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Did you notice perfectly sliced cheese tastes better? Cutting perfect slices is not an easy task. You might have already noticed how hard it is to cut a perfectly even slice of cheese.

But all these hard work can be solved by cheese slicers! There are a few types of cheese slicers according to your need. 

Today we will cover the best slicers, sorted out by our expert chefs. We also interviewed general users about the usability and ease of usage of each product.


1.    Westmark Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Food Slicer with Board


Westmark is one of the leading companies in the world when it comes to cutlery. If you want a long-lasting high-quality product then this cheese slicer can be one of the best choices.

It comes with a whopping 5 years of warranty. But you can rest assured for decades. It precisely cuts both soft and hard cheese with ease.

Not only cheese, with this slicer you can slice almost anything. In our test fruits, sausages were cut like butter. It’s easy to use and has multiple uses. Cleaning is also very easy.


  • Needs Sharpening after a few years.
  • The base could be more durable.

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2. Norpro Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer



Want something small and simple, yet useful? This solid piece of steel will slice your cheese perfectly. Though, its durability and simplicity come at a price.

You can’t adjust the thickness of your slice. Its blade is very sharp. Apart from the cheese, you can also slice many vegetables. It is dishwasher shaped and easy to clean.


  • Can’t adjust cheese thickness
  • Slices can be uneven sometimes

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3. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer



Want the best bang for your bucks? Then go for a Bellemain cheese slicer. Its only function is to slice cheese.

And it slices cheese better than anyone. Normally these types of wire-based slices don’t have the function to adjust the thickness. But this one has.

You can adjust thickness according to your need with ease.

You can keep the thickness consistency of your slice throughout the whole process. It is durable and heavy. When you hold it it will give a sense of the premium product. 

Along with its sturdy built it comes with a one year warranty. Even includes an extra wire. 


  • Slightly heavy
  • Needs some getting used to for a perfect slice

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Knife Vs Cheese Slicer

The question may arise why someone needs a cheese slicer when they have a knife? The answer is simple. Ease of use and safety.

Using a knife can be frustrating if you are not an expert. Slicers cut with constant thickness and you do not need to be an expert for that.

Kids can cut their hands while using slicers but using a slicer is a much safer option for them. Manually cutting is also very time-consuming. 


Cheese Slicer Buyer’s Guide

Here are the things you should look for while buying a cheese slicer:

Quality: If you overlook quality for the price, it might result in regret. A good quality slicer may last a lifetime. Top brands became top after giving years of good services.

They maintain their quality. This is where they are in the market for so long. While buying a cheese slicer you should choose from good brands. 

Ease of use: The purpose of buying a cheese slicer is its ease of usage. If it is not easy to use and its mechanism is complicated there is no point in choosing a slicer over a knife.

You can easily find how to use it on youtube just search its name on the search bar and many related videos will come up.

Price: Most of the time price guarantees quality. But it is not always true. Normally cheese slicers are not that expensive but there are few very expensive options that do literally the same thing.

So we don’t suggest you spend extra when you already have similar quality alternatives with the same function.

Durability: Every kitchen item needs to be durable. A good slicer should serve you at least a decade. So checking the durability is necessary.

Cleaning: Some cheese slicers are easy to clean while others are not. You should check this out before buying the slicer. It needs to be cleaned after every use so ease of cleaning is definitely an important thing to consider while buying.

Versatility: Slicing cheese is not the only function of most cheese slicer. In most cases, they can also slice other things like meats, vegetables, fruits, etc. So, even though Versatility is not your main concern you should look it up too.



Our cheese slicer recommendation is from long time experience. Our professional chef hand-picked these items and approved them after extensive usage.

But we thought that’s not enough. Because our users are not chefs mostly. So we chose 12 participants from the general public and asked them about their experience from using these slicers.

They also gave positive reviews. So, you can choose any of these without any warriors.

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