What on earth beats the sweetness and the succulence of a pineapple fruit? If there is, then it’s unheard of; it’s unprecedented. Pineapples are amazing enjoyable fruits and again very unique in every detail about them. 

Did you know that pineapples do not grow on trees like mangoes? Pineapples grow in the ground and take at least three years to mature.

And they just don’t grow in any climatic condition. That’s how complex and extraordinary they are. This is utterly a parting shot, 

The task in discussion, however, is the easy way to peel them or rather preparing pineapples in general.

Pineapples are a bit tenacious with a prickly hard outer skin and a harder inner core that pose a challenge when peeling and slicing.

For some people, in a bid to evade stressful pineapple prepping, they prefer spending a few bucks on already-prepped canned pineapples.

Unknown to them that it’s a dangerous lifestyle to embrace. Most canned pineapples have added processed sugar and in so doing, the pineapple is no longer all-natural. 

Speaking of the problem at hand, why not just get your pineapple homemade. It’s much safer and healthier. And you do not have to take the shortcuts anymore. 

A standard knife can peel or slice your pineapple but its drawbacks should let you know it is not the best idea.

It’s a cheaper solution though conclusively, cheap can sometimes be expensive. With a knife, you are much susceptible to deep cuts, if not that then the tiny pineapple prickles remain stuck in the flesh. 

Let all this be a thing of the past. Grin and giggle the minute you get to know there is a most suitable substitute. But what is it? Simply a pineapple corer.

This brilliant read literally is your guide to making a great choice of a pineapple corer.

Plenty of brands are out there and confusion should not be your portion. The reason we scrutinized and collated these top ten picks as the pivotal focus.


#1.    Newness Upgraded Stainless Steel Premium Pineapple Corer

Key Features:

  • High-quality stainless steel material
  • A reinforced and strongly-welded sharp blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ergonomic plastic handle
  • Sophisticated design


Say a forever goodbye to peeling pineapples being an onerous chore the moment you have the newness upgrade of a pineapple corer. You love pineapples and from now henceforth, you can enjoy well-prepped pineapples at the comfort of your home.

This pineapple corer is the antidote to the wasteful chunks of pineapple flesh generated during knife usage.

For use, peel one or both sides of the melon using a knife and place this corer on the pineapple while standing vertically straight and core smoothly down to the bottom in seconds. 

It leaves out the pineapple hard core in the shell and the resulting are beautiful yellow rings of the pineapple.



The corer can also create one pineapple slice at a time or cut the entire fruit. The leftover shell can be improvised to be a bowl for carrying the pineapple slices. 

The most fascinating aspect about this magical tool is that it’s very time-saving and non-strenuous to use. And it’s easy to clean; it is dishwasher safe. Though you can handwash with soap and water and let dry before storage. 

What’s more, it is durable to last years since it is made of high-quality stainless steel. its steel blade is reinforced and strongly-welded which gives the corer a high strength to withstand unwanted defects. 

Its ABS plastic handle is ergonomic with a tight grip to push the corer through the pineapple with minimal effort. All these features combined into one showcase the stylish design of the newness premium pineapple corer. 



Dimension: 9.8 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 9.76 ounces

Color: black/yellow/green/red/gray

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#2.    SameTech easy kitchen pineapple corer and cutter

Key Features:

  • Razor-sharp blade
  • Ergonomic and ratcheting detachable handle
  • A detachable wedger
  • stainless steel blade and tube
  • Premium plastic handle material


SameTech took the market by storm to become the champions in creating quality and useful products across the globe. Why settle for less when there is better and best. 

If you want a pineapple corer that squashes into your pineapple with ease, we can not fathom anything less of a Sametech pineapple corer. 

Most pineapple slicers limit you to pineapple rings of which if you want a fruit salad, they won’t be of any benefit. But for Sametech, you can make the rings and dice your pineapple into smaller pieces since it has a wedger in inclusion.

The yellow plastic wedger is detachable from the corer which gives you flexibility in use. The wedger is the perfect gadget to make small bite-size pineapple chunks ready to be eaten. 




