Your home kitchen within a snap of a finger is a pretty simple yet all-rounded complete bread bakery. This could be a sixth wonder of the world to you. Again, a fascinating eye-opener to uninformed peeps.

The main point here being, the transformation is a downright success only if you discern the presence of a fully-functional bread slicer in your kitchen aside from the other baking equipment. 

In spite of enjoying the baking process, everything adequately set, and sweet soft bread as the outcome, just one last thing may be the inevitable spoiler- the inability to cut your loaf into symmetrically even slices.

Though slicing is not a must-do thing since it all lies in one’s preference. 

If your preference is sliced bread and not the block type, then you definitely ought to invest in a bread slicer as well. And yes, bread slicers do exist besides the bread knife. 

This question may linger in your head–why buy a bread slicer when there is the choice of a bread knife. We both are aware that we live in a competitive world. Obviously, one thing always has an advantage over another.

In this case, for non-lopsided bread slices, the bread slicer wins the day.

We are not talking about cynical slicer brands purposely sold for selfish financial gains but bread slicers that are affordable, long-lasting, ever functional, and great quality-wise. 

In consideration are these top ten feasible bread slicers, envisaged below, we genuinely recommend. Needless to break the bank, smile all the way home after a successful purchase. 



  1. Bambusi premium bamboo bread slicer with a knife
  2. Comfify foldable bread slicer for homemade bread
  3. Kitchen Seven adjustable bread slicer with crumb tray
  4. Eon Concepts Rubber-footed Bread Slicer
  5. DBTech bamboo bread slicer
  6. Kitchen naturals premium bamboo foldable slicer
  7. Mama’s Great bamboo bread slicer
  8. MAGIGO bamboo bread slicer


#1.    Bambusi premium bamboo bread slicer with a knife

Are you the type that prefers bamboo-made stuff? Bamboo material is your way to go? Worry-free, for a bread slicer, the bambusi premium bread slicer doubtlessly suits your liking. 

Ideal for homemade bread, this one-of-a-kind slicer guides the slicing for an even, uniform, and smooth cutting of bread, bagels, loaf cakes to a pleasing perfection.

The bread slicer, basically, does not perform the slicing task but firmly holds the bread in a good position for convenience in cutting and better, equally-sized slices. This way, the bread does not crumble down due to the applied force from the knife.

The long stainless steel knife comes as the accompaniment which does the cutting itself. Crystal clear it is now, isn’t it? 

The bambusi slicer boasts grooved sides that direct the motion of your bread knife. From the three slice thicknesses, you can adjust the slicer to your desired thickness either to achieve thick or thin slices. 


It is also foldable, basing on the fact that it is compact and lightweight, hence takes up little space when stored. With such a slicer, you can place it in the same drawer with other kitchen articles. Further, while in use on the kitchen countertop, working space whether small or large can never be a challenge for the perfect operation of this outstanding bamboo slicer.

Bread crumbs can be a nuisance sometimes and so, the bambusi bread slicer considered to alleviate the stress of having to clean up the crumbs after slicing. Thanks to its crumb catcher tray fixed at its base. 

As slicing takes place, the crumbs fall and collect onto this tray. Therefore, cleaning is no longer a headache; no longer a botheration. The tray is removable for easy disposal of the mess. The tray can also act as a serving tray for the bread slices; versatility proven. 

A healthy and super-clean kitchen is fundamental for any food prepping activity. And the bambusi slicer product stays on track to meet the aforementioned. Literally, it is made of all-natural Moso bamboo material that is eco-friendly and always holds antibacterial properties. Additionally, it is easy to use and offers a fast clean-up process. 


Dimensions: 12.5” X 9.5” X 2.5”

Weight: 2.9 pounds

Color: natural bamboo 



  • Foldable for convenient storage
  • Environment-friendly bamboo material
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Comes with a strong steel knife
  • Features a crumb catcher tray for easy cleanup
  • Offers three slice thickness options


  • Requires use of a long knife 
  • Non-adjustable width

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#2.   Comfify foldable bread slicer for homemade bread

Nothing beats the functionality of any natural product. If you aim to keep yourself and your loved ones healthy and sound, then do not choose something below standards and hazardous.

Helping you to accomplish this, the comfify bread slicer works to realize your objective of  obtaining non-contaminated uniformly-sized bread slices. What’s worse than unexpected illness? Absolutely, nothing. Just as the adage stipulates prevention is always better than cure. 

