Easy Electric Egg Poacher

Want full boiled or half boiled egg? For a newbie, even cooking an egg can be tough. No matter how perfectly you follow your cookbook, something always goes wrong.

This is where egg cookers come in. They are small, easy to use, and very useful. Even for an experienced person, egg cookers can be very useful.

Types Of egg cookers:

Though the inner mechanics are the same there are different types of egg cookers available in the market.

Before you buy one and regret you must know about a few different types and what you can do with those.

If you want something with multi-functions, then countertop cookers are the best. You can cook several eggs at once.

You can even set a timer. And it will set off the alarm once your egg is ready. You can even cook multiple types of eggs at once with these types of cookers.

Like you can make half boiled and full boiled egg at the same time.

Then there are microwave egg cookers. They are cleaner and easy to use. They cook eggs very fast.

They also have alarm options like the previous one but there is a catch. Microwave egg cookers can’t cook different types of eggs in the same batch.

Are egg cookers real or fake?

Egg cookers are not new in the market. They have existed since the 80s. But it’s now that they are getting popular.

It works and it works perfectly. They do what they are supposed to do. Compared to boiling eggs manually, egg cookers cook over twice as fast.

They are efficient and don’t create a mess. You can even boil a batch of 10 eggs within six minutes using these cookers. 

So how do I use an egg cooker?

First, you have to fill the cooker with water. The manual book will show where you have to put the water and how much.

Put any number of eggs up to the maximum point according to your need and then start the cooker. Some cookers will have a timer.

For others, you will stop the cooker after a few minutes according to your need. If you want half build then cooking for 6 minutes is enough for full boil you will need up to 9 minutes. 

What are the safety issues? 

Egg cookers are very safe and easy to use. You never have to worry. Some people avid microwaved foods.

So, if you are one of them you can certainly opt-out for a heater based electric egg cooker.

Benefits of Egg Cooker:

Want to make 10 perfectly boiled eggs in 8 minutes? Egg cookers are here to make your dreams true.

An egg is one of the few superfoods available directly from nature. Its nutrition value is unparalleled.

Every part of the egg is edible even its shell contains calcium and minerals. Even though boiling an egg is easy, it is not convenient for everyone.

Since we eat eggs almost every day, an egg cooker is a necessary item. It is one of those items that you do not comprehend the need until you use one.

Once you start using egg cookers you will not be able to go back to primitive methods of cooking eggs.

It cooks eggs faster and creates less mess. There is also less possibility of having an accident. 

Egg cookers are built with such simple mechanisms that even cheap cookers last for decades.

It can be a great gift item that will be used for a long time. These cookers cook eggs faster, almost twice as fast as the normal primitive method.

In some models, you can even poach eggs or make omelets. 

What to look for in egg cookers?

Before you decide to buy an egg cooker here are a few things you should look for in your cooker.

Maximum Capacity Of Eggs:

Even though almost all egg cookers have the ability to cook multiple eggs at a time, you should know the maximum limit.

You may have a big family or your family members may eat two eggs at once. In that case, you will need an egg cooker with a large capacity. 

Types of cooked eggs:

Eggs can be boiled, half-boiled, poached, or made into omelets. A good egg cooker should have the functionality of making various types of egg dishes.

If you are looking for the versatility you should buy an egg cooker with multiple functions. Normally they are highlighted on the box.

Alarm Function:

The alarm function is a must-have feature of an egg cooker. The egg cooker alarm will set off when the egg is ready.

There are many egg cookers in the market that don’t have this feature. But you should look for the one that has. This alarm ensures that your egg will never be over boiled.


Elite Cuisine EGC-007 Easy Electric Egg Poacher, Omelet & Soft, Medium, Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker with Auto-Shut off and Buzzer, 7 Egg Capacity, White
                                       Source: Amazon.com



Nowadays there are many low-quality Chinese egg cookers in the market. They don’t come with a warranty.

You should avoid those cookers. A manufacturer only gives a warranty when they have faith in their product. So, you should look for a cooker with a warranty. 

Ease of cleaning:

You will need to wash your egg cooker from time to time. Some cookers are dry wash only. Others can be washed with water.

You should buy an egg cooker that is easy to wash and water friendly.

Egg cookers do not need much maintenance. But if you want it to last longer you should use it with care.

With our instruction above you should be able to find the best cooker for you. It is a must-have item, you will only realize that once you start using one.

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