Butterfly Knife

Also referred to as Balisongs, butterfly knives have currently gained a lot of fame in the marketplace. People now value what makes them happy to rest from work or distract them from negative thoughts such as anxiety.

Moreover, almost everyone has hobbies and timetables on what to do during their free time. One of the knife lover’s hobbies is to flip or perform the tool’s trickery.  This tool is also good for self-defense or cutting other types of equipment where the need arises.

However, due to their popularity currently, in the market you will find many versions, some of which are vague. This article serves as a guide to selecting the Best Butterfly Knives Under $50, to give you the best shopping experience in no time.


8 Popular ButterFly Knife Under $50


#1.    Butterfly Knife for Men Boys Kids CSGO – Set of 2

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortability
  • Reasonable weight
  • Great balance
  • Affordability
  • Secure in use

Acquired from the AIFUSI brand, this knife is made out of stainless steel. Therefore if you are a person who hates corrosion on material, this is for you.

It comes in two-packs with either silver or black color. A plus if you are choosy in colors.

The overall knife length is around 8.66 inches, with its hilt measuring approximately 5 inches.


Butterfly Knife, Trainer Martial Arts Practice Swords Steel Metal Folding Balisong Training Knife Tool Unsharpened for Men Boys Kids CSGO, Black and Silver, Set of 2


This knife grants the user a great experience during usage because it is comfortable when flipping. Furthermore, its weight, which approximately equals 0.02 Lb per pounds, is just right for its use.

 Also, it grants a great balance, in that the user does not struggle to acquire the perfect angle.  

Its cost is affordable, yet it is of good quality as well as usable. Previous users have highlighted this benefit.

It is multi-purposely used to open bottles, hiking, cycle, camping, pulling nails off, etc.

Additionally, it provides you with safety because its blades are not sharp to cause your hands or body cuts upon an accidental fall.

Pros Cons
This brand contains a good customer service that is fast to respond, and assist where possible. When squeezed, it may lose some screws.
It is a perfect option for beginners since it is secure and easy to use. It requires oiling to maintain its original appearance and use.
It comes in two sets. You can gift one set to your friend, family, or loved one. For tasks that require sharpness, you may need to sharpen the knife first.


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#2.    Fecedy 2pcs Butterfly Knife for Practicing flipping

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality
  • Realistic cost

This tool comes from the FECEDY brand. You can choose to buy 2 pcs which include black and silver, this is a plus as you can gift someone one piece.

This tool is strong to last long, and grant the user maximum usability. Its material is metal which grasps edge finely.

Its lightweight makes it appropriate for a butterfly knife. Its grip contains approximately 8 inches, along with a 4-inched blade.


Fecedy 2pcs Butterfly Knife Trainning Practice Comb Unsharpened Blade for Practicing flipping tricks


Despite its affordable price, this item’s quality is right. It does not chip or become ineffective even after it is used for long.

You will purchase the tool at an inexpensive price and have some money to buy something else, yet unlike most items whereby the cost goes hand in hand with the quality, for this one, the quality is not compromised by the cash you spend.

Pros Cons
A good option for beginners since it can rarely fall nor cut the user. It is made of a metal material. Therefore it is vulnerable to corrosion if not well cared for.
It comes in two distinct colors; black and silver. This is a plus since people have different color preferences. Despite that it cannot be sharpened due to its design, the blade is not so sharp during the purchase.
A great option to learn real tricks from scratch, before using a real blade. You need to tighten its screws regularly for maintenance. Therefore you may be required to buy a Balisong repair kit.


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#3.    VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Knife Balisong – Comb for CS GO Training

Highlighted Features

  • Secure in use
  • Durable material
  • Strongly fitted
  • Good trainer

Made from the VORNNEX brand, this item comes with an blunt blade for practice. It is safe for use by inexperienced persons. Also, this additional feature makes it a good option for training a first-time user.


VORNNEX Practice Butterfly Knife,Full Stainless Steel Unsharpened Blade 100% Safe Dull Butterfly Knife Trainer Butterfly Knife Comb for Training(Silver)


Its material is stainless steel, which is known for its durability, ease of sharpening, and rust resistance.

