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When the infant starts crawling, it feels heavenly, right? I mean, what could be more beautiful than that! And there is no doubt your baby gets all the attention of you and your partner. You just love to keep an eye on your baby.

There is no way anything bad can happen to your little one. But in reality, bad thing happens. And it happens a lot, especially to kids. But if you follow some safety tips I gathered from experienced parents and child specialist, you can keep your baby safe from some common hazards.

Replace Old Nursery Bed: This is where your baby spends most of the time and you do everything to keep it safe and comfortable. The most fundamental elements of your nursery are the convertible crib that can be converted to a toddler bed and full-size bed.

Using old crib for a new baby is a bad idea. Over the passage of time, space between spindles become wider than acceptable limit, nuts and bolts become shaky. As per expert, you should not use any old nursery bed.

Beware Of Knives: Knives are must have items in a kitchen. You need them for your daily life and it's easier to forget about the open knife. Kids are really curious about the knife and they can’t resist their temptation to touch it. This is where the danger comes.

To safeguard your baby from knife cutting make it impossible to reach such knives easily. And don’t forget to use knife cover when you don’t use them.

Crib Mobile: Any musical crib mobile is a must have for the nursery. Crib mobiles help to keep your baby quiet. But these are good only up to the infant stage of your baby. Once your baby starts crawling and can reach to the mobile, remove it.

Kitchen Safety Tips: Crawlers love to be with their parents always. So, if you spend significant time inside the kitchen regularly, your baby will try to go to the kitchen whenever he/she can. In such case, gating off the kitchen is the best idea. Also, when your baby is nearby, do not handle any hot foods and beverages.

Beware of Scalds: To your curious baby, kitchen item like the handle of a pan is really tempting. You should know that most scalds happen from hot drinks spills. So, what you need to do is to make sure while cooking keeps the handles of pans and saucepans are turned away from your kids.

Bath Seats & Rings: Yes just like you, I also know these help a baby to sit up in the tub. What you may not know is that these seats and rings can be a deadly cause of drowning. I trust statistics and so should you. As per CPSC, between 1983 and 2003, 106 babies reported being drowned because they were left unattended in the bath rings or seats.

Beware of Stuffed Toys: Stuffed toys have common issues of loose parts, broken pieces, and sharp edges. Definitely not good for your baby, right? So what you can do is to always keep an eye on these issues or completely remove such stuffed toys. If I were you, I would follow the second option.

Danger from Falls: Falls are common types of accidents in the home. And it is liable for 44% child accidents. To prevent falls, you need to take extra precautions. When your little one starts crawling, follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Always use non-slip pads under your rugs and mats even if they already have non-slip backs.
  • Using safety gates is a wise idea. At the bottom of stairs and 3 steps from the bottom of the stairs, set safety gates.
  • Using edge protectors to desks and other tables help to lessen the injury from falls.

Power Windows of Car: Self-closing windows of the car can be a serious cause of injury for your baby. If your baby is left unattended near your car, hands, legs, or even worse, head of your baby can be stuck and cause serious damage. So, pay close attention here. Never left your baby unattended near your car.

Keep an Eye to Your Family Dog: Not just you, your little one loves the dog too. In fact, kids spend a lot of time playing with the family dog. But do you know a lot of kids get admitted to hospital due to bite from dogs?

Scared? Yes, I know it’s very alarming! So, as a parent what you can do is to keep a sharp eye while your baby plays with your dog. Also, don’t forget to wash hands of your baby before feeding your baby always.

Keeping your baby is not that easy. Trust me I know! I have a 3 years old daughter too. But as a parent, it’s you and me who need to be all time vigilante to keep safe our baby from all kinds of danger. If you like the blog, please don’t forget to share with your friend and family.

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