Lamson 34270 Ulu Knife 

Originating among the Inuit, Yupik, and Aleut people of Alaska, the Ulu knife has been used as an all-purpose tool for skinning seals, preparing walrus hides as well as cutting ice blocks used to build igloos since as early as 2500 BC.

 It is considered a traditional symbol among the Eskimos, until today, its design has not changed much.

The Eskimos originally crafted Ulu knives cutting surfaces with either flat rocks or slates. These were mounted on wood, caribou antler as well as walrus ivory.

The major improvement to the knife’s cutting surface was made at the time when whaling ships voyaged into Alaskan waters. Eskimos acquired steel which they used as blades for their knives.

Ulu knife is now a useful tool in the kitchen and it contains the same design with only a few adjustments to make it appear modern.

However, it should contain its bowl and chopping board for maximum experience. This article gives the best varieties of the Ulu knife and bowl set.


#1    American Walnut handle ULU Knife

Top Features

  • 6 Inch Stainless steel blade.
  • 8 Inch Chopping Board with Bowl.
  • Waterproof Handle.
  • Knife Stand.

Product Description

This Ulu knife comes with a chopping board which protects the knife from getting blunt easily, and a bowl to ease food preparation.

With a 6-inch stainless steel blade, this knife is capable of chopping food items nicely and can last long without corroding.


Alaska Ulu Knife Set-Curved Knife with Wood Handle
ULU Factory


There is a half-tang knife with the blade mounted onto a large wooden handle, therefore you should be careful to hold the knife well in a way that it cannot chip.

 Furthermore, it also contains a knife holder for hygiene storage that keeps off bacteria which could cause food poisoning upon consumption.

Additionally, this item is made of American walnut and Birchwood which tells it is strong.

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#2      Birch Handle Ulu Knife And Bowl Set

Top Features

  • 6 Inch stainless steel blade.
  • 8 Inch Chopping Bowl.
  • Lightweight.



A durable tool to last long. It comes with a 6-inch stainless steel blade to ensure you can chop a variety of food items, without undergoing corrosion. Also, the single block curved Birchwood handle guarantees a firm grip.


Ulu Factory Ulu Bowl set Birch Handle AK Cutlery
ULU Factory

 Comes with an 8 Inch Birchwood chopping board that is hollow to ensure you chop without worrying about where to chop in and to store the contents.

Its weight is only 1.7 pounds, a reasonable weight that makes it easy to use.

Furthermore, it is versatile because you can use it to chop up just about everything that will fit in the bowl

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#3     Exotic Wood Handle Ulu Knife

Top Features

  • 6 Inch blade.
  • Exotic Wood Handle.
  • Knife Stand.



 It contains a 6-inch stainless steel blade that guarantees you good utilization experience.

 Its knife handle is pleasing to the eye, to make the user want to use it more and have passion in its utilization.


Alaska Ulu Knife Natural Exotic
Arctic Circle

Its single block exotic wood handle can last long if taken good care of, and can be renewed later, a plus to the environment and economy because this is a way to save.

It is stained with an attractive brown color that rarely attracts dirt.

 Furthermore, this knife comes in a branded box that makes it a perfect gift item for anyone who would like to gift someone a utensil.

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#4     Dark Birch handle Ulu Knife and Bowl Set

Top Features

  • Stainless steel blade.
  • 8 Inch deep chopping bowl.
  • Multi-purpose knife.



Another deal by The Ulu Factory brand, this knife stands out due to its uniqueness: Its stainless steel half-tang blade is flat on one side and curved on the other to extract food easily.


Alaskan Birch Handled Ulu
ULU Factory

 The blade is mounted onto a single block dark Birchwood handle to accord you a firm grip during handling, last long, and beautify the tool.

 Additionally, it comes with an 8-inch deep bowl and chopping board, this saves you from injuries as well as the money to buy the items you need to cut precisely along with saving time in your kitchen that you would use to cut without a board and somewhere to place the food items.

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#5    Multi-Colored Exotic Wood Ulu Knife

Top Features

  • 6 Inch stainless steel blade.
  • Multi-Colored Exotic Wood Handle.
  • Knife Holder



Crafted by the Arctic Circle brand, this knife is amazing

 It has 6-inch stainless steel which is mounted onto a single block multicolored exotic wood handle that is attractive to your eyes and shaped to ensure you have a firm grip during handling.


Multi-Colored Exotic Wood Handled Ulu with Stand
Arctic Circle


What is more, the knife comes with a knife holder to offer good storage after use. You are not caught up with early breakages which result from poor storage and maintenance.

Finally, this tool can be used to do other tasks like chopping chicken, leatherwork, cutting almost all food items in the kitchen; what is important is to clean and store appropriately after use.

