largest in the hood, with a dimension of 18.5x15 inches, you will agree it’s still a pretty huge one. So you shouldn’t have a problem preparing enough pancakes in one cooking session that will go round the whole house.

As you would expect, the cooking surface of this griddle is nonstick, while its body construction comprises cast aluminum material, which makes it lightweight yet rigid and excellent heat distributor.

As the name indicates, this griddle allows you to “tilt and drain” excess oil during your cooking sessions. This can be really helpful in some situations. The large surface allows you to make many pancakes at once.

Like many other electric griddles, temperature control is automatic; however heat distribution may not be perfect. Overall, this is a great unit that will not disappoint. It promises to provide great value for your money.


  • Automatic temperature control.
  • Easy to clean.
  • ​Features a cool touch base.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Large cooking area.


  • Storage may be a problem due to large size.
  • Small power cord.

#2         Presto 07061 Electric Griddle 22-inch

Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle With Removable Handles

If you are in search of a high quality pancake griddle that will meet the needs of your entire family but don’t want to spend a fortune for it, then you might want to consider the Presto 07061 22-inch Electric Griddle.

As earlier indicated, Presto is a brand that is well-known for high quality kitchen appliances, so it’s no surprise that another one of their griddles managed to make it to this list.

We already mentioned that the Tilt ‘n Drain Big is not the largest kid on the block.

However, the Presto 22-inch might actually be considered for such a feat. So if you need something “extra-large” to cook with, then the Presto 07061 22-inch Electric griddle will definitely make a good choice.

Although the entire pan is 22 x11 -inch large, it can actually be reduced for convenient storage by removing the handles.

This way, you can store the base in a standard 18-inch cabinet in your kitchen.But the good thing about the large cooking area is that it allows you to cook enough pancakes that will go round everyone in the house at a time, instead of cooking repeatedly, which may be inconvenient.

The griddle consists of cast aluminum which is responsible for its lightweight and smooth temperature regulation. As expected, it has a non-stick surface which makes cooking and cleaning a whole lot easier. Given the choice of material, you can also be rest assured that the device will last you a long time.


  • Large cooking area.
  • Warp proof.
  • Versatile.
  • Automatic heat control.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Still requires a large space for storage.

#3         Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddle

Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddler, Silver, Red Dials

If what you want is a versatile unit that can serve as a griddle and a grill, then the Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 will make a great choice.

This model is not only affordable but also boasts of having an incredible quality.

It comes with a nonstick surface that is not only easy to clean but also reversible. In other words, you can put the unit into different uses; you can use one side of the plate as a griddle and the other for grilling.

This gives you the chance to cook other food items apart from pancakes.The other parts of the griddle such as the cover and base are all made of stainless steel, which is responsible for the durability of the tool.

It has a cooking area that can only take up four pancakes at a go, which means you have to cook repeatedly if you have a large family to serve.

Interestingly, the top cover of the griddle is designed in such a way that allows you to adjust the food thickness, which is really cool.

And more so, the whole appliance is dishwasher safe, which saves a lot of washing time in case you decide not to wash manually. But we do advise washing with your hands every once in a while to maintain the shine of the griddle.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Ensures even heat distribution.
  • Easy to use.
  • Pocket-friendly.


  • Small cooking area.

#4         Oster Titanium Infused Dura Ceramic Griddle with Warming Tray

 Oster Titanium Infused DuraCeramic Griddle with Warming Tray, Black/Crème (CKSTGRFM18W-TECO)

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly griddle that will help you prepare your pancakes at a much faster rate, then the Oster Titanium Infused Dura Ceramic Griddle by Oster is your brand.

This is one griddle you will likely end up being excited about because of what it brings to the table.

As the name indicates, the griddle comes with a nonstick surface coated with ceramic, which makes the unit highly durable and efficient in conducting heat.

In fact, compared to a regular nonstick griddle or pan, this particular unit will last you four times longer and save you up to 20 percent cooking time.

In other words, this is the perfect griddle for making pancakes when you are in a hurry. You no longer need to wait for long hours just to rustle up something quick for everyone.

The griddle also features an adjustable temperature control which can be removed. This allows you to cook with better precision so you can obtain those perfectly brown pancakes you’ve always desired.As expected, this unit doesn’t contain any PTFE chemical, so it’s absolutely safe to use.