This classy bread slicer is of 100% natural bamboo. It is naturally sterile, sturdy, and damage-proof. It will take you loads of energy to break this bread slicer and by then, it will have served for an incalculable number of years. 

Like the bambusi brand of a bread slicer, it provides three choices of slice thickness, which are ⅓”, ⅜”, and  ½”. It accurately guides the slicing and the end product is even slices of bread that present good aesthetics. You can fold it to save up on valuable space in the storage drawer or on the kitchen countertop.


Bamboo Bread Slicer for Homemade Bread Loaf – Wooden Bread Cutting Board with Crumble Holder – Foldable and Compact Loaf Cutter – Thin or Thick Slices

Its stability and balance are excellent. This bread slicer stays put on the working surface while keeping your fingers safe from accidental cuts.

Cleaning can be a tedious task and to avoid arguments on whose turn it is to do the cleaning, it features a bottom tray that collects the crumbs and mess produced when slicing.  Upon completion of slicing, disposing of in the garbage bin is easy by just removing the tray off the slicer and doing the necessary.

One thing to note about this make of bread slicer: it works hand in hand with a long knife. You are lucky to know in advance, before making any purchases. 


Dimensions: 12.75″x7.87″x6.5″ (small), 5.5″x9.3″x7″ (large)

Color:   natural bamboo



  • Comes in both small and large sizes; fits most bread sizes
  • Provides three thickness option: ⅓”.⅜”,½”
  • All-natural
  • Folds easily: hassle-free storage
  • Sturdy and sterile
  • Uniform and even bread slices


  • its width cannot be adjusted

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#3.    Kitchen Seven adjustable bread slicer with crumb tray

Cheap slicers may have the exact qualities of your ideal kind of bread slicer. In most cases, they may break up or fail to function in a short span of time. Frustration and rage sets in since your hard-earned money is gone to waste.  

Why put yourself through such an inconvenience when there is the option of getting yourself a more expensive long-lasting bread slicer worth a spend. And the kitchen seven bread slicer could be the right one for you. 

Want to improve the presentation of your bread, then use this slicer to magically transform the bread into beautiful identical bread slices that look incredibly amazing and palatable. Once you discover this bread-slicing machine, you got everything! 

Bamboo-made, you are guaranteed a safe, water-resistant, eco-friendly, and extremely strong bread slicer. At no point, will you deal with any inefficiencies when using this unique commodity.  Your freshly-baked soft bread from the oven is free from the risk of getting adulterated.


Bread Slicer with Crumb Tray Bamboo Bread Cutter for Homemade Bread, Loaf Cakes, Bagels Slicer, 3 Slice Sizes, Adjustable, Compact, Foldable By Kitchen Seven

With a crumb tray, it’s easier to use this bread slicer. Cleaning is not an issue as the crumb tray holds the crumb mess which later can be discarded or stored for future use. No more strenuous messes when you own one of the kitchen sevens bread slicers. Its folds as well which makes it easy to store.

The peak of the perks of having this bread slicer in possession is that it comes with ten cost-free plastic bags with twist ties for your loaves of bread that maintain the moist condition after the oven process ends. What’s more, there is a 9-inch serrated knife inclusive in its package. All these in one is value for your money.


Dimensions: 12.4 x 8.3 x 6.9 in. 

Weight: 2.4 lbs



  • Plastic bags included in the package
  • Comes with a long serrated knife
  •  Effortless cleaning has a crumb tray beneath
  • Highly durable
  • Friendly for use
  • Easy storage 



  • Some users claim its knife is short 


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#4.    Eon Concepts Rubber-footed Bread Slicer

early equally as good as bamboo bread slicers. But then, we cannot disagree with the reality that plastic weighs less than wood, and hence, a plastic bread slicer is lighter. 

Eon Concepts bread slicer competes with the best of the best bamboo slicers yet it is plastic-made. In fact, it is quite more efficient and anti-slip. Its contemporary design enables it to cut the bread into any thickness between 1cm, 1.5cm, 2cm, and 2.5cm. 

Certainly, it is suitable for any bread size but up to a size of 6 inches high and 4.5 inches wide and doesn’t have to be a standard size of a loaf of bread. It can slice bagels, toasts, sandwich to any pastries.

The plastic it’s made of is eco-friendly ABS resin though slightly delicate. However, it is strong and tenacious enough to withstand temperatures ranging between -100C to 900C. Unlike most plastics, this one is a bit different owing to its quality of non-toxicity and odor-free condition. 



