Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener Review 2020

The Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone Knife Electric Sharpener is an incredibly unique knife sharpener that has a two-stage sharpening system.

It provides the chance to sharpen an old knife like a new one within a short time with its multi-stage: abrasive disks and polymer disks.

Chef'sChoice 320 Diamond Hone FlexHone/Strop Professional Knife Sharpener

The abrasive disk is to hone the edge and the polymer disk is for polishing and stropping the edge to make it thinner and sharper.

It has been proven to be safe for high-quality knives, whether it’s fine-edge or serrated blades, pocket knives, sports knives, Santuko and traditional Japanese style single bevel edges including the Deba-style blades or double-bevel blades.

It can easily restore a 15-degree edge style for Asian-style knives and 20-degree edge style for American and European-style knives.

Important Features of Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Knife Sharpener:

You may need to sharpen your knives frequently or occasionally. It takes a lot of time if you want to have it done manually. Again, it’s easy when it comes to a few knives, but for a number of knives it’s quite hard to do.

This electric knife sharpener will make your job easier within a low cost and easy management system. So, let’s see the features at a glance here:

    •  The sharpener operating system is based on a two-stage sharpening process for durable sharpening.
    •  The first stage has 100% diamond abrasive disks to hone the edge and the other has polymer disks for polishing and stropping the edge to have it smoother.
    • 15-degree and 20-degree edge available for different Asian and American knives.
    •  The precision elastomeric spring guides automatically position the knife at the proper angle for perfect sharpening.
    • Product Dimensions: 6 x 6.4 x 6.3 inches.
    •  Simple switch on - off process.
    • Simple processing system.

How To Use Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Knife Sharpener?

The great opportunity of this device is that you don’t need any effort or skill. Let’s see the process:

• You just need to plug in the device and turn on the machine. Then, place the knife in the exact slot. You will easily get the matched angle for the blade because it has precision elastomeric spring guide.

Keep in mind that, the straight knives should go through the both stages, but the serrated knives should only polishing stage if you want to have better result.

         John Doe
Chef & Sharpening Expert

• You can also set in 15-degree for Asian knives and 20-degree for American or European knives. Then, sharpen it as much as you need to have your expected sharp edge.

• The first stage will make your knife more sharp and the second one polish it for a smooth edge.

• You don’t need any specific place for this simple job and can easily be done even in your kitchen without wasting extra time or energy.​

[N.B: Be sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before going to use for the first time.]



  • Two-stage sharpening system with precision elastomeric spring guides.
  • 100% Diamond abrasives in stage-1; guaranteed to never detemper.
  • 15-degree and 20-degree edge available for different types of knives.
  • It’s also effective for very dull knives as well as quality knives and ensures a safe, foolproof and high durable result.
  • Works with both straight and serrated knife edges.
  • Safe and foolproof for quality knives.
  • Simple on- off switch, stabilizing feet, durable.
  • Some users get scared to to fit the knife in the right angle. Don’t worry, it will be quickly corrected with practice.


Are you having problem in sharpening your knives manually? Then, You can surely plan to buy this electrical sharpener. Its two-stage sharpening system works pretty well, easy to use and make the knife edges looks a new one. The device is fast and doesn’t damage knife blades anymore.