What’s worse than a kitchen with no meat bone cleavers? Absolutely, nothing surpasses such an inadequacy. 

And worst if your kitchen possesses merely substandard meat cleavers. Because it implies you are impeded in carrying out some of the detailed delicate tasks in your kitchen.

Meat bone cleavers are a culinary necessity that any enthusiastic chef cannot do without at their workplace. These tools have their own specialty unbeaten by any simple frail knife in your kitchen.

No knife, be it the paring knife, carving knife, or a utility knife can stand in place of the meat cleavers in heavy-duty cutting.

For instance, when you need to cut through huge bones or meat into smaller sections quickly, the cleaver comes in handy and befits the task perfectly well.

It’s a multi-useable tool. Chopping meat into smaller pieces is not the only task it handles. You can as well use it as a carrier tray to transfer the cut meat into your cooking pot. 

See how it’s a sure bet of a good investment for your kitchen. Those are just but a few of its uses, remember. 

Though considering all that is aforementioned, knowing a meat cleaver as an essential tool is one thing and just a tip of the iceberg,

and getting to make a choice out of the myriad of brands at stores is something else more challenging and taxing.

With some cleaver brands almost looking synonymous, it’s a bit hard to tell the difference and choose the right one depending on your requirements. It’s one hell of a task, that we cannot deny.

Ever heard of the common saying that every problem has a solution to it? Then, you need not to worry about finding a near-perfect exquisite cleaver for your kitchen.

This review specifically comes to your aid with a collection of the top-tier meat bone cleavers you ought to choose from if you are certainly targeting your own quality items.

Check no further. What you are looking for is right here, right now!

#1.   Imarku 7-inch Meat Cleaver

Imarku meat cleaver is the perfect model of a high-quality meat cleaver in the average price range. Need to slice, dice, mince, or chop your meat? Then, this is the most ideal option if you want to have nothing but the best precision and high-performance meat cleaver.

With a 7-inch blade length, be sure it’s long enough to cut your long and large steaks of meat. What’s more, it’s a multi-purpose kind of knife whereby you can use it on bones and vegetables too.

Moving on to its entire construction, its blade is made of sturdy high-carbon German stainless steel. Therefore it is rust-proof, stain-resistant, and highly durable to last you for years and years. The blade also has a super-sharp edge which cuts with ease without pressing hard any food of your choice. 


Imarku 7-inch Meat Cleaver

And good news, the blade is sharpen-able. It’s quite easy to sharpen and retains its sharpness for long before the next subsequent sharpening.

Further, storage is made easy and simple as the blade has a cutout circular hole at its furthest end which allows you to hang it somewhere in the kitchen.

The handle of this sleek cleaver knife is wholly solid PAKKA wood. It’s smooth, comfy, and slip-free though you should hold tightly to prevent slippage and thereafter accidental cuts. Such an injury incapacitates you in doing another kitchen job.

The first thing you would love on receiving the IMARKU meat cleaver is the nice appealing packaging it comes in. In detail, this vintage cleaver knife features a beautifully-designed black box wrapper that elevates it to be the perfect idea of a gift for your lovelies. 

Look no further. This is the timely solution for those stubborn bones which are a headache in your kitchen. Spend little, get the exact meat cleaver you deserve!



  • Adequately thick to tackle meat or even bones
  • It’s an all-purpose cleaver knife
  • Sturdy and razor-sharp
  • It’s gift-able, comes in a beautiful packaging
  • Made of high-quality carbon stainless steel 
  • A unique cutout hole on the blade ideal for storage



  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Has limitations in use: should not be used to cut frozen foods or over hot flames

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#2.    Aroma House stainless Steel Chef Cleaver Knife  

You do not want to overlook this knife. Simply because it’s a top-rated pick of cleaver knives even on amazon. Aroma house cleaver knife is the cream of the crop, the very best to match your cooking mastery.  

Just like the IMARKU meat cleaver knife, it is also forged from premium high-carbon stainless steel. And so, it’s resistant to both rust and corrosion. 

It’s regrettably buying this fanciful clever knife because everything about it is undeniably good including its durability. 

