Do you make a mess while cutting watermelon? Want to know the best way to cut a watermelon? Then here is the first solution: “Avoid common kitchen knives for cutting or slicing watermelon”.

Well, then what should you use instead?

The answer is not short anymore. You have many options depending on your need. But I will make it easy for you to decide. After you finish reading the article, you will become a watermelon slicing expert.


Here are the options:


  • Cube-shaped watermelon slicer
  • Perfect large slice watermelon cutter
  • Heavy-Duty Watermelon Slicer
  • Serrated Edge watermelon cutting knife
  • Easy to carry travel watermelon slicer


Before we go in-depth into these options here are some benefits of these options over common kitchen knives:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Safer than common kitchen knives
  • More Hygiene
  • Easy to clean
  • Multi features
  • Comfortable
  • Not messy
  • Allows easy decorative design
  • All pieces are equal


#1.     Cube-shaped watermelon slicer – Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer

Want to know how to cube a watermelon? Want to hone your appetite for watermelon? Fed up with big watermelon slices? The ultimate solution is here!

It is none other than the renowned Yueshico watermelon cube slicer. This is arguably the most popular watermelon slicer right now. You can go for it any day any time.

This trendiest watermelon slicer boasts an automatic cutter blade which, in less than a minute, effortlessly cuts through your melon, and automatically the cubes are ready! 

No time wasted, no filthy juice mess drips down. It’s as quick and effective as you would love your watermelon slicer to be.

It is cheap, sturdy, and easy to use. Most importantly, it cuts a watermelon into perfect size cubes. In our test, we found it takes less than 20 minutes to cut a whole watermelon into perfectly shaped cubes.

Moreover, it’s packed together with a melon baller. After making watermelon cubes, there’s a high chance there are watermelon flesh leftovers that cannot go to waste if the melon baller is put in use. It’s a valuable addition to the package that’s for free.

The Yueshico watermelon cubes slicer is made of anti-rust stainless steel along with an engraved food-safe plastic handle. Its non-sharp blade and rounded cutting edge make it safe even for kids. The same material construction applies to the melon baller.

Both the two are in a beautifully-designed package. You can purchase as a gift for your loved ones on any colorful occasions like weddings, birthdays, and more. But then it’s a more perfect idea if your loved one is a watermelon enthusiast. 



  • Quick and very efficient
  • Makes both watermelon cubes and balls
  • Easy to use; hassle-free
  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Safe for kids’ use too
  • Dishwasher safe



  • Unsuitable for small watermelons
  • A little weak


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 #2.    Perfect large slice watermelon cutter – FEENM Watermelon Slicer

Need a classic style watermelon slicer?  Tired of cutting watermelon in uneven sizes? FEENM Watermelon Slicer comes to the rescue! 

It will make perfect 12 uniform slices within 10 seconds in one swift smooth motion regardless of the size of the watermelon. It cuts even the toughest-skinned melons with ease. That surprises you, right?

This large watermelon slicer features several cutting blades that are sharp to cut in one go.  And the blades are very strong made out of stainless steel to serve you long enough before getting unusable. It’s actually the most preferred choice for large gatherings.

With the two plastic side handles to hold the slicer in position,  you are sure of even slices. The handles are not slippery and therefore, will stay fixed in your hands. It does not matter whether you have small or big hands.

It’s super easy to use and easy to clean. It’s a washable kitchen tool either by a dishwasher or naturally by hands and soap. Quite a valid reason not to be afraid of washing it since it’s an easy task.

If you have this slicer then you will never tire of cutting watermelon. It is much safer than a knife and creates zero mess. It can cut almost any fruit.

But with so many benefits, it also comes with a problem. Its blades can easily be bent if not used properly. But then again, you get what you pay for. But, if you don’t hesitate to spend a few more bucks, we have option 3 for you.




  • Large-sized slicer
  • Cuts any fruit of choice
  • Easily creates 12 even slices in one motion
  • Does the cutting job easily compared to most slicers
  • Its blades are strong and resistant to bending


  • Not the best for small melons
  • Requires a knife to cut the sides before slicing

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#3.  Heavy-Duty Watermelon Slicer – Hiverst Watermelon Slicer

Cutting watermelon slices one by one is time-consuming. Why opt for that when you can simply make 12 watermelon slices all at once with the Hiverst watermelon slicer.

Hiverst Watermelon Slicer is full heavy-duty  stainless steel made. The whole body inclusive of the handles is pure 304 stainless steel. We are quite aware of how strong stainless steel is and definitely, this is a very durable make of a watermelon slicer. it will take a couple of years before you start  seeing any defects. It is rust-proof and resistant to corrosion.