The handle is plastic-made and detachable as well for ease of cleaning. Less cleaning time, less work in washing.

When detached, it is much easier to store it as it’s able to fit appropriately in the kitchen drawer or closet. Certainly, it is an economical handle. Plus it’s non-slip and anti-wear.

The other parts of the pineapple corer are made of stainless steel and that includes the tube and blade.

The blade is adequately sharp to smoothly pierce through the pineapple after cutting the top part of the pineapple. No more straining, no more struggles in slicing and peeling your pineapple, no more accumulated wastes.

It comes in nice packaging and therefore, you can buy it as a gift for a bubbly occasion like a birthday, especially for pineapple enthusiasts. Make the occasion memorable for your loved one.



Dimensions: 9.5 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches

Weight: 0.28 pounds

Brand: SameTech

Color: yellow 

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#3.    AENTGIU 304 stainless steel pineapple corer with wedger

Key Features

  • Resilient plastic handle
  • Non-corrosive 304 stainless steel 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • A sharp serrated steel blade
  • Detachable handle
  • Spring-loaded design


You can let it be the last time you allow pineapple wastages because of time constraints and a bit of ignorance.

The pineapple corer by AENTGIU helps you relish your pineapple better than before without having to throw any ripped-up parts. 

The pineapple rings you yearn for are easily formed by this coring pro machine. it is easy to operate and with these steps in the prepping process, you are sure of how to maneuver this tool.

First, ensure it’s set with the handle fixed into the corer’s tube and cut the top part of the pineapple, then, center the blade on the pineapple and thrust it slowly down, twisting and rotating clockwise, up to the bottom of the pineapple.

Rings form but if you want smaller chunks, push down the wedger to the bottom, and voila! The pineapple is ready to be devoured piece by piece.


Pineapple Corer and Slicer, [Upgraded] Thicker 304 Stainless Steel Pineapple Cutter/Peeler with Wedger, Professional Pineapple Core Remover ToolPineapple Corer and Slicer, [Upgraded] Thicker 304 Stainless Steel Pineapple Cutter/Peeler with Wedger, Professional Pineapple Core Remover Tool


Its super-resilient handle offers a slip-resistance and it’s made of strong plastic, it’s detachable as well, same to wedger, for easy cleaning and easy storage.

Allow the disassembled corer to lie flat in your drawer. The handle is simply ergonomic. 

The AENTGIU pineapple corer’s tube and blade are made of pure 304 stainless steel. The blade is serrated to a sharp finish to smoothly slice your pineapple. The durability of this corer is extremely high as it readily lasts long before any deformation occurs.



Dimensions: 9”x 3.4” x3.4”

Weight: 8.8 ounces


Color: Black

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#4.    Bright kitchen two-pack pineapple slicers

Key Features:

  • Money-saving two corers in one pack
  • Food-grade stainless steel material
  • Easy cleaning, dishwasher safe
  • Rust-proof, non-corrosive
  • Compact storage


Did you know that the shell of pineapple can work as your temporary kitchen bowl? Wondering if there is such a possibility? Disagreeing if it’s all true, then you have it all wrong.

The bright kitchen pineapple corer cores the pineapple into circular rings and pulls the flesh out and this happens in less than two seconds. What is left behind is the unwanted pineapple inner core and the shell standing. 

The rings can be diced into cubes and a fruit salad prepared. Then placed in the shell, ready for serving. That’s how you get to have your shell intact and useable.

This brand of pineapple corer and slicer is a stainless steel material. The steel is of food-grade standards and by that, it’s safe for food prepping.




It’s a sure guarantee the health of an individual is protected. The material of construction is also resistant to rust and corrosion attacks, therefore strong to last long. 

The handle is crafted out of ABS plastic material which is super resilient and slip-free. With such a friendly detachable handle, it is easy to use and to store.

Further, since it is detachable, then the core’s cleaning is made easier and nothing of a hurdle. It’s dishwasher safe so you do not have to worry about handwashing it. 