Not forgetting, its wide blade keeps your fingers off the cutting surface. The blade is 6.6 inches sufficiently long in an addition to its great breadth.  It’s also 17⁰ per side and mirror-polished in a way that it shines and looks alluring.


Meat Cleaver,7 inch Vegetable and Butcher Knife
Aromal House

 Further, it’s optimally sharp since it boasts Rockwell hardness. Cut, debone your meat with minimum effort using the aroma house cleaver knife. It can be sharpened but note that it’s recommended to hone with a honing steel every 2-3 months to get the best out of the cleaver knife

 Unknown to you, it’s the best example of a butcher knife, chopping knife, or cleaver knife, all in one. It’s much better said that it is a multi-purpose knife.

This remarkable knife brand is light and balanced in weight. Therefore,  it is easy to hold, easy to maneuver around your meat, vegetables, or fruits. 

Its ergonomic wooden handle is non-slip, comfortable, and feels solid in either of your hands. It’s nearly unlikely for you to experience this knife falling off your hands. The handle has a very fine grip.

Whether it’s soft, tough, or extremely tough meat, bones or veggies, this cleaver knife does all the hefty work efficiently. 



  • Easy to sharpen
  • Has the best grip handle
  • Crafted from strong highly-functional carbon steel
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Well-balanced and light in weight



  • Not the ideal cleaver knife for a long steak of meat


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#3.     Dalstrong  9-inch Gladiator Series R Obliterator Meat Cleaver

The gladiator series R-Obliterator cleaver knife is unbeatable excellent in making tantalizing slices, chops, or diced meat or veggies. It’s top-choice as well featuring the best there is stuff you won’t find in merely low-grade knives.

First and foremost, this knife is a full tang. At no point, will you see defects such as the knife losing balance, neither the knife feeling loose in your hands. It’s easily held firmly by the handle and not any basic handle but a skillfully-designed handle.

The triple-riveted handle is keenly made for great control and comfort out of a fiberglass-like material that’s ferociously strong and unbreakable. 

The blade is uniquely-shaped with a 9” length. Plus it is 6mm thick to steer through any type of food regardless of how tough it is even making heavy-duty cuts.

And it can act as a carrier to transfer the cut food from the cutting board into the cooking pot.


DALSTRONG Gladiator Series R - Obliterator Meat Cleaver

The precisely-tapered blade is 16-18⁰ hand-shaped per side to make the thinnest slices if possible. Most importantly, it’s crafted from high carbon stainless steel which is robust and strong to resist wear, rust, and corrosion.

It is one of the cleaver knives designed to meet ultra-high standards of performance, durability, and maneuverability. It’s polished to a beautiful satin finish that won’t have you looking once its way.

This amazingly great cleaver knife comes with a classy handmade acacia wood stand. It’s best suited to store on the knife when not in use.

Besides, the package is inclusive of a perfect-fit sheath meant to provide ultimate protection to the knife especially preserving the blade sharpness.

What else would be looking for yet you have this powerful make of a knife. Like the name Dalstrong suggests, it’s certainly strong and robust!



  • Comes with a sheath and an acacia wood stand
  • It’s robust strong and carbon-steel made
  • A tapered blade that meets precision
  • Triple-riveted for full strength
  • It’s super-sharp and easy to use
  • It’s a multi-functional cleaver knife



  • The handle is a bit too long
  • Slightly heavy for young cooks like children

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#4.    Dalstrong Gladiator Series “the ravager” cleaver knife 

The award-winning industry, Dalstrong, is well-known for producing quality meat cleavers with customer’s interests considered a priority to give full satisfaction and fulfillment. And dalstrong “the ravager” meat cleaver is not exempted.

It is engineered to perform kitchen heavy-duty detailed tasks in a multi-functional way. It does not cut boned meat only but can chop your lettuce pleasantly to the desired thinness. Besides, it minces and slices too. 

The Dalstrong’s knife blade is cast from the high-carbon ThyssenKrupp German steel to extremely sharp edges that penetrate to the deepest parts of the meat and bones. More so, it’s hand-sharpened at 14-16 degrees per side to cut with little effort.  The blade of the spine is polished and smooth for fine grips.