Its overall length is 9 inches; a blade of 4 inches, and a 5-inch handle. Besides, the pins of this tool can rarely chip off, regardless of the number of times falls occur.

Pros Cons
It is flexible; you can use it for other tasks like opening boxes. It consists of an additional multipurpose tool. Contains an additional weight which can compromise the balance during some flips.
It is easy to use, especially for a beginner who would like to learn its tricks before utilizing real Balisongs. It can be rough on your hands; you may need to hone it.
Unlike other Balisongs, this type has no issues with the screws. It appears like a real knife therefore, you may be restricted from carrying it publicly, according to your state’s regulations.


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#4.    MARCOLO Training and Practice for Boys and Girls

Highlighted Features

  • Comfortable
  • Safety
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Strong to last long

Manufactured by MARCOLO, this knife contains stainless steel; good news for those who find it difficult to wash utensils immediately after utilization because this material is rust free.

This knife feels good on the user’s hands, due to its weight of 0.15 kilograms, with its folded and grip length measuring 5.5 inches, and its full length weighing about 9.6 inches.


MARCOLO Training and Practice for Boys and Girls 100% Safety Strong and Durable


The user is protected from blisters. The blade is dull to avoid accidental cuts. Especially for beginners and children. Also, it is strong to last long so that the user enjoys long time utilization.

Pros Cons
It hardly gets damaged Contains some stiffness that fades after several flips.
According to its customers, it is worth the price Its sole purpose is to utilize it as a Balisong. Therefore it is not useful for other tasks like cutting.
It comes with a carrying potch which is a plus because you will not have to buy one. You may need to spend time or additional cost for tightening the screws.


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#5.   New Tac Force Spring Assisted Rainbow Blade Folding Aluminum Handle Pocket Eco’Gift Knife with Sharp Blade

Highlighted Features

  • Affordable
  • Sharp on both edges
  • Attractive to the eyes
  • Multi-purpose

From the SNAKE EYE TACTICAL NEW brand, this material is durable due to its stainless steel material which resists rust that renders utensils ineffective after a while. No one would want to risk his family’s life as a result of the poor hygiene which rust brings.

A major highlight concerning this knife is that it is all-purpose. You can use it for cutting, camping, fishing, hiking, self-defense, etc. Its overall weight of 10.9 ounces makes all this possible

Its price is affordable, especially for those who would like to spend little cash.


New Tac Force Spring Assisted Rainbow Blade Folding Aluminum Handle Pocket Eco'Gift LIMITED EDITION Knife with Sharp Blade
Snake Eye Tactical New


Its attractive design is good for the eyes, you will gaze at it again and again.

On both edges, it is sharp. When one side becomes dull, the user can make use of the other side. Moreover, it contains a sharp pointed edge that can be used to open boxes with ease or to attack the enemy quickly.

Pros Cons
Easy to carry for outdoor tasks. A folding knife. Therefore, it might not be a good option to cut hard materials.
A perfect gift for loved ones especially those who like outdoor activities. Some consumers claim that it is more of a cutting knife than a Balisong. However, you can confirm this from customer care before purchase.


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#6.     Lovfri Practice Butterfly Knife for Safe Dull Without DangerTraining, for Enhancement Skills

Highlighted Features

  • User safety
  • Stainless steel
  • Great handle
  • Affordable price

Made by the LOVFRI brand, this knife weighs a total weight of approximately 144g. The blade is 10.1 cm long, and its overall length is 22.6 cm.

This knife guarantees user safety whether they are beginners, or experienced. Its blade is not sharp, therefore in case of accidental falls, the user can rarely acquire cuts.

Its hilt is perfect. It contains a texture that makes it hard to slip and cause injuries or get damaged.


Lovfri Practice Butterfly Knife, Unsharpened Butterfly Knife for Training, Safe Dull Without Danger, Practice Butterfly Knife for Training Enhancement Skills(Black, Red)


Its material is the stainless type which resists corrosion and lasts long. Moreover, this material does not attract dirt, therefore it is hygienic.

Its price is affordable. You will not purchase it and walk out feeling bad because of spending half of your income since there are other needs to be met.

Pros Cons
Sharpening makes it unsafe in use. Its screws fall with ease, yet replacing them is hard.
For butterfly uses, it guarantees the user safety. During storage, it does not attract magnets, therefore you have to use other storage alternatives.


