Fish-catching trips are a fun-filled and thrilling experience. Keeps you yearning for another day of enjoyment. Imagine the exquisite joy in a novice fetching a large haul- sounds like a trophy won!

And fish caught means cleaning has to take place. Why catch fish and fail to make a finger-licking delicacy out of it? 

Truth said it’s merry reaping from the efforts plowed into the fishing activity. You went fishing not only to get fun but to also source a sweet meal for the day. 

Yes, cleaning fish becomes a hectic task with traditional knives. But these days, the sophisticated electric fillet knives are in existence for effortlessly easy, spot-on, and time-saving filleting. 

All you need to do with this knife is to maneuver the knife around and let it do the cutting for you. 

No more fatigue and straining in the kitchen. No more arduity!

You may be a professional chef with great expertise in fish preparation but missing out on the right type of electric fillet knife spoils the broth. 

Even a tasty recipe without the correct equipment renders everything a waste of time and energy. 

Simply own the best electric fillet knife there is in the market today. 

However, the process of finding the best of the best is much taxing especially when you are completely clueless and new to the world of electric fillet knives. It’s cumbersome sieving high-quality brands out of the wide array sold at any vending store.

Below is a collection of the best five electric fillet knives for you! All at your disposal.

Choose wisely; keeping in mind your filleting needs and the set budget.

Good luck!


#1    American angler pro electric fillet knife sportsmen’s kit 

Top features

  • 2X greater torque and power
  • 4X the Lifespan of heavy-duty EFK
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Motorized ergonomic handset
  • Five 8” stainless steel blades
  • Meshed zipper storage bag

The wearisome hunt for the most suitable electric fillet knife ceases once you acquire the American Angler Pro type- exhibits a mix of excellence in performance, quality, and lifespan.

You don’t have to be the professional fillet knife user to utilize every aspect of this inexpensive knife brand to your own advantage.



American Angler PRO Professional Grade Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen's Kit
                                                                          American Angler Store


It is engineered to clean any type of fish with ease because it boasts double the torque and power of any heavy-duty electric fillet knife.

No matter how tough the fish bones are, American angler pro cleans your haul of fish still super-fast and efficiently.

What’s more, the handset is designed motorized with an advanced airflow that keeps you cool and comfortable to enjoy the filleting process from start to finish.

The ergonomic handset features compatibility with the different American angler replacement blades, such as the 8-inch curved blade and the 8-inch curved shark blade that fillet to perfection.

The blades of this electric fillet knife are optimally sharp and flexible.

They produce a reciprocating two-blade action that puts it ahead of most electric fillet knife brands in terms of precision and maneuverability. Further, its lifespan is four times greater than the heavy-duty type hence very durable and sturdy for extended periods of filleting.   

Backed by a two-year limited warranty, you are guaranteed repairs or replacement if at all any defects occur on the knife within two years from the day of purchase. this is a knife brand that’s absolutely worthy of your hard-earned coin. 

We love money-saving products, right? The budget-friendly electric filler knife sportsmen’s kit comes as a pack of a high-voltage handset with additional five stainless steel blades that give you a variety of choice. So instead of buying one at a time separately, better buy this set at a fairer total price.

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#2    Rapala heavy duty electric fillet knife

Top features

  • 8” Long power cord
  • 7.5” stainless steel blade
  • heavy -duty motorized handset
  • Safety button
  • 110V of power
  • 3X the power of a standard EFK


Rapala heavy duty electric fillet knife is an ideal choice of a fillet knife in a class of its own. The long hours of slow filleting become bygones the moment you embrace the use of this exclusive fishing tool.

With an 8-inch long power cord, it offers a greater working area to navigate around conveniently while filleting.


Rapala heavy duty electric fillet knife
Rapala Store


The handset has a heavy-duty motor design that generates high speed and power good for cutting through bones regardless of size and toughness. In fact, it possesses three times the power of a standard electric fillet knife. 

Besides, the knife’s handle provides a secure and comfortable grip that enables control in continuous filleting without any feeling of fatigue or discomfort.

Rapala electric knife is a device you can trust to deliver safety and impeccable performance, especially when prepping large fish like salmon, trout, and walleye. 

Speaking of the motor, vibration is inevitable. The good thing with this electric fillet knife, the advanced airflow handset design minimizes the vibration which keeps the motor cool and comfortable for long filleting periods. 

Its blade is made from stainless steel and crafted into a reciprocating style blade for quick and sturdy cutting of any fish size. The blade length, 7.5 inches, is fit and appropriate for filleting with ease.

This modish knife is easy to wash, and better, dishwasher safe. You won’t like it when the fish smell prolongs even after you are done with filleting. You may be too tired to handwash but with a hassle-free dishwasher, Rapala electric fillet knife comes out spotless clean, and undamaged.

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#3    Rapala deluxe AC/DC electric fillet knife

Top features

  • 18” power cord
  • 6” and 7.5” reciprocating steel blades
  • Quiet sturdy motor
  • Adapters for 110V AC
  • 12V plug and 12V post clips


Box Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC


Enjoy cleaning your favorite catch wherever you are, at your comfort and pleasure with Rapala deluxe electric fillet knife. One of the best there is which meets all your filleting needs. Definitely, your go-to electric fillet knife.