DALSTRONG Cleaver Butcher Knife - Gladiator Series

The sharpness of the blade persists for a long which means it is easy to maintain this type of meat cleaver. It’s ideal for use by professional cooks. As a home novice cook, you are not left out as you can also have it for use in your kitchen.

Its pakkawood black handle best defines gold. It is sheeny, smooth, with zero slippings to hold for long durations of time. The handle is as well, engraved with three rivets to boost the strength and durability of the dalstrong series cleaver. The stainless steel end caps make the knife easy to identify and distinct.

It is the perfect money-saving knife package as it comes with its own sheath and a beautiful box wrapper. You can buy it as a gift at parties or ceremonies.



  • Highly resilient and flexible.
  • Comes with its own sheath for cleaver protection.
  • Comfortable tight grip handle.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Extremely sharp and efficient.
  • It’s multi-purpose.



  • A bit heavy.

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#5.    Utopia stainless steel butcher-chopper-cleaver knife

This superb stylish knife by utopia kitchen beats every regular knife in terms of quality, versatility, superior technology, and reputation. It is incomparable and outstanding on its own.

Its construction suffices to be strong. Made of 100% stainless steel, this knife is non-corrosive and anti-rust, and easy to clean. Moreover, it’s the type of knife that barely surrenders to wear and tear. This is one that’s going to make great food slices or chops year in year out and still retains its pristine condition.

It’s right to say it’s maintenance is as easy as a pie.

The 7-inch blade of this knife is very sharp to chop your meat, veggies, or fruits to precise sizes with much ease and minimum effort is required.


Utopia Kitchen 7 Inches Cleaver Knife

The blade exhibits a high edge retention ability and it takes a while before you need to re-sharpen. It’s also the most accurate tool to cut the toughest bones and meat. 

The handle is ergonomic too. It’s purely ABS+430 material and black in color The handle is comfortable with sufficient grip. It’s therefore easy to hold as it minimizes wrist tension and hand fatigue.

Wondering if it is dishwasher safe? Yes, it is. However, it’s advisable to hand wash in order to maintain the efficiency of its quality blade. 

Your commercial kitchen is upgraded with such an exceptionally good knife in the vicinity. It’s hassle-free, and it’s maintenance made easy. So, no reason not to pick it for your kitchen demands. 


  • 100% stainless steel blade
  • Easy to clean and store
  • A heavy-duty cleaver for all your kitchen needs
  • A good edge retention ability
  • An excellent knife balance
  • Long-term sharpness



  • The handle gets slippery especially when wet
  • Poor packaging

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#6.   Kiaitre Pakkawood handle Cleaver Knife

Kiaitre is quite not a renowned brand in the marketplace but then it’s unfortunate many are missing out on such a flawless high-grade kind of knife.

Luckily, this review sheds light on the wonderful kiaitre cleaver knife. Invest little, get quality, and superior cutting performance.

Out of loftier craftsmanship, the blade is made of German carbon stainless steel that powers through a long life span. It’s less likely to rust or corrode. Its durability stands out from most cleaver knives. Jointly with the pakkawood handle, it’s very durable.

More on the handle, it is smooth-surfaced, slip-free to grip tightly for easy maneuverability and swift cutting. 


Kiaitre Cleaver Knife 7 Inch


The entire knife inclusive of the knife is well-balanced and the blades are sharply angled at 15 degrees per side. Be sure the blade is ultra-sharp for an effortless cutting experience. And the sharpness lasts long and sharpening done occasionally. 

Whether you are a novice or pro in cooking, the kiaitre cleaver knife knows no boundaries and works well with any person. And it doesn’t have to cut meat only. It’s suitable for vegetables and fruits or in totality, any kinds of food. 

The elegant packing style of this cleaver knife warrants it to be a nice gift for your family and friends. The more it should be giftable based on its exemplary qualities and features.



