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The kitchen can be considered as a sort of soul of the home. It’s where great meals are prepared and bring people together. It’s where recipes are passed down, traditions are maintained and memories are forged. It’s safe to say that a home wouldn’t be a home without a kitchen.

With all that goes on in a kitchen, it gets pretty easy for clutter to build up more so if you have a large family or love to entertain regularly. After a while, spoons end up landing in the fork drawer, or somehow a knife finds its way to the blender. If you don’t keep a keen eye on your kitchen, you might end up with a space devoid of order. So, what can you do to avoid this scenario?


Get a Drain Cleaner for Clogged Sinks

When in the kitchen, there are few things worse than a clogged drain. A constant backlog in your kitchen sink is just as frustrating as it is inconveniencing. A plumber would be the first thing on your mind but before picking up the phone, give a drain cleaner a shot at resolving the problem.

Drain cleaners act fast to liquefy any organic material blocking up your sink. Their high-density fluid composition is capable of reaching deep into your kitchen drain to unclog the muck. With a drain cleaner, you could end up saving a lot on plumbing costs.


Do Dishes Quicker and Better

The humble dishwasher has completely revolutionized how we wash dirty dishes. Almost every home has one. So if you’re part of the minority that still hasn’t jumped on board, it’s about time you do so. And if you have one that’s just not handling your cleaning need well, perhaps it’s time to get an upgrade.

The best dishwashers not only have an adequate place setting capacity but also come with a variety of extra features. If you want something that’ll keep leaks at bay then look for something with a leak sensor. For an extra clean wash, look out for a washer with what’s known as a soil sensor that determines how dirty dishes are and adjusts cycles accordingly. The options are mind-blowing.


Clean It As Soon As You Use It

Let’s face it; there’s a certain level of laziness that sets in, especially when it comes to doing the dishes. It’s often easy to let the dishes pile up, and just when the heap gets rather too shameful to bear, you toss the dishes into the washer. This strategy isn’t exactly appealing and is bound to create a bad look in your kitchen.

The most straightforward remedy is to wash dishes as regularly as you use them. It might be a bit difficult to cultivate a habit of use-and-wash, but it’ll do your kitchen a lot of good. There’s nothing more embarrassing than having someone drop by and notice a heap of dirty dishes in the sink. So be proactive and avoid the blushes.


Clean Up Messes As Soon As They Happen

It’s Sunday morning and what better way to start the day than to bake your famed chocolate fudge cake? Bowls and spoons are at the ready, as is all other cooking equipment. Ninety minutes later, your masterpiece is done. But with baking comes spills as much as there are thrills.

Cleaning up spills as soon as possible ends up saving you a lot of hassle. For one, fresh spills are much easier to soak up. Also, dried up stains may end up creating a funky smell that’s an invite for flies.


Make Constant Use of Your Trash Bin

Whenever you’re preparing a meal, it’s common practice to toss waste scraps on the counter. You leave the bits and pieces lying around, and once the cooking is done, that’s when they all go into the trash. But sometimes cooking takes up a significant amount of time, and by then, food juices are all over.

Save on making a mess by directly peeling onions, garlic or potatoes into the trash bin. That way, your counters will always remain in tip-top shape.


Have a Spot for Everything

It’s funny how, once things start getting misplaced, the cycle goes on until one day, it ends up becoming a full-blown catastrophe. It’s annoying reaching for the cutlery drawer and finding cups instead. Having a designated spot for everything and adhering to it creates a whole lot of order.

And it goes beyond order. Imagine a scenario where you’re reaching for an ice cream scooper, and you grab hold of the sharp end of a knife. An emergency room visit and a few stitches later, you’ll fully appreciate the importance of order.


Designate Duties

The much-famed strategy of “divide and conquer” brought Julius Cesar a lot of success. History lessons aside, having a set number of days to do certain chores eases the load of having to do everything at once.

If you must, create a timetable for what needs to get done, when. Not only does creating a schedule create order, but it also avoids the situation of forgetting to do something.


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Keep Things to a Minimum

You passed by the mall, there was a 70% off sale, and you couldn’t help yourself. So, you grabbed a few appliances. Over some time (and several discounts later), your kitchen has two microwaves, three blenders, more spoons than you could count and a knife collection that could rival any Michelin star restaurant. The funny part is you hardly use any of that stuff, if ever.

I get it; maybe you love getting value for money. But, getting rid of some stuff couldn’t hurt, especially if it’s just lying around. Have a yard sale or maybe give it to goodwill. It’s going to be so much easier to manage your kitchen’s organization without the extra clutter.


Make Use of Repurposed Containers

After that gallon of ice cream is over, why not rinse out the pail and use it for keeping leftovers? Or maybe consider repurposing your tin cans to hold your spices. See that empty milk jug? Fill it up with some water, throw it in the freezer, and you have the perfect ice pack substitute for your next picnic.

The beauty of repurposed containers is that they’re free and they can be an effective way of creating extra storage space. Just stack them together and put them in a cabinet. You’ll also be reducing the amount of waste you put out which is always good news for Mother Earth.


Have a Plunger In Hand

When your kitchen sink gets stuck, you can count on the ever-handy plunger. The truth is that trying to unclog a clogged drain with your bare hands can get icky and prove nearly impossible. So plunge away to get things flowing again.

Keeping a tidy kitchen doesn’t have to be as hard a task as many would assume. With a few habits here and there, your kitchen will maintain its functionality while still looking appealing. By cultivating a few of these habits, you can be sure that your kitchen will always look presentable. Don’t ever let that beautiful space fall from grace. And if it’s already in bad shape, it’s not too late to get back on the right track.





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