Why say it is useable anywhere irrespective of location? Well, it comes inclusive of adapters (110V), compatible with any wall outlet, which can either be plugged into a car/ boat lighter outlet or connected to motor battery posts.

That way, you are not limited to only an in-built kitchen electric socket for filleting power. The field is suitable too.

The knife’s full kit also includes a travel case made of blow-molded plastic purposely for convenient transportation of this knife set to a filleting place of choice.

You do not have to worry about how well you will carry the Rapala electric fillet knife anywhere. Everything’s covered by this complete kit.

With an 18-foot power cord, you have plenty of reach around your working table or countertop. 


Rapala Deluxe Electric Fillet Knife AC/DC


Its handle provides a safe and relaxed grip for fatigue-free and fun filleting moments. Being ergonomic, the motorized handset possesses an advanced airflow design that ensures coolness when engaged in cleaning your fish despite the heat generated from the actively-working motor.

However, the powerful motor functions quietly and more, long-lasting for longevity.

The knife set has two reciprocating blades, of 6” and 7.5” length.

Both are made of stainless steel material and are super sharp. Therefore, it is advisable you always keep your hands away from the cutting edge to be safe from deep accidental cuts.

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#4    Mister Twister Electric Fisherman Fillet Knife

Top features

  • A safety lock
  • Strong motor,120V AC power
  • Lightweight body
  • 7.5” long blade
  • Expandable curly power cord


If you are on the search for an electric fillet knife under $50, mister twister is a great fit. Though inexpensive, you will be amused upon finding out it meets value for that set price tag.

This is an electric fillet knife brand that has been in the market for some decades, only that it has been upgraded to this newest version to be abreast of today’s standards.


Mister Twister 120V Electric Knife


Mister twister electric fillet knife has a strong powerful motor that boosts the blade with 120V AC power- great power that offers super-fast speed to cut through even a large fish. What’s more pleasing, it does not heat up or overheat.

You can clean over fifty fish, rather a large haul in one sitting with utmost comfort, that’s augmented by its lightweight too.

You will also love the way you will not have to deal with noxious vibrations as it operates noiselessly. 

 The black/yellow handle is large enough for maximum control and a secure grip. It’s easy to hold tightly for long durations of filleting without any feeling of itchiness or lethargy.

The blade of this cost-friendly knife is stainless steel made and has optimal sharpness.

Once it gets blunt, however, you cannot sharpen. But there are replacement blades available at vending stores.

Its curly power cord is expandable, though short and limiting. The only way to curb this is by use of an extension but this adds expenses.

Mister twister electric fillet knife also features a safety lock that keeps the motor running when switched on and the vice versa is also true. Easy control, right?

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#5    Cuisinart Black Electric Fillet Knife

 Top features

  • 36” power cord
  • Removable stainless steel blade
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-slip handle
  • One-touch; on/off operation
  • An instruction book


Cuisinart CEK-30 electric fillet knife serves you as best as you wish in fish preparations. It is an ideal tool that offers both versatility and performance with great precision in cutting through the fish. 

It has a 36-inch power cord adequately long to move around the tabletop.

The elite black fillet knife is built with a powerful motor that generates high speed and power for easy separation of fish meat from the bones. 


Cuisinart Electric Knife


Looking at its features in general, it is incomparable to most standard electric fillet knives in competition.

Its handle offers slip resistance for a secure and tight grip that provides easy maneuverability and high precision in making fish fillets.

The handle, in addition, has one-touch on/off control for easy knife operations. 

With a removable stainless blade, it allows for blade replacement any minute any second the original blade gets dull and blunt.

But be rest assured the blade is durable and retains its extra sharpness long enough before you’ll have to replace or sharpen.  

The blade is also versatile. Besides cutting fish, you can also use it on veggies, meat, and more. 

When it comes to cleaning this electric fillet knife, it is as easy as ABC. if you are super tired after long hours of filleting, then you need not to feel stressed about cleaning the knife.

Relax and let the dishwasher do the job for you fast and efficiently. Remember, it is dishwasher safe.

On purchasing this classy culinary kitchen piece, you will find that it’s packaged with an instruction book. It guides you well through all that entails the use of the Cuisinart electric fillet knife for maximum safety and maintenance. 

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What to consider before buying an electric fillet knife – Buyer’s guide

Corded or cordless

Electric fillet knives are either corded or without a cord. 

Cordless ones are an excellent choice when working in places, not in close proximity to a source of electricity. They obtain their power from batteries, but the power diminishes with time thus limiting.

Conversely, corded electrical knives rely on an electrical outlet which is a constant power source. This is more suitable in cases where more power is needed and there is a long filleting operation, especially when dealing with large piles of fish.


Fillet-Knife user

Blade material

While on a shopping spree, choose an electric fillet knife made from sturdy and durable material. You won’t like it when your knife breaks after a few rounds of use. 

