Chef's Choice Model 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener

Chef’s Option is really a famous chef’s knife sharpener producing plantation as well as their own kitchen knives will always be the consumers’ beloved for all your reasons. The primary concentrate to produce industry-level chef’s knife sharpeners as well as market this in a cost each experts as well as homemakers are able.

The product which is known as Chef's Choice 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener found me personally like a shock present through my buddy that they are definitely a professional cook.

Chef's Choice Model 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener

I’ll be attempting to reveal my personal general impact about the chef’s knife at length by having a purpose to steer my personal buddies that are preparing to purchase a great sharpener. I’ll start the actual evaluation along with item details to produce an articulate concept concerning the put into action.

Item Particulars:
  • The merchandise sizing is actually around 6-1/5x 12x 6-2/5 in… Chef’s Option 15 Trizor is really a one-in-all chef’s knife sharpener for that United States, Hard anodized cookware as well as Western design kitchen knives.
    • Although each location carries an appearance of their chef’s blade type, you’ll find sorts inside edge layout also (immediately edge along with serrated edge), the specific top quality 15 stage edge can be a response for anyone 3 of them.
  • The actual 3 phases associated with sharpening consist of gemstone abrasives, versatile as well as rubbing stropping hard disks.
  • The actual versatile springtime from the gadget instantly changes the 20 level manufacturing plant position in order to a 15 level advantage as well as guarantees the best position is actually taken care of throughout sharpening.

Overall Performance of 15 Trizor XV Knife Sharpener:

A well balanced multiple bevels or even “Trizor” can be used to produce the actual razor-sharp sides. It’s an easy three-stage procedure. Within Phase 1, conical hard disks along with gemstone abrasives produce micro-scratches and also the preliminary bevel to have a curved sand wedge.

Phase two utilizes quality abrasives in order to form the following, scaled-down bevel along with a lot quality micro-grooves. Phase 3 produces the ultimate sleek, beveled advantage while using stropping drive technologies which retains the actual chef’s knife directly whilst sharpening it’s the teeth with regard to quick reducing along with small trouble.

As the three-step sharpening procedure will create an extremely razor-sharp advantage, there have been a few issues more than the quantity of steel that’s eliminated. This is often related to the first adjusting from the position from the edge to complement which from the sharpening tires.

However this particular just occurs the very first time you utilize this. An additional issue at first had been the quantity of period this required in order to hone the chef’s knife. Once again, high of it was because of the fact how the edge needed to be realigned.

As soon as it was carried out, resharpening had been extremely swift as well as effective. 1 term associated with guidance. Browse the directions before beginning. They’re Quite simple, however particular.


How You Can Make Use Of:

This particular device is actually easy to use, as well as includes easy-to-follow directions. Merely slip the actual chef’s knife with the slot machines 3-5 occasions (for every) as well as you’re carried out.

Really boring or even really heavy kitchen knives might take lengthier, so when transforming United states or even Western design rotor blades (that routinely have the bevel associated with 18-22 levels), the very first phase referred to as the actual ‘shaping stage’ might have to end up being repetitive some more occasions to offer the preferred form.

Following it’s been transformed although, three to five occasions is actually just about all it will consider unless of course the actual edge is actually terribly broken.

This particular device is advantageous for any broader number of rotor blades compared to additional electrical sharpeners available on the market.

This is effective along with fillet kitchen knives, searching kitchen knives as well as serrated rotor blades, although because mentioned previously serrated rotor blades may often turn out to be fine-edged rotor blades with time.

This particular device additionally will a great work associated with sharpening Japanese’s design rotor blades, which often won’t actually need the very first phase whatsoever.

The actual advantage this particular device places on to the edge can also be very amazing. It’s effective at honing an advantage to some really razor-sharp stage inside a fairly brief time period, considerably quicker compared to metal or perhaps a rock.

The actual advantage additionally endures lengthier because of the several position bevel style.



  • Produces a good easy hone.
  • 3 phase hone results in excellent outcomes.
  • Instructions tend to be simple to adhere to.
  • Easy to use.
  • Won’t ruin your own top quality life.
  • Maintains the actual life-span of the chef’s knife.
  • Doesn’t get rid of an excessive amount of steel in the advantage.
  • Sharpens rapidly.
  • Long lasting item.
  • Long-lasting.


  •    Sharpening may take a moment.
  •    Might get rid of an excessive amount of metal upon top quality kitchen knives.
  •    Might depart scrapes upon a few kitchen knives.


The actual Trizor XV is extremely feasible the very best Chef’s option chef’s knife sharpener available on the market. It’s capability to change affordable, home kitchen knives in to razor blade razor-sharp Japanese’s design rotor blades is actually blessing for that typical house kitchen area cook that might not desire or even have the ability to invest 1000s of dollars upon high quality kitchen knives.

Whilst these people might not be very just like the genuine article, the majority of house customers won’t ever spot the distinction. This really is additionally ideal for anglers, who are able to conserve period sharpening their edge through beginning with this original device, as well as completing having a rock.


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