Lastly, the packaging of the bright kitchen pineapple slicer comes with two corers. This way, you cut costs. Rather than buying two corers separately at a higher price, buy the bright kitchen two-pack. Best of luck with your shopping spree. 


Dimensions: 7x4x1 inches

Weight: 13.8 ounces

Brand: Bright Kitchen

Color: Red/silver

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#5.    OXO good grip stainless steel pineapple corer

Key Features:

  • Comfy non-slip ratcheting knob
  • Accurate measurement markings
  • Sharp, medium-sized steel blade
  • Easy storage    


OXO manufacturers commit to providing high-quality products in the field of baking and cooking for an enjoyable cooking adventure in your kitchen. One of their products is a pineapple corer and this is the focal point of discussion.

The pineapple corer is extraordinary in the sense that the handle is a comfortable ratcheting knob.

The sleek design of the knob makes this pineapple corer have an extra advantage over most pineapple corers which lack this simple uniqueness. The knob-like handle is non-slip with a full grip to control the movement of the corer through the pineapple. 

Second in mention, still on its extraordinary features, is its measurement markings on its tube.

The functionality of these markings is to ensure the corer itself does not go beyond the bottom of the shell. When such is achieved, the shell remains unpierced and able to act as a bowl for carrying a sumptuous fruit salad.


OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer & Slicer,Silver/Black

Just like the other pineapple corers, it is placed centrally on the side of the pineapple where the crown is removed.

Then screwed, while twisting clockwise, up to the bottom of which the outcome is perfectly-shaped rings of the pineapple. 

Everything is a two-minute process since the blade of this efficient pineapple corer is optimally-sharp and serrated. In terms of size, the blade is in the medium range.

The material of construction basically is sturdy stainless steel except for the handle which is of plastic material.

Moreover, get to know that this pineapple corer is easy to clean, and for storage, it can be compact enough to fit in your drawer or cabinet. So, you need not worry about how you can store the pineapple corer. 



Dimension: 3.5”x 2.29”x 10.25”

Weight:0.59 pounds

Brand: OXO

Color: silver/black

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#6.    Tomorrow’s kitchen pineapple corer and slicer

Key Features:

  • Netherland-made kitchenware
  • Green plastic wedger
  • Stainless steel tube and blade
  • Dishwasher safe


Looking for a pineapple corer with its roots tracing back to the Netherlands? An original pineapple corer made in the Netherlands. We cannot advise anything other than tomorrow’s kitchen pineapple corer and slicer. 

The pineapple corer, like any pineapple corer you know, is pushed through the pineapple after cutting out the top part of the pineapple.

The result is juicy pineapple rings. If the corer has its wedger fixed in position, then it becomes more of a slicer since the pineapple is transformed into smaller chunks. 

This set inclusive of a wedger is more economical and valuable than one without. Tomorrow’s kitchen technically considers your financial interests to bring out a corer that’s money-saving and more beneficial especially for tropical fruit lovers. 


Tomorrow’s Kitchen Pineapple Corer Slicer – Stainless Steel Durable Non-toxic Dishwasher Safe, Anti-Rust Material, Fruit, Salad Cocktail Bowl Chunks Wedger Decorative Netherland Kitchenware Utensil


The make-up of the pineapple corer is a tube and blade which both are made out of anti-rust, non-toxic, durable stainless steel for a lasting service to the user. The blade is sharp as you would like it to be to save on time and labor implored. 

Not forgetting, it has a plastic handle to hold the corer firmly for maximum control. And the handle is detachable which means it is even easier for you to clean and store this corer. Again, the corer is dishwasher safe; in your own free time let the dishwasher do the cleaning for you. 



Dimension: 0.02”x0.02”x0.95”

Weight: 0.1 pounds

Brand: Tomorrow’s Kitchen

Color: gray

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#7.    Vacu Vin 4 in 1 pineapple peeler,wedger, corer and slicer

Key Features:

  • A 4-in-1 tool; a peeler, corer, slicer, and wedger
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Corkscrew-based mechanism
  • A non-slip and a quick-release handle
  • Effortless to use


Vacu Vin 4-in-1 pineapple peeler is the most cost-effective brand of a pineapple corer. It’s the  most popular choice for most professional and even home chefs.