  • Made for the long-term use
  • Works for everybody, whether an amateur or seasonal chef
  • It’s highly versatile; cuts any food
  • Great body balance
  • Comfortable solid grip handle
  • Comes in a stylish package



  • Not appropriate for very tough bones and meat

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#7.    Juvale Heavy-duty Meat cleaver

In need of a heavy-duty cleaver knife to hack through fierce bones and meat? Searching ends right here. The juvale cleaver meets it all. It’s a great addition to your kitchen drawer.

It’s termed a heavy-duty type of knife relating to its material of construction. This classic cleaver knife blade is skilfully made from high carbon stainless steel to a honed edge and sharpened by hand.

The surface is polished to a great luster. The sharpness is exceptional and no more arduity in cutting bones. Though it can cut any food which could be your favorites. 

Alongside the 8-inch blade, comes a well-designed  6-inch wooden handle that feels solid and tight in your hands. It’s comfy and gives you maximum control of the whole cleaver. The handle is triple-riveted for full strength. 


Heavy Duty Knife with Solid Wood Handle
Juvale Store

The furthest top corner of the blade is holed. That way, you can hang the knife on a hook for storage. 

The knife weighs approximately two pounds, therefore light to hold, light to move around on your cutting board. In its entirety, it is a perfect fit for your cooking needs.

When it comes to cleaning, it’s dishwasher safe. However, it’s better to wash with your hands to maintain its sharp edge.

This knife goes above and beyond to be efficient in its working if only you handle it with the right care and maintenance. 




  • Has a flat blade tip
  • Easy to store
  • A long comfy handle
  • Lightweight; easy to move around
  • Sturdy and long-lasting stainless steel cleaver 
  • Best fit for cutting tough bones and meat



  • The handle might be too long for people with small hands
  • A bit bulky

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#8.    TUO Fiery Phoenix Series Cleaver Knife

This Chinese style cleaver presents superiority and elegance in all aspects and falls in our category of the top picks of cleaver knives. It’s basically a popular knife belonging to the reputable fiery phoenix series of knives.  

Featuring beauty and class, the TUO vegetable chopper comes in a stylish good-looking box.

And if granted to your dearies as a gift, look forward to receiving broad smiles and genuine words of appreciation. Not only because of the nice packaging but also the distinct features the cleaver possesses sums it all. 

The pakkawood handle it has is the true definition of a sleek, smooth, and suave handle.

It’s polished and appears spectacular. In addition, it fits nicely in your palms and light to hold. You can pursue several rounds of cuts without getting exhausted.


TUO Vegetable Cleaver

And the advantage of having such a knife handle is that it’s waterproof; it does not allow water to penetrate it. Therefore, its durability is enhanced.

Forged with strong high carbon stainless steel, its blade is sufficiently durable for long-term use.

The edge of the blade is curved and hand sharpened to 18 degrees per side for maximum sharpness. The 7-inch blade is also full tang with high strength and sharpness retention.

TUO cleaver knife is suitable for all kitchen tasks ranging from chopping, mincing dicing, slicing, or cutting.

It’s multi functional and blends with any food. It cuts well meat, vegetables, and even fruits. The wide blade of the knife can squash garlic, ginger, and more, and be able to carry the cut food to the cooking pot.

You are better-placed with a kitchen having the TUO cutlery. Truth said you are sure of efficiency, style, and good functionality.



  • Multi-functional
  • Superior industry standards
  • Comfortable to hold with an anti-fatigue handle
  • A nicely-tapered blade
  • strong and Long-lasting
  • Features a gift box



  • Cannot be hung on a hook, lasts a cutout hole
  • Not heavy enough to tackle hard bones or meat


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#9.    Dalstrong Shogun Series X 7-inch Hammered Cleaver

Dalstrong shogun series cleaver is the epitome of Rockwell hardness with a specialty in the arena of cutting, slicing, or chopping food.

 It’s perfect for cutting large tough veggies, bones into smaller pieces of your desired size. That’s how versatile it is. It’s capable of handling various kitchen tasks.

As much as it’s one of the cost-effective cleaver knives, its features are unmatched and stand out from the crowd.

