Master Maison knife block set

It is impossible to deny that knives are kitchen essentials. Hard it is to prepare an incredibly delicious meal without involving the use of quality knives. Even most seasonal chefs attest to the fact that it’s indispensable and requisite.

Though we all know knives exist in a variety of different specialties. You cannot buy a single knife to serve all purposes ranging from slicing, carving, cutting, chopping to dicing. And that’s why your kitchen may have plenty of knives. A bread knife cannot perform the same task as a paring knife, for instance. The same applies to other types of knives. 

More to say, nobody loves a messy kitchen with knives placed anyhow, in a disorderly manner. This is where one incorporates the use of a kitchen block. Knife blocks are a great kitchen piece as well, with much importance in all aspects.

Good thing, in the modern world today, companies manufacture knife block sets that include the knife block itself and assorted knives. But that does not mean you cannot purchase a knife block separately. Be rest sure you can. Let’s get to know much more!


Are knife blocks bad for knives?

For knife blocks, the good outweighs the bad. We cannot say they do more harm than good when we are aware of the concrete benefits associated with the use. They are useful in organizing your knives in one particular place and go to the extent of bringing out a spectacular view of your kitchen set-up. 

The idea of scattered knives all over the counter top is never pleasing. You cannot risk injury, yet there is an available solution, and that is knife blocks. Why go through the heck of getting accidental cuts because of jumbled up knives? 


McCook MC21 15 Kitchen Knife Sets in Hard Wood Block with Built-in Sharpener


Some people find it not the best solution to a well-arranged knife set. The demerits claimed and tainting the good side of knife blocks are solvable. Some users say knife blocks accumulate dirt and germs in the darkest parts creating a breeding ground for mold. 

Mold comes in the picture obviously because of improper cleaning of knives. What does someone expect when you fit a wet knife in the knife block without drying it well. Just like any other appliance in the kitchen, the knife block requires frequent maintenance and sanitation too. 

The cleaning process is simple. The knife slots, with just a brush and warm soapy water, get clean. And better, sterilize with a mild bleach before rinsing out. That way, you will never experience the inefficiency of the knife block. It all narrows down to your kitchen hygiene and sanitation.

Others report of kitchen blocks eating up valuable space on the counter top. Why buy a kitchen block without reasonably considering your kitchen size. First thing before a purchase, think deep and make a wise decision on where to position it in a manner it does not inconvenience you while busy on your working space. 

Summing up everything let’s not point fingers of criticism at the knife block. Knife blocks are not bad but depend exactly on how well you fit the knives in the slots. Further, how frequently you clean them properly. Your set of knives never loses sharpness or efficiency if you take the right precautions when storing it in the knife block.

What knives go in a knife block? 

Not all knife types of any sizes are meant to be put in a knife block. In fact, looking at the features of the knife block sets sold online even on amazon give the precise details of which knives go into a knife block.

Though no need to search all over the internet as this article alleviates you this hassle. Direct to the point, these are the most common knives making a good fit for knife blocks:

  • A paring knife
  • A carving knife
  • A bread knife
  • A chef knife
  • A steak knife

There is also the santoku knife, but not popular, which dates to the Japanese roots. Some knife block sets may also include a pair(s) of kitchen scissors, boning knife, butcher knife, or a carving fork.

What can you do with a knife block?

A majority have a fixed mind that knife blocks are limited to one specific purpose. Just because they are named with the word knife, it suggests it’s for knives only.

We do not disagree that it is a  knife organizer. Let’s think out of the box. What if it gets old? Truth be said, everything ages with time, and a knife block is not exempted. Will you discard it in your litter bin?


Knife cutting skill - Onion cutting


 That is not the best problem solver.  It’s better when you up cycle for another use. Knife blocks are useful as crayon holders as well as thread organizers. It can also be customized into a tool rack or a flower vase. This surprises you, right? 

These impressive ideas are just but a few. If you feel your knife block no longer serves you as you like, then try out the said above. It’s worth a try. You will absolutely love it!

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