The cooking surface has a dimension of 10x18 inches which can accommodate enough pancakes for the whole house at once. More importantly, it has a great pricing that is just unbeatable


  • Doesn’t peel or flake.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Highly durable.
  • Cooks very fast.
  • Very affordable.
  • Can be used as a griddle and grill.


  • Splatter range is a little too much.

#5         Vremi 20 inch Large Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle

Vremi 20 inch Large Nonstick Cast Iron Griddle for Kitchen Stove Top - Two Burner Flat Pancake Grill Griddle Pan - Pre-seasoned and Reversible - Portable

If you’re looking for a suitable cookware that does not only give you the option to griddle your pancakes but also grill your barbecues, then the Vremi 20-inch Non-Stick Cast Iron Griddle will make a great choice.

This griddle stands out from the pack with a lot of interesting features that ensure you get a great value for your investment.

In other words, if you’re not impressed with your current regular griddle and desire something that will offer more, then this Vremi griddle might just be the way to go.

A lot of homeowners have already expressed their satisfaction with the product, and after an in-depth look into it, we are convinced it will make a great choice for all pancake lovers.

You have to trust us on that!The device consists of 2 burner grill that can be easily placed on the 2 corresponding burners of your electric stove to fit.

Its flat surface makes it great for preparing your pancakes, as well as your sandwiches and eggs.

Together with the burner grill is a reversible flip side, which works well for grilling your vegetables and barbecues.

This is complemented by the fact that the body construction of the griddle is made of cast iron, which allows for even heat distribution.Interestingly, the grill surface is non-sticky and the addition of a grease slope on each side helps to greatly reduce the amount of fat in your food ingredients.

This ultimately leads to healthier and better tasting dishes.It is also important to note that the griddle is “pre-seasoned”, so it always affects the flavor of your dishes in a special way.

This might not go down too well if you’re the kind that likes to select your own flavors. But nevertheless, this is not a big deal.Although the device is a bit heavy, it is still portable and the handles provide an easy grip.

Cleaning can only be done by hand with soap and water; while this might not always be convenient, it’s shouldn’t prove difficult.


  • Highly versatile.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Has a non-sticky surface.
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Has multiple handles.
  • Comes with grease slope.


  • Can only be hand-washed
  • Needs stove to work
  • Griddle side is a bit rough.

#6         Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

If there’s any member that looks odd in this list, it is the Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle. But just before we attack the elephant, let’s also find out why it made it here in the first place.

Although the Nordic Ware may be considered as a waffle griddle, it still works well for preparing normal pancakes, but not without leaving the waffle pattern on them.

It seems this is the only difference it has from the normal griddle you are already familiar with; if this is the case, then it shouldn’t be a big deal.

As a family-owned company, Nordic is well known for their huge line of quality kitchen ware which is constantly being stretched by consistent innovation.

The Silver Dollar might not have the best quality from the Nordic line, but it will definitely suffice for daily use.

The body construction consists of cast aluminum which makes it lightweight and convenient to handle. And like every other griddle on this list, it has a nonstick surface.

Although the griddle is 3 inches, it can accommodate up to seven pancakes. It will also interest you to know that this griddle is manufactured in the USA, although the handle is imported.

It comes with a long term warranty which guarantees its quality.The griddle is also very easy to clean. You might not find it particularly easy switching from a traditional pan to this griddle; however, you are more likely to get accustomed to it as you continue using it.


  • Easy to clean
  • Great shape and size
  • Lightweight
  • Has nonstick surface
  • Reasonable price


  • Not suitable for induction cook-tops.
  • Flipping can be tricky.

#7         Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle

Cuisinart MCP45-25NS Non-Stick Double Burner Griddle, 10 x 18

Looking for a good griddle that offers enough space to make delicious pancakes recipes? Well, the Cusinart MCP45-25NS is one griddle that will not disappoint you.

This is one of the few bunch of griddles that actually doesn’t fail to do what it promises.It has a dimension of 10x18 inches which makes it a really sizeable unit.

This makes the griddle a great choice for cooking pancake griddle on-time for your entirely family.As expected, the tool has a stainless steel body construction which makes it long-lasting and an efficient heat.

Like the other items on the list, it has a nonstick surface which makes pretty easy to clean and maintain.It will interest you to know that the unit is dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning even more convenient.

We advise soaking the griddle beforehand whenever you want to wash it manually.The only downside of this griddle, like most users have complained about, is that the tool tends to scratch easily, even when tools of similar construction materials are used.