The material should be adequately durable to the point of withstanding harsh conditions like in saltwater. And we cannot be empty of choice. Make sure your knife is made from the highest quality of stainless steel.

It could be made from any type of stainless steel but most important, it should not be short of durability and robustness.

Blade size

The size of the fish you are to handle is the greatest determinant of the size of the blade appropriate for you. The bigger the fish, the longer the blade, and the opposite is true.

Keep in mind the size of the catch you deal with on a frequent basis in order to make the correct choice of the blade size. Though some save you the heck as they come as a pack of multiple blades in varying sizes which makes everything easier.

Handle design

Always look for a model with a comfortable grip that allows easy maneuverability. Comfortability and safety in a handle is key to getting the most out of an electric fillet knife. All this sums up to simply an ergonomic handle design.


While making your selection, be conscious of the motor specifications. Choose nothing below 100W power if you want an easy and smooth cutting.


Questions frequently asked – FAQS

How do I use an electric fillet knife?

Every sophisticated tool has its own mechanism on how to use them. But first, ensure your electric fillet knife is flexible and scary sharp. That way, it is easier to slide the knife under the fish skin.

As a beginner, this is not something technical like rocket science. Only three easy steps involved in the use of an electric fillet knife and voila! Your fish is ready in no time.

Step 1: Lay down the fish on a clean cutting board and begin cutting smoothly right behind the gills. Do not push the knife too hard but slowly with great precision. You do not want to find the knife sliding out fast to the other side and your meal spoilt.

Step 2: continuously cutting; the moment you hit the fish backbone, change direction. And move the knife along the backbone cutting through the ribs towards the tail fin.

Step 3: stop cutting a small inch before the tail fin. Flip the fillet over and repeat the whole process keenly for boneless fillets. 


Should I buy an electric fillet knife?

Sometimes, choosing between the common traditional fillet knife and an electric knife gets difficult. You cannot decipher why an electric fillet knife may be better than the traditional type or vice versa. 

Well, from user experiences, it all narrows down to your filleting needs. Both perform the same task of filleting, slicing, or cutting your fish. The minor differences are just a few.

An electric fillet knife is designed with a motorized handle, and this means it functions by the use of electricity. While the traditional type is simply-made like most regular knives with the reciprocating blade fixed into a handle. The electric fillet knife is the advanced version of the traditional one.



it does most work for you, unlike the traditional fillet knife that requires you to utilize much energy pressing that knife hard through the fish. So, why not choose electric fillet knives over the traditional one? 

Electric knives come in handy, especially when filleting fish in large numbers in a short time since they cut fast and save you the manual work.

Is a fillet knife similar to a boning knife?

As much as they may look alike, a boning knife is not the same as a fillet knife. The blade design and overall purpose are made to be different.

A boning knife comes with a thicker blade, which is suggestive of the way a fillet knife is more flexible than the boning knife. Digging deeper, the blade of a boning knife is straight-edged while that of a fillet knife is curved with reciprocating saw-like edges.

Generally, the boning knife is sturdier because of the purpose it was crafted for. Boning knives are accustomed to debone dense beef or pork blocks. They can be used on fish too but it’s difficult because of the inflexibility they possess. 

On the other hand, fillet knives are designed mainly for cleaning or filleting fish. They easily remove the tiny bones that boning knives cannot, without having a mangled fish as the result. 

A fillet knife cannot perform the task of a boning knife but a boning can take the place of a fillet knife. Understand the dissimilarities and get to know the cases in which each is most ideal in terms of usage. 


How can I make my electric fillet knife razor-sharp?

An electric knife is easy to sharpen and the good thing about these knives, they fillet effectively for long before the need for sharpening arises. 

But still, the issue of concern here is not the ease in sharpening but which tools are right for the process. Its blade is serrated and therefore requires special care and attention. You cannot wake up one day clueless and sharpen an electric fillet knife with anything that crosses your mind.

The best two ways of making your electric fillet knife optimally sharp are by use of either an electric knife sharpener or a sharpening rod. 

For an electric knife sharpener, it’s nothing more than placing the knife blade between the rods and moving it back and forth. Make sure it meets the grinding stone. It takes less than a minute for the knife to recover its initial sharpness.

The cheaper option is the sharpening rod. A sharpening rod in use takes much time and effort. But the outcome, an extra sharp knife, validates it to be worth the sweat.


 Final thoughts

No matter the final choice you make from the review above, your electric fillet knife should be something that meets more than the eye. It should be up to or even exceed your expectation by being of great performance and precision regardless of the beautiful outward appearance.

A good electric knife keeps you in the mood, motivated to stay longer at the cleaning station or in water. Nobody likes something inefficient as it’s close to being ranked useless. 

Considering all the aspects mentioned in the buyer’s guide section, I’d pick on the American angler PRO sportsmen kit as the overall winner. This is not a guarantee it may suit you too. 

Though it meets the standards set for an ideal electric fillet knife right from a comfortable ergonomic handle, a super powerful and noiseless motor, an appropriate blade size, and multiple blades.

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