This is a cleaver knife that’s a turnaround for most chefs. It fine-tunes them into more professional chefs excelling at creating very creative and sumptuous cuisines.

With a sharp scalpel-like edge, the blade is hand sharpened to an angle of 8-12 degrees per side using the traditional honbazuke method purposely to cut easily and timely.

Its blade is conspicuously outstanding with a tsunami rose pattern which makes it stunning with grandeur and simplicity. 



 Construction-wise, the blade is HC stainless steel made and nitrogen cooled to be flexible, rust- and-corrosion-resistant, and resilient in its performance.

Its extraordinary edge retention keeps it sharp for long. The blade spine is highly polished to a smooth finish.

The ergonomic handle is polished as well and it is designed to feel comfy and firm for optimal control and serviceability. And it’s a premium G-10 handle for extra durability and resilience. 

Mind you it is also non-slip with a full grip. Lastly, the handle is triple-riveted for added strength.

Dalstrong cutlery is the in-thing. Strong Dalstrong cleavers, exquisite cheffing getaways!



  • Beautiful design layout.
  • An outstanding rose blade pattern.
  • Nicely-curved sharp edge.
  • Sturdy and full-grip handle.
  • Built to last for a lifetime.
  • A razor-sharp blade edge retention.



  • It’s more of a medium-duty cleaver, not good for thick  bones.

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Things You Should Follow Before Buying Meat Cleaver- Buying Guide

What exactly is a meat cleaver?

Having talked about the best meat cleaver brands, it’s awkward not to know the most basic thing: what exactly a meat cleaver is.

But it’s more awkward to ignore and assume that you know yet you do not. The better if you get an idea of what in surety it is and how it looks like.

A meat cleaver literally is a knife but slightly more advanced. It is a hatchet-like knife with a square-or-rectangular-shaped wide blade.

It’s precisely a butcher knife with a large sturdy handle.

They are in various sizes and brands, some with thin blades and the vice versa too. Weight differs in all as well.

The thinner ones are suitable for thin slicing if you want the thinnest of slices.

Whichever you choose, it should be according to your needs and personal preference. 


Why do l need a meat cleaver in my kitchen?

A meat cleaver is one of a chef’s kitchen best. There are countless reasons why you need to have a meat cleaver. In consideration are the main ones. 

Not to bore you, we are going to be straightforward. 

Not any regular knife can fit in the functioning of a meat cleaver. None can be a replacement.

As quick and efficient it is, it can make thin cuts in a one-swift-motion without applying much effort specifically in bony meat.

They are extra sharper and heavy-duty made hence not susceptible to breakages.

The strength they possess cannot be found in any knife.

They last longer for a couple of years before the need to make another purchase arises.

As much as a cleaver has nice qualities, such should not blind you into overstretching your pockets beyond your affordability range.

Set a smart sensible budget and stick to it strictly to avert the occurrence of a financial regret. 

What should l consider before buying a meat cleaver?

Buying a meat cleaver does not only involve the exchange of cash with the good but also a thorough inspection of the meat cleaver you want to spend on.

The worst financial mistake you can ever make is to take home the first meat cleaver your eyes land on without a further analysis and comparison with the other existing brands in the marketplace.

Money is sweet as most people say but even sweeter if you get great value for it. Everything is a matter of choice, so should you make the best out of the freedom available when buying a meat cleaver.

Satisfaction is guaranteed only if you take heed of the following factors to look for in the right cleaver knife that is capable of cracking bones and cutting through slabs of meat without buckling or breaking over.

The right cleaver should possess these qualities:

  • Strong material of construction
  • Optimal sharpness
  • Adequate size
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Comfy full tang condition


You deserve a meat cleaver with the best comfy design and an extra sharp blade edge to power through the bone. Similarly, the handle should have an excellent grip to hold as you smash, cut, chop, dice, or mince.

How do l keep my cleaver pristine?

How well you care for your meat cleaver determines how long it will be of service to you.

And caring for your meat cleaver is all about following the correct maintenance measures in keeping it in its original condition. The majors to mark here are cleaning, storage, and sharpening methods.

