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The utility knives are general purpose knives. These knives are an amazing multipurpose tool with lots of unique uses.

The lightweight design and contractible blade make these knives super portable and. You can easily carry these knives in your pocket or toolbox.

In this article, we are going to discuss different uses of utility knives. Here it goes –


1.     Cutting Fruits and Vegetables:

Utility knives are perfect for cutting mid-sized fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, small winter squash, potatoes, apples etc. These large veggies are difficult to cut with the paring knives or slicers.

Utility knives are the best solution for cutting these fruits and veggies.




2.   Cutting Small Citrus:

For the fragrant citrus fruits like lemons, limes and oranges, utility knives are perfect.

These sturdy knives are the right tool to slice these fruits. Utility knives can cut these citrus fruits into small pieces with less effort.


3.   Cutting Meat:

There are lots of meat cutter knives for cutting meat efficiently. But, most of the chefs prefer utility knives over these meat cutter knives. The meat cutter knives have their own specialty.

They are perfect only for one or two specific purposes. But, you can perform almost every meat cutting job with utility knives. Therefore, these knives are perfect for any small kitchen and restaurant.


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4.   Slicing Big Sandwiches:

Sandwiches are one of the most favorite foods for people of all ages. But it becomes a hard task while you need to share this with any of your friends or family member.

The chef’s knives or serrated knives are not perfect for this. Only the utility knives are perfect for slicing the large-sized sandwiches. So, if you cook sandwiches frequently or owns a sandwich restaurant, then you must need utility knives.


Slicing Smoked Meat


These are the most important uses of utility knives in the kitchen. However, utility knives are general-purpose knives.

There are also few other unique uses of utility knives. Some unique uses of utility knives are listed below –


➡ Cutting Foam:

Foam is an extremely soft element. You cannot cut this element with any kitchen knife. The foam needs to be cut by maintaining a precise measurement.

Only the utility knives can do this efficiently. So, if you have a utility knife, then you can easily cut foams properly. And this foam will keep your tools organized and protected from any kind of unwanted harm.


➡  Sharpening the Pencils:

You may be wondering about this use of a utility knife. Well, if you are out of pencil sharper, then how can you do that? Yes, the utility knives will be the lifesaver for you then.

Even, it is a must tool for the artists who need extremely sharp tips of their pencils. Even, if you need the pencils with different tips, you can easily do it with utility knives. In this case, the pencil sharpener acts nothing but a dumb tool.


➡  Stripping the Electric Wires:

Electricity is a must-have thing on everywhere of this universe. And where there is electricity, there must be some wire. Your home and office premises are not different from that.

There are plenty of reasons for stripping the wires. You may need to do any minor electricity job or fix something almost every week.

The electricity-related job means working with a bunch of wires. But, if you don’t have any specialized wire strippers, you can use the utility knives as a specialized wire stripper.

The utility knives are almost equal to a wire stripper. Use the tip of your utility knife to strip a wire.


➡ Art on Wood:

Wooden art has great value in the art industry. Wooden art is one of the most complex tasks for artists.

It needs more and more concentration and ultimate planning before starting art. But, if you don’t have enough tools, then how can you perform a wooden art?

Well, we have the easiest solution for you. You can use your kitchen utility knife as your brush. Generally, the tip of the utility knives is very sharp.

This sharp tip can easily cut the woods with less pressure. So, start working with a utility knife and your work will surprisingly lot easier than before.


5.   Removing the Paint-Covered Screws:

If you decided to paint your house, then you must remove lots of screws. It is a very monotonous and time-consuming job. But, the utility knife can make this task effortless and fast too.

The removal of the paint covered screws are very easy with the utility knife. To remove those screws, simply go through the screw by using the knife tip. Then scrape out the paint carefully and unscrew it again. That’s it.

Your job is done just with a simple utility knife. However, make sure that the screwdriver can get a strong grip. Otherwise, it may cause some harm to your wall.



Final Words:

Nowadays utility knife becomes one of the most important tools for every kitchen and office. Its versatile uses make it more and more popular among the users. In this article, we have tried to inform you about a few uses of utility knives.

Besides these basic uses, there are lots of other important uses of the utility knife. You will know them just after started using a utility knife.

So, if you don’t have any of this amazing multipurpose tool yet, what are you waiting for? Grab one now and make your everyday life easy peasy!





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