This may be as soon as few weeks of use.But notwithstanding, this little shortcomings are not close in any way to what you stand to enjoy.


  • Even heat distribution
  • Elegant design
  • Can be used on induction cooktops
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comfortable handle


  • Price is a little high
  • Coatings tend to peel off easily

#8        Ecolution Evolve Griddle

Ecolution Evolve Griddle Nonstick 11 Inch, Crimson Red

If you’re operating on a tight budget but still desire a quality griddle that will allow you prepare pancakes, you are going to be proud of, then the Ecolution Evolve Griddle is the way to go.

Made with heavy gauge aluminum and designed to be dishwasher safe, this highly affordable nonstick fry pan comes with an elegant design that makes it very attractive.

Its red crimson color makes it a good match for all fashionable people who loves to use their cookware with style. It’s really something to brag about.

The 11 inch grill pan is super easy and safe to use and can also be used to fry your eggs as well. It has a silicone handle that provides a comfortable grip and manages to remain cool while heat is being applied.

The aluminum material it’s made from makes it very lightweight, so you shouldn’t have any problem holding on to the skillet for long.

Thankfully, heat is spread evenly and you don’t have to worry about the introduction of any harmful chemical to your meals, as the surface coating of the griddle is water-based.

The major drawback of this cookware is that it is tends to warp after using for a while. And this can be attributed to its construction material. However, you can reduce this to a large extent by pouring water into the hot griddle every time you finish using it.


  • Wide cooking area
  • Even distribution of heat
  • Light and comfortable to handle
  • Very attractive


  • Prone to warping

#9        Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Square Grill Pan, 11-inch, Black

When it comes to kitchen appliances and cookware, Calphalon is one brand that has been consistent in delivering quality products for a while now.

They are well-known for their innovation in anodization which makes it possible for them to manufacture cookware with semi non-sticky surfaces.

Such surfaces are expected to have a better resistance to scratching and heat than the normal fully non-sticky surfaces which is adopted for many modern pancake griddles.

The Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Cookware is just one among many in Calphalon product line up; but it seems to be the most preferred choice for making your tasty pancakes.

One of the first things you will notice about this pan is its simple yet unique design which consists of heavy gauge aluminum construction.

Even though heavy duty aluminum might not look like the best material for grilling, it’s still great in the sense that it ensures even distribution of heat to your pancakes; something that is obviously lacking in many regular grillers on display in the market.

The hard-anodization of the aluminum material helps to make the pan more rigid, which is what allows you to produce perfectly grilled pancakes with it. Furthermore, the nonstick surface of the pan makes it dishwasher safe and thus very easy to clean.Now, the only problem with this griddle is that it might not retain heat so well like other griddles that are made of heavier metals.


  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Long-lasting
  • Stress-free to clean


  • Doesn’t retain heat for a long time.
  • Handle might get uncomfortably warm.

#10     Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle

Blackstone 1666 Tabletop Griddle


From the Blackstone brand, this item is made from stainless steel. It measures 26 x 9 x 22 inches (LxWxH respectively)

For anyone who requires large and flexible meals for both indoor and outdoor use, the Blackstone 22 Gas Tabletop 2 Burner Griddle is necessary.

Moreover, it is designed with two heat zones under a separate regulation.You will be in complete control of the 352 sq inch plate for cooking with either low or high heat.

For optimum cooking around the entire griddle, the two ''H'' style burners will provide you with equal heat distribution.

Besides, it is stable on every surface, and easy to clean as well as cook for your whole family.

What is more, this product has an integrated framework for grease management.


  • It cooks fast and perfectly.
  • Cooks different meals, from eggs, meat to vegetable.
  • If you have a vent, you can cook with the grill inside your burner stop-top.


  • The grease catcher tends to clip onto the back of the griddle top, and you cannot remove it when hot without gloves.

#11     DASH DEG200GBAQ01 Nonstick Electric Griddle



Manufactured by DASH, this 7-pound item measures 24.49 x 14.84 x 4.69 inches (LxWxH respectively).

Cook every day with the 1500 watt DASH griddle for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! Great for pancakes, quesadillas, burgers, eggs, etc.

The daily grill makes cooking your favourite meals more convenient than ever before.

The 19.75 x 9.5-inch surface heats easily, saving time and energy, and gives you accurate control over your cooking temperature with the heating probe.

Cleaning is simple with the non-stick coating, and a drip tray to trap excess grease until it hits your countertop.

