Vitamix 750 vs 5200?

Nowadays it is almost impossible to manage kitchen work without a blender. To done the job people looking for a high-quality blender.

Vitamix provides high-quality blender compared to other blenders on the market. There are many Vitamix blenders models are available and Vitamix 750 and 5200 are two of them.

They both are very effective when it comes to doing your kitchen work. Today, we’re going to share the differences and similarities between these two Vitamix models. Hopefully, this guide will help you to choose the right one for you.


Let’s jump into the discussion…

Vitamix 5200 vs 750: Differences and Similarities

Both of the Vitamix 750 and 5200 are very convenient to use and they are very powerful. Vitamix blenders are the best to make easier your cooking life. Below are the details of the differences and similarities of the Vitamix 750 and 5200 blenders. Continue reading the whole guide to know them and then make your buying decision.



The main difference between these two Vitamix blenders are lies in the blending power. Vitamix 750 has 2.2 peak hp motor which has next-generation power, on the other hand, Vitamix 5200 has 2.2 hp motor.

The next-gen motor is the new addition to the Vitamix blender and the next-gen motor makes the blender less noisy compared to other blenders on the market. Which is a great choice for the people who have any hearing issues?

On the flip side, Vitamix 5200 makes a noise like other high-quality blenders. So you have to consider the noise level if you choose the Vitamix 5200.

However, on the motor, both blenders have an adjusted cooling fan and thermal system that keeps the blender cool while in use. And without any heating issues, you can use the blender for several minutes.

The next-gen motor makes the difference between these two Vitamix models. If you think you can adjust with the noise level of the blender then you can choose the Vitamix 5200 or if you have any hearing issue then choose the Vitamix 750 with eyes closed.



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The blades are very sharp and powerful that are made from aircraft-grade hardened stainless steel. You can blend any tough ingredients in these two Vitamix blenders and you will get the super smooth consistency of the food.

You can make your favorite smoothies that are chunk free in a few seconds. The blades are also durable, so you don’t need to replace them often. While handling the blade, be careful as the blades are very sharp.

These two Vitamix are similar when it comes to the blade.



Preset buttons

To make your cooking job very easier the Vitamix 750 provides 5-preset buttons on the blender. The 5-preset buttons are – soups, frozen desserts, smoothies, purees, and self-cleaning.

If you want to make soup all you have to do is add the ingredients to the container and then press the button. And you can walk away, the blender will automatically shut off itself once it has done its job.

But the Vitamix 5200 does not have the preset buttons. You have to manually do the thing. You can consider buying the Vitamix 750 blender for the convenience of use. And if you are okay without preset buttons, you can choose Vitamix 5200.


Variable speed and pulse feature

Vitamix blenders usually provide the 10-variable speed control settings and a pulse feature. With the variable speed, you can control what you are making.

You’ll get the perfect texture of the food you want. While the blender is in use, you can either increase or decrease the speed of the blender for the perfect consistency and there’s no issue.

And you can use the pulse function when you need to make the food quickly. Just press the button during the food making process for a few seconds and then turn it off. The pulse function is great when you need to churn any tough items such as nuts or beans.



These two Vitamix blenders are very powerful that can make any smoothies or purees or anything you want from any hard ingredients in no time. Also, the blender can churn any tough seeds or beans, and it can chop the whole vegetables or fruits.

Vitamix blenders can be used as a food processor to make any large batches of soups, smoothies or baby food. You can make a variety of food with the Vitamix in no time.



Vitamix 750 and 5200 – both blenders are very easy to clean as they provide the self-cleaning properties. Vitamix 750 is more convenient as it has a self-cleaning preset button.

However, to clean the blender add a drop of the dishwasher to the container (they are dishwasher safe also), and add water and turn on the blender for 60 seconds.

After 60 seconds, rinse it thoroughly with water and let it dry. Always make sure to clean the container properly after each use.



You’ll get some accessories with these two Vitamix. Vitamix 750 and 5200 both come with a motor base, a low-profile 64-oz container, a low-profile tamper (you can use this when the blender is in use and to press the ingredients to the blender, and this is safe), a cookbook (contains many recipes that you should try), and a getting started guide.

In the accessories, they both are the same. 



Vitamix 750 and 5200 provides 7-years of the full warranty. You can use them for more than a decade. Just make sure you take proper care of the blender, and Vitamix needs a little maintenance compared to other blenders. Some of the Vitamix users are saying they are using their Vitamix for 20 years.

On the market, Vitamix is a very durable brand so you can choose either the Vitamix 750 or the Vitamix 5200 as they both are durable.



Vitamix 750 is pricey rather than Vitamix 5200. Vitamix 750 has the next-gen motor that makes it 40% less noisy, it has 5-preset buttons which are very convenient. These features make the Vitamix 750 pricey. If you are on a budget, then you can buy the Vitamix 5200.


Final words

Did you decide which Vitamix you want to buy? These two are very powerful. But the next-gen motor and the 5-preset buttons make the Vitamix 750 different from the Vitamix 5200. You can choose the Vitamix blender you want. But the Vitamix 750 is very convenient to use, so we’ll recommend choosing this blender.

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