Well, it is foldable too, therefore, storage is less of a challenge since it saves up on space. Its simple mechanism makes it a cinch to clean and use around. Plus, you are not limited to cutting loaves and pastries alone when using this plastic bread slicer. It is sufficiently versatile to accommodate ham, vegetables, and cheese as well.

Worth not forgetting, the slicer comes with two rubber paddings fixed at its foot which prevents sliding when in use. That’s why it’s an anti-slip brand of a bread slicer. Its packaging includes an E-book with bread recipes perfect for adventurous baking in your kitchen.


Dimensions: 7.48 x 6.69 x 5.51 inches

Weight: 9.9 ounces



  • Space-saving design; foldable
  • Accommodates bread of different sizes
  • Anti-slip with rubber foot paddings
  • Extremely versatile
  • Non-toxic and odorless plastic material


  • Quite fragile
  • Not long-lasting enough



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#5.    DBTech bamboo bread slicer

DBTech bread slicer ranks above any sub-standard bread slicer in the market today. If you settle on this, then you have gold, an invaluable item to complete your home bakery. Settle on nothing less. 

Crumbled bread slices display a somewhat ugly sight; more so uneven slices. But nothing to fret about, being there is a best-fit solution that is not beyond this world.

The DBTech bread slicer slices your bread in a simple manner. Using it is not brain surgery.

Once you place the loaf of bread in this slicer, you cut using your knife along the grooves to generate uniform slices which is the ultimate intent.

Good thing, this slicer blesses with you three slice thickness choices; cut your bread to either 0.8cm, 1 cm, or 1.2 cm thickness. A variety of thickness options you have. 


DBTech Bamboo Wood Compact Foldable Bread Slicer


Bamboo material it is. There is the surety that it can operate for long-term use without faulting or exhibiting any defects. It has a spring-loaded flip-out design that allows it to open up easily and fold in split-seconds thus storage is as easy as a pie. Generally, it saves your time a great deal.

 Its vibrant color gives it a nice appearance that won’t cross your eyes twice when in sight. It will look alluring on the countertop during usage. Picture-perfect slicing scene in your kitchen. Additionally, this bread slicer comes in two sizes: the 6 ½ narrow version and the 7 ½ wide original version.


Dimensions: 12” x 7 ½ x 6 ½ (high) Folded: 12” x 7 ½ x 1 ½ (high)

Weight:  2 pounds



  • Environmental-friendly bread slicer
  • Easy foldability and opening
  • Beautiful appearance
  • 100% bamboo wood
  • Three groove sizes for different slice thicknesses
  • Great for homemade and bakery bread



  • No crumb collecting tray


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#6.   Kitchen naturals premium bamboo foldable slicer

Kitchen Naturals is renowned for its vast expertise in the production of quality kitchenware inclusive of bread slicers. You can never go wrong with their bread slicer which has a lot of goodies to offer. 

First and foremost, high durability is fully catered for by this bread slicer. Want a slicer which serves you till in your old age? One tremendously awesome, befitting your home bakery?

We cannot advise any other apart from the kitchen naturals foldable bread slicer. It is resistant to moisture and breakages since it’s all bamboo-made. Its sturdiness cannot be compared to that of average bread slicers. 

The smooth compact design of this remarkable bread slicer makes it easy to maneuver around; it’s ideal for daily use without getting defective or rather damaged in your slicing spree.

It’s the perfect guide to achieving evenly-cut bread slices of your own desired thickness. Your fingers are kept safe and free from cuts when the slicer is in use. 


Premium Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer – Built in Crumb Catcher and Knife Rest |Bread Slicing Guide, Bread Loaf Slicer– BONUS Bamboo Butter Spreader, Storage Bag and Guide Book.


Its storage is made easy considering that this bread slicer comes with a knife rest and a storage bag. Plus the bread slicer is foldable in seconds to a flat profile which enables it to fit in the drawer space with other items.

Like most bamboo bread slicers, it features a built-in crumb catcher tray that holds the crumbs falling from the bread while slicing. Tired of the sickening cleaning of the crumb mess on the countertop, problem solved for good when you buy this bread slicer brand. 