Because of one simple feature, you can have it as either your corer, peeler, wedger or slicer. The preference is in your hands once you obtain this product from the shop.

It does the peeling, the coring, the slicing and the cutting very fast in an effortless way. Clearly, we cannot deny the fact that it is exceptionally versatile.

When coring the pineapple, it creates sweet pineapple rings. And with the addition of a corkscrew-based mechanism, the rings and the slices come out perfectly-shaped. The shell remains after the rings are extracted out of it and can be the fruit bowl.




The handle of this most effective corer is durable and non-slip which never allows your hands to slip off the corer when in use, by virtue of being molded out of strong and resilient ABS plastic material. 

The handle also features a quick-release button which makes the rings easy to separate from the corer. Plus, it’s a detachable handle that can be detached from the corer to conveniently clean the whole item. 

It’s a stainless steel product, the handle only is plastic like a majority of the pineapple corers. It is able to withstand corrosion and any damages owing to the aforementioned material it is made of. 

The blades of this above-average pineapple corer are in a set of three; that is the small, medium, and the large sizes for it to cut through a pineapple of any size. 

Summing up, the Vacu Vin brand is highly-durable with the most exemplary features. It’s a blazing trend worldwide that should not bypass you now that you are in the know. 


Dimension: 54.33 x 37.4 x 80.71 inches

Weight: 0.22 kilograms

Brand: Vacu Vin

Color: white and green

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#8.    Oaklyn stainless steel pineapple corer with a recipe eBook

Key Features:

  • High-quality 304 stainless steel material
  • Package inclusive of a recipe eBook
  • Detachable full-grip handle
  • Elegant design


Ever heard of a pineapple corer that gifts you a free recipe eBook? Maybe yes, maybe not.

You should learn about the Oaklyn premium pineapple corer irrespective of whether you know it or you do not.

Beyond the extra recipe eBook, this pineapple corer has a lot to offer. Upon pushing it through your pineapple, the aftermath is beautiful pineapple rings that keep you drooling for a bite. 

These pineapple rings, after they are extracted, remains are a shell and the inner core of the pineapple.

The shell is an ideal glass for holding your smoothie, desserts, cocktails, and more. This is an idea of putting something presumed to be litter into use, more of environmental conscience. 


Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer with a Recipe eBook


It’s lightweight and a craft of 304 stainless steel engineered to operate for years and years without getting torn or damaged.

It’s resistant to heat and corrosion which raises its durability standards. The handle has a good grip and balance to fit in either your dominant left or right hand to core with ease.

 It is a breeze to use and clean as well since it is dishwasher safe. Its usage leaves the pineapple juice retained in the flesh. There are no wastages as noticed in the fake pineapple corers in the market. 

The handle is plastic material but not just weak plastic. It’s strong and built for long-term serviceability. It’s also detachable; you can remove it from the corer if you want.

The blades are super-sharp and require caution and vigilance to prevent unexpected cuts. Like blades of bread knives and most filler knives, it is serrated to pierce through the pineapple under minimal effort.



Dimension: 7.5 x 3.7 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Brand: Oaklyn

Color: silver 

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#9.    OXO good grip pineapple corer and slicer

Key Features:

  • Non-slip easy-to-hold knob ratchets
  • Lays flat when stored; compact storage
  • Visible measurement markings
  • A sharp blade of medium size


This white OXO pineapple is the perfect representation of an effective pineapple slicer with a pleasing physical appearance and design. Pineapples are no longer difficult to deal with as long as you let this pineapple corer be your favorite pineapple corer.

Cut off the top part of your pineapple using a knife. Specifically the side with the pineapple crown. And your pineapple is ready to be worked on by the pineapple corer.Lay the pineapple corer centrally and firmly.

Twist it down to the bottom but just before it tears through the shell, stop the twisting and pull out the pineapple flesh. You’d absolutely love the rings. This is how to operate the OXO pineapple corer. 