Make delicious meals with the DASH daily griddle that the whole family would love!


  • Perfect for family meals; cooks a variety of foods all once.
  • Straightforward, easy to use. You simply plug it in and set the heat probe to your desired temperature.
  • It heats up within less time, saving you time and energy.
  • Contains a variety of colors (black, white, red, and aqua).


  • To some, it may be expensive.

#12    Presto, W/WARMING RACK Griddle

Presto, W/WARMING RACK Griddle


With reasonable dimensions of 19.25 x 16.31 x 3 inches (LxWxH respectively), this item, from the Presto manufacturer is 6.24 pounds.

The griddle/warmer plus features an effective, ''square" shape that holds more pancakes, eggs, and sandwiches compared to conventional rectangular griddles.

The exclusive multi-function tray flips back to keep prepared meals warm and flips up for use as a spatter shield. It also swings forward to cover melting and steaming food.

Perfect for any meal; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The master heat control system automatically maintains the cooking temperature required. The cool-touch base and the big 14- x 15" non-stick cooking surface contain a built-in backstop ledge that provides easiness in handling the food.

With the heat control disabled, the griddle is completely immersible and dishwasher safe. It fits perfectly in regular kitchen cabinets.


  • Good for every meal: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Wide 14 x 15-inch cooking surface, with built-in backstop ledge for easy food handling.
  • Non-stick cooking surface for easy cleaning and food preparation.
  • The Thermal Control Master maintains the desired cooking temperature.
  • Cool-touch base on both sides.


  • Space may be a concern due to its large size.

#13    Presto, W/WARMING RACK Griddle

Cainfy Pancake Pan Maker Nonstick


Manufactured by Cainfy, this 3.08pounds item is 7.09 x 5.91 x 1.97 inches (LxWxH respectively).

Let your child enjoy breakfast with just one multi-purpose plate that is easy to use. A great choice for kids who have favourite meals.

The non-stick griddle is perfect for preparing pancakes, omelets, fried eggs, or everything you want.

What is more, it has a multi-purpose kitchen pan with a diameter of 10.5 inches and a height of 0.5 inches.

It heats quickly and uniformly, thanks to the durable die-cast aluminium

A great choice for anyone who wants a durable and lightweight item: It contains a 3 -thickened pot bottom layer, which is heated uniformly to maintain quality heat transfer to facilitate a quick use.

Moreover, it is non-stick and easy to clean, thanks to the 3-layer ceramic coating.

All you need is a little oil. During cooking, there are fewer fumes than iron frying pans; this guarantees you and the family a healthy life.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • The handle has strong heat-insulating properties.
  • It does not leave your pancakes or omelets with dark spots.


  • The non-stick coating can wear off with the use of harsh abrasives.
Things To Consider Before You Buy

When in the market for the best pancake griddle, there are so many things you need to consider in order to make a purchase that will provide great value for your money. You would be making a huge mistake if you were to base your decision on popularity alone.

Below are the key things to look out for if you want to get a high quality griddle that will be able to meet your needs.


Given the texture of pancakes, it’s always a good idea to go for a griddle that has a nonstick surface. This is because when cooked in regular pans, pancakes tend to stick to the surface, which can result to ugly pancakes.

Cooking with nonstick surfaces can help you avoid this, and more so, these type of griddles require little-to-no oil.

Manual or Electric

It’s also important to pay attention to the type of pancake griddle you have in mind. There are usually two options available in terms of power source – the manual griddles and electric griddles.

The manual griddles need to be connected to your stove or gas before you can use them while the electric ones makes use of electricity.

Both options are great depending on your needs. Opting for an electric pancake griddle gives you more cooking space as your stove will be available for preparing other foods.

You will also have chance to select the temperature you want to work with, which can be very important for perfecting your pancake recipe. However, cleaning such griddles might be difficult and you can only use it where you have a power source.

Easy Cleaning

It’s always a good idea to go for kitchen cookwares that do not require a lot of effort and time to clean. This is even more important for a pancake griddle.

Since pancake itself is not hard to prepare, it’s expected that cleaning would also be easy. You don’t want a situation where you have to scrub aggressively or soak the pan for a while before washing.

So go for a griddle that won’t give you a hard time cleaning. The best griddles you will find in this category are usually those with nonstick surfaces. Some griddles can also be made from other materials that allow for easy cleaning.