One of the drawbacks of this bread slicer, however, is that its packaging does not come inclusive of the knife. That’s another expenditure on you. But this type of bread slicer never disappoints in its working


Dimensions: 13.97 x 8.26 x 6.1 inches

Weight: 3.1 pounds



  • Extra storage bag and knife rest
  • Easily foldable
  • Time-saving bread slicer option
  • Convenient cleaning; boasts a crumb catcher tray
  • Very durable
  • Compact design


  • The packaging does not include a bread knife


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#7.    Mama’s Great bamboo bread slicer

Tired of uneven bread slices giving you nightmares when food plating? You would love to make a mouth-watering bread sandwich, but the absence of a slicer in your kitchen deters you along the way?

We’d say a problem known is a problem solved. There is a myriad of bread slicer brands trending here and there though not everything that glitters on the outside is gold.

And that’s why we opt to save you from falling into the trap of mediocre bread slicers by recommending mama’s great bread slicer as our all-time favorite. 

This flawless slicing guide is exemplary in producing symmetrical bread slices. Don’t be surprised when you develop a ravenous appetite because of the pleasing appearance of the sliced bread right in front of you. The slicing guides are 6.1 inches high.


Bamboo Bread Slicer for Homemade Bread Loaf. Adjustable Width Bread Slicing Guides. Sturdy Wooden Bread Cutting Board

So generally, the bread slicer is taller than most bread slicers hence able to fit any bread loaf. The guides also have rounded tops for easy insertion of the knife.

Unlike several bread slicers, this exquisite bread slicer has three width settings: 5.9”, 4.6”,3.3” which ensures the bread is gripped in position when making your nice slices. Further, the thickness is adjustable to either ⅓” or ½” slices. ,

Mama’s great slicer’s grooves are built to withstand any damages, thanks to the strong durable birch plywood material of construction. The cutting board is crafted from bamboo which already assures you this bread slicer is sturdy enough to last ages. 

The bread slicer has more unique features. It comes with two backstops.

For the best service, use one backstop when slicing your bread and two to create a pocket for a bagel and slice safely with your fingers out of danger. The base of this slicer has rubber paddings that prevent slippage when in use. 

How about storage? It’s nothing difficult as it can be packed flat in the drawer.

It’s a valuable space-saving kitchen tool. You’d absolutely love its configuration the moment you fetch it from the selling store. 


Dimensions: 12.2 x 9.5 x 2.9 inches

Weight: 3.14 pounds



  • A variation of width and thickness settings
  • Space-saving
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Easy storage and usage
  • Tall height 
  • Smooth, rounded guide tops


  • Slightly pricey


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#8.    Foldable bamboo bread slicer by MAGIGO

The bamboo slicer by MAGIGO is among the most treasured pieces of bread slicers you would be lucky to have in possession. The satiation that comes with the feeling of knowing your need is precisely met is incomparable. This stunning product is for keeps!

Wondering how beneficial it is and deserving to be a working companion in your kitchen, then get to hear nothing but the truth about this indispensable item. You need evenly-sliced bread, and so does MAGIGO bread slicer helps you to attain that. It’s more of a cutting guide, with smooth grooves than a slicer in the real sense. 

High-quality bamboo is the material used to craft the slicer. Therefore, it is sufficiently sturdy, water-resistant, durable, and easy to clean. Its thickness is adjustable according to any of three groove sizes to cut your bread to three sizes you may like: ⅓”, ⅜”, and ½”.


MAGIGO Nature Bamboo Foldable Bread Slicer with Crumb Catcher Tray, Bread Slicing Guide


The base of this slicer is a crumb tray. Crumbs irritate you when cleaning, then you are well sorted having that this tray collects all the crumb mess for easy discarding. And remember, it is easy to clean by just wiping using a damp cloth. 

It’s foldable to maximum flatness for compact storage and it’s flexible to open in seconds. So, you can use it even on an everyday basis.  The bread slicer also includes a knife rest for convenience and optimal safety when done slicing. And its packaging features 20 bread bags, 20 golden twist ties besides the one bread slicer.


Dimensions: 11.7×7.67×6.5inches

Weight: 3.07 pounds



  • The slicer kit includes 20 bread bags and 20  twist ties
  • Foldable and flexibly opens
  • Convenient and safe for use
  • Built from original bamboo wood
  • Compact storage
  • Adjustable slice thickness


  • Difficult to cut a slice all the way to the bottom


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As much as, to this point, you may have made the final decision of your ideal kind of bread slicer from the listed above, it is not yet the end of the knowledge you ought to equip yourself with. There’s more you need to learn out of this erudite review.