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#7.    D&Kmall Practice Finger Strength Spider Stick for Beginner

Highlighted Features

  • The attractive style and design
  • Good packaging
  • Great for beginners
  • Made of metal

This tool’s brand is D & KMALL. It’s design and style are incredible. Do not get surprised if you fall in love with it at the first glance.

During purchase, it is packaged beautifully. You will not add an extra coin to package it for gifting.


D&Kmall Practice Finger Strength Spider Stick for Beginner


For the beginners who are after learning flipping tricks, this is a good choice to start with. Its blades can rarely cause harm.

Furthermore, it is made of metal which makes it strong and durable compared to other materials like plastic.

Pros Cons
It’s not sharp to cause harm. You may require a professional sharpener to attain a good edge.
Since it is metallic-made, it is more strong, compared to plastic. If not properly taken care of, it can corrode.

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#8.    MARCOLO Trainer for CS GO Training

Highlighted Features

  • Durable
  • Safe in use
  • Beautiful color

This knife is manufactured by MARCOLO. It will serve the user for a good time. All that the user should do is to take good care of it and use it according to its purpose.

What’s more, it is made out of stainless steel which keeps corrosion away, to stay original and useful for a long.


MARCOLO Trainer with Sure Spring Latch for Training and Practice 100% Safety Strong and Durable Full Stainless Steel for CS GO Training


In utilization, it is safe. It lacks sharp blades which cause injuries, especially to the beginners.

It is colorful. Black, or blue. For those who like bright colors like blue, this item is recommendable.

Pros Cons
Comes with extra screws. It is heavy: A disadvantage for those who prefer lightweight tools.
Its pins can be adjusted where need be. Its screws may fall thus inconveniencing the user.


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What is the best butterfly knife?

One that is within your income, in that, you can purchase it and still have some money left for other needs. Also, one that is durable to last long. Moreover, one whose overall features match its uses.

What is the best Balisong for flipping?

There is no specific one because everyone has their preferences, moreover, one that is best for a beginner may not be good for the experienced flipper.

However, one that has the features of a good Balisong, for instance, a reasonable weight, attractive, durable, secure in use, and well-fitting on the user’s hands has it all.

Why are butterfly knives so expensive?

Because of their special features. For example, they are motion knives, contain different mechanisms, and work safely and properly.

Moreover, those who craft them are skilled persons, who can make them with two handles but fitted together to form a whole knife. They are expensive but worth the price.

What is a butterfly knife used for?

It is commonly used for flipping or performing tricks. Additionally, it is a good pocket knife that can also be used in outdoor activities.

Are butterfly blades illegal?

Yes and No. The answer here depends on your countries. In some countries, it is legal, in others, it is not allowed. Be conversant with your state’s regulations before making a purchase.

Is a butterfly knife illegal in India?

To answer this question, check its length. If it is more than 10 inches, it may land you in problems as an Indian citizen. Purchase one that is within the allowed length.

Can you cut yourself with a butterfly knife?

It is rare since most of them contain unsharpened cutting edges. However, if you get careless, you can end up acquiring cuts. Any knife should be handled with care.

Are butterfly knives useful?

Yes, they are very useful in doing specific tasks and tricks which cannot be done by other knives. And that is why they are present in the marketplace. Furthermore, for outdoor activities, they are a perfect choice.

Why was the butterfly knife invented?

For self-defense. Since it could be opened quickly with one hand, and carried in the pocket, it was invented for utility purposes, and as a weapon. That is why its design suits outdoor utilities.

How dangerous is a butterfly knife?

Provided this knife is used according to its purpose, and as advised by the manufacturer, it is not dangerous.

However, it can be very unsafe if sharpened and used to flip, it can cause serious injuries. You can miss the handle and have its sharp sides land on your hands or other body parts, and this can cause deep cuts.


Final thoughts

It is important to know your skill levels before purchasing a Balisong. The idea is to acquire the best utility, and experience out of this tool. Follow each knife’s features and the above reviews, to land on a wise decision during the purchase.

If you are a beginner, first purchase the types suited for the inexperienced, and then you can consider buying one that is for an experienced person, as you advance.

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