Not forgetting, it is heavier than most plastic-made watermelon slicers. But still easy to move around and push down into the watermelon.

Before pressing down this watermelon slicer, cut the top and bottom of the watermelon. That is the first step to take. 

It would not be an exaggeration if we call it a sleek high-performance watermelon slicer in the market. It makes perfect watermelon slices or any other fruit slices within seconds. Its blades are sturdy and don’t bend even in heavy usage. 

From apples, pineapples to watermelon, you can make perfect slices from any round or oval-shaped fruits. If you are looking for the best watermelon slicer then this is one of the best you should add to your cart.



The hiverst watermelon slicer is nothing but the most refreshing, and significant device to have in your kitchen. And with just a thorough rinse using clean water, it’s spotless clean

Now you are in the know. Save up for one! Save your energy and time!



  • All its parts are purely stainless steel
  • Makes perfect twelve melon slices
  • Sharp and quick-cutting blades
  • A heavy-duty kitchen tool
  • Easy to manipulate 
  • Nice slip-free side handles


  • Heavier than plastic watermelon slicers
  • Needs much energy when starting to push into the watermelon

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#4.    Serrated Edge watermelon cutting knife – Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife

Want to cut your watermelon with a knife? Feeling like a knife would work better for you than a slicer? We are all different, that’s a blatant truth

From the tons of brands, then we recommend the kuhn rikon watermelon knife. It resembles any typical knife with just a few modifications to suit it to cutting fruits including watermelons. It’s not something out of the blues but one which you are very familiar with.

Cutting watermelon with a normal knife is not an easy task. But no problem, you don’t have to use your normal kitchen knife.

You get all the controls that a  watermelon knife will give you and what’s better?– it cuts  a watermelon like a piece of butter. 

Kuhn Rikon Melon Knife is large in size with a fine serrated edge. The serrated blade makes it easy to cut the watermelon fast.  The blade is customized to have decorative seed-shaped cut out holes on its surface. That way, it’s easy to identify the knife from a collection of knives.

The non-stick coated blade is made of alloy steel which is absolutely anti-rust and wear-free. You can have several rounds of cutting and the knife still maintains its original condition. It has a prolonged longevity in use.



Further, its super lightweight for easy cuts. It’s non-slip handle is very comfortable and fits well in either the left hand or right hand. So nobody even a lefties gets disadvantaged.

This watermelon knife by kuhn rikon comes with a sheath meant for safeguarding the knife blade. There is a scoop on the sheath that is purposed to remove seeds. 


  • Features a sheath with a scoop
  • razor-sharp non-stick blade
  • Attractive seed-shaped cutout design on the blades
  • It’s giftable
  • Useable on any type of fruit



  • It’s kinda fragile

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5.   Easy to carry travel watermelon slicer – Kuhn Ricon Melon Slicer

Traveling somewhere but don’t want to carry a large watermelon slicer? Kuhn Rikon Melon Slicer will satisfy your need.It is easy to carry, and small in size to easily fit into your travel bag. 

 It makes one piece at a time but the slices are perfect and uniform. The edges of this slices are nearly blunt and therefore they cannot injure or cut you. It ensures your fingers are safe. This slicer is very easy to handle.

the blades of this slicer are food safe for cuts because they are coated with non-stick silicone which is not a health hazard.  It’s well-designed with tong-like blades which when squeezed up tightly lift out the watermelon slices after slicing them off. 

The carved blades when inserted into the melon, trace along the inside and quickly removes the cut watermelon slices. It’s a good addition to you kitchen drawer.

Its plastic handle offers the best gripping support and not at any one point do your hands slip off even when dealing with big fruits.  And the handle is adjustable giving you the freedom to slice the fruit at any angle. The handle can also fold inside the blades to a compact size  for easy storage.



It’s made of stainless steel like most watermelon slicers hence a durable kitchen tool. It’s likely to have a long lifespan.

All said and described, it should not miss in your kitchen. If it does, then you, yourself are missing out on good stuff for your kitchen. It’s among the best-rated watermelon slicers on amazon-the favorite of most watermelon fans.


  • No sharp edges, therefore safe for use 
  • A compact design
  • Easy to carry; a portable watermelon slicer
  • Very strong for long-term use
  • Comfortable handle grip that barely slips
  • Fold-able handle; therefore easy to store


  • Sharp blades that may cause accidental cuts
  • Requires careful cleaning

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#6.    YIDADA Windmill Watermelon Slicer

Imagine that cool refreshing feeling of a watermelon bite on hot summers – it’s downright the best feeling ever!

