Hey! Are you crying, baby? Is there anything wrong?

No, my dear, I am just peeling the onions.

Yes, this conversation is very common when you’re busy peeling the onion and tears keep falling from your eyes. Surely this is not very enjoying for those who have to cut and peel a good sum of onions quickly and that also when tears draw out of your eyes.

To get around this, you have to follow some simple and easy ways that may help you to cut and peel any size of onions in a short time.

The ways that you’re going to follow are may be manual or using some of the devices. But all together, they come really helpful for you to get a result quite conveniently. Here they are.

1st Method (For Larger Sized Onions)

Here, you need one chopping board and a sharp knife. At first, slice off about the ½” of the top of an onion and then cut the piece into two halves vertically. Then remove the skin of the piece and take one half and lay it flat on your chopping board.

Now, holding the root of the onion cut vertically from both sides of the root.

Finally, chop the pieces horizontally after discarding the root end. Repeat this very simple method for the other pieces to get the peeled and chopped a large number of onions at one go.



2nd Method (For Smaller Sized Onions)

Sometimes you’re given a lot of small onions like ‘pearl’ onion to peel at one time, and then you need to follow the trick. Take a big pot and boil a large quantity of water that may enough for the number of onions which you have to peel.

Now, put the onions into the pot allow them to boil for at least 1 minute.

After that, fish them out of the water and immediately plunge them into very cold water. Finally, pick onions one after another and just rub them to peel off the skin and even as many layers off you need.

3rd Method (For Medium Sized Onions)

This is one more way to peel the onion quite comfortably. Here you need to cut both ends of an onion with a sharp knife. Then you have to hold one end and give it a quick pull and this made you rip off the skin of the onion easily.

Now, using the sharp knife you may gently cut through the one or two layers of the skin from one end to another. Finally, you can easily slide your fingers along the cut edge and quickly pop off the skin and all in one piece.

4th Method (Making the Skin Warm)

This is perhaps one of the unique ways to peel the onions by applying heat. In this process, you need to cut the onion into two vertical halves after removing the top and the root. Now, you have to stab the cut side with a fork. Next, place a frying pan on an oven for heating.

After that, hold the skin side of the onion on the pan. In this way, the papery part of the onion skin will be started to loosen up. So now you can peel off the onion skin without any problem.

5th Method (For Peeling Without Tears)

Before we start to find a way of relief, at first we need to know why do onions make you cry. Well, as we all know that onion has a hairy part or the root which releases an enzyme that helps the rest of the part to release a gas when you cut it.

Now, this gas creates an acid when it comes in contact with the water of your eyes. And obviously, this acid creates burning in your eyes which draws tear naturally.

There are many ways to get rid of this problem. Here some of them.

  • Keep the onions in a freezer for 10-15 minutes before cutting them. This can help to reduce the amount of acid enzyme without compromising the taste and the flavor of it.


  • If you cut the onion under water in a small pot, this certainly may help to dilute the acid and prevent you from drawing tears. But it is quite difficult to hold the onion in the water, you have to be careful unless it may cause your finger cut.


  • Using a very sharp knife to cut the onion is another good idea as it prevents the cells from being broken or crushed so that very fewer enzymes are released.


  • Apart from all these, while cutting the onions you may wear a clear glass on your eyes or keep breathing by open mouth, and interestingly, keep a piece of bread into your mouth may save you from crying.


It is not that you need to peel onions for your domestic cooking. You in-home needs are not too big and it may be provided all by yourself. But when it comes for professional kitchens like hotels, restaurants, and canteens where you need everything in bulk amount, your physical efforts must not prove sufficient.

Here comes the value of having an onion peeling machine, which provides a huge amount of peeled-onions at one go and that also in a very short time.


Onion Peeling Machine

An onion peeling machine is an automatic device that precisely used to peel a large amount of different sized onions at a time. The varieties of models have different features for your convenience. All these models can peel automatically 60-100 onions per minutes with just pressing the start button.

Although there are very few models designed for in-home use as the mechanisms don’t allow for smaller use. In this device, onions are forced to touch the blades fixed in a barrel-like hopper which help to remove the loose outer skin without peel out the inner layers.

How It Works

This machine takes the onions one by one and then measuring the size of the onion, at first it cuts the top and the root of the onion using top and tail blades. Next, a pricking is made around the circumference of the onion following the compressed air that removes the exterior layers of the rotating onion.

No matter what is the size of your onion, the high-tech-vision system of this machine works according to the size and shape and provide you the maximum result. Besides, it can be applied for both dried and fresh onions to get the same result that may satisfy you.



The Vital Tips to be Followed

  1. Using a sharper knife always prove the best option for cutting onions. It not only helps by peeling done in a quick time but also prevents releasing of tear-causing chemicals.
  2. In case, if you’re peeling ‘pearl’ onion whose skin is not easy to remove, maybe putting into boiling water for 30 seconds helps the skin to peel off very easily.

A peeled onion is an essential one to prepare different dishes.

It not only provides the much-needed taste and flavor to the dishes you prepare but also it has some health benefits which you cannot ignore. Therefore, it is necessary to know how you can peel an onion properly so that you’ll not face any trouble get them easily and quickly as well.


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