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#6     Alaskan Ulu Knife

Top Features

  • 6 Inch stainless steel blade
  • Large wood handle
  • Knife stand.
  • Lightweight.
  • Perfect handle



Made in Alaska, this knife has a 6-inch stainless steel blade to ease your work without worrying about corrosion. Firmly fixed with a half tang.

The dark Walnut wood handle is large and slightly curved to ensure it fits tightly into your hands and performs its work well with the flexibility that comes from the curvature.


Alaskan Ulu Knife
Arctic Circle

Moreover, it is very lightweight; hence you can use it for a long time, without feeling exhausted.

It comes with a stand for storage to ensure that it does not attract dirt or compromise your space.

Lastly, the blade’s handle is amazing.

It is designed for use by weak persons who may be exhausted or sick, but with no one to chop food items for them, or for those who may lack one hand; it is a blessing.

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#7     Lamson 34270 Ulu Knife 

Top Features

  • 6.25-inch stainless steel blade.
  • Half-tang knife
  • Small brown wooden handle.
  • Versatility


The knife has a 6.25-inch high carbon stainless steel blade that has been hardened to increase its strength. It is a half-tang knife, a good alternative to haters of heavy knives.


Lamson 34270 Ulu Knife 

The blades are sturdy to prevent chipping to maintain their original make and utilization for long.

The knife’s blade is made out of Brown Walnut wood, and the handle is slightly curved plus small to ensure it fits into your hand with ease.

Moreover, it is versatile to ensure that it is usable in other tasks to save you the cost of buying other knives to cut meat, chop veggies, prepare fish, etc.

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#8     SZCO Ulu Knife

Top Features

  • Ultra-wide Damascus blade.
  • Full-tang knife.
  • Bone Handle.
  • Leather knife sheath included.



From the SZCO Supplies, this unique tool contains a wide Damascus blade to give you a good cutting experience.

Its handle is slightly curved and small to ensure it fits right into your hand.



Moreover, this is a full tang knife; this means that the length of the knife extends from the grip to the tip: This is an important element because such a tang is strong and unlikely to bend.

Also, this gives the right balance and it is a good choice in extreme weather.

 Also, it comes with a sheath to protect the item from chipping, and to make it easier to carry your item in case you require it for outdoor activities.

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#9    Gil Hibben legacy Ulu Knife

Top Features

  • Convex Grind Shaped 6.5 Inch steel blade.
  • Black pukka wood handle.
  • Finger slip handle.
  • Leather Sheath.


 This tool is 6.5 Inches. The blade has a finger slip hole that improves the knife’s steadiness when using it. The black pukka wood handle is full-tang to ensure the blade is held firm.


Gil Hibben legacy Ulu Knife
Gil Hibben

The knife comes with a black leather sheath which is the best material for a sheath; it appears outstanding, grants your hands comfortable, and contains a pleasing scent.

Makes storage appropriate. You therefore do not have to worry about where and how to store it.

Lastly, it is of reasonable price despite its beautiful features and uniqueness that encompasses its blade especially which includes a sharp edge to get work done fast, and its handle that fits nicely on the user’s grip.

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What variations of ulu knives exist?

Ulu knives differ according to their origin. They include:

  •  The Alaskan ulu knife: also known as the Inuit ulu knife.
  •  The Canadian ulu knife: this knife is native to Canada

It is further divided into

  • The Eastern Canadian Ulu knife whose unique feature is its pointed blade
  • The Western Canadian Ulu knife whose unique feature is its triangular blade

The west Greenlandic Ulu knife: This knife has an oval-shaped yet pointed blade attached to a slim handle.

The east Greenlandic ulu knife: Contains a large rectangular shaped blade that is attached to a small and curved handle.




Q: What is the best way to store an Ulu knife?

A: On a stand. Also, if you have the manufacturer’s manual, follow its guidelines.

Q: How Do I Clean My Ulu knife?

A: To avoid shortening your knife’s lifespan, it is recommended that you hand wash and dry it with a dry towel.

Q: What Can I use to sharpen my Ulu knife?

A: For a single-edged Ulu knife, a normal knife sharpener would work fine. However, a double edge Ulu knife would be sharpened best using a sharpener tailored for Ulu knives.

Q: Can an Ulu knife be used with a normal chopping board?

A: Yes. However, an Ulu board would ensure you get better chops

Q: Does it come packaged?

A: Yes, it is beautifully packed in a beautiful gift box.


To conclude, remember to consider the obvious factors during purchase which include the use, affordability, the presence of instructions manual, the size, your hands; make your choice alone because what your friend needs could be different and these knives are diverse.

Furthermore, almost every type of Ulu knife is made up of stainless steel. This material is good because it resists corrosion.

However, when not taken care of, polishing it is costly and hard. Therefore, ensure you do not compromise its initial use.

In case it gets dull, there is a designed sharpener; you can save a few coins to purchase it. Always follow the guidelines for a healthy knife during cleaning and storage.

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