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If you are healthy, you live longer. To be healthy, you need to eat healthily. To eat healthily, you need a healthy kitchen and healthy food.

So, to be healthy in the kitchen is the most important thing to live long. This is the least understood facts by many people. A lot of people consider eating a balanced diet is enough for long life, which is not true. In fact, what is more important is the proper maintenance of the place that is your kitchen where the food is prepared.

The cleaner your kitchen is, the healthier you all are. Healthy kitchen motivates you to stay in the kitchen and prepare food, which ultimately makes you healthy.

Here are some curated tips to be healthy in the kitchen, which when you apply, your lifestyle will be changed greatly:

  • Reduce the use of plastic for storage

The first thing that you must do is to limit the usage of plastic in the kitchen. A lot of people make the mistake of storing everything in plastic. That should not be done. Use non-plastic containers or glass containers to store spices, oil, and other kitchen stuff.

Plastic always has a risk of melting when exposed to heat. On top of that, plastic is harmful to the environment too. Thus, by reducing the use of plastic, you are helping the environment and your kitchen both at the same time. In case, you have to use plastic, then it is better to use transparent and thick plastic jars for storage. These jars should be of good quality and transparent so that you will not miss them

  • Arrange your appliances

Appliances which are used daily have to be kept nearby as you can easily fetch them when needed. While cooking, if you have to search or have to walk a distance to get hold of any appliance or utensil, it will be a major demotivation.

Just imagine you need a knife and you have to walk around the kitchen to search for it. How frustrating it is? So, put them near the area where you cook. Add some countertop clutter and place the appliances there. This will be very handy and makes your kitchen look neat too.

Also, this will help you to see and get the required utensils easily. If the countertop is not your choice, then add special cabinetry for them. The advantage with these cabinetries is they will conceal the appliances like best pizza stones and at the same time whenever needed, you can fetch them easily.


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In the case of the appliances, which are occasionally used, make sure to store them in the kitchen, which is a bit away from the stove. If this is followed, then sorting out the appliances daily will become easier.

  • Manage items

All the spices and herbs should be arranged in a proper manner and have to be put in glass jars. Cabinets should be made to store those jars and they are to be arranged close to the oven. This helps in reaching out to them easily while cooking. Also, the arrangement in the pantry should be done in a proper manner. Keep low-calorie stuff in front so that you can eat them anytime. When it comes to high-calorie stuff, put them in the upper shelf. This will help you to maintain balanced and healthy food habits. The tempting high-calorie food has to be hidden so that the possibility of consuming them will be less.

Arrange the utensils in cabinets and keep the surface of the kitchen always free of utensils. Put utensils in respective cabinets. Always dry the utensils and put them in the cabinets for storage. This arrangement will help you to not only maintain a healthy kitchen but also make it insect and pest free kitchen.

  • Organize your fridge

Putting the right things in the refrigerator is very important. Many people just stuff their fridge with all the items that they buy for home. This is not the right thing to do. Before getting into organizing the fridge, make sure that the fridge is in the right place. It is to be put in a place, which has zero chance to get wet. Once the fridge is kept in the right place, then start organizing it.

Always put the food that is recently made on the shelf of the fridge, which is at eye level. For items that need to be stored in the fridge, put them in a proper container. If possible, put them in a transparent container so that they can be easily seen and not missed out. Several times you might have noticed that the food that is stored in the fridge is not used and it crosses expiry date. This happens when it is stored and not seen. Here, transparent containers will help greatly. Put veggies and fruits properly. Don’t jumble them. If the items in the fridge are properly arranged, it will certainly make your life easier and healthier too.

  • Put electronic items in a proper place

Long time back, only television was the electronic item that used to be put in the kitchen to watch the favorite television series or the cooking shows. Now, we have voice assistance devices, tablets, phones among others, which we can use, while in the kitchen too. So, make a dock for them and put it near to oven since the access will be easier.

  • Clean the kitchen correctly time and again

Most people clean the kitchen and want to make it look neat and clean. Many of them fail here because they don’t know the proper way of maintaining the kitchen in a healthier manner. When there is less mess in the kitchen and all the utensils, appliances, food items are stored properly – then it would be easier to clean the kitchen.

Correct cleaning is very much important. Here, correct cleaning means using the correct material to clean the kitchen. Put distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle to clean the countertops and the stoves. Always use damp clothes to rub. The best practice in cleaning is to clean whenever you are free in the kitchen. Once you clean your kitchen, clean your hand every single time with the soap.

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Kitchen floors have to be cleaned properly with the mop and the floor cleaner. While cleaning the kitchen, ask your family members not to step in. After mopping, leave it to dry properly before using it in the kitchen again.

  • Check items in the kitchen properly

You must check all the items in the kitchen properly time and again. Those foods, which have crossed expiry date, have to be thrown out. Vegetables and fruits have to be used before they get rotten. Additionally, appliances too have to be cleaned time and again whether they are used or not so that rust or pests don’t make a home in the kitchen. You yourself also should make a habit of wearing kitchen apron at the kitchen.

Healthy kitchen leads to a healthy life. This is a fact. Cleanliness and proper arrangement in the kitchen are very much important for maintaining health. All the food that we consume is prepared in the kitchen so you have to learn how to be healthy in the kitchen for the sake of your health and your family’s too.

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