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In spite of the overemphasized importance of eating five portions of fruit on a daily basis, not many people respect this recommendation. Due to the hectic tempo of life, they lack the time or simply forget to have their daily intake of nutrients. 

In case you’re one of those people who tend to leave the banana on the kitchen table, instead of putting it in your bag and take it to work, you might consider consuming freeze-dried fruit. It highly resembles the fresh one in terms of shape, taste and aroma, only it goes through the process of being refrigerated and then removed of its moisture. 

However, these products are rich in nutrients, fiber and antioxidants, being low in calories and containing no extra sugar, which makes them the perfect healthy snack for people of all ages. 

If you haven’t tried them yet, these are the health benefits you’ll experience from purchasing your first package. 

It contains plenty of nutrients 

In comparison with fresh fruit, the freeze-dried variant is high in nutritive value, containing almost the same amount of nutrients. If you thought that eating fresh products is the only way of getting your daily dose of vitamins, then you are mistaken. In fact, the freeze-dried products also contain a high concentration of vitamin C and A, which is incredibly beneficial for your health. 

Moreover, consuming your daily intake boosts the immunity system, normalizes the blood pressure, lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases and improves your mental health. Also, in terms of appearance it improves the health of your dermis and hair. Read more about the impressive health benefits of vitamin C.  

Actually, you’ll be experiencing the same health benefits from consuming both types of fruit, only the freeze-dried type weighs less than the fresh one, thus being more convenient for carrying it around with you, when going to work or mountaineering. 

No extra sugar

Another incredible benefit of this healthy snack is not containing any added sugar. Dried fruit is infamous for having an additional amount of sugar, which isn’t the case with the freeze-dried type. Its sweet taste originates from natural fructose and glucose, not from the actual sugar. 

Therefore, it’s extremely beneficial for people who are suffering from diabetes, as they can consume it without worrying about increasing their blood glucose. Also, it’s a healthy variant for everyone who wishes to cut down on its sugar intake, as it doesn’t contain a lot of calories. You can use it as an ingredient for making your regular cooking recipes a lot healthier. 

It contains quite a few calories

This type of fruit is an excellent choice for everyone who wants to win the battle with excessive kilograms, but experiences difficulty in cutting out the sweet snacks from its diet. 

This treat contains an extremely low amount of calories in comparison with the other sweet products, but it can satisfy your sugar craving. Being on a diet doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything that’s sweet. In fact, you can enjoy this snack without feeling any guilt that your weight is going up. 

Plenty of fiber

Being rich in fiber is one of the healthiest benefits of this product. Fiber is essential for maintaining a regular function of your digestive system, which in turn leads to reduced level of cholesterol. Since high cholesterol levels are the main culprits for the development of cardiovascular diseases, by increasing your fiber intake, you’re automatically reducing the risk of having heart problems.

Additionally, eating this healthy snack will suppress your feeling of hunger, as fiber provides a feeling of satiety, which is essential for appetite regulation. Eating one portion will keep you away from the fridge and stop you from eating junk food. Visit the following link: to read more about the role of fiber in your overall health.

Great amount of antioxidants

Antioxidants are vital in the fight with free radicals, the substances responsible for cell damage in the organism. Fortunately, freeze-dried fruits are rich in antioxidants, even more than the fresh ones, owing to their concentrated form. 

Furthermore, consuming them on a regular basis can significantly reduce the risk of cancer, as antioxidants will prevent the damage of the cells which results from our exposure to all the harmful environmental factors. 

Almost identical to the fresh products

One of the greatest things about the freeze-drying process is that it creates products that are almost identical to the fresh ones. Thus, you won’t feel much of a difference when eating a fresh apple and a processed one. It would have the same color, shape and smell. If you’re concerned about the taste, don’t be, as these products are nearly matching in flavor with the raw ones. 

Greater shelf life

In comparison with fresh fruits, these products have much greater shelf life, owing to the low percent of moisture. By extracting the water from the raw products, there isn’t much of a chance for bacteria to grow, which means that they maintain their quality for a longer period of time. 

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all freeze dried fruit products have the same shelf life. It largely depends on the packaging material as well as the storage space. These products are to be kept at an optimal temperature in order for their quality to last longer. 

Variety of forms

The greatest benefit of these ingredients is that you aren’t limited when it comes to incorporating them into your regular diet. Apart from purchasing them like whole fruits, you can find them in the form of a powder. 

Depending on your preferences, you can use them as a supplement to cereals or smoothies. You can eat them like a snack, add them to your meals or your drinks. Nothing stops you from experimenting as long as you make them a part of your regular diet. 

Wrap up

These products are highly-nutritive, incredibly healthy and convenient to use.

Make sure you try them! 

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