A meat cleaver knife right after use in food prepping should be washed with warm soapy water by hand and rinsed thoroughly to a spotless clean look. 


Raw fresh meat Ribeye Steak and meat cleaver on wooden background
Credit: The Picture Pantry/Lisovskaya Natalia
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License type: Royalty-free
Collection: Alloy
Release info: No release required


Thereafter, dried with a dry kitchen towel until no moisture is felt on the cleaver itself before storing in a dry knife block or hanging on a hook for the hang-able cleavers.

This is very vital to inhibit the formation of rust, especially on the stainless steel cleavers as they are not completely rustproof. We both know rust is destructive.

As for sharpening, a meat cleaver should be sharpened on a regular basis.

A dull knife blade is more dangerous and probable to cause more accidental cuts while in the process of exerting more pressure on the cleaver.

Sharpening a cleaver can be done in several ways. However, the most common way is by use of a sharpening steel rod.

It’s nothing difficult.

Hold the honing rod vertically straight and slide the knife blade at an angle from the top moving away from you repeatedly till you achieve the sharpness you want.

How do l use the cleaver properly?

A cleaver is not held by hand anyhow. It requires some expertise in order to have the best kitchen experience when using it.

Want to be a pro in its use? Then, this is the way to go:

  • First and foremost, place the cutting board sturdily in the right position whereby it is stable and cannot turn or slip when cutting.
  • Then put the food which you want to cut on the cutting board, position it well depending on the angle of attack you decide on. And hold it in place using your weaker hand
  • The next thing of importance is how to grip the knife in your dominant hand. Start by holding the knife at the joint connecting the blade to the handle. Position the thumb on one side of the blade of your choice and the index finger on the other side. This way, the grip is set.
  • Alternatively, hold the handle at a section close to the blade. With one thumb on one side of the blade, fold the fingers on the other side of the blade. That’s another type of grip you need to be aware of.
  • Depending on which grip you choose, on applying the right amount of force, raise the elbow and lower it down to hit whilst paying attention to the weak hand it does not get hit as well by the cleaver. Your own safety is paramount.
  • If not cut through till the other side of the food, for instance, chicken thighs, repeat the process until a perfect cut is attained.

However, this being the main step-by-step guide in using a cleaver, it changes depending on the method you want to pursue like mincing, smashing, dicing, and more.

How multi-functional is a meat cleaver?

 A cleaver has a wide range of uses in the kitchen. It’s a versatile option and worthy to own a place in your kitchen.

Most people see it as a large knife for meat and bones, unknown to them it is usable on veggies and fruits too.

Those large fruits like melons and pineapples are easily sliced or cut by the cleaver like it’s cutting through an apple. Even cabbages are not a hurdle when dealt with.

Making cuts and slices are not the only tasks it can perform, a meat cleaver is able to chop, mince, mash, dice, or crush. 

Turning the blade to the side, while flat, the cleaver crushes garlic or ginger and mashes it to finer pieces.


Best Knives for Cutting Raw Meat Bones and vegetables 2018


And the furthest end of the blade can work equally as a pestle.

As it boasts a thick and wide blade, the large surface can accommodate the cut foodstuff in place of a carrier tray for the purpose of transporting it into other culinary articles like pots or bowls from the cutting board.

And in order to do the transfer, the blade should be placed horizontally close to the cut food angled slightly, and slid under the cut food to scoop everything so that nothing is left behind.


Final Thoughts

Cleavers are essentially ideal and none of the above mentioned is better than the other. They are equally good.

In fact, these top-range cleavers take up the tasks of several knives in your kitchen so that you do not have a messy countertop when prepping a delicacy.

You do not have to wash many knives but just the cleaver in use. 

So why not be on the lookout for one? You don’t have to clear your bank account to get one being that there are numerous affordable options to pick from. 

From these top picks to one it may be the Dalstrong cleaver and to another the TUO cleaver as their preference.

It does not matter whichever you pick as long as in the end, you make a wise decision basing on the descriptions with regard to your requirements.

Most importantly, your budget should be the first consideration in scrutiny. Spend within the budget and you will be all smiles having made the best move.

Best of luck!

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