Though brown sugar is not that expensive, the amazing fact about brown sugar is it really does not go entirely bad or spoiled as the time span brown sugar has is indefinite.

You can use brown sugar till it gets contaminated. If you find some part of sugar being contaminated then avoid using and separate it from the rest of the sugar.

Another wonderful fact about brown sugar is that the hardened one can be easily redeemed and you can reuse it for your desserts or any other dishes.

Now, what could lead brown sugar to go bad? Well may brown sugar not goes completely bad but you may find trouble with hard clumps that brown sugar can form.

So what you need to keep in mind that processing of storage is very necessary here. Never ever leave sugar in a pantry for so long.

This article will help you with so many things including sugar preservation and ways that enhance the quality of sugar as well.


How to Know When Brown Sugar Go Spoil?

A wonderful fact about brown sugar is it does not completely get rotten due to the long shelf life it has. The texture of sugar may change but it does not go really bad. The brown sugar itself is a sort of preservative so if you keep it stored properly your brown sugar will remain for an indefinite time! Yes! You have heard it right.

Another amazing fact about brown sugar is you can restore the texture and quality of it if it gets changed. Though brown sugar rarely gets spoiled it is possible to create some kind of condiment from.


Brown Sugar

How to Store Brown Sugar

The perfect way to keep your brown sugar totally good depends on how it is being stored. So proper storage is an essential thing you have to do. Brown sugar needs to be put in such environment which is not wet and the place has to be cool like pantry, cabinet or cupboard.

Any type of cooking devices like an oven or stove can make your sugar condition completely bad. So do remember that your storage place is far away from any source of high temperature.

The storage area for your brown sugar should be away from sources of heat (to avoid melting) as the following

When you unpack the brown sugar make sure you put it in a good container it has to be airtight one otherwise the sugar may go harden in a moist environment.


How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Make sure you put the sugar in an airtight container. If it is not done the texture of the sugar changes by forming clumps.

Here are some methods are given below which can help you to get back the original texture and moisture of brown sugar when it hardens up.

  • Take the sugar container and place an apple wedge inside it then leave that for overnight. By doing this the moisture of sugar inside a container gets regulated which ultimately helps get it back to its original soft texture. This takes just a few hours. This awesome technique works cool when the sugar is not much clumpy and hard
  • Place the brown sugar in a microwave-proof container then put the heat on low to medium-high temperature for around 1 to 2 minutes. This way the hardened sugar scramble up and get softer and manageable. Use a fork or a spoon and with it crush it until your sugar goes back to its original form
  • Take an organic orange peel first. Wash it well and then dry. Place the orange peel in the container you are using for storing the sugar. Leave it for some hours. The oils of the orange peel help the sugar to remain soft.
  • Take a slice of bread and put it on the top of brown sugar container. This process may take a long time to work.
  • There is another great trick that helps your sugar to stay softer. All you need to do is put some marshmallow in the sugar container. If marshmallow is not available at home then use terracotta which is very handy in any super shop. Make sure the terra cotta is soaked in water before you put it into sugar container.


How to Know Brown Sugar is Bad

When the sugar you find contaminated which is not usable anymore that is the time it really goes spoiled. Here are some facts are given below if you find any of it similar to your sugar then it is time to throw it away as it is no longer eatable.

If you see the presence of any type of dead bugs in your brown sugar then it is time to say your sugar goodbye. These insects are extremely small to see so it is nearly possible to remove them all from the sugar and use it again. Maintaining Hygiene is definitely the first and foremost priority of food so be careful about this fact.

Not only dead insects or bugs you have to worry about you may find insects alive in your sugar container if the sugar is not being stored in a proper way. Most of the time ants enter into the sugar very easily but many of us seem to not consider them to be that dirty. But it is always advisable to prioritize your food safety..

Brown sugar intends to have a smell that is distinct and sweet. But If you find your brown sugar does not smell good any longer then there is something wrong with it. So, in this case, it is better to avoid using it. If you use it in desserts your entire dessert will taste clumsy because of having a bad smell of brown sugar.


Last Thought

So brown sugar ultimately does not go spoiled entirely it may forms clumps due to not keeping it stored in a proper way. So pay attention to the storage process. If this article you find helpful share it and leave your comment below.

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