The easier and the better when you get yourself a watermelon slicer with you. You’d love it more! And not just any sub-standard watermelon slicer but precisely the YIDADA windmill watermelon slicer.


Watermelon Windmill Cutter Slicer, YIDADA Stainless Steel Shape Fruit Tools Quickly Cut Tool Kitchen Gadgets with Melon Scoop


This is one brand of a watermelon slicer that addresses contentment. It makes nicely-cut watermelon cubes which for sure will leave you drooling for more and more.

It’s an auto-cutter which upon exerting a slight push onto the watermelon, the whirlwind blade cuts the watermelon into fine square pieces. If you didn’t know, the YIDADA watermelon slicer features a scale etched on the stainless steel groove that measures your desired thickness of the cubes. 

Its durability is nothing to be worried about. The material of this modish watermelon slicer is purely 304 strong stainless steel; very resistant to rust, wear, and corrigibility. You are certain of its longevity in use. 

On the whole part, its lightweight and subtle solid design gives much ease in cutting quickly your juicy watermelon. 

Thinking of which to choose, between this slicer and a knife? Don’t think twice. Your safety is much more guaranteed when you use this watermelon slicer. Say a sure goodbye to accidental cuts and bruises for good.

Well, unlike any typical knife, your lovely fingers do not come in touch with the blade section at any instant. And it does cutting faster and more conveniently with its non-slip handle that doubles its effectiveness. No more mess, no more poorly-cut watermelons!

The ABS material is undoubtedly Eco-friendly and suitable for use in any environmental setting. It’s generally easy to clean, easy to use in all aspects. The real deal it is.



  • Comfy and convenient in use
  • A Very safe cutter option
  • Sturdy and resistant to both rust and wear
  • Long lifespan
  • An environmental-friendly kitchen article
  • Comes with an additional melon scoop



  • A little messy
  • Squeezes out most of the juice

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#7.    Kitchenettes premium watermelon slicer set with unique packaging

Do you want the maximum out of a watermelon slicer? A quick and effective tool to separate the flesh of watermelon from its skin? Then, be willing to spend a few bucks on kitchenettes. 

The first thing that catches your sight and attention is its unique and fantastic packaging. And just that alone gets you no longer scratching your head on matters of choice. Undeniably, it’s appealing and fancy.


Premium Watermelon Slicer Set Stainless Fruit Carving Kitchen Utensil Kit - Includes Watermelon Slicing Tool & Fruit Carving Knife/Spoon - Great For Salads, Desserts - With Unique Box Packaging

Well, it does not mean it’s a hundred percent flawless but this set is nigh on perfection. You like your watermelon carved, then problem solved!

This set has a jaw-dropping watermelon slicer that cuts and carves the watermelon into medium-sized tantalizing slices. It’s the way to go for a sumptuous fruity dessert recipe. 

More to say, it comes accompanied with a carving knife and spoon, all included in the set. With your creativity and outstanding taste, you can have the best out of it. 

And yes, it is safer than the average slicers out there. The kitchenette adorable slicer does not have super-sharp edges which is the case for most carving tools. It is unlikely to injure you. Simply, cut slowly and patiently with care and bingo- your slices are ready! 

Besides, washing this fruit carving tool set is a walk in the path. It’s dishwasher safe, therefore, forget about the petty squabbles with your family over whose duty it is to wash. 

You also have a cheaper option which is hand washing with water and soap only. 

Do not hesitate, get yourself active with immediate purchases!



  • An attractive packaging.
  • Carves and cuts precisely well.
  • Available at pocket-friendly prices.
  • Simple to use.
  • Cuts much easier than a knife.



  • Not durable.
  • Creates so much mess.
  • Requires a lot of pressure to cut.

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#8.    Carespt 30pc watermelon slicer set 

The watermelon slicer set by Carespot is the best pick for an economy pack. What’s more, is the fact that it offers you versatility and a money-saving alternative. 

Are you a fruit fanatic? Look no more, search no more. 

This amazing assortment does the wizardry to your watermelons, does the magic to your apples, bananas, or avocados too. Keep in mind it is a 30-piece set worthy to have a place in your kitchen.


Fruit Shape Cutter, Cookie Cutters, Apple Slicer, Avocado Cutter, Banana Slicer, Watermelon Cutter, Chopping Board | Carving Knife | 30 PCS Fruit slicer Set by Carespot
Carespot Ltd

The set comes inclusive of a fruit peeler, fruit knife, twelve fruit shaping cutters, pulp separator, fruit carving tool, watermelon slicer, an apple slicer and banana slicer, four forks, four spoons, and a cutting board. It’s not all about the watermelon slicer only, the other accompanying kitchen tools come in handy too. 