Another important consideration to make when shopping for a pancake griddle is size and shape. Unlike frying pans which are majorly circular in shape, most griddles have a square or rectangular shape, which is ideal as it provides more surface area to cook your pancakes.

More so, you can decide to cook other food items apart from pancake. In addition to the shape, it’s also important to look at the capacity of the griddle.

best pancake griddle


If you plan on making pancakes for yourself alone or together with one or two people, then a small griddle will do. However, in case you have a large family, then you should consider going for a larger griddle. This will make it possible to prepare more pancakes at once, instead of doing it in turns.

Heat Conductivity

There’s nothing more satisfying than to see your pancakes perfectly brown-coloured. This really depends on the heat conductivity of the metal material used for making your griddle, as this will determine how heat is distributed across the surface.

Aluminum is generally considered as the best choice as it allows for even heat distribution and also heats up quickly. Cast-iron is also good for cooking perfectly brown pancakes but it normally takes more time to heat up.

Plate Thickness

Thickness is also a key factor for selecting a griddle.

Thicker griddles tend to do better at retaining heat but usually take some time before they get hot enough to start accepting your batters. They also do better at distributing heat evenly and tend to last longer.

However, such griddles usually come with higher price tag and consume more energy than the thinner plates.

We recommend going for thick griddles to get the best value for your money. Thin plates don’t last too long as they develop cracks overtime. It is also difficult to prepare great pancake recipes with such griddles as they heat up too fast and cools down easily.


When purchasing kitchen appliances, it’s advisable not to make price your primary focus, because you might end up spending more money when you land the wrong product.

Griddles that are ridiculous cheap are not always the best option as you will likely need to repair them sooner.

This doesn’t also mean that the most expensive griddles are the best choices. The idea is to focus more on quality and go for a good griddle that you can afford.

Cleaning Tips

Although most griddles are dishwater safe, it is not every time you want to take advantage of this. It is actually best to wash with hand even though using a dishwasher is more convenient.

Using a dishwasher frequently can spoil the griddle finish in the long run, especially if the surface is nonstick.

To manually wash a griddle, you will need a mild detergent or soap, warm water and a good brush. Make sure you focus on the debris when scrubbing.

For stubborn stains, you might want to apply vinegar or tartar cream, and leave for five minutes or a little longer. Then scrub off everything with sponge and then rinse.

Avoid applying a lot of force to avoid scratching the griddle.

For griddles that are made of cast-iron, extra care must be taken not to place them in a dishwasher. It is not even advisable to wash such griddles with soap. Just water alone is enough!

Frequently Asked Questions

**  Is it really possible to use a nonstick griddle without spray or oil?

According to some professionals, it is possible to cook on nonstick surface without butter, spray or oil. But as far we know, this is going to be hard to practice even if you are using the best griddle on the list.

Instead, you might want to use a little oil or butter– such as dribble. It will definitely make things easier, and you would be amazed by the result.

**   What other thing can I cook on a griddle apart from pancakes?

Most griddles are not limited to making pancakes alone. You can cook other dishes such as eggs, burgers, sausages and so on. It all depends on the design and brand. Luckily, almost every one of the griddles on this list is versatile.

**   Here can I purchase a pancake griddle?

Each one of the products reviewed here can be purchased online by following the product links provided.

**   What is the recommended temperature for using these griddles?

Generally, griddles are not expected to be used over high temperatures, as this can be destructive to the nonstick material. The recommended temperature is usually below 500 degrees which shouldn’t be a problem since most pancake recipes don’t require so much heat.

If you are in a situation where you need to cook at higher temperatures, then a cast-iron pan should be your best shot.

**   How can I stop pancake from getting stuck on the griddle surface?

This really depends on the particular griddle you are using, as well as the brand. Griddles that have cast-iron surface need to be pre-heated with oil or butter, before adding your pancakes.

However, nonstick griddles generally do not require seasoning; there are times you might want to add a dribble of oil before putting in your pancakes.

Whatever the case is, always pay attention to the manufacturer’s instruction in order to know how best to use the griddle. In addition to this, we recommend cooking at low to moderate temperatures and washing manually after each use.


There you have it – the top 9 best pancake griddles for the money. By now, you should know the best products out there, as well as the most important criteria to consider when deciding the best model for your needs.

Making pancakes doesn’t have to be dull anymore; with the best griddles, you should be able to produce those perfect tasting pancakes you’ve always desired.

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