Boot Knife Buyers' Guide

Once someone gets attached to his/her boot knife, it’s hard to let go of. But the sad truth is if you buy a low-quality knife or buy a knife which is not suitable for your specific demand; then in most cases, your knife won’t last long.

Humankind has been using knives for over half a million years. Some of those ancient knives are still in good condition. Knives found in pyramids were in mint condition.

A knife can last a lifetime, even till a few generations if it is taken care of properly. Boot knives are also known as tactical knives.

Their primary use is for self-defense, sometimes as a last resort. But it can be used in various activities.

Normally a boot knife can be used in any knife-related work. They are heavy and durable.

Boot knives have no moving part, so they last much longer than knives with moving parts.

There are various types of boot knives depending on shape, size, style, and functionality.

Our article will help you decide to choose the best boot knife according to your need. We will also include an in-depth process of taking care of your boot knife.


Few things you must know before buying your first Boot Knife:

Length: If self-defense is your priority then smaller size boot knives should be your priority. They are easy to hide.

You can easily conceal your knife on your ankle. In a life-threatening situation, you can grab your boot knife and use it to save yourself.

Larger boot knives are hard to conceal but they are versatile.

Larger boot knives generally are multi-function. They normally have two or more types of blades. Both large and smaller boot knives are long-lasting.

You can also choose to have medium-sized ones. Large and medium-sized knives are easier to hold as the grip is longer.

Handle size, style, and material: Boot knives normally don’t have wooden handles. Mostly you will find these with plastic or metal handles. Before you buy your boot knife you must check if it fits in your palm and grip.


Boot Knife, ConcreteBoot Knife Black Blade Handle Edge - RonaldPlett
           Boot Knife By RonaldPlett


Smaller knives have a small grip. It is to make it hard to discover.

If your hand is too large then you should avoid smaller grips. With large handles, you will find it easier and safer to use but it will compromise on the stealth.

There are also handles with unconventional grip. But they are not much practical in use.

Weight Vs Durability: There is a misconception among boot knife users. A large number of them think, the heavier the better.

Which is wrong. You have to keep in mind that this knife will be with you all day long. If it’s heavy, it will be uncomfortable.

Best quality boot knives are very light. Once you put a high-quality boot knife on your ankle, you wouldn’t even feel its there.

Special premium quality metals are used to make lightweight sturdy boot knives. In our experience, we saw that only cheap and low-quality boot knives are heavier.

Blade Tip: Normally most boot knives are dual edges and have a sharp point. But now various types of blade tips are available.

But according to experts, the most common designs are most effective.

Legality: Before you buy and publicly carry a boot knife please make sure with your local authority that it is legal.

In the USA, some states allow it while other states have specific restrictions. In some states, single-edged knives can be carried but double-edged knives are illegal.



Self-Defense: Boot knives are mostly carried for self-defense. If you fall into an emergency, it can be a lifesaver.

In the wild: When you go in the wild, going camping or hunting a large knife can be a hassle but in those moments you can easily carry a boot knife.

It will save you from an unexpected situation. It can also protect you from a wild animal attack.

Survival: If you are in the woods or mountains, a boot knife can be very handy.


Most asked questions on Boot Knife:

How to carry?

It is very important to know how to carry a boot knife. If you don’t know then it can fall off at any time.

It can make carrying it uncomfortable. There are boot knife sheaths that can be attached to your boot with a strap. This video should help you understand the detailed process.


Should I choose full tang? What is it?

Full tang means, the knives’ metal extends till the end of the handle. Full tang knives are more durable and long-lasting.

Are these practical?

Though it was initially made for self-defense purposes now it has various usages. If self-defense is your primary objective, then you can rest assured that it has been used for hundreds of years with a success rate.

How to clean?

Boot knives should be hand cleaned. You can use water and soap. But remember to dry it after cleaning and apply oil on its metal surface to make it last longer. You can use a honing rod to sharpen it.



Boot knives will not be much effective in self-defense purposes if you lack proper training. Before you put your faith in boot knives, we urge you to get self-defense training. You can find many free pieces of training on knife usage on YouTube. An alternate way to use a boot knife is to use it as a spear tip. Boot knives are short and sharp enough to use as a spear tip. Even if you lack training, a spear in your hand will give you an edge over wild animals or your enemies. You just have to tie it on the tip of the stick.


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