Parameters to meticulously check for when looking for a bread slicer:

Summarized as below:

  • The material of construction: There are a variety of materials implored in the crafting of bread slicers ranging from bamboo wood, plastic to acrylic. Truth be told, the bamboo wood tops the list which is known for its self-sterility, longevity, and sturdy nature. Then bamboo slicers are foldable, and therefore easy to store. And they come in different slice thicknesses which give you a variety of choices. Though the best about the bamboo wood, is the dazzling durability they boast to the extent of lasting a lifetime. But this does not mean the plastic and acrylic are not good as well; they can serve the same purpose.
  • Overall design: The design of a bread slicer is crucial in knowing the size and outward appearance with regard to your need. Go for a foldable bread slicer if you target to save kitchen space. However, it’s not taxing to store a bread slicer as it can stay even in crowded places without getting damaged. 
  • Adjustable thickness/ width settings: Most exceptionally good bread slicers have different slice thickness to choose from which enables you to select thick or thin slices depending on your preference. And these brands are the ones to go for if you want flexibility. Some may have width settings which is always an added advantage over the rest. 
  • Ease of cleaning: A bread slicer with a crumb catcher tray makes cleaning easier. The tray catches the crumb mess which is easier to throw in the litter bin. So, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to clean your working surface with such a type of bread slicer. Generally, a bread slicer provides an easy cleanup since it can be washed with warm water or just cleaned by a damp piece of cloth.
  • Ease of use:  A nice bread slicer should not create any complications when in use. It should make precise slices effortlessly. And also ensure you are able to disassemble, assemble, fold it or open it with ease in seconds. Its use should not be time-consuming but rather a resourceful machine for everyday operation.


What is the need of having a bread slicer?

A bread slicer is an ideal addition to your kitchen. Why say so?

It accrues bountiful benefits for you with the main one being attaining even and uniform bread slices without tearing your bread. The bread slicer is a time and energy saver as it requires little effort to slice your loaf of bread. You should get yourself one since it makes your slicing work easier and non-tedious

How do I clean my manual bread slicer?

A bread slicer is one of the kitchen articles that’s nothing of a hard task to clean. Just dampen a cloth piece and wipe the mess or dirt off the bread slicer. If too dirty, then wash in warm soapy water and rinse; then let it completely dry before storing.

Which bread slicer brand poses as the best of the best?

In the market today, there is a multitude of brands that nearly look similar.

It is up to the buyer to make a wise choice. We have recommended the best to take home. None, in particular, could be better than the other since it all depends on personal need and liking.

To one, it may be the bambusi bamboo bread slicer and to another, the MAGIGO bamboo bread slicer. But make sure to take your best fit.

Why obtain a bread slicer when I already have a bread knife?

A bread slicer is effective, yes, but with two disadvantages which are canceled out by a bread slicer. The bread knife is likely to tear or crumble down your bread when slicing since there’s no tool to hold the bread firmly in position, which should be the bread slicer.

Then a bread knife cannot make uniform bread slicers as opposed to bread slicers. The two should work jointly for the best outcome. It’s now clear a bread slicer is equally as important as a bread knife. 

Does a bread slicer require much space for storage?

Most bread slicers are foldable and even if they are not, they are not eerily humongous to accommodate a lot of space. Bread slicers can be stored in any place of choice, be it in the cabinets, draws, or just on the countertop as long as the storage place is clean and safe. In fact, bread slicers can fit in a crowded place too. They are so undemanding when it comes to storage.



This guide aids you to figure out the best bread slicer you would like to have. It’s been made simple especially for someone who eats bread on a frequent basis or someone who is a sliced bread fanatic.

However, when making your ultimate choice out of the eight enlisted, do not be blinded by the appearance but be vigilant and observant when checking the qualities the bread slicer offers. You are better placed when conversant with the parameters to look for in a bread slicer brand previously mentioned.

The feeling is best when you serve your guests evenly-sliced bread nicely-arranged on the platter. It gives a nice impression of your baking skills. What in the world would feel better than this; so ensure to acquire some bread slicer that would keep you ever in a state of euphoria.

Money is essential too, but more useful when you make the right investment in the right bread slicer. Keep the purchase within your affordability range. Let not your heart and mind stress out on an expensive bread slicer when there is a cheaper and affordable one. 

Enjoy your shopping!

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