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Do you love a morning or evening coffee? As a coffee lover, you may be wondering if there is any unique way to prepare coffee besides conventional hot water and coffee beans.

Well, if you are looking forward to having the best of coffee, we are here to sort you out with some fantastic coffee cocktails you can try today.

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1. Black Russian
Black Russian is a calm and sweet cup of coffee that probably has everything you need. The Black Russian coffee dates back to the early 1950s. It has become a famous afternoon coffee for most workaholics.
It’s a fantastic pick-me-up coffee you can have if you feel exhausted, but there is still more work on the table.

Black Russian is a cocktail of coffee liquor (Kahlua) with vodka. The drink gets its name from the black color of the coffee liquor. It is not Russian in origin.

2. Irish Coffee
Irish coffee is a brand of coffee you should taste at least once in your life if you are a coffee lover.

This traditional coffee cocktail dates back to 1940 in Ireland and has become a standard coffee for most people.

It is a true manifestation of what an ideal standard coffee should look like. The recipe for making Irish coffee is quite simple contrary to what most people believe.

The coffee cocktail doesn’t contain dairy cream. That means if you are allergic to dairy products, it is the best you can have for a late evening coffee.

The base of this coffee is made of brown sugar and Irish whiskey, which gives it the ideal stimulation you need to keep you moving. You can also top the coffee with double cream for great taste.

3. The French Connection Coffee
The best coffee may come from Cuba, but you have to face the French side when looking for the best blend of cocktail coffee.

The French connection is a cocktail of amaretto with cognac. To create the perfect combination of French connection coffee, you can mix the cocktail with a cup of black coffee.

Adjust the ratio of amaretto and cognac to obtain perfect taste. In short, if you want the coffee to taste sweeter, you can add more amaretto. You can also add some shaved almonds or base it with some whipped cream for a great taste.

4. Italian Chocolate Martini
If you love chocolate coffee, then the Italian Chocolate should not be missing from your list of top coffee cocktails. The coffee cocktail is a blend of chilled espresso, Kahlua liqueur, coffee beans, and Amaro Averna.

Nicholas Boden, a famous bartender, invented this coffee cocktail for his restaurant in Kansas City. It has since become a popular coffee drink for those looking for happiness and good health.

Drinking the Italian chocolate Martini is a symbol of prosperity to many coffee lovers. The Italian Amaro Averna makes part of the cocktail to add some flavor into the Italian cuisine popular in Mo’s Hotel Philips.

Enough with the drinks, let’s look at some other random ways by which we can make use of coffee at home.
Make an Insect Repellent
Yes, it sounds odd and you probably never heard of it but you can make an insect repellent with ground coffee beans.


Coffee Cocktail By Tim Douglas
Tim Douglas

The odor of the coffee deters some insects and thereby helps save your plants so you can be the proud gardener of a beautiful garden
Fabricate an Air Freshener
ever wanted to munch on something in the fridge, but it has the odor of something else that was left in the refrigerator.

Well, we have the cure – ground some coffee beans and store them in the fridge.
Paint With It. Believe it or not you can actually make different shades of ‘coffee brown’ depending upon the strength of the brew.

This is a great way to wave money and improvise when you run out of brown paint.

Get glowing skin
Forget purchasing expensive scrubs. These scrubs are not only loaded with chemicals you don’t know about.

But they are way too expensive for the havoc they eventually wreck on the skin. Ground coffee beans make an excellent scrub.

The coffee helps to improve blood circulation and enhance skin complexion.

Moreover, coffee beans can be used for decoration as well.
Coffee Bean Jar
Do you have a spare glass jar at home that you don’t want to throw away? If so then why not take some glue and paste coffee beans all around the body of the jar to give you a neat jar in which you can store cookies or even coffee beans.
Flower Jar
Did you know that you can fill a vase with coffee beans and keep your plants fresh? Keep your home smelling fresh and clean by placing some coffee beans in a vase and adding some water and plants. You will get a fresh smelling home in no time at all.
Candle Holder
Are you looking for a candle holder? Instead of buying expensive ones at the market, why not make one at home? Place a hand full, or as much as you need, of coffee beans in a bowl and gently press your candle into the pile of beans – voila! You now have yourself a candle holder.


Final Thoughts
The perfect way to add some flavor to your coffee is by picking the best recipe. Have your best choice of whiskey, chocolates, liquor, and cream ready for the perfect coffee cocktail.

Making an ideal coffee cocktail should not be that difficult if you have the perfect recipe for these amazing coffee drinks.

In addition, you can add some spice to your life by using them in your home as an ingredient in insect repellant or by decorating your home using coffee beans as a candle holder or wall art.

You can also get more tips on meal kits for singles if you want the best of meals.

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