OXO Good Grips Simple Pineapple Corer & Slicer


The measurement markings in place are an assistant to prevent the corer from getting beyond the shell since you would like to have your shell intact and usable afterward.

It’s a stainless steel build. therefore, its durability is guaranteed except for the handle which is a plastic material. The handle, remember, is a ratcheting knob that is comfortable and anti-slip enabling continuous rotation all through. Even if your hands are wet, they won’t slip off the handle.  

The handle is separable from the tube of the corer. Since its parts are separable, cleaning is easy and pleasurable. And better, it is dishwasher safe. So relax, feel relieved knowing that the dishwasher can clean the pineapple corer for you. 

Its storage is not challenging. First, its parts are separable. Second, the corer can lay flat in the storage drawer and ft in a drawer of any size. Simply, it boasts compact storage.



Dimension: 1.38 x 4.75 x 14 inches

Weight: 116 grams

Brand: OXO

Color: white/black

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#10.   Tablesto pineapple cutter and corer

Key Features:

  • Set of two tools: pineapple cutter and fruit corer
  • A cutting-edge design
  • High versatility
  • Smooth handle


The Tablesto pineapple cutter comes alongside an apple corer as a set of two fruit tools. These are two important items your kitchen should not lack if you really want a fully-stocked kitchen.

In consideration is the pineapple cutter which can peel, core, and slice in a span of seconds into round rings that own the nicest aesthetics without losing the juice in the flesh of the pineapple. Its versatility cannot be found in any other pineapple corer. It’s a time saver and resilient enough as well.

With the long ratchet handle, it is easier to grip tight in your hand which gives you full control over the movement of the corer. It’s a simple tool to use without any hassles or issues when in operation. 




The blade is a stainless steel material to last long. Plus, it has a sharp serrated cutting edge that slides smoothly through the pineapple. The tube part is also stainless steel made. 

The Tablesto pineapple corer is also easy to clean. You can hand wash or clean using your dishwasher. Dishwasher aids especially when you feel lousy and tired to clean your pineapple corer.

Storing this pineapple cutter is as easy as apple-pie due to the compact storage that makes it small enough to lay flat in the storage place. 



Dimension: 8.1 x 3.7 x 3.1 inches

Weight: 0.55 pounds

Brand: Tablesto

Color:  stainless steel

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PineApple Corer FAQs:

 What is a pineapple corer?

 A pineapple corer, literally refers to a handheld kitchen tool with a circular blade at its most bottom section engineered mainly for cutting pineapples. A pineapple corer in simpler words is a pineapple cutter. 

Actually, it’s a gadget which makes cutting your pineapples easier and separates the core from the flesh of the pineapple. You do not like the pineapple core, then this is the best tool to aid you in removing the core.

How well do I use my pineapple corer?

Operating your pineapple corer is not a hard nut to crack as  you had presumed it to be. It’s use is very easy, hassle-free. It takes you seconds and you are done dealing with it in cutting your pineapple. 

To get the perfect rings you desire, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start by cutting the top of your pineapple using a sharp standard knife; the side with the crown of the pineapple to attain a flat top.
  2. Set the pineapple to stand upright with the flat exposed top facing up.
  3. Place the pineapple corer vertically straight and centrally on top of the pineapple
  4. After ensuring the pineapple corer is in the right position, begin twisting clockwise as you push the pineapple corer downwards. 
  5. If your pineapple is ripe, the juice collects in the hollow cylindrical tube of the pineapple corer. When you reach the bottom, stop twisting, detach the handle, take the pineapple and pour the juice into a clean container.
  6. Re-fix the handle and pull up the pineapple corer by the handle to remove the flesh out of the spiky shell. 
  7. Push the levers on the handle to release the tube of the corer from the cut-out pineapple. If you want, slice vertically downwards to get the rings.
  8. Creatively, fill the pineapple shell with your fruit salad or your cocktail and enjoy the moment! 

What is the essence of a pineapple corer in my kitchen?

You might wonder what’s the need of having a pineapple corer in your kitchen. Yes, we do not disagree that it is not the only way to prepare your pineapple. 