All these kitchen gadgets are of excellent heavy-duty stainless steel and sturdy plastic material. Rarely will you experience defects in the early stages of use and utilization.

The handles offer firm grips and are easy to hold tightly in your hands even for a kid. Though most parts are steel-made, they are light in weight and so, effortless to use in cutting or peeling any fruit of choice. 

The explorer home chef you are, you will relish making fruit shapes with the various cutters in this Care spot set. Your family and kids will love the fruity desserts more than you do. One bowl of fruits keeps them coming for more.

And you do not have to avoid using it just because of washing it. It’s as easy as a pie to clean and dishwasher safe. Betting now you are eager to get yourself one!



  • An economy pack inclusive of spoons and forks.
  • Made of high-grade material.
  • Great functionality and versatility.
  • Easy to use.
  • Slip-resistant ergonomic handle.



  • A bit flimsy.

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#9.    12-piece slicer set by Behey

Embrace a healthy lifestyle, incorporating mainly fruity meals, in a fun-filled way with the help of a newly-acquired slicer.  

Your watermelons are better sliced and cut when you have this 12-piece set. A set that prudently seeks to meet some of your kitchen needs. 

This set elevates you to the pro level in setting appetizingly-prepared fruit portions of not only watermelons but whichever fruit you like. So, what else are you waiting for when already you know such a wonderful brand exists. 


Fruit Slicer Peeler Set of 12, Watermelon Slicer, Melon Baller, Banana Slicer, Apple Cutting, Pineapple Corer, Kiwi Fruit/Avocado Knife, Strawberry Huller Clip, Orange Peeler Vegetable Slicer


The whole 12 piece set includes a 3-set melon cutting tools, a 3 in 1 peeler, apple slicer, banana slicer, kiwi fruit knife, pineapple corer, and a strawberry huller.

Most times, the taxing peeling process of a fruit discourages many from eating fruits yet we are aware that fruits are the source of optimally good health. Now you can be all smiles owing to the effective peeler included in this set. Everything is made easier, undemanding, and time-saving.

All the tools in this set are stainless steel and plastic-made, strong enough to cut through fruits including watermelons. Quality is part and parcel of the construction to give you the best value for your money. And the cleaning is so easy.

However, some parts of these tools are very sharp. It’s advisable to take maximum care and precaution when using them. Further, they should be stored away from kids especially those under three years.  Safety is key.



  • A multi-purpose slicer set.
  • Effortless  to use.
  • An economical set of slicers and a peeler.
  • Dishwasher safe to clean.
  • Great quality and price.



  • Some parts are dangerously sharp.

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#10.    Good Cook Watermelon Slicer Knife

Sometimes, a watermelon knife simply does the work any sophisticated slicer would do and that’s basically slicing. If you want you can get a little adventurous by making nice watermelon chops.

The watermelon knife by Good Cook is top-rated and considered a better choice than some slicers in the marketplace.  Its superior quality wins it all.

And it’s hard to confuse it with other regular knives. It looks like a watermelon and just that gives you the knack for preparing sweet watermelon slices. 

The blade of this unique watermelon knifer is sharply-serrated to easily slip through the watermelon for the best positive results- perfectly-shaped slices. Its blade is crafted from stainless steel hence rust-proof and very durable to last you for ages.


Looking at its plastic handle, it’s well-designed to best fit its purpose. The handle offers an excellent grip and is solid in your hands. Topping up is a hand guard. In case your hand slips off the knife, your fingers will not get in contact with the blade.

With its nice blade sharpness and being that it’s serrated, it can be used on other fruits and foods. It can be a multi-purpose kitchen knife. 

Since it’s edges are serrated, it rarely loses its sharpness easily but be very keen when sharpening this gorgeous watermelon knife if you want to retain its efficiency.

It also comes with a sheath that protects the knife when not in use and for proper storage. 

When it comes to cleaning,  hand wash it and ensure it is well-dried before placing it in the sheath. And you’ll have the best moments in your kitchen!



  • Sharp serrated edges for great efficiency.
  • Easy to work with.
  • Usable on other foods: multi-purpose knife.
  • Excellent handle grip.
  • Comes with a protective sheath.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting blade.



  • The handle is slightly slippery.

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These are the types of watermelon cutters available in the market. Now you have the proper knowledge to choose from. All the items were chosen carefully after long term use. But we will also suggest you to see the user reviews for personal satisfaction.

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