There are traditional ways which are still in use. But it’s good if we appreciate and embrace the newer tools in existence since they are more sophisticated and that includes a pineapple corer. 

The traditional methods like using a fruit knife won’t give you the rings you desire. It won’t meet perfection that’s covered by a pineapple corer.

Pineapple corers are simply the easier road to well-prepared pineapples.  We would say, there is no better tool for tropical fruit fanatics other than the pineapple corer basing on the reason they are the most effective and most useful fruit tools your kitchen deserves. 

How appropriately should l clean my pineapple corer?

Cleaning the pineapple corer is one easy task to do just as how to use it.

By handwashing, run the pineapple corer under clean warm water to remove most of the pineapple juice and the tiny pieces of the pineapple that may have stuck on the pineapple corer when coring. 

Then  apply some dishwashing gel onto a clean scouring pad and wash the corer thoroughly to a freaking clean look.

Lastly rinse with the clean warm water, wipe off the excess water with a clean dry rug and leave it somewhere to dry completely.

The washing process can also be done by a dishwasher since most pineapple corers are dishwasher safe. Point to mark is to ensure the pineapple corer dries well enough before storage.

Which are the most important features of a good pineapple corer?  

 Any item you buy from a selling store, is put to scrutiny and thorough examination to ensure it fits the standards you are looking for to gain the most benefits out of it. You just don’t make a purchase without meticulously gauging if it’s the right one for you. 

And there are specific aspects you would like to check keenly because you wouldn’t love to see your money go to waste in a blink of an eye. For a pineapple corer, always check for these:

  • The material

Pineapple corers come in different materials like stainless steel and plastic. Stainless steel pineapple corers possess the most ideal quality and functionality. It offers high durability and strength to withstand any storms while in use. 

Plus, a corer made of stainless steel does not need you to apply lots of effort to plunge through the pineapple. It provides the best maneuverability compared to a plastic corer. Plastic corers are weaker in tenacity and tend not to last as long as stainless steel corers. Now you have the right idea of the right choice of material to look for in a pineapple corer. 

  • The blade

The blade is the most significant part of a pineapple corer. You need to ensure the blade of the pineapple corer you choose is sharp and honed well to cut through the pineapple with ease. If it’s not sharp, then pushing the corer through the pineapple becomes difficult and tiring. 

Further, you are likely not to achieve nicely-shaped pineapple slices rings. There is a high possibility the outcome would not be a properly-sliced pineapple and a messy working surface. The blade is largely important.

  •  Handle

The handle is the major determinant of how well you will guide the pineapple corer through the pineapple. That’s why you need to confirm it’s in the correct state of use. 

For the best results, go for a non-slip, light handle with a firm grip to give you ease in controlling the movement of the pineapple corer when twisting for concise cuts. 

  • Price

Of all factors that determine which pineapple core you can take home, price tops the list. If you cannot afford a certain pineapple corer, then the rest of the factors are impractical to consider. 

The variety of pineapple corers have different pricing. And it never means the expensive ones are the best. To stay within your budget, make sure you look for pineapple corer that fits your budget.  

Do not stress over a pineapple corer you cannot afford as there is always something for everyone. There is always a good pineapple corer whose price coincides with your budget regardless of the brand.


There is no such thing as a certain brand of a pineapple corer concluded the love of all persons worldwide. Taste and preference differ from one person to another and it’s okay and very normal it is the way it is.

But of importance is to consider the versatility, functionality, durability, quality, and price of a pineapple corer to suit your likability.

When all these are put on the frontline, then you expect nothing but the best out of the selected brand of a pineapple corer. 

If you still feel mixed up, on which brand to choose among the top ten enlisted, you can go for our top pick: the newness premium pineapple corer.

But this does not suggest it’s the most appropriate for any person. Do not be surprised when along the way you discover a better one and your ideal match.

All in all, buy the best pineapple corer as a gift for yourself and forget all the frustrations you faced before with the imprecise grueling tools. Gladly, place this great addition in your kitchen.


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